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Situational Analysis

Market Trend:
Unique selling Proposition:
Only drinking milk available in the market in bottle packing. Doubled processed UHT treated package milk. Nurpur charges 1 Rs less than any other existing dairy brands in the market.

Level of Awareness:
Level of awareness is 35% of the total target market.

Target market:
Nurpur has targeted northern areas, tribal people and other adjacent areas. Basically Nurpur has targeted well off people from the above-mentioned areas.

Nurpur charges 1 Rs less than any other existing diary brand in the market in order to penetrate into a competitive market, so that they can capture a handsome market share.

Brand loyalty:
Nurpurs brand loyalty has been developed in northern areas and there are a number of brand loyal customers in these areas.

SWOT Analysis:
Strengths: Doubled processed UHT treated package milk. Nurpur charges 1 Rs less than any other existing diary brand in the market. Guaranteed clean/bacteria free.

Homogenized. Easy open pack. An ISO-22000 certified company.

Weaknesses: Limited brad portfolio. Strong competition in the market. The main target market of Nurpur is upper middle class and upper class because of this the lower class cannot afford to buy UHT milk due to its premium price The advertisement of Nurpur milk is relatively quite less than other players in the market due to that the brand loyalty of the brand is not yet developed. Opportunities: Due to the ever-increasing importance of a health living, more & more people are buying packaged food items. Government is also backing the tetra pack eatables industry, which is a good sign for dairy industry to flourish. Threats: Nurpur has a minimum market share as compare to the other strategic business units (SBU) so there is an internal threat. There is also an internal threat to Nurpur in the form of competitive external environment. Nurpur milk: The company was incorporated in 1985. A wholesome life is what Nurpur stands for with Health, Energy and Taste, being the vital ingredients. Nurpur is Ultra High temperature

treated milk which can be kept outside the refrigerator for three months. Packed in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml volumes in Tetra Packing.

Product Situation
Nurpur is the brand name of UHT milk. Nurpur is Pasteurized, Standardized, and Homogenized and Ultra Heat Treated milk of the highest standards. Pakistan Pure Food Laws standardize Nurpur to 3.5% butterfat and 8.9% SNF (Solids Non Fat) as prescribed. Safe, Economical and nourishing it is available in 1/4 Liter, 1/2 liter and 1 liter packs.

Key Benefits
Guaranteed Clean/Bacteria Free Homogenized Standardized Economical

Industry competition:
Industry is a group of firms that offer a product or class of products that are close substitutes for each other. Industries are classified according to the number of sellers, degree of product differentiation,

presence or absence of entry, mobility and exit barriers, cost structure, degree of vertical integration and degree of globalization. The industry competition for Nurpur includes Tetra packed milk; loose milk offered by milk shops and powdered milk. All of these are close substitutes for each other. Dairy industry is monopolistic competition as there are many companies like Nestle, Milk flow some foreign brands that are offering milk in various forms and packaging and are able to differentiate their offerings on the basis of price and positioning. All these companies are focusing on market segments where they can meet customers needs in superior way and command a price premium

Market Situation
Pakistan's dairy industry produces UHT, pasteurized, powdered and condensed milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, cream and some butter oil. Of a total of 38 dairy plants with a total daily rated capacity of 2,180,000 liters per day, 11 with a rated capacity of 948,000 liters per day have been in operation. The total milk consumption in Karachi is 3.8 million liters per day and the consumption of packed milk is 10% of 3.8 Million. Pakistan now produces an estimated 27.5 billion liters (or27.5 million metric tons) of milk annually, of which only one million liters is processed daily. Approximately half of this amount is processed into UHT milk, 40 percent into powdered milk, and the remaining 10 percent into pasteurized milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. The seasonal nature of supply as well as demand for milk powder from the bakeries and confectioneries, as well as dairy plants themselves, has necessitated the import of powdered milk.

