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Denim messenger bag
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Remington Churchill (emptimynd) (/member /Remington+Churchill+%28emptim

Follow 9 (/member /Remington+Churchill+%28emptimynd%29/) Bio: I'm an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Currently at a CC but hoping to transfer to Texas A&M. I like to create and my mind is bursting with ideas, but more (/member /Remington+Churchill+%28emptimynd%29/) More by Remington Churchill (emptimynd)




(/id/Shoelace-Bracelet(/files/deriv/FD5/MW32/GS047OZW/FD5MW32GS047OZW.LARGE.jpg) (/files/deriv/FLL/QI6A/GS047OZV/FLLQI6AGS047OZV.LARGE.jpg)



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10/17/2013 3:35 PM

Denim messenger bag

Denim messenger bag

This one took a while to make and is still a wip. denim (/tag/type-id/category-living/keyword-denim/) lots of old jeans died for this project alongby with a coupleChurchill of tee shirts for the lining Remington (emptimynd) (/member/Remington+Churchill+%28emptimynd%29/) messenger bag (/tag/type-id/category-living/keywordit has one main compartment, one thin slot for papers etc, and two velcro pockets, the bottom is either messenger bag/) triple Download or double (/id/Denim-messenger-bag/?download=pdf) fabric for durability and i still haven't made a strap. or the side panels. + Collection Favorite
sewing (/tag/type-id/category-living/keyword-sewing/)

i wish i had an actual instructible for this one too

bag (/tag/type-id/category-living/keyword-bag/)


"Royal Mail" Messenger Bag (/id/RoyalMail-Messenger-Bag/) by SelkeyMoonbeam (/member



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(/id/HowAnderson Pooper (/member/Anderson+Pooper/) says: Oct 25, 2012. 5:29 PM Gig 'em.
2 (/member /Anderson+Pooper/) Reply (CK85K5DH8MTN660)

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10/17/2013 3:35 PM