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Schoenbergs Playlist Listening to Vienna at the Beginning of the 20th Century Xak Bjerken, Director

Guest Artists: Daedalus String Quartet Mezzo-Soprano Rachel Calloway Pianist Michael Fried ann

#hursday$ %an& '($ )':*+$ ,-'+$ -incoln .all: Recital of works for piano from 1903-1915 by Bartok, Stravinsky, Deb ssy, Ravel, an! Scriabin, performe! by st !ents of "ak B#erken$ Friday %an& '/$ ):*+ p & ,-'+$ -incoln .all: %ombination & sicolo'y %ollo( i m an! %omposer)s *or m wit+ talks by &ic+ael *rie!mann ,-ale. an! &ike /ee ,%ornell. on performance practice iss es in Sc+oenber' an! 0ebern)s piano m sic$ Friday$ %an& '/$ / p $ ,arnes .all 1re-concert talk at 2:15 wit+ &ic+ael *rie!mann, Ro'er &oseley, an! &ike /ee Son's by 0ebern, Sc+reker, Sc+oenber', an! 3emlinsky %alloway4B#erken Ber' 5 artet, op$3 ,1910. Dae!al s Strin' 5 artet --0ebern 6ariations for 1iano, op$ 72 &ike /ee 8arl 0ei'l 5 artet 9o$ 3 in : &a#or, op$ ; ,1903. Dae!al s 5 artet Saturday$ %an& '0$ 1 p $ %ohnson Museu 6iennese foo! for p rc+ase provi!e! by Dano)s <e ri'er , an! special !isplay of 8an!insky)s =Small 0orl!s> paintin's$ Ber' *o r 1ieces, op$5 for clarinet4piano Ric+ar! *aria4B#erken S?ymanowski Romance in D &a#or, op$ 73 for violin4piano 9ic+olasDi@ 'enio4B#erken Stravinsky A+ree 1ieces for Strin' 5 artet Dae!al s 5 artet -Sc+oenber' *ive 1ieces, op$ 73 &ic+ael *rie!mann, piano Bo+ann Stra ss) 8aiser 0alt?es ,arr$ Sc+oenber'. Sunday$ %an& *+$ * p ,arnes .all Son's by Deb ssy, Ber', an! 8orn'ol!, 17 min tes %alloway4B#erken 8orn'ol! violin sonata, op C ,1913. 3C min tes Bosep+ /in4&iri -ampolsky -Deb ssy 9oct rnes for ; +an!s B#erken4-iran 0an' &a+ler Son's of : 0ayfarer, arr$ Sc+ ,1970. con! cte! by Beff &eyer wit+ Rac+el %alloway, me??o-soprano *or f ll !etails, see: www$m sic$cornell$e! 4calen!ar 1resent wit+ s pport from t+e Department of & sic, t+e @nsemble " * n!, %ornell %o ncil for t+e :rts, Derman St !ies, t+e Enstit te for Derman % lt ral St !ies, t+e Bo+nson & se m of :rts, an! t+e %enter for @ ropean St !ies$

