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BlackBerry Connect for S60 3.

User Guide
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Part number: 9253647r001
What is BlackBerry Connect? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Specifying service while roaming. . . . . . . . . . . 10
Installing BlackBerry on your device . . . . . . . . . . 2 Confirming email deletions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Before you install BlackBerry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Setting up wireless reconcile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Acquiring and installing BlackBerry . . . . . . . . . 3 Working with email. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Activating BlackBerry on your device . . . . . . . . . 3 Working with the list of emails. . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server . . 3 Opening an email . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Before you set up ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Composing an email . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Setting up with a server account . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Searching for email addresses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Configuring your server account. . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Viewing email attachments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Creating a signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Working with meeting requests. . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Creating filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Accepting or declining a meeting . . . . . . . . . 14
Creating an encryption key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Creating and sending a meeting request . . 14
Setting advanced options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Organizing emails in folders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Specifying the email address . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Saving drafts of emails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Using an email profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Before you service or exchange your device . . . 15
Receiving emails from additional folders . . 7 If you lose your device ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Saving sent emails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Setting up BlackBerry Internet Service . . . . . . . . 8
Configuring BlackBerry on your device. . . . . . . . 9
Activating BlackBerry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Specifying how email is retrieved . . . . . . . . . . 9
Scheduling BlackBerry service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

What is BlackBerry Connect?
What is BlackBerry Connect?

With BlackBerry Connect, you can access your For information about the availability and
email accounts with your Nokia device. As subscription to the BlackBerry Internet Service
emails arrive at the email server, they are service and to check the compatibility of your
automatically forwarded to your Nokia device, email account, contact your service provider or
where you can forward and reply to them. You network operator.
can also compose and send new emails. Before you use BlackBerry Connect, first learn
Meetings on the Nokia device's calendar are also how to use your Nokia device by reading the user
synchronized with the meetings in your account guide that came with your device. Knowing how
on the server. to use your device includes knowing where items
You can have the following BlackBerry services are located, how to navigate to those items, and
active on your Nokia device at the same time: how to open and close the items. This guide does
• BlackBerry Enterprise Server — Receive email not tell you how to perform these tasks on your
from your company’s corporate network if your specific Nokia device model.
company has a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
installed. You can also look up email addresses
from your company's electronic directory. Installing BlackBerry on your
• BlackBerry Internet Service — Receive email device
from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other
email accounts (POP3, IMAP4). You can acquire the BlackBerry installation file in
To use the BlackBerry services, you must have a several ways, depending on your service provider:
subscription to packet data services and the The file can come on a memory card; you can
download the installation file from the internet;
BlackBerry service must be activated on your
SIM card. For more information, contact your your device might come with a BlackBerry
service provider. installation file on it.

Before you install BlackBerry Website from where you can download a

Activating BlackBerry on your device
BlackBerry installation file and instructions
Before you install the latest version of about how to run the file.
BlackBerry, uninstall any older version of
BlackBerry. Be aware that when you remove
BlackBerry, all BlackBerry messages and settings
are removed from the Nokia device, but not from Activating BlackBerry on your
the email server. device
To remove BlackBerry from your Nokia device: After you install BlackBerry, activate BlackBerry
1 Press Menu and select Tools or Configuration, on your device if necessary:
then App. mgr. 1 Press Menu and select Messages > Options >
2 Select BlackBerry and remove it. Settings.
Now you can acquire and install another 2 Select Email > BlackBerry.
BlackBerry version. 3 In the General tab, set BlackBerry service to On.
Acquiring and installing BlackBerry 4 Press Back or select Options > Exit to exit
Contact your service provider to find out how you
can acquire BlackBerry. Typically, you can acquire
and install BlackBerry by:
• Navigating to Menu > Installations and
Setting up with BlackBerry
clicking Email Installer. Enterprise Server
• Installing BlackBerry from the installer or .sis Before emails are forwarded to your device from
file on the memory card that is included with your company, you must set up BlackBerry to
your Nokia device. work with your account on your company's
• Opening the browser on the Nokia device and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
checking the bookmarks to find a link to a

