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1.1 Name of the company DKA 4C SDN. BHD.

1.2 Nature of business DKA 4C SDN. BHD. is a partnership company that focuses on sell product.

1.3 Location of business DKA 4C SDN. BHD. is located at Taman Muhibbah, Merlimau Area. We had chosen this location because it is nearest to housing area, schools and factories that can make profit to our company.

1.4 Date of commencement Our company will commence operations on 18 March 2013

1.5 Factor in selecting the proposed venture We chose this business because it is easy to implement and the beginning for us to gain knowledge of business.

1.6 Future prospects of the business Our future plans for this business is to expand our empire in peninsular Malaysia and we also dream to become a supplier of materials to the dealer to small traders out there.


This business plans is prepared by DKA 4C SDN. BHD. purpose for the funds to members. This business plan is also prepare as a guideline for managing the proposed venture.

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Name of the business Business address Telephone number Fax number E-mail address Form of business Main activity (s)

: DKA 4C : JB6666, Taman Muhibbah Fasa 6, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka : 017- 7382866 : 06-654 3210 : : Partnership Company : Doing small foods business.

Date of commencement : 18 March 2013 Date of registration Registration number Initial (own) capital Name of bank Bank account number : 14 January 2013 : A-141209 : RM 300.00 : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) : 1412091206893070296

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4.0 ORGANISATION / ADMINISTRATION / MANAGEMENT PLAN 4.1 Organisations, mission, vision and objectives. Table 6.1 shows the logo used by DKA 4C SDN. BHD.



To become a reputable and succesfull business service provider. To maximize profit


Our company,s long term goals are to maximize profits. This is impotant to ensure taht we are succesful. Our company,s objectives are : 1) To achieve consistency in our companys cash flow. This is important to ensure taht we have ggo cash fow and a smooth running business. 2) To give the best business services to customers It can ensure that the demands and expectations of customers are met.


3) To offer reasonable prices to customers Price is very important for customers. The price and quality of service must be parallel with each other. 4) To achieve profits targets. This cah help enhance our financial position. 5) To ensure the order is completed on time. Our company wants to ensure that the customers orders are completed on time.

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Organizational chart / structure

DKA 4C SDN. BHD. Used an organizational structure based on functions in the organization. The firm is divided into marketing, finance and administration, and technical and customer service division. This structure suits DKA 4C SDN. BHD. As the organization emphasezes functional specialities to perform tasks. The organizational structure will cover all aspects of the management as a business entity.







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Man Power Planning

DKA 4C BEREHAT Sdn. Bhd has one seven partners and they manage, contract and execute the operations of the business as shown in Table 6.3. DKA 4C BEREHAT Sdn. Bhd. Has one general manager, one finance manager, one assitant finance manager, one operations manager, two supervisor and one secretary.




General Manager

Finance Manager

Assitant Finance Manager

Operations Manager


Secretary TOTAL

1 7

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Scheduled of task and responsibility

Each manager has his responsibility to execute the operations of the business. It is very important for every manager to know his tasks and responsibilities in the company as it will guide him in accomplishing his job. Table below describes the task and responsibilities of every position. The following functions and responsibilities have been identified and will be delegated to the respective individual to ensure the smooth operation of the business.

Task / Position General Manager

Responsibilities / Job Description To plan, implement, and control the overall management of the business To plan and monitor the strategic progress of the business To be accountable for the overall performance of the business. To type letters, write reports and minutes of the meetings, and perform general administrative tasks.


Operation Manager Financial Manager

To be responsible for production , inventory, and quality control. To plan and oversee the accounting functions and financial resources

Supervisor Worker

To calculate the budget of the company To make forecasts and accounts for the company To give order to worker To be responsible for stock control To making the order by customer To sell the product / food

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4.5 Remuneration plan

For our company, we have chosen the EPF scheme to be given to all employees. EPF is compulsory savings for employees so that they will have money to support themselves once their retire. As a general guideline, employers are required to contribute at least 12% of an employees basic salary. Dka 4C Berehat Sdn. Bhd. Also provides Social Security Organization (SOCSO) contributions to ensure that employees receive compensation in situations of work-related accidents or illnesses. Table below shows illustrates the remuneration plan for each employee in Dka 4C Berehat Sdn. Bhd.