Schoen2erg3s Playlist
Ban ary 72-30, 7011 :rnol! Sc+oenber')s private concert series from 191F-1977, t+e Verein Fr Musikalische Privatauffhrungen in Wien, presente! a wi!ely eclectic 'ro p of works, incl !in' some of t+e seminal works of t+e 70t+ cent ry$ Schoenberg's Pla list is a series of concerts an! talks t+at attempts to res rrect a mo!e of listenin' to twentiet+ cent ry m sic t+at transcen!s i!eolo'ies an! re-foc ses o r ears, as Sc+oenber' an! +is circle !i!, on t+e narrative ( ality of t+e compositions wit+in t+eir own respective m sical lan' a'es$ En response to t+e scan!als t+at s rro n!e! Sc+oenber')s compositional reception, +is circle of st !ents an! frien!s create! a s pport 'ro p for +im a'ainst t+e attacks of tra!itionally oriente! 6iennese society$ A+e concert pro'rams presente! by t+e =Society for 1rivate & sical 1erformances> are t+e so rce !oc ments of w+at +as since t+en been calle! =new m sic,> t+e roots of mo!ernism$ A+ese concerts were a retreat to a circ mscribe!, close-knit circle of t+e initiate!, verifyin' Sc+oenber')s position contra t+e critics$ A+e Secon! 6iennese Sc+ool, as it became known, was t+e lea!in' eGample of a compositional sc+ool of mo!ernism wit+ Sc+oenber' at t+e +elm, b t t+e m sical infl ences from w+ic+ it spran' are far more !iverse t+an one wo l! ima'ine$ 0e are s rprise! t+at Sc+oenber' apparently tolerate!, or !are E say, was intereste! in an! a!mire! m sics written in vastly !ifferin' +armonic, stylistic, nationalistic lan' a'e from +is own, from w+at +e was event ally to !evelop$ Base! on t+e pro'rams of t+ese ori'inal concerts, we will present works by composers from t+e canon ,Ber', 0ebern, Sc+oenber', &a+ler, Deb ssy, Ravel. an! from lesser-known composers ,S?ymanowski, &arG, 3emlinsky, 8orn'ol!., replicatin' as closely as possible t+eir ori'inal conteGt$ A+e festival will feat re fo r !ays of concerts wit+ ' est artists, t+e Dae!al s 5 artet an! me??o soprano Rac+el %alloway, wit+ a m sicolo'y collo( i m talk by renowne! Sc+oenber' specialist &ic+ael *rie!mann from -ale, an! pre-concert lect res by &ic+ael *rie!mann, m sicolo'ist Ro'er &oseley, an! 1+D st !ent &ike /ee$ A+e Daedalus Quartet was fo n!e! in t+e s mmer of 7000, an! one year later capt re! t+e Dran! 1ri?e of t+e 7001 Banff Enternational Strin' 5 artet %ompetition, ( ickly establis+in' itself as amon' :merica)s o tstan!in' strin' ( artets$A+e Dae!al s 5 artet was name! by %arne'ie <all to participate in t+e @%<H ,@ ropean %oncert <all Hr'ani?ation. Risin' Stars pro'ram, t+ro '+ w+ic+ it ma!e !eb ts ! rin' t+e 700;-7005 season at t+e %oncert'ebo w ,:mster!am., t+e &e'aron ,:t+ens., t+e *estspiel+a s ,Ba!en-Ba!en., Symp+ony <all ,Birmin'+am., t+e 1alais !es Bea G :rts ,Br ssels., 1+il+armonie ,%olo'ne., t+e %itI !e la & si( e ,1aris., t+e &o?arte m ,Sal?b r'., an! t+e & sikverein ,6ienna., as well as at 0eill Recital <all for %arne'ie <all)s =Distinctive Deb ts> series$ : re-en'a'ement to perform at %arne'ie <all)s 3ankel <all followe!$ A+e Dae!al s 5 artet was appointe! by t+e %+amber & sic Society of /incoln %enter as t+e %+amber & sic Society Awo ( artet for t+e 7005-700C an! 700C7002 seasons, lea!in' to n mero s performances at /incoln %enter, incl !in' collaborations wit+ artist members of t+e Society an! ot+er %+amber & sic Society Awo artists, as well as participation in many of t+e Society)s e! cational pro'rams$ A+e

ensemble was appointe! %ol mbia Jniversity)s 5 artet-in-Resi!ence for t+e 7005-700C an! 700C-7002 seasons, an! its members are 6isitin' :rtists at t+e Jniversity of 1ennsylvania for t+e 700C-7002 season$ Ht+er ma#or en'a'ements in t+e Jnite! States +ave incl !e! t+e /ibrary of %on'ress, t+e <o ston *rien!s of & sic, Stanfor! /ively :rts, t+e /a Bolla & sic Society, & sic in t+e 1ark ,Saint 1a l., t+e %orcoran Dallery ,0as+in'ton., t+e Dar!ner & se m ,Boston., 9ew -ork Jniversity, t+e Jniversity of 8ansas /ie! %enter, t+e *rien!s of %+amber & sic in 1ortlan!, Hre$ an! 8ansas %ity, t+e Ralei'+ %+amber & sic D il!, t+e Jniversity of 0as+in'ton, t+e Jniversity at B ffalo, 1 r! e %onvocations, an! t+e %+amber & sic Society of t+e 9ort+ S+ore ,%+ica'o.$ A+ey +ave performe! @rwin Sc+ l+off)s %oncerto for Strin' 5 artet wit+ t+e Saint 1a l %+amber Hrc+estra$ *ollowin' t+eir s ccess at t+e Banff competition, t+e ensemble performe! coast-to-coast in %ana!a, incl !in' ma#or series in &ontreal, Aoronto, %al'ary, 0innipe', an! 6anco ver, as well as in Bapan$ Ht+er festival appearances +ave incl !e! t+e &ostly &o?art *estival at /incoln %enter, t+e %aramoor *estival ,w+ere t+ey +ave been t+e @rnst Stiefel 5 artet in Resi!ence., t+e Bar! & sic *estival, t+e 9eGt Deneration *estival in 1ennsylvania, t+e Skaneateles *estival, & sic &o ntain, an! t+e & sic *estival of t+e <amptons$ A+eir performances +ave been feat re! at a <ay!n festival presente! by t+e /incoln Enternational %+amber & sic *estival in t+e Jnite! 8in'!om, an! an @lliott %arter festival co-presente! by t+e Saint 1a l %+amber Hrc+estra an! t+e Jniversity of &innesota$ A+e Dae!al s 5 artet is active in m sic e! cation for a! lts an! c+il!ren alike$ En a!!ition to t+eir work wit+ t+e %+amber & sic Society of /incoln %enter, t+e ( artet +as serve! as a resi!ent ensemble of t+e /incoln %enter Enstit te, performin' for sc+ool c+il!ren t+ro '+o t t+e 9ew -ork metropolitan area$ Dreat 1erformers at /incoln %enter +as presente! t+e ( artet in Robert 8apilow)s =0+at &akes Et Dreat> series, an! t+ey +ave twice been recipients of e! cational resi!ency 'rants from %+amber & sic :merica$ A+e Dae!al s 5 artet)s !eb t %D, works of Ravel, Sibeli s, an! Stravinsky, was release! in : ' st 700C by Bri!'e Recor!s$

