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Never co m p ro m i s e.


2.5 Solid State Drive

S er ial ATA 6Gb/ s

M5S Series

SATA 6Gb/s

The M5S Series SSD continues to delivers the highest quality storage performance in the industry. Continuing with the legacy and award-winning performance of its predecessors, the M5S SSD is consistently faster and reliable. Featuring Plextors True Speed Technology, exclusive firmware, and server-grade controller chip, the M5S SSD is capable to deliver stable data transfer speeds over the long period. In actual every-day computing environment, it is able to achieve and sustain the like-new performance even after intense activity. The M5S SSD is engineered to delivers consistent performance. The M5S SSD clocks in random read/write speeds up to 73,000/70,000 IOPS with sequential read/write speeds up to 520/390 MB/s. Coupled with exclusive firmware and True Speed Technology, the reliable M5S SSD provides sustained high speed performance without slowing down while storing and transferring all types of data. Setting a new standard for SSDs, the M5S SSD is designed with a high random read/write speed and consistent performance when working with non-compressible data such as encoded video, MP3 audio, or JPG images. This makes it ideal for use in audio/video workstations as it can provide fast loading and saving times for large files and make the processing of editing far smoother and easier. Also, the M5Ss long-term sustainable high speed performance gives users the fast storage they need to boot, save, and load almost instantaneously. The M5S SSD goes through the rigorous tests and is of the highest quality. Plextors exacting requirements for quality control mean that all SSDs must meet our high standards and expectation. Each M5S drive is first subjected to a high-temperature burn-in test and then undergoes accelerated real-world simulation testing. This ensures that all drives provide long-term stability and performance. The M5S SSD performance is never compromised. It is offers stability with the constant high performance your PC needs to operate at speed. The M5S is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities.
Made For Real-World Speed
Maximum speed performance during everyday operations - random read speed up to 73,000 IOPS and random write up to 70,000 IOPS. Supports SATA 6Gb/s standard for maximum transfer speeds and compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and SATA 1.5Gb/s. Replaces system hard drive for substantially faster boot, application opening, and shutdown times. Saves time when loading and saving large files, and smooths system operation during autosaves.

Continuous High Performance

Sustained like-new performance which eliminate the sharp drop in performance seen in many SSD devices after periods of real-world use. Exclusive firmware with outstanding Instant Restore feature, advanced Global Wear Leveling and Bad Block Management functions allow the SSD to operate at full potential . Supports SMART prediction and TRIM commands. Performance optimization and garbage collection also operate independently of the operating system

Ideal For Workstations

No loss of speed when working with non-compressible data such as common video, audio, or photo file types. Controller design ensures high stability and performance during multitasking. Massive speed increase in storage performance over hard-drive technology along with reduced power consumption, lower noise, and less heat

True Speed Technology

Exclusive technology designed to prevent drastic drops in read/write speeds that normally occur with SSDs after a prolonged use or when data become heavily fragmented. Designed to maintain high speed performance at a like-new level throughout the life of the SSD.

Never co m p ro m i s e. M5S Series SATA 6Gb/s

Model Capacity Sequential Read (MB/s) Sequential Write (MB/s) Random Read (IOPS 4K) Random Write (IOPS 4K) BUFFER Memory (DDR3) PX-64M5S 64 GB 520 90 61,000 25,000 128MB PX-128M5S 128 GB 520 200 71,000 51,000 256MB PX-256M5S 256 GB 520 390 73,000 70,000 512MB

General Specification
Power Consumption (Typical) Temperature (Operating) Temperature (Non-operating) Shock Vibration (Operating) MTBF Warranty 0.7W (Idle); 2.8W (Active) 32 F to 158 F (0 C to 70 C) -40F to 185 F (-40 C to 85 C) 1,500G/0.5 ms 7~800Hz, 2.17G (RMS) 1.5 million hour 3 year

Operating System Microsoft Windows Family Linux Mac OS UL, CE, BSMI, WHQL, RoHS Supports TRIM, SMART, NCQ, ATA/ATAPI-8 Supported SATA Revision 3.0 compliant, supports SATA 6/3/1.5 Gb/s Supported

Form Factor and Connectors

Form Factor Power Connector Data Connector 2.5-inch 15-pin SATA connector for DC 5V input 7-pin SATA connector

Agency Approval Command Set Data Encryption SATA Interface Firmware Upgrade

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight 69.85 x 100 x 9.5 mm 2.54 oz / 75 g

Package Contents
Drive Literature Plextor Solid State Drive Quick installation guide Users manual and warranty information

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