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Marketing Management (MKT 3336) Assignment on

Selling the Wheel

(Marketing Strategy) Submitted to: Sarkar Rafiz A med Ratan Assistant !rofessor

Submitted by: Alif Al Md" Salauddin I#: $$$ %6$ %%6 #e&t: ''A

#ate of Submission: A&ril ()* (%%+





Strategy_______________________________________________ It is a story where inventor who invented wheel and how they promote that successfully. Creator MAX was the originator of the wheel. At the time of invention the wheel he

found so many pro lems! sweaty workers very slowly cutting Identifying the pro lems! pyramid can

ig heavy stones with y using new

hammers and chisels and then dragging the huge stones in a place was seen y him. e accomplished "uicker technology. When he thought a out it! he made a solution that was the Wheel. It could makes mankind life rela#ed $ faster. They made the Wheel only for sell. MAX $ MINNIE wanted to sell it for achieving money. It was ig pro lem that no ody didn%t know who their customers were. They tried to find out to their customer they roll that Wheel near to their neigh ors near relatives. It was an act of promotion of Wheel. &ut it was not effective to attract their neigh ors as a customer. &ecause they didn%t know nothing a out marketing. Then he went to go to Oracle for some suggestion for their progress. The Oracle suggest for find out some Bedrock Questions answer. Those are. Who are our customer' (ow their manner of life' Who are our competitors' What is Customers point of view' Why do customers want what we are selling' What would make them prefer to uy from us' Why might they prefer to uy from our competitors' What an added value does prefer our salesperson have to offer to make sales'

Then they try to find out all off this "uestion. They segmented the market such as farmer class! caravan class ut their pricing was not very well. &ecause customer thought it is charging more than its works. )or starting the usiness they made finance and also appointed salesperson made a store that%s name was Maxs Wheel. In that store they gave some incentives to the customer like

*+ day refund ,ne hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. -uarantee of product "uality

&ut it failed ecause customer didn%t know that how could they really use that wheel for etter purpose. Also salesperson didn%t have any distinct awareness a out the capa ility of Wheel. )alling in recession they were very frustrated. To return ack their position they went to Cassius for strategy to sell the while and they thought that only Cassius could help them. So they made a deal on the asis of .+/.+ percent. &ecause wheel is for future product and closer sell opportunities for etter future. Cassius made new promotion viewing the feature of the W(001 and the opportunities of the W(001. &y this CASSI2S was a le to sell twenty sets of two wheel to the customer. Identify the customer and screening out the customer ehavior Cassius identified them who will not purchase the Wheel. (e select those customer! those are Wealthy 3isk Takers 0go want to e different Is in the level of esteem need )uture predictor Attitude of making them uni"ue A strategy was made y him including a promotion for the Wheel here everyone uy ticket to see the magic of the Wheel. )or this he made an inspiring advertisement And day to day the demand of the customer was increasing. They made a contract to use this wheel for pyramid pro4ect. &ut they fall in real trou le. &ecause the engineers of pyramid didn%t know how to read engineering drawing. So they hired a wi5ard who can make understand how to the customer to run the wheel. And they also give them maintenance service to the

customer! for they hire employee and trained those employee. Continuously it was little it difficult ut possi le to improve the "uality of the wheel on the asis of customer opinion. When the pyramid pro4ect was end of the period! they are trying to find out new customer. )or this they follow Nine Steps Of Selling.

Marketing Communications Continuously idea generating Generating Leads Qualifying Prospects Customers point of vie !ide spread mar"eting Sales Presentation #esolving $%&ection Closing t'e (ale Prospect price Promotion (ee"ing ne mar"et


E)ecution * (ervice +uilding #elations'ip Ma"e customer net or" #epeat +usiness #esearc' and development (earc'ing creativity An opportunity to make wagon with -oliath Sledge%s Corporation was gotten y them. They will use their wheel for their wagon. )or this they make a presentation. Where they found some pro lems at the same time they started to find those solution. And they also figure out a competitor who invented Wheelbarrow. When they go for production of wagon! they first take a pilot pro4ect for that. They make a prototype wagon and find out the strength of that wagon. Then they go to field test for find out the pro lem for solution. &ut they failed to make deal with oliath Sledges Corporation. They made advanced wheel when they fall in competitions. They made a woody Spoked Wheel! They added more features in that wheel try to attract the customer $ capture the whole market.

Atlas Wheel Company gave them an opportunity to supply wheel. And there wheels demand goes up day y day. &ecause they hired &en &uilder for make usiness to usiness sales. )or charging fewer prices the competitors hired cheap la or from china. Changing their price is strategy to make competition with others. They started to give customer services for wheels to remove the information lacking. They also make ac"uisition the "#u#s Wheel! In the history they created a new era.