Number of Remuneration EPF SOCSO Total (RM) employees per week/ week contribution (2%) (RM) salary (12%) (RM) (RM) 1 3 2 4 1 22 33 RM 20 RM 45 RM 30 RM 60 RM 15 RM 220 RM 390 RM 2.40 RM 5.40 RM 3.60 RM 7.20 RM 1.80 RM 26.40 RM 46.80 RM 0.40 RM 0.90 RM 0.60 RM 1.20 RM 0.30 RM 4.40 RM 7.80 RM 22.80 RM 51.30 RM 34.20 RM 68.40 RM 17.10 RM 250.80 RM 444.60

General manager Financial manager Operational Manager Supervisor Secretary Worker TOTAL

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List Of Office Equipment And Supplie

DKA 4C Brehattt Sdn. Bhd. has bought a few things in order to smooth all the tasks nicely and the things as listed in the table below. We bought a few things. These things are very important to make all of the duty as well. On the other hands, this list of equipment were bought to gain back the modal that company used and may attract more company to visit and feel comfort with our company.






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5.0 5.1

MARKETING PLAN/ANALYSIS Description of products or services DKA 4C SDN.BHD. is a supplier of food for construction and building industry. We supply various kinds of food that are manufactured by domestic firms as well as those that are imported from foreign countries.We act the intermediary between the factory, either located locally or internationally,and customers. We supply quality food and are concerned with customers satisfaction. Our business was developed to fulfil the demands of the food industry. We include delivery services for our customers convenience. We conducted a research on this proposed venture for five months prior to business commencement. We guarantee that our food are of good quality. If our products have failed to satisfy and fulfil our customers needs,we guarantee a full refund of the value of purchase or a replacement of the same value.


Target Market DKA 4C SDN.BHD is a new company that is situated in rented house area which is also near to Politeknik Merlimau.The main nature of this company is to supply food to our customers.From a survey that was conducted at Taman Muhibbah, Merlimau Utara, DKA 4C SDN.BHD has identified its target market : polytechnics students or peoples at Merlimau will have a good product from DKA4C SDN.BHD. Based on the survey results,we believe that DKA 4C SDN.BHD. will be able to stabilize itself by focusing on this target market.


Market size There are two major market segments within this target area.The first segment consists of polytechnics student around Merlimau,Melaka and the second segment is the peoples at Merlimau,Melaka. The first segment consists of 4,000 to 8,000 students that like to buy our foods. The second segment is about 3,000 to 9,000 peoples at Merlimau usually buy our foods. A survey shows that the first segment makes purchases of about RM 500.00 per month and the second group spends about RM1,000 per month. We estimated the potential sales for a week as RM 100.00(RM20.00X5 days). All the data was obtained using three methods. Firstly, we made an observation of the market size of the business. Secondly, We interviewed a person in charge and a receptionist at the Registration Department and the Statistics Department to get further information. Lastly, we used questionnaires to get some information in order to build our marketing plan.

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Competitors (strengths and weaknesses) Being the sixth company to involve in supplying foods in Merlimau, Melaka, ka DKA 4C Sdn.Bhd has to compete with several existing competitors. Table BP 1.7 shows the strengths and weaknesses among the competitors. Table BP 1.7 Competitors strengths and weaknesses Competitors DKA4A DKA4B Strength Fully managed by experts Located at an Merlimau Utara, Melaka. Has a good experience. Large sales of foods every month. The company is far from the Merlimau that located at Muar. Weaknesses The workers not so many.


Experienced workers perform an excellent job in sales the food.

