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Email : Mobile : +91 9842088860

Having above 2.8 Years of IT experience in development of software projects in
Java Platform, with expertise in the area of SERVLET, JSP, JSTL, Struts and
Tomcat 4.1 Server In additions, Training, Communication and Co-Ordination in
the software process have been the strong area. Exceptionally well organized
strong work ethics and willingness to work hard to achieve employer objectives.
Competent with Java 4.0 and Oracle 8i. Good understanding of Object Oriented
Programming (OOPs).

Working Experience

• Apr 08 – At Present working for AB Innovative Software ltd, Madurai, TN

• Mar 2007 – Mar 08 Scalar Soft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

• Dec 2005 – Feb 2007 Samjass Technologies Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore, TamilNadu

Working as a Software Engineer.

The jobs involve Coding for the appropriate modules, Integration of modules,
Integration and System Testing on Java Platform. Assess client needs and develop
specifications; plan and implement projects from initial conceptual design through
coding and client approval. Direct conceptual, strategic and tactical creation of
robust website and web application solutions using Java, Servlets, JSP, Struts with


• MBA 2008-2009 Annamalai University, TamilNadu ( I year perusing )

• MSc-IT 2004 - 2006 Annamalai University, TamilNadu, 75%

• B.C.A 2001 – 2004 Madras University, TamilNadu, 60%


Languages C, C++, Java

Framework Struts

Web Tools Servlet, Jsp, JSTL , JavaScript, Xml

Server Apache Tomcat 4.1, 5.0.28


Operating Systems Windows 2000 Nt,Xp

Testing Tool Junit (Cactus), Ruby (Watir).

IDE Intellij Idea, EasyEclipse Server Java 1.2.2

Build Tool Ant Script 1.6


TITLE DocTrac 1.5

(Mar-07 – at Present)

Client Scalar Soft inc USA, Legend Silicon inc USA, O2Micro USA. Virage Logic USA,
SpectraLinear USA,

DocTrac Product from Scalar Soft is a complete Web-based Document
Management System, which lets you control, manage and share documents at
anytime, from anywhere. DocTrac lets you find the latest versions of
documents, track modifications within documents, and create workflows to
manage document change approval processes.

DocTrac offers four layers of security, role based access and authentication
programs to ensure a safe, secure environment for handling documents.

DocTrac lets you:-
• Share documents securely.
• Track document changes and modifications.
• Manage document versions.
• Customize the look and feel of the interface.
• Customize the numbering and revision schemas.
• Create documents and templates.
• Archive and publish documents.
• Generate process-based workflows.

ROLE • Responsible for the designing of Screens, Development & Unit Testing.
• Over All responsibility on Confidential DocType Folder Hiding Feature.
ENVIRONMENT Servlets 2.0, Jsp 1.2, Struts 2.0, Ant 1.6, Oracle 10i, Junit (cactus), Seagate
Crystal Report 8, JavaScript, Tomcat 5.0.28, Apache Http Server 2.0, WinCVS
Nt 2.5.03, Perforce 4.0,


(Jul-06 to Feb-07)

Client Conrad Solutions Pvt ltd.

Description This will allow to Admin End-user for Data Manipulations. Allow
Administrator to manipulate on employee salary a/c and own product
details. Generate day wise and month wise reports of all transactions. Alert
on appointments and user friendly for end users.

Role Responsible for the designing Screens and code for Business Logic.

Environment JAVA Swings, JSP, Servlets, Oracle8i, JDBC, Jasper 1.3.0, JavaScript,
Tomcat 4.1
(Mar-06 – Jun-06)

Client ServodhyaKnits

This will allow selling various products under one roof. The VSM concept, at
its very basic, provides for an environment that allows the following things
that customer to purchase products from all the shops in the Mall, globally.
You can make your shop available in various languages. Customer may Feel
free on selecting the Items. Shop owner can generate various reports like
product catalog information, daily orders, shipping information etc.

Role Responsible for the designing and development of Screens.

Development & Unit Testing.

Environment Servlets, Jsp, Html, Oracle, JDBC, Jasper 1.3.0, JavaScript, Tomcat 4.1

Personal Profile

Date Of Birth August 29th 1980

Language Known
English, Tamil

Address 1, Kuppa Gounder Line

Kamatchi Amman Street
Dharmapuri – 636702
Tamil Nadu - India

Mobile Number +91 9842088860