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1233 - 2014

January 2014, Volume 7 - N. 1

The Union of Superiors General (USG) held its 82nd General Assembly in Salesianum, Rome from 27th to 29th November. The story of three experiences provided the basis for reflections and encounters of the various linguistic groups. Brother Janson Hervé of the Little Brothers of Jesus spoke of “the light that helps me be at the service of my brothers and how Pope Francis strengthens my hope”. Brother Mauro Jöhri, Capuchin, explained “how Pope Francis is an inspiration to me and a challenge for the office I hold within my Order”. Finally, Father Hainz Kulüke, of the Society of the Divine Word, spoke about “leadership within a religious missionary congregation against the background of an international and inter-cultural context following the example given by Pope Francis”. The Holy Father chose to meet with the Superiors for three hours, rather than the short encounter normally foreseen: no address was prepared in advance, but instead a long, informal and fraternal discussion took place, composed of questions and answers. Various aspects and problems of the religious life were tackled. The Pope often interspersed his speech with personal stories taken from his pastoral experience.
 The first set of questions related to the identity and mission of consecrated life asking clarifications to the invitation of going to the peripheries.  The second set of questions related to the situation of vocations and training of the candidates in relation to his\her cultural and personal identity.  There was a discussion on the vocation to brotherhood.  Another set of questions addressed community life  Some questions tackled the mutual relationship between the Religious and the local Churches in which they work.  The final questions regarded the frontiers of the mission of consecrated persons.

Prior General Fra Gottfried M. Wolff OSM is meeting His Holiness Pope Francis during 82nd USG General Assembly held in “Synodal Hall” at Vatican NEWNESS New Year, New Six year term, New General, New General Council, New Secretariat Members, almost everything seems to be NEW with this first issue of COSMO on line. Let the newness help us to grow in our Servite Fraternity and in our Servite Vocation. This newness is also visible in the COSMO on line. Sure, even the delayed issue is a novelty, but, it is an exception. Please bear with us. We are new to this service. We will try our best to be punctual in the future. Hereafter COSMO on line will carry the General Council’s Communications, which is a new aspect in our news bulletin. As usual, all other news could be published in our COSMO on line. I would like to request all the Priors, Vicars, Delegate Provincials, all the members of the Servite Family and their respective secretaries, to communicate certain news to the Centre of Communications through mail ( Monthly COSMO on line will carry the news of the preceding month. May this new era of modern electronic communication help us to grow in our fraternal communion through the sharing of various information and news. Finally I request all of you, my dear brothers and sisters, to make known this NEWS to all the fellow Servites, because many of our brothers and sisters may not or do not have access to online facilities. Therefore those who have seen first the COSMO on line, kindly print it out and display it in your communities as a fraternal help to your fellow brothers and sisters in bringing the newness to them. The Centre of Communications and the General Council is happy indeed to wish you all a Prosperous New Year 2014. May God bless you to have a joy filled year.
fra Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy, O.S.M. The Secretary for the Centre of Communications

Before taking leave of the 120 Superiors General present, the Pope announced that 2015 would be a year dedicated to consecrated life. He concluded by saying: “Thank you for the act of faith you made by coming to this meeting. Thank you for what you do and for your spirit of faith and your service. Thank you for your witness and also for the humiliations through which you have had to pass: it’s the path of the Cross”.
fra Gottfried M. Wolff, O.S.M Prior General

