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July 2003

Electric Eye
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Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

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MVEC's "Cooperative Connections" Airs on KCHK Radio

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) and KCHK radio station in the New Prague area have teamed up to bring you MVEC's Cooperative Connections Program.

Cooperative Connections is a five-minute radio show airing every Tuesday and Thursday at approximately 4:20 p.m. on KCHK 1350 AM.
This energy education show is meant to educate listeners of KCHK on products and services offered at MVEC. It also teaches listeners about the concept of electricity in general and how electricity makes its way into your home. Other topics discussed are electrical safety tips, electric rates both standard and Off-Peak, heating, air conditioning and other money saving programs from MVEC.

Tom Goetzinger of KCHK and Tom Kovalak, MVEC Vice President of Marketing and Sales, record a Cooperative Connections show.

MVEC is your reliable power supplier serving members in nine counties in Minnesota. These counties are Blue Earth, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Le Sueur, Rice, Scott, Sibley and Waseca. MVEC is dedicated to educating the listeners of KCHK and the members of MVEC about our various products and services. This is a great opportunity for MVEC to partner with one of our members, KCHK. said Tom Kovalak, MVEC VP of Marketing and Sales. A wealth of information will be discussed in the upcoming weeks so tune into KCHK 1350 AM. Visit for a current Cooperative Connections schedule of topics.

Whats Inside This Issue ...

$5 DQ Gift Certificate Offer

Community Spirit

Socket To Me! Program

MVECs Growing Demand


Touchstone Energy Reaches 5 Year Mark

This year marks Touchstone Energys fifth anniversary. Touchstone Energy has reached an all-time record membership of 614 cooperatives and that number is expected to grow even higher. The original promise made in 1998 is being delivered on every day as Touchstone Energy cooperatives continue to educate America, and especially their members, about why co-ops are an enduring value.

Minnesota Valley Electric is proud to be your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

The Cooperative Difference

I work at your local electric cooperative. And Im part of your community. So I know how much our members depend on Minnesota Valley Electric for reliable, cost-effective electricity and other services that enhance their lives. Every employee at Minnesota Valley Electric works hard for you, every day, so all our members feel like they own the business. Because in an electric co-op, they do. Touchstone Energy cooperatives: the power of human connections

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative


952.492.2313 800-282-6832

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Attention: MVEC E-Bill Participants

Make Your Life Even Easier by Joining Automated Billing Payment
MVEC is always looking for ways to make your life easier. Youve already taken the first step by being a member of our online payment service - E-Bill. Now how would you like to have your electric bill deducted from your checking or savings account every month? Automated Billing Payment allows you to do this, not to mention what a time saver it is for you! How? No need to worry about..... Writing a check every month for your electric bill Late Payments - bills are paid on time, every month This is a great opportunity for you to add some more time to your hour glass every month. Sign up for this convenient program today and receive a $5.00 gift certificate to Dairy Queen. All you have to do is complete the backside of this form and mail it back to MVEC. Sign up today and receive a $5.00 gift certificate to Dairy Queen Turn this page over to complete the Automated Billing Payment form, cut along the dotted line and mail back to MVEC. This special promotion is for new sign ups only. Member must already be on MVECs online payment service - E-Bill. Enrollment requirement is 1 year. The $5.00 gift certificate will be mailed to you within 30 days of receipt of this form.

Energy Update
California Senate Passes New Energy Regulations

The Legislature took a tentative step toward re-regulating the state energy market recently, as the California Senate narrowly approved a measure aimed at ending the state's seven-year deregulated energy experiment. While the last-minute amendment declared the bill was "for display purposes only," the bill's author made clear his wish to end deregulation this year. "If we don't do something this year, we could be facing energy shortages as early as 2004," said Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Santa Ana. In essence, Dunn's bill would reverse much of the 1996 law that ushered in deregulation.
Source: The Sacramento Bee

Promotion deadline is August 15, 2003.

A u t o m a t e d B i l l i n g P a y m e n t O f f e r s Yo u : Free Ser vice No Ser vice Charges No Hassles No Hidden Costs

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Community Spirit H e l p s B u i l d N e w P l a y g ro u n d
Automated Billing Payment Sign Up
Hands of all sizes helped to build a new playground in the Waconia community the Richie Wagener Community Playground located west of Bayview Elementary parking lot. Many volunteers donated their time and talent to help build the new playground during the week of May 14-18, 2003. MVEC volunteered time and equipment by digging over 200 holes for the playground structure. It was a great community get-together allowing the young and the young at heart to build a stunning playground, perhaps because it is constructed of a rare intangible - community spirit. Minnesota Valley Electric Trust/Operation Round Up also provided a $500 grant to be used toward the playground project.
OR Savings Account Number:_____________________________ Your Name: _____________________________________________________ Your Address: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Signature:____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Bank Routing Number between these symbols [:]: on the bottom left of your check. Checking Account Number: ______________________________ _____________________________________________________ Address of Financial Institution: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip I authorize MVEC and the bank named below to initiate variable entries to my checking/savings account. This authority will remain in effect until I notify you or the bank in writing to cancel it in such time as to afford the bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it. I can stop payment of any entry by notifying you or my bank three days before my account is charged. I can have the amount of an erroneous charge immediately credited to my account up to 15 days following issuance of my bank statement or 46 days after posting, which ever occurs first. Once you have signed up for Automated Billing Payment your electric bill will contain the following message: DO NOT MAIL PAYMENT. The draft amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the draft date shown. Name of Financial Institution:

Date: __________________ MVEC employees L to R: Marvin Denzer, Jim Schwalbe, Bret Kitner and community volunteer MVEC Account Number: ________________________________ Daytime Phone:( Evening Phone:( )_________________________________ ) _________________________________

REMINDER: Attach a blank check or savings deposit slip marked "voided" when returning this form. Please mail to: MVEC, 125 Minnesota Valley Electric Drive,

Promotion Special $5.00 Dairy Queen Gift Certificate

Richie Wagener Community Playground completed

Promotion ends August 15, 2003

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Socket To Me!
Save up to 56% yearly
on heating, cooling & water heating costs!

Do you want to see some real savings with your yearly heating, cooling and water heating costs? MVEC has a
great Dual Meter Socket program to offer you. How To Participate This particular program is available for members who have a home that was built in 1991 or after. These homes all have a dual meter socket on the house. Why? The Dual Meter Socket Program was initiated so our members could conveniently enjoy MVECs Off-Peak Money Saving Programs. If your home was built before 1991 you may still participate in this program by having a single meter installed. Products That Save Money On The Dual Meter Socket Program Air Conditioners Electric Space Heating Electric Water Heaters Heat Pumps River Valley Electric, a subsidiary company of MVEC, will install the second Off-Peak meter for you. (See ad below). How You Save Money MVEC wants to help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. All you have to do is let us know what Off-Peak Money Saving Program you would like to participate in. We take care of everything for you and you enjoy the savings. A radio receiver control switch allows MVEC to turn off your AC compressor, electric water heater or electric heat during periods of peak energy sales. These instances are occasional and the duration is such that you will normally not even realize it has occurred. During this time MVEC saves money on wholesale power costs, then passes these savings to you.
Seasonal Cost Comparison for Air Conditioning
(comparison using 1200/kWh of AC used/season*)



7.4/kWh rate $88.00 Standard 7.4/kWh rate minus AC credit $65.50

Best Money Saving Option!


4.7/kWh rate $56.00


MVEC Standard Electric Rate MVEC PeakShave AC Credit $22.50 MVEC Off-Peak A/C & water heating Rate

*Season relates to the months of June, July & August

Start saving today. Call MVECs Customer Service Department at 952.492.2313 or 800.282.6832 for more details or visit for details on all of MVECs Money Saving Programs.

Added Bonus 10% OFF!

Offer expires 9/30/03

Sign up today for MVECs Dual Meter Socket Program and receive a 10% discount on your installation of the Off-Peak meter. Installation will be completed by River Valley Electric licensed, bonded and insured electricians. River Valley Electric, will provide you with dependable: Prompt Efficient Service Quality Workmanship Excellent Customer Service
Set up your appointment today!

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative


after 5 p.m. call 952.942.5469

River Valley Electric is a wholly owned subsidiary of MVEC

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ACCOUNTABILITY MVEC Keeps Pace with Growing Demand for Electricity

Signs of new construction are everywhere in the south metro area. Whether it's commercial development or new residential neighborhoods springing up, MVEC is there, providing reliable power to all our members in our expanding service area. To keep up with the growing demand of electricity and to ensure our members have power when they need it, MVEC continues to make improvements to our distribution system. Today MVEC maintains 1,976 miles of overhead line and 1,200 miles of underground line. Line rebuilds due to age of hardware, road construction projects and increasing energy demand are constant for MVEC line crews. In fact,

90% of the time when lines are rebuilt they are increased in size to accommodate this increased demand for electricity. Because the life expectancy of overhead lines and underground lines is approximately 50-60 years, system planning and maintenance is neverending. MVEC line crews work hard inspecting the lines for broken or loose hardware and replace as needed to deliver the reliable power our members expect from MVEC. In addition to annual line inspections, a portion of poles are also inspected each year. MVEC owns approximately 30,000 poles (about 20 poles per mile) to date, with that number climbing. Nearly 3,000 poles are inspected each year making it an 11-12 year cycle. The majority of the poles inspected are treated and left in place but a small percent are replaced. MVECs commitment to providing reliable power at a competitive price is as strong today as it was when the first pole was set in 1937. As we plan and look ahead to the future, our members can be confident they will have electricity to power their homes and businesses for years to come.

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