Before you set up ... • You have synchronized your mobile device and
Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server

computer calendars with Nokia PC Suite.
Before you set up BlackBerry, make sure that:
Important: After you start using BlackBerry, do
• General packet radio service (GPRS) or 3G is not use the calendar synchronization feature in
enabled on your SIM card. Nokia PC Suite or you may end up with duplicate
• BlackBerry service is enabled on your SIM card. calendar entries.
• Your desktop computer is connected to your Setting up with a server account
corporate LAN.
• Nokia PC Suite 6.7, or later, is installed on your To set up BlackBerry to work with a BlackBerry
computer. Nokia PC Suite is included on your Enterprise Server:
product CD-ROM. 1 Connect your Nokia device to your computer
• You are using BlackBerry Enterprise Server 3.5 with Nokia PC Suite.
for Microsoft Exchange or later or Lotus 2 Start the BlackBerry Connect Desktop on your
Domino 2.1 or later. computer by double-clicking the BlackBerry
• Your device can connect with the computer Connect Desktop icon on the desktop. You can
successfully with Nokia PC Suite. You can use a also start the tool from the Start menu.
data cable, infrared, or Bluetooth wireless 3 If you are asked to select an email profile, select
technology for the connection. the email profile that you want to use, and
• The BlackBerry Connect Desktop Tool is select OK. To create a new profile, select New.
installed on your computer. The tool 4 To establish connectivity between your Nokia
communicates with your device using the device and the BlackBerry Connect Desktop,
connection established with PC Suite. The click Connect.
BlackBerry Connect Desktop tool is included on 5 If prompted, create an encryption key by
your product CD-ROM. randomly moving your mouse.
• You have turned on your Nokia device and can
make calls.

6 If prompted, select whether you want to load The BlackBerry Connect Desktop must be used on

Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server
your calendar appointments to your device. This a computer that is connected to the corporate
step is required to use calendar synchronization LAN. If you want to set up your device or create
with BlackBerry. If you select Yes, the existing encryption keys, you must also connect your
entries in the device calendar are deleted and device to the computer with PC Suite. If you just
BlackBerry synchronizes the device calendar want to create filters or change the signature,
with the server. If you select No, the entries on you do not need to connect your device to the
the device calendar are left as they are and computer.
BlackBerry calendar services are disabled. You can open the BlackBerry Connect Desktop by
7 Click Exit. BlackBerry Connect activates double-clicking its icon on the desktop.
automatically. To receive emails on your Nokia device, make
Configuring your server account sure that Redirect incoming messages to your
handset is checked.
You need to use the BlackBerry Connect Desktop To apply the changes you make in each tab of
only when you are using a BlackBerry Enterprise the BlackBerry Connect Desktop, click Apply.
Server. If you are using BlackBerry Internet
Service, you do not need to use the BlackBerry Creating a signature
Connect Desktop, and you can proceed to Setting A signature is text that is automatically added to
up BlackBerry Internet Service on page 8. the emails you send using BlackBerry.
The BlackBerry Connect Desktop lets you To create a signature, click the General tab, and
configure settings for using a BlackBerry enter the signature in the Automatically
Enterprise Server. For example, you can create include your signature on outgoing messages
filters that specify which emails are sent to your field.
device, create encryption keys to protect your
privacy, and add a signature for emails that you If you do not want to use a signature, clear this
send with BlackBerry. field.

Creating filters Creating an encryption key
Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server

You can determine which emails are forwarded An encryption key is used to protect your emails
to your Nokia device by creating filters: while they travel between the BlackBerry
1 Click the Filters tab. Enterprise Server and your Nokia device.
2 Click New. To create an encryption key, click the Security tab
and select one of the following:
3 In the Filter Name field, enter a descriptive
name for the filter. • Generate keys automatically. BlackBerry
Connect Desktop will remind you to generate a
4 In any of the From, Sent to, Subject, Body, new encryption key when needed. When
Recipient Types, Sensitivity, and Importance prompted, move your mouse on the screen to
fields, enter the properties that you want the generate the key.
filter to use. Separate multiple entries with a
semicolon (;). • Generate keys manually. BlackBerry Connect
Desktop will not remind you to generate a new
5 To forward emails detected by the filter to your encryption key.
Nokia device, select Forward message to the
handset. To leave the detected emails on the To generate a new encryption key at any time,
server, select Don't forward message to the click Generate, and move your mouse on the
handset. screen.
6 Click OK. Setting advanced options
Filters are used in the order that they are listed In the Advanced tab, you can specify the email
on the Filters tab. address you want to use, select an email profile,
To move a filter, select the filter you want to select folders to redirect emails from, and specify
move and use the arrows to the right of the filter if you want to save copies of the emails you have
to move the filter to the position you want. sent.
To disable a filter, clear the check box next to it.

Specifying the email address To always use the same profile, select Always

Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server
use this profile. Click OK and then click Apply.
Your Nokia device uses the email address on the
Advanced tab for communication. Verify that the Receiving emails from additional folders
address is correct. Typically, you should not need
to modify this setting. By default, only emails that arrive in your Inbox
on the server are forwarded to your device.
This email address is associated with a specific However, you can specify that emails from other
email profile on your desktop computer. If you folders also be forwarded to your device.
experience problems with email redirection, you
might need to change your email profile setting. To specify folder redirection:
You can change the email address only if your 1 Click Selected folders in the Folder redirection
Nokia device is enabled on a BlackBerry area.
Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange. 2 Click Choose Folders.
To change the email address, click Override 3 Select the folders you want. Make sure that you
Address, and enter the correct address. also select your Inbox.
Using an email profile 4 Click OK and then click Apply.
An email profile determines the specific behavior Saving sent emails
of how your email works. You can specify which Emails that you send from your Nokia device are
email profile is used when you open the
saved in the Sent Items folder on the server. To
BlackBerry Connect Desktop. change this behavior, select Don’t save a copy
To change the profile settings, click Profile to the Sent Items folder.
Settings in the email profile settings area. To
select a profile when you open the BlackBerry
Connect Desktop, select Prompt for a profile to
be used.

Setting up BlackBerry Internet You can find these numbers on your device with
Setting up BlackBerry Internet Service

the following steps:
Service 1 Turn on your device.
To use BlackBerry Internet Service, you must 2 Select Menu > Messages.
have a subscription to general packet radio 3 Select Options > Settings > Email >
service (GPRS) or 3G data, and the BlackBerry
service must be activated on your SIM card.
4 Display the General tab and set BlackBerry
If you want to receive emails from an ISP or a Service to On.
non-corporate email account, you can use the
Internet-based BlackBerry Internet Service. To 5 Press Back to exit the BlackBerry settings.
set up BlackBerry with a BlackBerry Internet 6 Re-open the BlackBerry settings by selecting
Service, contact your service provider or network BlackBerry again.
operator. You do not need to use the BlackBerry 7 Scroll right to the BlackBerry Device tab. Make
Connect Desktop to set up BlackBerry Internet note of the values listed in the PIN, IMEI, and
Service. IMSI fields.
To use BlackBerry Internet Service, you must The next steps depend on your service provider.
enable BlackBerry on your Nokia device. You Check with your service provider for information
may need to give your service provider the about provisioning and setting up BlackBerry
following information: Internet Service.
• Personal identification number (PIN) If your service provider uses provisioning, then
• International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) you might already have a provisioning message in
code your Inbox or a Web link placed in the Bookmarks
• International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) list within the device browser. Select the Web
number assigned to your Nokia device. link within the provisioning message or
Bookmark list to access the provisioning Website.
To complete the process, you may need your PIN,