The new General Council gathered together from 16th to 20th December 2013 in the convent of Compassioniste Servite Sisters at Castellamare di Stabia. After the arrival of the Prior General and all the newly elected councilors to Rome, it is the first meeting in which all were present. Previously there were council meetings at Pietralba (during General Chapter – at the end of September) and in Rome (General Curia - at the beginning of November), but few members were not present. In the month of November the General Council had met formally with Fra Ángel M. Ruiz Garnica (MEX), the former Prior General, to discuss certain questions which remained open at the end of the previous six years and which had to be carried forward to this next six years. The following is the summary of the topics taken into consideration in the General Council and its decisions from the General Chapter up to date. 1. From the Teaching of Pope Francis: USG Document On the proposal of the Prior General, the general council has taken the short document named “Punti forza per l’esercizio della leadership nel contesto dei gesti e dell’insegnamento di Papa Francesco”. This document was elaborated by USG 82nd General Assembly held in Rome from 27th to 29th November. The document begins with the significant citation of Pope Francis: “Always know to exercise the authority by accompanying, understanding, helping, loving, embracing all, especially the persons who feel lonely, excluded, burned out; the existential periphery of human heart. […] Let us fix our eyes on the Cross: there all the authorities of the Church is found, on which the Lord of the universe made himself as servant until total surrender of himself”. (Pope Francis) After a long sharing of ideas and contents, the General Council had decided to keep this document of USG as a basic text of reflection and reference in carrying out its proper responsibility of service to the Order.   2. Officials and General Secretaries OSM  General Treasurer Secretary for the Centre of Communications President of CLIOS Coordinator for Vocation Promotion Secretary for Formation and Studies General Regent of Studies Secretary for Permanent Formation Piergiorgio M. Mazzoleni Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy Paolo M. Orlandini Jorge Luis M. Jiménez Delgadillo Jorge Luis M. Jiménez Delgadillo Jorge Luis M. Jiménez Delgadillo Rhett M. Sarabia

Secretary for the Evangelization of Peoples and Justice and Peace Rhett M. Sarabia President of the Historical Institute Responsible for Current and Depository Archives Archivist of the Historical Archives Postulator of causes for beatification and canonization Secretary for the Secular Order and lay groups Franco M. Azzalli Ángel M. Camarillo López Odir Jacques Dias Franco M. Azzalli Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy

3. Liaison Councilors for the General Secretariats (when it is not directly under a General Councilor) Postulator of causes for beatification and canonization Historical Institute Archivist of the Historical Archives 4. Liaison Councilors for the Jurisdictions and Presences OSM  COUNCILORS Paolo M. Orlandini Rhett M. Sarabia Jorge Luis M. Jiménez Delgadillo Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy
COSMO on line

Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy Paolo M. Orlandini Paolo M. Orlandini



ISL, VEN, Case Gen., PHI, EAF, ZUL,  AFRICA Mozambique, Swaziland MEX, BRA, SMA, Colombia IND, USA, AUS, Indonesia NAC & CONO SUL CASA
Gennaio 2014