Competitive analysis
Competition in the market is quite intense there are many joints in the market which are working quite fruitfully in the market. Its quite difficult for a company to enter in the market due to that intense competition. Prices of milk for those different brands are at par with others so its quite difficult to cultivate an immense amount of profit from the market in quick time. Nurpur has three major competitors in the dairy industry:

Milk pack (Nestle Milk pack Limited) Olpers milk Haleeb Loose Milk Shops Powdered Milk (Various Brands) The price of Nurpur should relatively lower than the competitor brands but higher than the price of loose milk. Powder milk is also consumed heavily and all the companies are facing stiff competition with each other. The concept of purchasing milk from milkmen in our country is high. People prefer to buy because they think that a tetra pack cost is relatively high also the quality of milk in tetra pack is not as fresh as milkmen milk.

Milkpak: Nestle is a Swiss company which is running its business in Pakistan from 1988 to present. In 1988 it took the joint venture with Milk Pak and then took the whole management of the company in 1992. Now it has four plants in Pakistan, two of them in Sheikhupura and Kabirwala which are producing multi products of all brands of nestle food, while the two of them are in Islamabad and Karachi which are only produce the water bottles. Nestle is the largest milk collection operation company in Pakistan and all over the world. They were collecting the milk from 190000 farmers of Punjab and Sindh. ( As Nestle is the multinational company and it has the effective marketing planning and vast distribution network in Pakistan, these two strength of it ensures to its customers that its products are available everywhere. Geographically Nestle provided the huge range of the products for its customers in urban areas. Demographically it is segmented its market upper middle class and middle class of society while it also provide the a large range of product for the all age of people as well as kids, but Haleeb does not produce special for kids.

Low prices of products one of the major part of its success. Flexible pricing strategy lead Nestle to the success and it also maintain the quality of its product with these prices. Nestle producing all its products to be a leader in Nutrition, Health & Wellness. Segmentation: Nestle Pakistan establish different basis for segmentation such as demographics, psychographics, behavioral segmentation, personal demographics and benefit segmentation. It is interesting to know that only in Karachi sale of Milkpak is 50% of the total sales we can conclude that its usage rate is high in urban and denser areas. Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge attitude, usage or responses to a product. Buyers can be grouped according to occasions when they get their idea to buy, actually make their purchase or use the purchase item. Nestle Milkpak a multipurpose brand, it means that you can use it in making tea, sweet dishes and drink it as healthy diet. In Pakistan, mostly it is used in making tea and tea is more often consumed at breakfast and in evening time an important base in behavioral segmentation is attitude towards product. Pakistani society is not so much educated on large scale. Nestle Pakistan uses multiple segmentation bases for example they use benefit segmentation to identify consumers seeking different benefits. They also use income level as a powerful base of segmentation and they also use geographic demographic segmentation. Target market: After evaluating different segments the company must decide which and how many segments to serve. Nestle Pakistan adopts differentiated marketing strategy to cover the market for its brand i.e. Milkpak. For example for different income level consumers nestle Milkpak offers a variety of products. It also offers various sizes of product for different classes. 1000 ml and 1500ml - for upper middle class and lower upper class 500 ml and 250 ml - for middle class and lower middle class 250 ml - for small town area Olpers:

Engro foods was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of Engro corporation, it was entered in milk processing business in same year. It has started its operations in 2006 by installing the first plan in Sukkur with the production capacity of 20000 liter UHT milk per day. The basic objective of Engro Corporation to enter in foods business is processing milk, and then sell this milk in the growing market. At the initial stages company involved in the corporate social responsibility, through which they can promote the dairy farming in the rural areas. Company builds a strong PR with its milk supplier through CSR. Olpers has segmented its market on the basis of demographically, behaviorally and geographically and Psychographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation: Olpers products are not bounded to any particular age, gender or lifecycle stage. The brand is meant for all the users in higher upper or middle class families. Even for a small percentage of an individual income but lower class wouldnt want to buy the brand may be because they are price sensitive or because they believe lose milk is better than processed milk and has all the nutrients that the processed milk lacks. However, Olpers trying to change the image of processed milk as non-nutritionist milk. Therefore it can be said that Olpers has been positioned as a brand for high income earners. Due to the income factor involved it can be said that Olpers milk target a specific social class who are health conscious and concerned about their weight. Psychographic Segmentation: On the basis of psychographics, factors such as personality traits, lifestyles and values, Olpers has segmented the market more towards achievers who are goal-oriented and focused on their careers, and those who are seeking variety in the milk sector. For example the ads for Olwell mostly show achievers who want to be successful, have high aims and are already doing quite well in their concerned fields. The Olpers products have targeted variety seekers because the company has given them a new set of brand and so, many will make their first purchase because they want to try something new. Olpers ads also target believers, traditional conservative people

with concrete beliefs. The ads for Olpers show the beliefs of healthy life with processed milk and plays on the emotional aspect more. Behavioral Segmentation: Olpers products have been segmented on the basis of benefits that consumers seek in the milk. In this case, people look for a brand that can be used for all purposes from drinking to tea whiteners. The ads also show that consumers should increase their milk consumption for example with every tea they should use Olpers, every morning they should drink Olpers and everyday they should feed their pets with Olpers milk. Geographical Segmentation: Olpers segmented on the base of urban and rural are and targeting to the urban area of Pakistan. People of rural areas use the fresh open milk of cow and in these areas fresh milk is available at most every home. While on the other hand in urban areas people have no time to take care the animals so that they can enjoy the fresh home milk of their own cows and there is now easy availability of fresh milk every time so they can use the packaged milk. Target market: They target to middle and upper middle class. They people who are health conscious and don not relying open market milk. In middle and upper middle class people included Career focused, figure conscious, and health conscious males and females. Their main target audience is women and men who basically want to stay fit by having milk side by side without gaining weight and end up having high calories or fats through milk. They want to make their bones strong. Haleeb: Haleeb food was incorporated in 1984 with the name of Chaudry dairy limited and now known as Haleeb food. It started its operations in 1985 and launched its first liquid milk product in market in 1986 and its production capacity of UHT liquid milk is 80000 liters per day. At that time it was launched only one product Haleeb milk, but now they were expanded its product range which are included as dairy queen, tea max, gru aur, crme yum and fun milk these are milk brand of Haleeb food. It also first company who use the tetra packaging in Pakistan.

As Haleeb is the old player of Pakistan market and have strong market share position so it expand its distribution network in all over the country, so that it can cover both urban and semi urban areas. After that Haleeb is going to international market. Haleeb is existing in the market on the base of some strength, which are most important for the gaining market share or customers loyalty. Test Packaging Hygienic Nutritious Haleeb was enjoying a good market share and growth in the Pakistan market. Till there is no high competition in the market, but now currently the company is losing its market share due to some weaknesses No research and development Focus divided to other brands of Haleeb Segmentation: Geographically Haleeb is segmented its market to urban areas but for the milk product it also focuses to the urban areas while in demographically they are segmented its market in income and age. According to income they are segmented middle class and upper middle class and it is not producing special product for children in age segmenting. Haleeb is targeted on the base of undifferentiated market and it produced different range of products for its customers.

Distribution Situation
Company is using 2 channels for distribution of Nurpur Retail outlets (indirect channel) Sales promotion officers (direct channel)

Retail Outlets (indirect channel):

There are many outlets all over the country, which provide every day consumable items to the consumers. 80 % of the milks sales would be through indirect channels.

Direct Sales Promotion Channel:

Nurpur is being distributed to institutions like government institutes, offices, teashops, caters, schools, colleges and marriage halls. So, keeping in view about all of them company should have to recruit a sales team for the direct sales promotion. This channel will become quite beneficial for Nurpur because a relatively higher amount of profit can come towards this side with a percentage of almost 20% of the total milks sales.