IMEI number, and IMSI number. Activating BlackBerry

Configuring BlackBerry on your device
If your service provider does not use provisioning, Scroll to BlackBerry Service. Set BlackBerry
then go to your service provider's BlackBerry service to On to enable BlackBerry (default
Internet Service Web page. selection is On). If BlackBerry is activated on
your device, set BlackBerry service to Off to
disable the BlackBerry service. You can send
Configuring BlackBerry on messages only when BlackBerry Service is set to
your device On and when the device is online.

You can modify BlackBerry settings on your Specifying how email is retrieved
Nokia device to suit how you like to use the Scroll to Auto-more to specify how an email is
service. retrieved. BlackBerry initially delivers the first
Not all BlackBerry Enterprise Servers support all two kilobytes of a message to the device. Set
of these features. For information about which Auto-more to On for any remaining message
features are supported by your server, contact text to be automatically retrieved and displayed
your system administrator. as you scroll through the message. If Auto-more
To set up BlackBerry on your device, navigate to is set to Off, you must select Options > Get
the BlackBerry Settings, and: more while reading a message to retrieve the
remaining message text
1 Select Menu > Messages > BlackBerry.
2 Select Options > BlackBerry Settings. Scheduling BlackBerry service
You can scroll down to access each of the The Weekday and Weekend auto-connect
settings described below. The categories of settings allow you to specify periods of time
settings that you can modify for BlackBerry when the BlackBerry service is automatically
appear. turned on and off. You can set up two BlackBerry
services schedules, Weekday Auto Connect
(Monday through Friday) and Weekend Auto

Connect (Saturday and Sunday). The following Confirming email deletions
Configuring BlackBerry on your device

settings are available:
Scroll to Confirm Deletions. When you select to
• None. Do not manage automatic connections delete a BlackBerry message, you are prompted
during the period. to confirm the deletion. Set Confirm Deletions
• On all day. Connect 24 hours a day during the to No to turn off the delete confirmation prompt
• Off all day. Disconnect 24 hours a day during Setting up wireless reconcile
the period. Scroll to Wireless Reconcile. This setting allows
• Select hours. Enter the hours during each day you to configure whether the device and server
of the period when you want to connect to should update each other if messages have been
BlackBerry services. read or deleted. Reconciliation happens
automatically approximately every 15 minutes.
These settings override the BlackBerry Service
setting. In other words, BlackBerry is activated To set up how you want to reconcile:
even if the BlackBerry Service is set to Off. To 1 Select Wireless Reconcile.
disable the automatic connections, set the 2 If you have several BlackBerry services (for
weekday and weekend auto connect settings to example, a corporate account and an ISP
None. account), select the BlackBerry service whose
Specifying service while roaming reconciliation options you want to set up.
3 Press Options and select Set Up Reconcile.
Scroll to When roaming to control BlackBerry
behavior while roaming. Set When roaming to 4 Set values for these options:
BlackBerry is On to maintain BlackBerry service • Read/Unread Status. To reconcile changes in
when the device is outside the home service read status between server and device, set
area. Set the selection to Off to disable this option to On. To maintain separate
BlackBerry service when the device is outside statuses on the device and the server, set this
the home service area to avoid roaming charges. option to Off.