5. Communities Under the Jurisdiction of the Prior General 5. 1. San Marcello Community Paolo M. Orlandini (ANN) Prior, Enrico M. Casini (ANN) Rector of St. Marcello Church, Gottfried M. Wolff (TIR), Rhett M. Sarabia (PHI), Jorge Luis M. Jiménez Delgadillo (MEX), Souriraj M. Arulananda Samy (IND), Camille M. Jacques (CAN), Ángel M. Camarillo López (MEX), Luciano M. Masetti (PRF), Juan M. Olivares Troncoso (VEN), Holy Land (Deir Rafat): Carlos Salvador M. Razo Villanueva (MEX), Roch M. Boulanger (CAN), Cristin Daniel M. Marincean (VEN). 5. 2. Saint Alexis International Formation Community Solemn Professed Friars: Lucas M. Michael (IND) Prior and Master, Hubert M. Moons (CAN) Procurator of the Order and Assistant Master, Moreno M. Versolato (VEN), Jeganathan M. Arputham (IND); Temporary Professed Friars: Philip Chukwuma M. Anaele (PRF), Arockiasamy M. Anthonysamy (IND), Chinnapparaj M. Augustine (IND), Juan Armando M. Benito Parra (SMA), Rajarathinam M. Enose (IND), Emanuele M. Ercoli (PRF), Charles Fernando M. Gomes (BRA), Jherwin Pagkaliwagan M. Hermosa (PHI), Anselme M. Katembo Malengera (EAF), Victor M. Jaime (BRA), Marselinus M. Jano (INS), Maurice M. Kisomose (EAF), Paul Julius M. Layoo (EAF), John Paul M. Lourdusamy (IND), Antonio M. Macedo Dos Santos (BRA), Charles M. Mateega (EAF), Davide M. Moscogiuri (ANN), Gerald Sizwe M. Myeza (ANN), Guillermo Ariel M. Ojeda (SMA), Matthew M. Otika (EAF), Diego M. Pegoraro (VEN), Robert Llano M. Solis (PHI), Robert M. Ssemakalu (EAF), Gerardo Filippo M. Vietri (ANN). 5. 3. Marianum Study Community Fra Dilermando M. Ramos Vieira (BRA) will return to his Province. Silvano M. Danieli (VEN) Prior, Salvatore M. Perrella (ANN) President of P.F.T. “Marianum”, Bernardo M. Antonini (VEN), Fabrizio M. Bosin (VEN), Luca M. Di Girolamo (ANN), Denis Sahayaraj M. Kulandaisamy (IND), Silvano M. Maggiani (ANN), Piergiorgio M. Mazzoleni (VEN), Elio M. Peretto (VEN), Aristide M. Serra (PRF), Ermanno M. Toniolo (VEN), Paolo M. Zannini (PRF). 5. 4. Community of Monte Senario Ferdinando M. Perri (VEN) Prior and Assistant Master, Piergiorgio M. Di Domenico (PRF) Master, Maurizio M. Gabellini (ANN), Ladislao M. Gonzalez (VEN), Honorio M. Martín Sánchez (ESP), Jeronimo M. Meléndez Astorga (MEX), Giovanni M. Sperman (VEN), Arockiasamy M. Chinnappan (IND), Roger A. M. Tondo (PHI). Le Stinche: Lorenzo M. Bonomi (VEN), Giancarlo M. Bruni (PRF), Eliseo M. Grassi (VEN). From the Jurisdiction of Prior General the following friars have already returned to their respective Provinces: Franco M. Azzalli (PRF), Charlie M. Leitão de Souza (BRA), Ángel M. Ruiz Garnica (MEX), Eugene M. Smith (USA), and the following friars will return to their respective Provinces from 2014, Patrick M. Gethins (ISL), Dilermando M. Ramos (BRA), Tito M. Sartori (VEN). 6. Service of Some Friars at the Order Level Franco M. Azzalli (PRF), remaining under the obedience of his Provincial and living in the community of St. Maria in Via, Rome will be available for the Service of the Order for which he is appointed and to teach History of the Church and the Order.
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Gennaio 2014

Attilio M. Carrella (ANN), Provincial Treasurer of ANN, is being elected as General Delegate for the Economic affairs of Monte Senario Community. He will take care of the extraordinary administration of Monte Senario Community (buildings, forest, etc.). He will submit the accounts directly to the Prior General. Francesco M. Scorrano (ANN), remaining under the obedience of his Provincial and living in the community of Sette Santi Fondatori, Rome will continue his studies and be available for the future teaching ministry in P.F.T. “Marianum”. 7. Methods and Criteria for the work of the General Council The General Council has taken the book Metodo e criteri di lavoro del Consiglio generalizio for study and decided to make a revision. 8. Documents of the General Chapter 2013 The General Council has approved the work of the Editorial Commission which worked on the approved text of the General Chapter (Degrees and Declarations) and authorized to publish them. And also approved the publication of the Marian Document “Avvenga per me secondo la tua Parola” after its revision and updating based on the observations of the General Chapter. 9. Publications OSM The General Council has examined certain publications of the Order. Based on the decision of the General Chapter 2013, the General Council has decided to continue the publication of COSMO on line, but without being rigid with the dates of publishing; has asked to re-evaluate the publication of COSMO, the contents and the graphic work to discuss in the forthcoming provincial meeting. Regarding COSMO on line, the General Council asked the Secretary of the Centre for Communications to insert a note inviting the friars to print a copy of COSMO on line for the brothers who do not have the possibility to use the internet. The General Council has found opportune to make serious study and evaluation of the publication of Studi Storici OSM. Has identified some friars who could collaborate with the Secretary of the Order for the publication of Acta OSM (need to publish the previous year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). After publishing all these previous years of Acta OSM, could think of printing a new Catalogus OSM. A part of the publications, the Council has approved the publication of fra Denis Sahayaraj M. Kulandaisamy’s doctoral thesis in Mariology, in the serial Scripta Facultatis of P.F.T. “Marianum”. 10. Canonical Visits 2013-2019. The General Council has approved the programme of the Canonical Visits of the Prior General to the various jurisdictions of the Order in the arch of the six year term 2013-2019. At the same time the programme keeps in mind all other activities such as other meetings like UNIFAS, biennial meetings with provincials, etc. and also keeping in mind the possibility of celebrating the Provincial Chapter in 2016 according to the request of the General Chapter 2013. The Canonical Visits will be followed with prior agreement with each jurisdictions. These are the tentative dates: 2014 January February March April May June July August September October November December Under Generalate II IND Indonesia e AUS USA BRA Under Generalate I PRF MEX ZUL-MOZ-SWA EAF CAN TIR ANN e ESP VEN SMA ISL 2015 PHI 2017 2018 In September 2014 there will be a Provincial meeting in Europe; in case the provincial and vicarial Chapter is celebrated in 2016, the Provincial meeting will be in November 2016 in Asia; there will be another provincial meeting in America in November 2018. 11. Other Visits From 2nd to 16th January 2014, the Prior General will visit the friars of the provinces of BRA and SMA who are all united for a common provincial chapter at Fatima in Argentina. From 2nd to 9th February 2014, the Prior General will visit the friars in the shrine Notre-Dame di Deir Rafat in Holy Land. The Prior General intends to delegate the Prior Provincial ANN to the centenary celebration of the arrival of the Servites in Swaziland and for the enthronement of the new bishop of Manzini (Manzini, 26th January 2014).  