Distribution and Warehousing:

There are many authorized distributors of Nurpur before but all didnt keen to sale Nurpur those other brands in the market due to fewer incentives. All other brands like Olpers, milk pack etc. provides much higher margins to distributors along with many non monitory benefits. Company will purchase their own network of vans, which deliver the milk to all the retail outlets early morning. The advantage of these vans came in the form of quick delivery along with advertising in the form of printed van.

Financial Analysis
Nurpur is charged at 24 Rs to the final consumer. Company has a trade margin of 6.84 %. Company to retailer trade margin is 4 percent.

Competitive Analysis
The competitive frame work Nurpur can be classified as following; Competitive Network Frame Company Product Category Class Size Price in Market

Name Nestle

Name Milk Pack Homogenized Milk Everyday Tea max Pasteurized Milk Tetra pack Tetra Pak Tetra Pak

rupees 1L, 0.5L, 55,30,15 0.25L 0-50ml 1L,0.5L 11 28.14

Share 41%

Royal Dairies

Milk Flow


Milk Flow

Flavored P. Milk Tetra Pak [P=Pasteurized]





Pasteurized Milk

Bottled Tetra Pak

/ 1L,0.5L,3 00ml



The management has to set up a promotional budget of approximately 20 Million for the year 20013-14. 50 to 60 % of the total budget is allocated to advertising option, which mainly consists of electronic media in the form of TV advertisement. 30 to 35 % of the total budget is consumed in placing outdoor hoardings and billboard.

Competitive analysis:
The packaged milk market is dominated by Omore (Engro foods) with the market share of 51%. Nestle milk pack with a market share of 27%.

Proposed plan objectivity:

The basic aim of our IMC team was to provide Nurpur foods management with an objectivity, which relates to sales, awareness and profitability.

Sales objectivity:
Increase sales by 10% at least in fiscal year.

Awareness objectivity:
To enhance the product awareness among the potential markets.

Profitability objectivity:
To increase the overall profit margin by effectively communicating and implementing the marketing strategies.

Promotional mix Strategies:

Promotional mix strategy revolves around the following areas.

Advertising Sales promotion Personal selling Direct marketing Public relation

Push V/s Pull Strategies:

Both strategies will be followed.

Buyer behavior and readiness

Nurpur market share is declining and there is a need is to make a comeback policy to strengthen the brand and this can only be done through promotion mix to make an image in the minds of the people. Nurpur advertisement is relatively quite low than other brands in the market. So to penetrate in the market fruitfully Nurpur needs to start a heavy advertisement campaign in order to create fruitful brand awareness.

Selective Media V/s Mass Media: We will use mass media due to our large target audience. Advertising strategy:
During summers, as the milk production declines along with the fact that thickness of the milk also reduces because of low supply of raw milk from dairy farms; the supply decreases, which increases the demand for, packaged milk, with the same quality that was given to the customer before so, it is recommended that the management should emphasize on Pull strategy as Nurpur now may be used as an alternative product. Advertisements, billboards, print media, electric media campaign, etc.

Sales promotion strategy:

During winters, push strategy is recommended by giving incentives to the consumers because the milk supply is good and the competition is intense.

Advertising tools:
TV Advertisements. Billboards. Newspaper advertising Neon signs at school, colleges & offices cafeteria Flag banners at shopping mall The college competition invites food technology students to develop new products using dairy ingredients. This popular competition gives students' valuable experience while building dairy brand loyalty and application knowledge early in the students' careers. Sports stadium- hitting board prize. Wobblers. Bus designing advertisement. Audio/visual aids.

Sales promotion tools:

Sales presentations Sales support programs Cross selling providing a free tea sachet or custard sachet with every purchase of 1 liter Nurpur. Awarding two days family trip to PC Bhurban to that retailer or whole seller who reports largest sales.