• Deletions. Turn On or Off the reconciling of desktop computer. This guide does not tell you

Working with email
message deletions between the Nokia device how to perform these tasks on your specific
and the account on the server. Nokia device, but will point out differences
• Delete From. Select device Only to delete between using email on a Nokia device and on a
emails only from your Nokia device. The desktop computer.
emails deleted on the device are kept on the You can send messages only when BlackBerry
server. Select device and Server to delete Service is set to On and when the device is
emails from the Nokia device and the account online. When BlackBerry Service is set to Off,
on the server. you can still save an email to the Drafts folder.
5 Press Back to return to the list of BlackBerry You can send BlackBerry emails to any recipient
services. with an email account. The recipient of the email
Repeat steps 2-5 to set up reconcile for each does not need to have BlackBerry.
BlackBerry service. The maximum number of emails that you can
To reconcile before the next automatic store in the BlackBerry folder depends on the
reconciliation, press Options and select amount of free memory on your Nokia device. If
Reconcile Now. the number of emails reaches the limit, the
oldest emails are deleted from the folder. Emails
To empty the Deleted Items folder of your deleted for this reason are deleted only from the
account on a server, press Options and select Nokia device, not from the server.
Purge Deletions.
All BlackBerry emails are delivered to a
BlackBerry folder in the Messages folder. If you
have more than one BlackBerry service, then one
Working with email folder is created for each service. The folder is
Email tasks such as opening, reading, finding, created automatically when you enable
replying, and forwarding emails on your Nokia BlackBerry on your Nokia device.
device are very much like using email on a

Typically, pressing Options provides you with a Opening an email
Working with email

list of actions you can perform on whatever is
displayed on the screen. To open an email from the list, select the email
you want to read, press Options and select Open.
Working with the list of emails To open an email from the list, highlight the
To start working with email press Menu and email and press Options and select Open.
select Messages > BlackBerry to open the Initially, the device receives only the first 2 KB of
BlackBerry mailbox and display the list of an email. If the Auto-more selection within the
BlackBerry emails sent to the Nokia device. BlackBerry settings is On (see Specifying how
email is retrieved on page 9), any remaining
Before you open a message in the BlackBerry message portion is automatically retrieved and
mailbox, you can highlight a specific email and displayed as you read through the email. If the
select Options to reply to or delete the message. Auto-more selection is set to Off, press Options
Deleted emails may also be deleted from the and select Get More to manually request the
remote email server depending on your wireless remainder of the message.
reconcile settings. You can also press Options to
create a new message, get detailed information When you are reading an email, press Options to
about a selected message, sort the messages by view and select from the list of the available
date, sender, or subject, move a message into a features. For example, you can save the sender of
folder, or mark and unmark messages. the message as a contact, mark the message as
unread, move the message to another folder, or
You can also select Options to create a new turn on or off automatic find. When automatic
message, get information about the messages, find is turned on, phone numbers, email
sort the messages by date, sender, or subject, addresses, and Web addresses within the email
move a message into a folder or mark and can be highlighted and then called, emailed, or
unmark messages. For example, you can mark browsed respectively.
several messages from one person and then
select Option > Delete to delete the messages
you selected.

Composing an email Searching for email addresses

Working with email
To compose a new message, select one of these When you create, reply, or forward an email, you
items from the Options menu: can search for email addresses that are in your
• Create Message and selecting the type of local contacts list on the device or in your
message you want to compose (email). company directory, if you have a BlackBerry
Enterprise Server account.
• Reply or Forward, if you have an email open.
Once you are in an email, you can move around To look up a name in the device Contacts:
the fields (To, Cc, Subject, body of message) by 1 With the cursor in the To, Cc, or Bcc address
scrolling. After you compose the message and field, press Options and select Add From
specify recipients, you can: Contacts.
• Send an email message (Options > Send). 2 Select the name you want from the Contacts
• Specify delivery settings for the message
(Options > Sending Options > Priority or 3 Press OK.
Send using). Select the Priority setting to 4 The name appears within the field in which you
change the default Normal delivery importance placed your cursor.
level to High or Low. If you have more than one To look up a name in the Company directory:
account that uses BlackBerry, select the Send
using setting to specify the account you want 1 With the cursor in the To, Cc, or Bcc address
to use to send the email. field, press Options and select Company
• Match a partial recipient entry in an address
field to a name in the device contacts (Options 2 Enter a name or part of a name in the displayed
> Check name). field.
3 Press OK. A note indicating the search is in
progress is displayed.
4 A list of up to the first 20 matches is displayed.

