“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy” Walt Disney Company


Some historical perspectives about Disneyland: Disneyland first opened in /uly 10. 8ear Country in 1903 and 9i.$ey1s :oontown in 1993' Disney California (dventure #ar$ was +uilt on the site of Disneyland1s ori)inal par$in) lot and opened in 3001' Disneyland is lo.ludin) the addition of 5ew 6rleans *7uare in 19..e its openin) Disneyland has under)one a num+er of e4pansions and renovations in.a.res of land.ated in the .miles southeast of &os (n)eles' :he par$ sits on 1.-0 million )uests evenly in 3011 the num+er of )uests was 1.0 a.re land that late +e. 19-.ame Disney World 2lorida 1901. so in 19-3 Walt Disney +ou)ht a 1.0 a.The beginning of Disney Land In 1930 19!0 Walt Disney visited "riffth #ar$ % &'(' to)ether with his dau)hters Diane and *haron and then the idea of a lar)e and +i))er entertainment par$ .0 years of history Disney &and hosted more than . 3.ame into his mind...ity of (naheim.2. +ut only ..' 2 .res are open to the pu+li.1.and was the world1s first Disney par$ after that .1!millions' *in. and Disney World California (dventure in 3001' In this almost .ame the most wanted and well $nown international amusement #ar$ Disney &and' 1.

enters )olf .1. 3001 the resort e4panded with :o$io Disney sea' http://www.it was opened Hon) @on) Disney =esort then in *han)hai Disney =esort' 2. Disneyland around the world :here are 0 Disneyland #ar$s in the World< :o$yo Disney =esort lo.2.com/tokyo/tokyo_disneysea.ated in Chilea /apan opened in 19. What is Disney Land made of  :he ori)inal Disney &and #ar$ %&'(' . themed lands 1' 9ain *treet >*( 3' (dventureland 3 .ond Disney #ar$ outside of >*( ?uro Disney =esort and it was divided into two par$s< Disneyland #ar$ and Walt Disney studios #ar$.onsists of .3' &ater in *eptem+er !. 1993 lo. Disney resort Hotels' In 300.htm Disney &and #aris %opened in (pril 13. Disneyland around the world Figure 1.gojapango.ated in the su+ur+s of #aris was the se.ourse and . also shoppin) .

' Holydayland 4 .' 5ew 6rleans *7uare 0' 9i.$ey1s :oontown .3' 2routierland !' 2antasyland -' :omorrowland .

al 9idwest town of the early 30th .eline .h Central #laAa' (t the .enter of :he 9a)i. and is how )uests rea. >'*'( 2.loudy days' ' 5 .1.a of Walt Disney .9issouri Here is the famous sleepin) 8eauty Castle ' :he Castle is .entury' Walt Disney derived inspiration from his +oyhood town of 9ar.hildhood town 9ar. @in)dom and immediately 5orth of Central #laAa stands *leepin) 8eauty Castle' 2irst street enterin) the #ar$ is 9ain *treet >*(.eline.1.overed in 33 @arat )old leaf to ensure it )litters even on . is patterned after a typi.S. 9issouri' It is the first area )uests see when they enter the par$.whi.$. 9ain *treet.h is a repli. !ain Street" #.Figure 2.

tropi.lude openin) dayDs /un)le Cruise. Figure 4.al /un)le of (sia and (fri. :arAanDs :reehouse (/un)le Cruise.C (ttra.tions in. $dventure land (dventure land is desi)ned to re.2.reate the feel of an e4oti.Figure 3. >'*'( (dventure land provides a uni7ue e4perien. in the remote jungles of Asia and Africa.a' It has an edu.e of :ropi. Cwe pictured ourselves far from civilization. said Walt Disney.1. 9ain *treet.al pla.e a way of life far from .iviliAation' 2.e in a far off re)ion of the world' CTo create a land that would make this dream reality C.E the C:emple of the 2or+idden ?yeC in Indiana /ones (dventure. 6 .ational purpose for $ids alon) with a )reat trip on a +oat' It provides $nowled)e a+out plants and animals of the Bun)le and help to e4perien.

hanted :i$i =oom whi. no mater of a)e. 2airy tales and adventure are part of our lives this ma$es us happy and Disneyland has the same purpose happiness' Disneyland is home to more than !0 rides and attra.oolest land of DisneylandF :his are the opinion of people visitin) Disneyland #ar$' :he truth is that entertainment area are desi)ned to please everyone. whi.$eyHs :oontown 7 . F 2un and Boy are at ea.olor of their s$in or .omin) from. +oys or )irls.onversion of the earlier Swiss Family Disney film.h is 2i)ure 3 9i$eyG9inie 9i. .ated at the o!inson Tree "ouse from the Walt o!inson' Walt DisneyDs ?n.ide where to )o first or whi. et.orner in this #ar$ and is hard to de.h . amon) all of them the most famous are :arAan1s house.h one was the .tions.and :arAanDs :reehouse.h is a . Swiss Family lo.ountry they are .