Nurpur must launch prize scheme in which prizes will be awarded whenever a printed gift item gets disclose behind the bottle cap.

Patronage award

Personal selling tools:

Emotions- sales force will exploit the emotions of parents and persuade them to select Nurpur as drinking milk for their kids.

Direct marketing tools:

In direct marketing the company should have to launch a funfair activity in different cities of Pakistan in which families are asked to come. In these activity families particularly children are more focused. In this activity Nurpur management tell the children about advantages of milk particulary Nurpur milk than enagage them in different games like cricket, tug of war, eating competition and much more like this will held.

The families can come their without purchasing any ticket. The enterence will be free for them. The campaign starts with the name of Ao dekhen zara kis ma kitna ha dum

It is also strongly recommended that Nurpur foods must an effective web presence in this interactive world .To promote the entire site, an online marketing program must be launched. A comprehensive, highly targeted group of destination web sites must be chosen for the program. The web site should be registered with yahoo search portal. And a number of tactical elements will help drive online awareness and inquiries into the program including:

Online webinars

Online newsletters Banner advertising Search engine registration Web site links Content marketing and licensing Opt-in email Specialized promotions and partnerships

Public Relations tools:

A public relations campaign must be undertaken. This robust program includes:

Media tours Monthly press releases Media briefs By-lined articles and supplements Speaker placements A comprehensive dairy curriculum must be created and sent to major universities with food science programs to make it easy for professors to acquaint their students with the importance of packaged dairy products with special reference to Nurpur.

Celebrity presence- a top model will be shown on TV and billboards advertisements drinking Nurpur to show a healthy living.

Internal Communications:

Over the years, organizations have now started understanding the importance of internal communication in achieving corporate goals and objectives.

Our IMC team has identified some of the internal communication irregularities. Information about the inflow of raw milk for the purpose of processing takes too much time because of excessive interference by the management.

The packaged milk supply is irregular in some areas for the reason that market demand and supply information is not effective.

Due to the above-mentioned reason, some of the processed milk is wasted thus enhancing costs, which in turn creates a harm effect on corporate overall profitability ratio.

Training must be introduced in order to decrease the hazardous effects of irregular or ineffective internal communication system.

Reporting relationships must be clearly identified Who reports to whom?

We strongly believe that by implementing the above-mentioned strategies the management will be mighty capable of enhancing corporate profitability, create a resounding brand name of Nurpur.

Positioning strategy:
Nurpur has a current positioning strategy that Nurpur milk is mostly meant for drinking purposes. Our IMC team firmly believes that the management has to somehow modify the product positioning.

Before proceeding, our IMC team believes that the management should also carry this positing strategy of using Nurpur as a drinking milk as supported by the product slogan. Ku ka Dodh hazar nemat ha.

We suggest that the product must also be presented as a dairy commodity that may be use for tea users as there is a large tea user market.

The product must be communicated among the consumers as milk that is highly suitable for the purpose of making desserts, milk shakes, sweet dishes and other dairy made products.

The promotion must be designed in such a fashion that consumers start buying Nurpur for other than drinking purposes.

Packaging strategy:
Our marketing team has identified from the market trend that consumers tend to buy more of the quarter liter (250ml) pack and the recent trend shows that 49% of the total sale of packaged milk include the selling of 250 ml pack of milk as compared to 24% of 1000 ml pack and 26% of the 500 ml pack. Major thing that attract a consumer while purchasing a product is its packaging if it is attractive than consumer tend to buy those products.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned fact it is strongly recommended that Nurpur must be introduced with beautiful packaging which attract customers through its bold colors.

When it comes to drinking or any other purposes consumers tend to attract a pack whose colors are attractive along with high frequency of its promotion.


Advertising in news paper

Following are the newspapers which we selected for advertising purpose. We select jang, Nwa-ewaqat and Dawn newspaper because these newspapers contain more number of readers than all other newspapers in the market. News paper adds of Nurpur will b polished on newspaper on every Sunday. The reason of selecting Sunday is that most of the people remain at their homes while spending their time with their families more over children also used to read newspaper on Sunday and read newspapers. Our campaign has duration of one year. Number of news paper 3

Name of newspaper



Dawn Cost/ Sunday/news paper 21500 for 1 year .21500*52*3= Rs 3354000(2.7 M)

Advertisement in TV

If we talk about the viewership than we comes to know that in Pakistan viewership of PTV home is 43.25% while Geo entertainment, Cartoon Network and ARY digital s viewership was 3.87%, 3.735% and 2.33% respectively. These figures showing that these mediums are quite good to advertise for a brand which is mostly related to all age groups. According to Gelap survey 7-10 PM is a prime time for men, women and children to watch television so we advertise in these

timing despite cartoon network in cartoon network we advertise from 2 to 6 PM because this is the time when most of the children watch television. No of TV channels.3

Name of channels


Cartoon Network

Geo TV

ARY digital Cost/week/channel60000*52*3= Rs 9360000(6.24 M)


IF we talk about billboard it is the most useful way to advertise for a brand it particularly gives a teaser to your end consumer about a particular brand. We will advertise with 15 billboards in start than we increase this number with the passage of time after getting response from our end consumer. Number of billboards ...15 Cost.. 15*4*8000= Rs 480000(3.6 M)

Buses advertisement

Buses advertisement is quite an effective way to advertise for a particular brand. It is said to be a running advertisement. It is quite useful in now a days to advertise we start with 10 buses and design them after that we increase the number of buses with the response of our consumer. Number of buses..10 Designing cost Rs225000 Total cost 225000*10= Rs 2250000 (2.25 M)

Percentage of Promotion Mix Total promotional budget..20 Million Rupees Advertising.. 60% Sales Promotion.. 20% Direct Marketing. 5% Personal Selling.. 5% Public Relations10%

Nurpur: The company was incorporated in 1985. A wholesome life is what Nurpur stands for with Health, Energy and Taste, being the vital ingredients. Nurpur is Ultra High temperature treated milk which can be kept outside the refrigerator for three months. Packed in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml volumes in Tetra Packing.

IMC Objectives:
Advertising plays a major role in the life of any brand. When we going towards re-launching of Nurpur the first step that we take is to spend a heavy amount of money on advertising the purpose of this activity is to change the image of our brand in the mind of customers. Our IMC campaign objectives are.


Ads are cost effective way to disseminate message, build brand preference or to educate people. Most companies use an outside agency to help create advertising campaigns and select and purchase media. Nurpur Food Limited has contract with the agencies to develop advertising campaign. Nurpur Food Limited has three advertising agencies which guides the company what should be the next move and also give feedback regarding the market and competitors. Nurpur has three agencies:

Orient McCann MPL Asiatic Advertising

1. Setting the Advertising Objectives

The advertising objectives must flow from prior decisions on target market, market positioning, and marketing mix. Advertising objectives can be classified according to whether the company aims is to inform, persuade, or remind.

Informative Advertising:
In the introduction stage CDL will give detailed informative advertising about Nurpur Milk. At this stage the advertising duration in television will be of 45 seconds.

Persuasive advertising:
After getting awareness in the market, CDL will emphasize on persuasive and comparative advertising to present additional and competitive features of Nurpur. At this stage the media channels will remain same, but tenure in television will be shorter than before.

Reminder Advertising:
At the maturity stage of Nurpur, CDL will give only reminder advertising to its customers that Nurpur exists in the market. At this stage the CDL will reduce the frequency of its ads in television and in radio and will shortlist the billboards and advertise only at rush and potential areas.