COSMO on line


Gennaio 2014

12. Programmation 2013-2014 of Saint Alexis International Formation Community The General Council has taken into study the programmation 2013-2014 of Saint Alexis International Formation Community and approved the text. 13. Preparation for the Meeting of General Council with Priors, Vicars and Delegates Provincials The General Council has begun its preparation for the meeting with priors, vicars, delegates provincials which is to be held in Europe in the month of September, 2014. 14. Canonical Suppression of the Community San Pellegrino di Misano Adriatico The General Council, after studying the request of the Provincial Council of the Piedmont-Romagna-France Province, has approved the canonical suppression of the community of Misano Adriatico (PRF). 15. Erection of the Novitiate House Santa María dos Servos a Tchumene (Matola), Mozambique After evaluating the request of Brazilian Provincial, the General Council has given its consensus so that the Prior General could go ahead to erect the novitiate house Santa María dos Servos a Tchumene (Matola), Mozambique. 16. Continuation of the Novitiate Formation of Novice Anthony M. Sebastian (AUS/USA) at Saint Louis (Missouri) After evaluating the request of USA Provincial, the General Council has given its consensus to the Prior General to give permission to continue the novitiate formation of novice Anthony M. Sebastian (AUS/USA), in Seven Holy Founders Priory at Affton (MO), U.S.A., with fra Eugene M. Smith as master. 17. Directory of the Venetian Province The General Council, after giving certain observations, has approved the modification done in the Directory of the Venetian Province during the inter mediatory Provincial Chapter celebrated at Santa Maria del Covolo, from 25th to 28th June 2013. 18. Request from Japan A proposal has arrived to Prior General to found the lay group OSSM in Japan. With this scope the General Council is favorable to proceed with the project by allowing one or two diocesan clerics from Japan to study Mariology in P.F.T. “Marianum”. On the afternoon of 19th December 2013, the General Council visited the community of “Morning Star” belonging to the Servite Sisters of our Lady of Sorrows - Naples (NAP) and Servite Community of S. Maria del Parto in Naples. At the conclusion of the programmation the General Council expressed its lively gratitude to the Compassioniste Sisters Servants of Mary (COM) for their hospitality and their service in the “Mother House” at Castellammare di Stabia. 

NUMERICAL STATISTICS FROM THE GENERAL ARCHIVIST On 31st December 2013, The Order of Friar Servants of Mary has the following numerical statistics: The total number of friars is 803, they are distributed as follows:       Bishops 6   Presbyters 544   Permanent Deacons 1     Transitory Deacons 7   Lay Solemn Professed Friars 75     Temporary Professed Friars 136   Novices 34   Total 803  
fra Ángel M. Camarillo López, O.S.M. Responsible for Current and Depository Archives  

Brother, I want to read COSMO on line, but, I do not know how to find it in internet. Could you please print a copy of COSMO on line for the community, so that all could read it?