apsule to)ether with :om *awyer and 9ar$ :wainHs other heroes.ow+oys. s. 6ld West . 8illy Hill and "olden Horseshoe *aloon' # .ome one more )host to their ran$s' :his mention is inspirin) fear from the very +e)innin) +ut it is also a safe and dar$.ary and lau)hs e4perien.h is a.ause is home to 999 spoo$s ea)er to wel.#irates of the Cari++ean Figure 4! "he haunted mansion Haunted 9ansion whi.eFFF' 2rontier land it loo$s to me li$e a time .tually one of my favorite +e.

#irateDs &air on :om *awyer Island and 2rontier land *hootinD ?4position' 2rontier land is also home to the "olden Horseshoe *aloon.turesD 19.an meet Winnie the #ooh and 9a)i. as well as Donald Du.tional &os (n)eles su+ur+ of :oontown in the :ou.$eyHs :oontown 2.tured part of the #ar$ is 9i.$ey 9ouse is posted..ters' :oontown features two main attra.artoon .$Ds +oat' $ .terDs houses su. @in)dom' Disneyland it is re.omedi. so one of the most pi. !ic&ey's Toontown opened in 1993 and was partly inspired +y the fi.o)niAed immediately if a pi.hstone #i.hara.$ey 9ouse. where the .e.tions< "ad)etDs "o Coaster and =o)er =a++itDs Car :oon *pin' :he C.artoon .hara.h as the house of 9i.%. troupe C8illy Hill and the Hill+illiesC entertains )uests' Critter Country is desi)ned mostly for small $ids. an 6ld West style show pala.$eyDs :oontown is +ased on a 1930s . and is home to DisneyDs most popular .artoon aestheti. release #ho Framed oger a!!it' 9i. 9innie 9ouse and "oofy.ture of 9i.ityC is also home to .1. it1s a land where they .

tions was K1. $#hat youngster has not dreamed of flying with %eter %an over moonlit &ondon.lude several dar$ rides.$ tour to Disneyland I would li$e to share some .olle. *u+marine.3'1'!' 2antasyland 2antasyland is the area of Disneyland of whi.tion' It is still furnished +ut is not open to the pu+li. hostin) attra.e said< :omorrow . 5emo *u+marine.$et to the 9oon.uriosities a+out this famous par$ :he top floor of the fire station on 9ain *treet >*( was Walt DisneyDs private apartment durin) the par$Ds .s in the par$I more than half of them are in #eter #anDs 2li)ht 3'1'-' Walt Disney on.tions li$e =a.tions' 2antasyland has the most fi+er opti.onstru.3 refur+ishment turned it into a 8avarian villa)e' (ttra.e of the par$Ds land and initial attra. or tum!ling into Alice's nonsensical #onderland( )n Fantasyland. where I found that • 9ore than !00 items are . *ter :ours and so many others' • (fter a 7ui.an +e a wonderful a)e “the result was % :omorrowland.$ 2antasyland was ori)inally styled in a medieval ?uropean fair)round fashion. +ut its 19.onstru. (utopia.h Walt Disney said.oasters' Curiosity drives me +ehind the s. million' :he draw+rid)e on *leepin) 8eauty Castle is real and has +een raised and lowered twi.e 9ountain.h it revolutioniAed the desi)n and . these classic stories of everyone's youth have !ecome realities for youngsters * of all ages * to participate in.tions in.h day in tri+ute to Walt' • • :he ori)inal pri. thou)h a li)ht is left +urnin) in one of its windows ea.3 when 2antasyland was rededi. *pa.h day' 1% .. Joya)e. the @in) (rthur Carrousel. and as su.eI on.ated' • :he 9atterhorn 8o+sleds .e when the par$ first opened.ien.oaster in the world when it opened in 19-9.e. and various family attra.tion of roller . and a)ain in 19.oaster was the first tu+ular steel roller .ted +y &ost and 2ound ea.

ard+oard.• 6n an avera)e day.ompleted' It will . and more than 1 million )allons of soda ea.y.hasin) a he4a)onal +ri.an own a pie.e of Disneyland +y pur. 3 million fry orders.ontinue to )row as lon) as there is ima)ination left in the world'” 11 . paper.$ that lines the path +etween Disneyland and DisneyDs California (dventure' “Disneyland will never +e . )uests . par$ )uests )enerate more than 30 tons of trash.les ! million pounds of . thou)h Disneyland re. and other materials annually' • :he par$ serves ! million +ur)ers.h year' • 2or K1-0.

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