2. Deciding the Advertising Budget

Deciding about advertising budget is a crucial decision. Following are the factors, which a company should consider:

Stages in the Product Life Cycle: The advertising budget should be appropriate according to the product life cycle; it varies with the different stages i.e. introductory, growth, maturity and decline. Nurpur is newly launched product it will require huge advertising budget to build awareness and to gain consumer attention.

Market Share and Consumer Base: High market share brands like Haleeb require less advertising to maintain market share. Usually it is perceived that higher the advertising frequency higher would be the consumers reaction and higher the sales. Nurpur will be advertised heavily by using radio, print media, televisions, billboard, metro buses etc to attract a large market.

Competition and culture:

There are large number of competitors in the market, so in their presence, CDL has advertise Nurpur heavily to counter competition.

Advertising Frequency:
At initial stage of Nurpur in the market, repetitive advertising will be persuaded and ad will run three times in a day for 5 days a week in first three months of the re launch .

Promotional Budget

Estimated promotional budget of CDL for Nurpur Milk:

Billboards Print ads TV advertising Second phase advertising Total

62, 00,000 Rupees 30, 00,000 Rupees 20, 00,000 Rupees 40, 00,000 Rupees 152, 00,000 Rupees

3. Choosing Advertising Message

Advertising campaign vary in their creativity. The creativity factor can is more important than the number of rupees spent. Advertising goes through four stages to develop a creative strategy:

Message Generation:
The product benefit message should be decided as part of developing the product concept. As Nurpur is milk product, it will give the nutritional, rational, sensory message to its customers, which will appeal them to buy it.


Message Execution
The message impact depends not only upon what is said but also on how it is said. . For executing the message there are different cohesive styles, tone, words and format.

A. Execution Style:
The advertisement of Nurpur Milk will be executed with striking musical jingle, famous personality (pretty models), showing cows, buffaloes and farm houses to give a natural image.

B. Execution Tone:
The executed tone of the ad will be positive and inkling towards Nurpur, humor will be avoided as it takes attention away from the message.

C. Execution Words:
The memorable and attention-getting words will be used in the advertising of Nurpur Milk, (HAR DAM TAZA, BEHTREEN ZAIQA, MUNASIB QEEMAT DOODH BEHTREEN, NURPUR.) so that the consumers could remember the ad.

D. Execution Format:
TV advertisements will use attractive color combinations (the background and presentation) with appealing musical jingle. Print ads will be using colorful pictures (Dairy Farm) with product packaging and its information.

Selecting Specific Vehicles:

The media planner must search for the most cost effective, dominant, and frequent vehicles within each chosen media type. The planner has to rely on media measurement service that provide estimate of audience size, composition, and media cost. As CDL Foods Limited is a customer-oriented company, its aim is to serve maximum number of customers. For advertising its products it has chosen advertising vehicles that are cost effective, covering large number of audience. The vehicles, which are chosen by CDL, are:

Electronic Media:
The electronic media will be only Radio and Television. CDL has decided to advertise in FM 100, FM 101, and Radio Pakistan Karachi, Ads will be aired on PTV, PTV World, Geo Television (Cable), and at ARY Gold (Cable).

Print Media:
The print media used will be Newspapers (Front Quarter page), i.e. Jang, The News, Dawn, and Magazines (Quarter page) i.e. Akhbar-e-Jehan, Family magazine, Khwateen Digest, Sunday magazine.

CDL had decided to advertise Nurpur milk on several billboards at various locations covering the whole city.

4. Deciding on Media Timing

CDL Foods Limited has decided to adversities Nurpur on TV thrice a day and t 5 days a week in first three months. The ad will go on air in the prime time broadcasting like Drama hours; it will also be advertised daily in the mid break of KHARBANAMA. Nurpur will also be advertised in the sports matches like Cricket Matches, which has a very large viewer ship.

5. Deciding on Geographical Allocation

The company has to decide how to allocate its advertising budget over space as well as over time. Nurpur will be advertised on a national level on all the national radio and TV channels, national newspapers and magazines.