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Building an EMS might sound like an overwhelming task for a smaller organi ation! "ut it need not "e# Sin$e time and other resour$es are limited in an% organi ation! it is important that %ou use resour$es wisel%# &ne wa% to do this is "% preparing and following a simple! effe$tive plan# Fortunatel%! %ou $an "uild on the e'perien$es of other organi ations that have alread% implemented an EMS# More details and e'amples $an "e found in Environmental Management S%stems( )n *mplementation +uide for Small and Medium Si ed &rgani ations# ,he information "elow illustrates the initial steps in the EMS planning pro$ess# ,he importan$e of $areful planning $annot "e overemphasi ed# ,aking the time to figure out what %ou need to do! how %ou will do it! and who must "e involved will pa% "ig dividends down the road#

Define Organization's Goals for EM
) first step in EMS planning is to de$ide wh% %ou are pursuing the development of an EMS# )re %ou tr%ing to improve %our environmental performan$e -for e'ample! $omplian$e with regulations or prevent pollution./ )re %ou tr%ing to promote involvement throughout the organi ation/ 0rite %our goals down and refer "a$k to them frequentl% as %ou move forward# )s %ou design and implement the EMS! ask( How is this task going to help us a$hieve our goals/ ,his also is a good time to define the pro1e$t s$ope or 2fen$eline2 -i#e#! what is the 2organi ation2 that the EMS will $over/ &ne lo$ation/ Multiple lo$ations/ Should we 2pilot2 the EMS at one lo$ation then implement the s%stem at other lo$ations later/.#

ec!re "o# Management Commitment

he $hampion should "e a 2s%stems thinker2 -*S& 6777 or *S& 89778 e'perien$e $an "e a plus! "ut is not ne$essar%.op of page elect An EM Cham#ion 4ot all small5 or medium5si ed organi ations have the lu'ur% of $hoosing among multiple $andidates! "ut %our $hoi$e of pro1e$t $hampion is $riti$al# .he ki$k5off meeting also is a good opportunit% to provide some EMS training for team mem"ers# Follow5up this meeting with a $ommuni$ation to all emplo%ees# Cond!ct Preliminar' (e)ie* . are $lear and $onsistent with other organi ational goals# Management3s $ommitment should "e $ommuni$ated a$ross the organi ation# .# Evaluate %our organi ation3s stru$ture! pro$edures! poli$ies! environmental impa$ts! training programs and other fa$tors# Determine whi$h parts of %our $urrent EMS are in good shape and whi$h need additional work# See the . $an identif% and assess issues! opportunities! and e'isting pro$esses# *n$lude $ontra$tors! suppliers or other e'ternal parties as part of the pro1e$t team! where appropriate# .o develop this understanding! e'plain the strengths and limitations of %our $urrent approa$h and how those limitations $an affe$t the organi ation3s finan$ial and other performan$es# Management also has a role in ensuring that the goals for the EMS -see a"ove.he team will need to meet regularl%! espe$iall% in the earl% stages of the pro1e$t# ) $ross5fun$tional team $an help to ensure that pro$edures are pra$ti$al and effe$tive and $an "uild $ommitment to and 2ownership2 of the EMS# $old %ick&Off Meeting &n$e the team has "een sele$ted! hold a ki$k5off meeting to dis$uss the organi ation3s o"1e$tives in implementing an EMS! the initial steps that need to "e taken and the roles of team mem"ers# *f possi"le! get top management to des$ri"e its $ommitment to the EMS at this meeting# .he ne't step is for the team to $ondu$t a preliminar% review of %our $urrent $omplian$e and other environmental programs:s%stems and to $ompare these against the $riteria for %our EMS -su$h as *S& 89778.! should have the time to $ommit to the EMS5"uilding pro$ess and must have top management support# B!ild An Im#lementation "eam ) team with representatives from ke% management fun$tions -su$h as engineering! finan$e! human resour$es! produ$tion and:or servi$e.he $hampion should have the ne$essar% authorit%! an understanding of the organi ation! and pro1e$t management skills# .&ne of the most $riti$al steps in the planning pro$ess is gaining top management3s $ommitment to support EMS development and implementation# Management must first understand the "enefits of an EMS and what it will take to put an EMS in pla$e# .

# See )ppendi' F of the Environmental Management S%stems( )n *mplementation +uide for Small and Medium Si ed &rgani ations for more ideas on possi"le sour$es of help# In)ol)e Em#lo'ees &wnership of the EMS will "e greatl% enhan$ed "% meaningful emplo%ee involvement in the EMS development pro$ess# Emplo%ees are a great sour$e of knowledge on environmental and health and safet% issues related to their work areas as well as on the effe$tiveness of $urrent pro$esses and pro$edures# .4SF *S& 89778 Self5)ssessment .he plan and "udget should "e reviewed and approved "% top management# *n some $ases! there ma% "e outside funding or other t%pes of assistan$e that %ou $an use -from a trade asso$iation! a state te$hni$al assistan$e offi$e! et$#.ool or *n$orporating Design for the Environment into .op of page Pre#are B!dget and ched!le Based on the results of the preliminar% review! prepare a pro1e$t plan and "udget# . Do. Assistance .he% $an help the pro1e$t team in drafting pro$edures# Monitor and Comm!nicate Progress )s %ou "uild the EMS! "e sure to regularl% monitor %our progress against the pro1e$t plan and $ommuni$ate this progress within the organi ation# Be sure to $ommuni$ate the a$$omplishments that have "een made and des$ri"e what happens ne't# Build on small su$$esses# Be sure to keep top management informed and engaged! espe$iall% if additional resour$es might "e required# Plan.hink a"out how %ou will maintain pro1e$t fo$us and momentum over time# =ook for potential 2earl% su$$esses2 that $an help to "uild momentum and reinfor$e the "enefits of the EMS# ec!re (eso!rces. Act &n$e several 2up front2 EMS planning tasks have "een $ompleted! the ne't step is to gain an understanding of the individual elements of an EMS and "egin the pro$ess of putting these elements in pla$e# =earn how to "egin putting the ke% pro$esses in pla$e >Do? More Information . Check.he plan should des$ri"e in detail what ke% a$tions are needed! who will "e responsi"le! what resour$es are needed! and when the work will "e $ompleted# <eep the plan fle'i"le! "ut set some stret$h goals# .our +ap )nal%sis for gap anal%sis tools# .

• Environmental Management S%stems( )n *mplementation +uide for Small and Medium5Si ed &rgani ations .his guide is designed primaril% for use "% EMS implementers to e'plain the program3s $on$epts and to support and fa$ilitate the development of EMS among small and medium5si ed organi ations# Case Studies Highlights of EMS5related $ase studies with links to more detailed information! if availa"le# • .

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