Yes, certainly, brother…Actually, I am printing COSMO on line now for our community brothers.

COSMO on line


Gennaio 2014

REGIONAL CONFERENCE OF EUROPE The Regional Conference of Europe (EUR) held its meeting at St. Alexis International Formation Community in Rome from 3rd to 4th December 2013. The friars present were: Hubert M. Moons (Under Generalate / Monte Senario), Lino M. Pacchin (VEN), Sergio M. Ziliani (ANN), Gino M. Leonardi (PRF), Javier M. Badillo Martín (ESP), Paolo M. Orlandini (General Councilor), Fero M. Bachorik (TIR), Colm M. McGlynn (ISL). Fra Sergio M. Ziliani was reelected as Coordinator, fra Gino M. Leonardi, Secretary, and fra Sergio M. Ziliani, Treasurer.
fra Gino M. Leonardi, O.S.M.

JUBILEE YEAR FOR THE SISTERS SERVANTS OF MARY OF CUVES-LONDON Once called the Sisters of Calvary in Cuves and, later in England, after 1852, Sisters of Compassion, on 18th June 1864 we became Sisters Servants of Mary. Thus 2014 represents for our Congregation, for the Servite Order and for the Church a year of grace and celebration of 150 years of Servite life. Throughout those 150 years, change has been a constant feature that shaped and transformed us. Now, with our next 2014 General Chapter, we aim at becoming more international by opening the borders of our Provinces and Communities under the Generalate. But what has been life-giving for us and is that likely to change? Though influenced by our local cultures, our treasure remains untouched: achieving communion in community, showing compassion for the world’s suffering, taking after Mary the Mother of God with unwavering faith and nourishing hope in Christ until His return! So, what is our vision for the future? We perceive the need to live our internationality concretely, understanding that if we do so, our differences can be life-giving. All around us, lay people are experiencing a call to live our Servite charism: let us be thankful to God for this energy we are sharing! The world is growing into a “large village” and, through the ties we are weaving from one hemisphere to another, across continents, from one generation to the next, we follow Jesus’ wish in creating something new. Our future lies in God’s hands and in ours! What a blessing!
Sr. Marie Brigitte Rauscent OSM (LON) 

REGIONAL CONFERENCE OF AFRICA The Regional Conference of Africa (AFR) had its meeting in the community of Kisoga, Uganda from 19th to 20th December 2013. The friars present were: Francis M. Kawuki (Provincial Delegate EAF), Mel M. Loftus (Provincial Delegate ZUL), Thulani M. Ntsele (ZUL). The friars were absent: Custodio M. Luis Cardoso (MOZ/BRA), Prior of the Community of Matola, and the Prior of the Community St. Joseph’s Mzimpofu (SWA/ANN). Since two members of the Conference were absent, the election of the Coordinator did not take place.
fra Mel M. Loftus, O.S.M.

PROVINCE ISL Fra Colm. M. McGlynn OSM, the First Councilor from the ISL Province, is acting as provincial for the Province of ISL, since the Provincial, fra Bernard Thorne, as well as Vice-Provincial, fra Paul Addison, are not able to act in their respective offices due to their health conditions.
fra Colm. M. McGlynn, O.S.M.

PROVINCE VEN On 1st January 2014, the Archbishop of Kampala, Msgr. Cyprian Lwanga Kizito, has given to the Order of Friars Servants of Mary, represented by the Delegation of the East-Africa, Uganda, a new parish named St. Mary Queen of Martyrs, in Kampala.
fra Lino M. Pacchin, O.S.M. 

SILVER JUBILEE: Heartfelt greetings to our friars: Demetrio Hernán M. De La Torre Melián and Jairo de Jesús M. Salazar Correa, who celebrate their 25th anniversary of their religious profession respectively on 5th and 19th January. GOLDEN JUBILEE: Prayerful wishes to our friars: Rock-André M. Grisé and Claude M. Préfontaine on their 50th anniversary of their Priestly Ordination on 11th January. SOLEMN PROFESSION: Let us remember our friars in our prayers Davi M. Dagostim Minatto, Moisés M. De Oliveiro Coelho and Ezequiel M. Zanelatto Minatto who are going to make their solemn profession on 12th January. 
COSMO on line


Gennaio 2014