Dear Potential Sponsor: Midland 4-H Shooting Sports is seeking sponsors to partner with our club as we begin to prepare for our upcoming season. Midland 4-H Shooting Sports is an organization dedicated to teaching safety, concentration, self-discipline and confidence along with leadership, responsible decisionmaking and respect for others through competition. Our members range in age from 9 to 18 years and are given opportunities from February through August to grow in their proficiency and knowledge of shotgun sports. Practice takes place weekly at Midland Shooters Association in preparation for competitions throughout Texas on weekends. Greater than just providing opportunities for our young people to develop important character traits and grow in their proficiency, Midland 4-H helps establish an appreciation for competition. Shooting sports are a life-long activity. There are few sports that allow for a lifetime of accomplishment with most shooters giving back through their time and resources as they enter their adult years. In the efforts of building a stronger team to represent Midland County, we are asking for your help. As you can imagine, shooting sports are quite costly, and our needs are great. As the price of firearms and ammunition increases along with the costs associated with traveling to compete, it is becoming increasingly challenging to extend our support to a growing membership. Our club has a deep desire to continue to build on our progress, but we can not succeed without you. Not only do our kids strive to proudly represent Midland, they also desire to increase our membership and reach more young people in our community who are unaware of the opportunities for personal development available through 4-H shooting sports. There are two primary ways you can help support us: through your time and through your resources. If you have a life-long love of shooting sports, please consider giving of your time and talents to coach and share your wealth of experience with a group of kids hungry to grow in their knowledge and proficiency in shooting sports. If you yourself are a shooter, please join us for our annual fund-raiser shoot, auction and raffle at Windwalker on April 4th, 2014. Sponsorship and registration information will be attached for your future planning. We would also be greatly appreciative of your in-kind donation. Any amount helps, and your contributions are completely tax-deductable. Thank you for considering supporting a very special group of young people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ronny Crawford, Sponsorship Chairman, at : (432) 288-4101 or email our club at: midland4h@gmail.com. Sincerely,
3700 Bluebird Lane Midland, TX 79707
Phone: 432 352 4669 E-mail: midland4h@gmail.com Blog: midland4h.blogspot.com

Riordan Hartzoge, Club President

Trey Thompson, Club Vice-President

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