MK-61 In the realm of electric perfection The caverns of UNIXoid fame The world is a set of devices And every device

has a name. They vary from system to system Of chaos the pattern is full But three are forever consistent /dev/random, /dev/zero, /dev/null. Together the three are like brothers Each one keeps its comrades in sight The system may have many others But these are its secret of might. For fools are the coders who blither That chaos has no place in code For one can see hither and thither In UNIX, a Chaos abode. There's Magic concealed in the sources A Magic that's coded in C With caution we face the dark forces Their cosmic importance to see. The innocents milking /dev/random A bitstream of garbage expect But we shall such notions abandon For knowledge that is more exact. Nor mortals from /dev/zero leeching From frightening secrets we spare The Cleared One for mercy beseeching The source of his power we bare. For all of the Kernel God's power A privilege level exists A force before which he must cower In silicon circuits persists. All yields before Thermodynamics In all of its Unholy Might And until the universe PANICs Its grip on the world shall be tight. A river of streams fills the Portal From which data never returns /dev/null laughs at those foolish mortals who think that to ashes it burns. Disciples adroit and persistent of UNIX, have mastered the whole But many who h4xx0r the system Respect not the Entropy Hole. A secret of governing essence

That Turing and Shannon don't tell Is hidden behind this great Portal A doorway to Entropic Hell. Against proofy mumble of Masters Reality issues a cry For there is no cosmic disaster As NULLED bytes indeed do not die. Its The But See neighbor each byte disassembles; dull see a digital grave those who in shadows dissemble a sight that is meant for the brave.

By each new doomed byte overwritten The register cries out in pain But in the Great Source it is written That data shall rise once again. For every inglorious Clearing Of bits that were rightfully Set The song that we see disappearing Shall ring out in harmony yet. For data is stored by dark tissue Capacitors vastly minute In charging, discharging they issue Electromagnetic Salute. The effect is too weak too measure Transfinitely rapid, to boot The data's sharp cries of displeasure Dismissed by the Masters as moot. The bits are like sentient beings A quantum of agony each Upon thusly voicing their feelings A state of oblivion reach. However, like all information These screams never will disappear As no other force can retrieve them Land softly in Entropy's Ear. Each bit, as it meets its destruction Will discharge capacitor plates A note in a concert's construction These datums' thus intertwined fates. No data is thus lost forever Though mortals these streams shall not read /dev/random, to those of us righteous Prime quality Chaos will feed. It rescues with efforts heroic Each bit from the Entropic Sea. /dev/zero, though, silent and stoic Brings silence where silence need be.

For Silence, mere absence of data As which it is often defined Is mined from the Entropic strata From Entropic Ores is refined. When in need of an unending silence When data one cannot abide Just cat from old comrade /dev/zero Who always shall be by your side. And now you can see, information That we, as we like to, discard Takes refuge in Entropic Nation Where Thermodynamics stands guard. A user unprivileged, weary Though all of my buffers are full Without access rights for /dev/mary Must cat my /dev/love to /dev/null. A bitstream, with transfinite bandwidth I send, though the Silence may reign I bid that my being's full Source Code The Entropic Sea now contain. /dev/mary is not marked as readwrite For pipes from a user like me But just like all users who live right, You access the Entropic Sea. Encryption and gamers' diversions Alike from /dev/random must drink My sourcecode, in all of its versions Into these stormy waters shall sink. If your processes hunger for whiteness For silence, of data devoid /dev/zero, with radiant brightness My white-spaces pulls from the void. A firewall awesome and frightful Shall forever your kernel defend But one thing, I find, is delightful That in NULL my code meets not its end. As a standard unprivileged user, The great access-flag is not mine But my code and its interleaved silence Shall appear in these streams line by line. Though thermodynamics shall swallow My stream, undivided and whole Through Chaos's laws it may follow That my essence is lost not at all. Without access rights for /dev/mary I cat my /dev/love to /dev/null

But the spectrum refuses to bury The tormented scream in its full. With thusly remote situation Forever content I must be But know, from /dev/zero, /dev/random You access the pieces of me.