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Marketing strategy The marketing strategy of DKA4C Sdn.Bhd. is summarized in Table BP 1.10 Table BP 1.10 Marketing strategy Criteria Description As marketing company, we supply foods that are produced by several local marketing. The brand that we sell includes sandwiches, ice cream, and muruku. All these foods are from the best product in our country. DKA4C SDN.BHD. provides good quality food to our customers. The quality is observed in terms of: 1. Design 2. Packaging 3. Protection 4. Ease of Use 5. Product Differentiation 6. Attractiveness 7. Product Safety Labeling All foods labeled and provide information on the manufacturer, size, and usage instructions. In order to maintain the smooth running on DKA4C SDN BHD the management of fist after sales services whereby the customer will be a given a short questionnaire in order to know the weaknesses that need to be improved in the future We also provide delivery services for customers who need to transport their purchases to specific locations.

Product Strategy



After Sale Services

Delivery services

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Pricing Strategy

Competition-based pricing

DKA4C SDN BHD uses competition-based pricing as its pricing strategy. We have competitors in Merlimau that sell the same products for a higher price to get more profit per unit. However, we at DKA4C SDN BHD place greater importance on customer satisfaction for repeat business. We have reduced the price per unit of our products and are still able to get reasonable profit from our sales. Our competitive price will ensure customers continue buying from us in the future and also attract new customers. DKA4C SDN.BHD uses the fourth channel as our distribution strategy. As a trading company, we will get goods from the wholesaler and sell them to our customers. The wholesalers buys in large quantities from several manufacturers. Manufacturer WholesalerRetailerConsumer

Distribution Fourth channel Strategy

Promotion Strategy


As for our promotion strategy.DKA4C SDN.BHD uses the advertising method as the first step in promoting our business. There will be printed advertisements in brochures, magazines, and newspapers soon. We have also visited the developers offices to attract them to our firm. A special discount will be given for purchases of large quantities. A marketing executive will be appointed to carry out our promotion strategy extensively.

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6.0 6.1


To date, we have completed our market research and a lease has been secured at the selected location at Taman Muhibbah, Merlimau Melaka. The next steps in the operational process are as follows: 8.1.1 Sign Office /Building Lease Within 30 Day 8.1.2 Sign Material And Equipment 8.1.3 Accept Delivery Of Equipment 8.1.4 Receive Equipment Training And Set Up 8.1.5 Open Business 8.1.6 Launch Advertising And Promotion Pelan


Process flow chart

Figure below shows a flow chart that summarizes the operational process described in section 6.1 Process Flow Chart For Buy the material top make a sandwich and muruku. Divide the tasks into two parts, making sandwiches and muruku Lavender finished making sandwiches and muruku, food will be sold to customers

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Production Schedule / Capacity Planning

The table below shows the production schedule or capacity planning for DKA 4C SDN. BHD. Based on monthly production.


Time of Production

Quantity of Production 100 Ice cream 50- Sandwich 20 muruku

Good per Day 170 pieces

Daily Production


Material requirement

We calculated our material requirement based on our sales per day. Our daily sale is approximately 170 pieces per day. Hence, the total cost of the material per week is about 510 pieces. MATERIAL REQUIREMENT No. Item Quantity Required Safety Stock Price per unit (RM) Supplier Total Amount (RM) 1 Ice Cream 380 RM 0.20 DKA 4C SDN.BHD. 2 Sandwich 150 RM 1.20 DKA 4C SDN.BHD. 3 Muruku 50 RM 1.20 DKA 4C SDN.BHD. TOTAL RM 316.00 RM 60.00 RM 180.00 RM 76.00

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7.0 7.1

FINANCIAL PLAN / STRATEGY / ANALYSIS Project Implementation Cost

DKA 4C SDN. BHD. fixed assets include equipment and furniture and fittings which cost a total RM 10.00. The companys working capital for administration, marketing and operation cost is RM 39.00. therefore, our total project implementation cost amounts to RM 66.00 as shown in table below. We have also added a contigency cost (10 percent) to manage any variances that might be occur between the actual expenditure from the budgeted expenditure. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION COST Requirements RM Fixed Assets Furniture SUBTOTAL Working Capital Administration SUBTOTAL Marketing Promotional cost SUBTOTAL Operations Overhead cost SUBTOTAL Deposits Utilities (telephone,water,electricity) SUBTOTAL TOTAL Contigencies (10%) GRAND TOTAL

Cost RM

10.00 10.00

15.00 15.00

15.00 15.00

9.00 9.00

11.00 11.00 60.00 6.00 66.00

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Sources Of Finance

The breakdown of financing sources is as shown in table below. Total financing sources required will be obtained from our own capital amounting RM 300.00. DKA 4C SDN. BHD. SCHEDULE OF FINANCIAL SOURCES AS AT YEAR 2013 Sources Amount (RM) A. Equity / Own Contributions Cash Assets (land and building) B. External Sources C. Others TOTAL


0.00 0.00 300.00

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Pro Forma Income Statement

Table below shows the pro forma income statement of DKA 4C SDN. BHD. DKA 4C SDN. BHD. PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT FOR THE DAY END 22 MARCH 2013 RM Sales Less : Cost of Sales (Good Sold) Opening Stock Purchases Goods Available For Sale Less : Closing Stock RM 300.00

150.00 150.00 5.00 (145.00)

Gross Profit Less Expenditure / Operating Expenses Administrative Expenditure Furniture & Fitting Marketing Expenditure Promotion Banner Poster Operational Expenditure Utilities (petrol/telephone/electricity/water) Financial Expenditure Depreciation of fixed assets Other Expenditure Total Expenditure / Operating Expenses Net Profit / Loss Before Tax Tax Net Profit After Tax Accumulate Net Profit / Loss

155.00 15.00




6.00 55.00 (+100.00)

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Pro Forma Balance Sheet Statement (1)

Table below shows the pro forma balance sheet statement of DKA 4C SDN. BHD. for the day end 22 March 2013. DKA 4C SDN. BHD. PRO FORMA FORMA BALANCE SHEET FOR THE DAY END 22 MARCH 2013 RM ASSETS Fixed Assets (Non-current Asset) Furniture & Fixtures


15.00 15.00

Current Assets Stock and finished goods Cash balance

5.00 169.00 174.00

Other Assets Deposit

11.00 11.00

TOTAL ASSETS EQUITY & LIABILITIES Owners Equity Capital Accumulate Profit


300.00 (100.00) 200.00

Long Term Liabilities Current Liabilities TOTAL EQUITY & LIABILITIES

0.00 0.00 200.00

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Pro Forma Balance Sheet Statement (2)

The pro forma balance sheet statement in table below is prepared to show the position of companys assets, liabilities and owners equity as at end of financial day. DKA 4C SDN. BHD. PRO FORMA FORMA BALANCE SHEET FOR THE DAY END 22 MARCH 2013 RM EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Owners Equity 15.00 Capital Accumulate Profit Long Term Liabilities 5.00 169.00 Current Liabilities 11.00 200.00 TOTAL EQUITY & LIABILITIES 200.00

ASSETS Fixed Assets Furniture & Fixtures

RM 300.00 (100.00)

Current Assets Stock and finished goods Cash balance Other Assets Deposit TOTAL ASSETS

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As the conclusion DKA 4C Sdn. Bhd. is a company can hence ensuring more sales throughout the state .This company can work side by side with other companies in the industry as well. Furthermore, DKA 4C Sdn. Bhd. has increased its effort in cooperation employees in sales .This approach is important to capture the local market.

In addition, our aim is to build up more sales around Merlimau area and more widely around Melaka .DKA 4C Sdn. Bhd will continuously strive and cooperate closely with various government agencies to be a much successful company. We hope that our business will be wild known among the state not only in Malacca but also around the country. We learn that you should work from the lowest place to get to the highest state. There is nothing can stop you to achieve what you want un least you are the one that stop it.

The business will continuously implement the business strategies, especially on the marketing aspects to ensure that the business is well known to the customers and we hope to build a loyal customer in future .We hope this application of financing will be given due consideration from Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad for us to start our business more bigger.

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