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Laser Distance Meter Light Meter Data Logging Multimeter Cable Splitter Current Clamp Accessory Thermal Imager Ultrasonic Leak Detector Airflow Meter AirMeter 3-Phase Power Logger IR Thermometer Clamp Meter Gas Leak Detector Pressure Transducer Mini IR Thermometer Thermal Imager Temperature Humidity Probe Computer with Energy Answers Software

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How would you know if you had a $1,000,000 opportunity in your facility?
Even lean organizations are finding they can reduce waste and energy expenditures by up to 30 % with an energy audit program. In just one audit each using Fluke kits, three companies identified over $2,700,000 in savings. A Fluke energy program gives actionable answers that will help you save money now, and in the future. Learn how you can quickly reduce fixed costs, continue innovating and stay competitive.

A program of Fluke Corporation.

Fluke. Energy Answers.

Designed to help companies like yours manage
We have designed a multi-step program to identify, change and sustain savings by correcting energy issues you might not even know you have. Why you need to do an energy audit. Companies utilizing our tools and waste-finding process have been able to save 30 % of their annual operating expenses. Can you afford not to save? Go to for more case studies showing exactly how much other companies saved and how.

Here is how the energy audit works:
The Fluke Energy Answers program guides you through all of the steps needed for a successful energy audit and sustainable results.

Step 1
Commit to energy savings Assess current energy performance Prepare for an energy audit

Step 2
Conduct an energy audit Quantify savings potential Create action plan and implement improvements

Step 3
Sustain and continuously monitor improvements Verify savings

energy costs.

Program support elements:

Webinars: Support materials:

• • • •

Why you should do an energy audit Energy audit pre-work Conducting an energy audit How to sustain your results

• •

Quick start guides Step by step instructions

Application notes and case studies

See results of other company audits

Learn tips and tricks, and extended tool capabilities


• • • •

Pre-work templates Audit checklists Audit guides Metrics

• • •

FlukeView® forms Fluke SmartView® Fluke PowerLog

Test and measurement

Suite of tools to conduct an energy audit in any of the broad range of facilities in a corporation

All of the tools you need to quantify savings.

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