5 Select the match(es) you want, press Options Accepting or declining a meeting
Working with email

and select Add Recipient(s). To accept or decline a received meeting request:
If the name you entered is not found within the 1 Open the email with the meeting request.
device Contacts or in the Company Directory,
you must enter the email address manually in 2 Press Options and then select Respond and one
the address field. of the following: Accept, Tentative, or Decline.
3 Select one of the following:
Viewing email attachments
• Send Now. Send a reply to the sender
An attachment is a file that is sent with an without additional comments.
email. If the email you are viewing contains an • Edit Response. Add comments to the reply to
attachment, press Options and select View the sender before sending it.
Attachment. A list of the attachments appears.
Press Options and select Full content or Table • Don't Send Response. Add the meeting to
of contents to view the entire attachment file your calendar without sending a response.
or a section breakdown of the attachment file If the sender of a meeting request cancels the
respectively. You can view .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, meeting, the meeting is removed from the
.wpd, .txt, .htm, and .zip files that are attached calendar, and you receive an email on your Nokia
to an email. device stating that the meeting has been
Working with meeting requests
Creating and sending a meeting request
A meeting request is an email that invites you to
attend a meeting. When you accept the To create and send a meeting request:
invitation, the meeting is placed on your Nokia 1 Open the Calendar and select the day during
device calendar. You can also create and send which you want to schedule the meeting.
meeting requests from your Nokia device. 2 Press Options and select New Entry >
Meeting. The meeting request view displays
with a Description field and Attendees field.

3 With Description highlighted, press Options 9 Press Back to return to the meeting request

Before you service or exchange your device
and select Open. Enter the meeting view.
information, including date, time, and
description. Organizing emails in folders
4 Press Back to return to the meeting request You can move BlackBerry emails to the Drafts
view. folder or to your personal folders by selecting the
5 Scroll to Attendees, press Options and select email, pressing Options and selecting Move.
Open. Only emails in the BlackBerry folder are
reconciled. Emails in other folders are not
6 Press Options and select Add Attendees, and reconciled. You cannot create subfolders within
then one of the following: the BlackBerry folder.
• Contacts. Searches the Contacts on your
device. Saving drafts of emails
• Company Directory. Searches the directory You can save a draft of an email to the Drafts
on your company's server. folder when you close the email before you send
• Type Email Address. Type the email address it by selecting Save To Drafts when prompted.
of an invitee. To edit a saved email, go to the Drafts folder,
(For more information about using contacts open the email, and make the changes. Press
and the company directory, see Searching for Send when you are ready to send it.
email addresses on page 13.)
7 Press Options to view and select additional
functions including setting the attendee as Before you service or
required or optional (Set As Optional/Set As
Required) and displaying attendee (Details).
exchange your device
8 Press Options and select Send to send the Before you service or exchange your Nokia
meeting request. device, disable BlackBerry to prevent your emails
from being delivered when someone else is

handling your Nokia device: If you lose your device ...
If you lose your device ...

• Turn off the BlackBerry service on your device
by setting the BlackBerry service to Off. (Select If lose your device, the BlackBerry Enterprise
Menu > Messages > BlackBerry > Options > Server administrator might be able to remotely
BlackBerry Settings > BlackBerry service > erase BlackBerry data from the Nokia Device. This
Off). feature can be helpful if you have confidential
information on your device. Ask your system
• Disable the Redirect incoming messages to administrator if this feature can be used.
your handset using the BlackBerry Connect
Desktop or your service provider’s
configuration Web page.
• Before exchanging your device for another,
reconfigure your new device with your
BlackBerry account. Use the BlackBerry
Connect Desktop tool or your service provider's
BlackBerry Internet Service Web page to
update the new device's BlackBerry PIN to the