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National Organization for Women

December 17, 2013


Dr. Janet Woodcock ( Division of Drug Information (CDER) 10001 New Hampshire Ave. Hillandale Building, 4th Fl. Silver Spring, MD 20993 Dear Dr. Woodcock: The National Organization for Women is dedicated to making positive legal, political, social and economic change in society in order to eliminate sexism and end all oppression of women. NOW represents hundreds of thousands of members and contributing supporters, with hundreds of chapters in every state and the District of Columbia. One of our core issues is advocating for womens reproductive rights and health and we have worked on that core issue for the past 48 years. We are writing this letter to urge that you give consideration of medical treatments for sexual dysfunctions in women equal to that you have given numerous products for men over the last two decades. There are 24 products listed on the Food and Drug Administration website for male sexual dysfunctions, yet for the most common form of female sexual dysfunction there is not a single approved medication. The fact that numerous treatments for men have been approved by the FDA while none have been approved for women should raise questions. We hope that no criticism suggesting a double-standard being applied arises. NOW respectfully urges the agency to closely examine the extensive data package that has been submitted and to make a decision that would provide safe and effective medical treatment for what is a well-established need with hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. Sincerely, Sincerely,

Terry O'Neill President

1100 H Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 628-8669 website: email: