Process of Handling Loan

Pre- disbursement of loan: About project About the party Agreed in principle Appraise customer about reasons for rejection

Loan application by the prospective borrower

Enquiry about the proposal



/nvestigation evaluation of the loan

Legal opinion about collateral by approved law firm

Survey valuation by !an" approved surveyor

2isiting the collateral project sight by !an" official submit report

1orward credit line proposal to #$O %redit &epartment #$O Approval NO

YES %ompletion of &ocumentation formality i'e'( mortgage) hypo$ pledge creation) acquiring charge documents) creating of charges with *+SE ,in case of L-&.

/ssue !ranch sanction letter acquire !orrower0s acceptance

Post Disbursement: Loan 3onitoring Supervision 4sual *ecovery Legal *ecovery .

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