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Sports Whirlpools


S Series
85 Gallon
Stationary Whirlpool
with Legs

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Whitehall S-85-SL Stationary Whirlpool with water are stainless steel, chrome plated brass or
Legs is recommended for treatment and prevention bronze.
of sports injuries allowing coverage of the extremi- Thermometer is provided with a dual scale, adjust-
ties, hips and back area. Professional, college and able calibration, and a stem inserts into a retainer
high school athletic trainers find the larger design to prevent rattle during whirlpool agitation.
most suitable when treating today’s athletes.
Tank Capacity is 85 gallons.
Provide Whitehall Stationary Whirlpool (specify
Whirlpool Tank is 48”L x 20”W x 25”D and is model number and options) with a 85-gallon
seamless welded construction, fabricated from heavy capacity, 48”L x 20”W x 25”D. Whirlpool shall be
gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304 stainless
finish. Tank rim is reinforced with a concealed stain- steel. Construction shall be seamless welded and
less steel rod. Tank is fitted with an auxiliary drain exposed surfaces shall be polished to satin finish.
valve. Tank bottom is a seamless, rounded covered Tank shall have a reinforced rim and shall be fitted
design to minimize bacteria buildup. Whirlpool is with an auxiliary drain valve. Bottom of tank shall
fitted with adjustable stainless steel legs and gravity be a seamless, rounded coved design to minimize
drain valve. bacteria build up. Provide a turbine assembly with
Turbine Raising and Lowering Device permits raising and lowering device which functions both as
adjustment of desired height and direction of agitator and emptying device, permits adjustment
water agitation towards the area of the body to be of desired height, direction of water agitation, and
treated. It is spring balanced and provided with a can be locked into place. Turbine assembly shall
locking device. be UL listed 1/2 HP jet pump motor with auto-
Turbine Assembly functions both as agitator and matic thermal overload protector, and lifetime-
emptying device. It is equipped with Underwriters sealed bearings. Provide a thermometer with a
Laboratory listed 1/2 HP jet pump motor pro- stem retainer to prevent rattle when whirlpool is in
tected with an ABS plastic shell, and auto- operation.
matic thermal overload protector, and
lifetime-sealed bearings. All parts contacting the

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Last Update: 2/14/08

Sports Whirlpools
Series m -GFI Ground Fault Interrupter
m -S Sports Series m -MXT1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (15 G.P.M.)
Capacity m -MXT2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve (25 G.P.M.)
m -85 Gallons m -MXWH Washout Hose Attachment for MXT Valves
m -PCS Pump Cover Strainer
Type m -PHS2 Patient Handling System (Chair Type)
m -SL Stationary Whirlpool with Legs m -RHG Rubber Hand Grips
Suffix Options (See Whirlpool Option Section for Details) m -SDP Separate Drain Pump
m -ADH Auxiliary Drain Hose Assembly m -TTS1 Tank Top Seat
m -AHC1 Adjustable High Chair with Casters Note: Separate Drain and Overflow Assembly (-SDO)
m -AHC2 Adjustable High Chair with Rubber Tips is not available with Model S-85-SL.
m -ARS Arm Rest Support Turbine Assembly
m -AS1 Adjustable Suspension Seat Electrical on standard turbine supplied is 115 V 60 Hz
m -CTS1 Combination Table with Side Seats if 220 V is required please specify:
m -EG Enviro Glaze Color Powder Coating - m 50 Hz m 60 Hz
Specify Color:________________________
(Special Finish Consult Factory)

Note: Electrical requirements are 8 Amps / 115 Volts/ 60Hz/ 3 Pole GFI Receptacle.

All dimension figures

in parentheses are
in millimeters.

All dimensions are nominal and subject to manufac- SELECTION SUMMARY & APPROVAL FOR MANUFACTURING

turer’s change without notice. Whitehall assumes no
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Last Update: 2/14/08