Michael Fried ann3s career +as encompasse! activities as a t+eorist, pianist, pe!a'o' e, an! composer$ <is specialties involve analytical articles abo t t+e m sic of Sc+oenber' an! performances of t+at composer)s complete piano m sic$ <e +as evolve! a met+o! in teac+in' ear trainin' especially foc se! on twentiet+-cent ry m sic, an! wrote a book ,@ar Arainin' for 70t+ %ent ry & sic, p blis+e! by -ale Jniversity 1ress. t+at receive! special reco'nition from t+e Society of & sic A+eory$ En a!!ition to Sc+oenber', +is piano performances +ave foc se! on late Beet+oven an! Sc+ bert$ <e speciali?es in classes relatin' t+e analysis of Bra+ms)s, Beet+ovenKs an! Sc+ mann)s c+amber m sic to t+eir performance$ En a!!ition to +is teac+in' at -ale, 1rofessor *rie!mann recently ta '+t at Bei#in' Jniversity an! at t+at city)s %entral %onservatory of & sic, an! lect re! an! performe! at t+e Bei#in' &o!ern & sic *estival$ &r$ *rie!mann receive! +is B$:$ from Bran!eis Jniversity an! +is 1+$D$ in composition from <arvar! Jniversity$ <e +as serve! on t+e m sic fac lties of t+e 9ew @n'lan! %onservatory of

& sic, t+e Jniversity of 1ittsb r'+, t+e <artt Sc+ool of & sic, an! was 6alentine 6isitin' 1rofessor at :m+erst %olle'e in t+e fall of 1990$ <e +as also ta '+t at t+e Steans Enstit te for -o n' :rtists of t+e Ravinia *estival$ <is compositions +ave been wi!ely performe!, an! +e is a fre( ent piano recitalist$ <e #oine! t+e -ale fac lty in 19FC an! is a professor at t+at niversityKs sc+ool an! !epartment$ 1raise! by t+e 9ew -ork Aimes for +er =consi!erable !ept+ of eGpression> an! by t+e 1ittsb r'+ 1ost-Da?ette for +er =emotional c+aracteri?ations an! s mpt o s voiceLan! remarkable sensitivity,> me??o-soprano Rachel Calloway is ( ickly establis+in' +erself as one of t+e foremost me??o-sopranos of +er 'eneration$ En t+e 7010 - 7011 season, s+e !eb ts wit+ t+e Berkeley Symp+ony n!er Boana %arneiro, wit+ t+e &etropolitan Hpera in works+ops of 9ico & +ly)s Awo Boys an! &ic+ael Aorke)s Senna, an! at %al:rts wit+ /orin &aa?el an! t+e %astleton *estival$ S+e appears in concert at %ornell Jniversity, -ale Jniversity, t+e @astman Sc+ool of & sic, Depa w Jniversity, /e 1oisson Ro 'e, &erkin <all, an! t+e Strat+more &ansion in &arylan!$ &s$ %alloway +as also appeare! wit+ t+e /orin &aa?el an! t+e %astleton *estival, A lsa Hpera, %entral %ity Hpera, t+e 0alker :rts %enter, Dot+am %+amber Hpera, t+e /os :n'eles 1+il+armonic)s Dreen Jmbrella Series, an! Dlimmer'lass Hpera, w+ere s+e will ret rn t+is s mmer$ &s$ %alloway +as premiere! co ntless works at t+e Ban' on a %an *estival, t+e B illiar! Sc+ool, &an+attan Sc+ool of & sic, %ornell Jniversity, &EA, Bow!oin %olle'e, A fts Jniversity, 1rinceton Jniversity, an! Aemple Jniversity an! +as collaborate! wit+ many of to!ay)s prominent contemporary m sic ensembles, incl !in' Si'nal, @nsemble ", %ontin m, an! Se( it r$ &s$ %alloway is a fo n!in' member of S+ir :mi, an ensemble !e!icate! to t+e preservation an! performance of Bewis+ art m sic s ppresse! by t+e 9a?is an! Soviets, an! of En *l G, a recently forme! ensemble committe! to performin' vocal c+amber m sic by t+e lea!in' composers of to!ay an! t+e recent past$ : native of 1+ila!elp+ia, &s$ %alloway +ol!s !e'rees from bot+ t+e B illiar! Sc+ool an! &an+attan Sc+ool of & sic an! maintains an active teac+in' st !io$ www$s+iramim sic$com