ASUS Announces Availability of Transformer Pad TF701 and the Transformer Book Trio ‘Three in !

ne" Ultra#ortable
$anila% Phili##ines &'0 (ecember% '01)* ― ASUS today announced the availability of two new
devices, thehigh-performance ASUS Transformer Pad and the unique Ultraportable Transformer oo! Trio with a !eyboard doc! that can also be used as a self-contained "indows # des!top P$%

ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T
The new ASUS Transformer Pad is perfect for on-the-go entertainment, than!s to a durable metallic design that&s 'ust #%(mm thic! and weighs )#)g% A high-quality spea!er with ASUS Sonic*aster audio technology gives loud, clear sound for music, movies and games, while the +,-hour battery life when doc!ed means the new ASUS Transformer Pad lasts for two full wor!ing days between charges%

The tablet for vivid '+,0 - 1,00 entertainment The new ASUS Transformer Pad features a +-%+-inch high-performance ./01-T2T display with reduced energy consumption and a very wide color gamut% The 3)4- 5 +4-- "67/A resolution gives an e5traordinarily sharp image, while .PS 8.n-Plane Switching9 technology ensures accurate color reproduction, wide +,#-degree viewing angles and e5cellent daylight visibility%

The new ASUS Transformer Pad also features a front +%3-megapi5el camera for crystal-clear video chat and a rear )-megapi5el camera that captures full-resolution photos while shooting simultaneous +-#-p 2ull :; video%

The new ASUS Transformer Pad is more than 'ust a high-performance tablet < it&s also an e5tremely capable Android laptop, than!s to its *obile ;oc!% The doc!&s full-si=e !eyboard with a large multi-touch touchpad ma!es the new ASUS Transformer Pad perfect for productivity apps and the *icrosoft 1fficecompatible Polaris 1ffice suite is supplied pre-installed%

ASUS Transformer Book Trio ‘Three in one.
A new breed of ultraportable device with a two-part doc!able design that can be used by one person as a laptop, or by two people as a separate tablet and des!top P$% "ith the ability to switch between "indows # and Android at the press of a button, Transformer fle5ibility for users who want the best of all mobile worlds% oo! Trio offers unmatched three-in-one

;ual processors and dual operating systems ASUS Transformer oo! Trio features a slee! and durable metallic design, and is powered by a >th generation .ntel? $ore@ processor for seamless multi-tas!ing performance and outstanding energy efficiency in "indows # laptop mode% "hen it&s time for entertainment to ta!e over from productivity, the ++%4-inch display detaches from the AP$ Station& !eyboard doc! for use as a multi-touch Android tablet with its own .ntel Atom@ dual-core processor and up to 4>/ of solid-state storage%

"ith the display doc!ed, Transformer

oo! Trio can switch instantly between "indows # and Android

>%3 by pressing the dedicated ATrio& !ey on the !eyboard, with data shared between the two operating system&s via the tablet&s storage% Unli!e other doc!able ultraportables, Transformer oo! Trio&s P$

Station isn&t dead weight when the tablet display is detached% "ith an e5ternal display connected via *ini ;isplayPort or *icro-:;*., the P$ Station can then be used as a self-contained des!top P$ with "indows #, which means Transformer oo! Trio can be used by two people, in two different places, at the same time%

2ull :; multi-touch display and Sonic*aster audio technology ASUS Transformer oo! Trio&s ++%4-inch display features a crisp 2ull :; resolution with .PS technology for vibrant and accurate color with wide +,#-degree viewing angles% +--point capacitive multi-touch gives instant fingertip control with both "indows # and Android, while the bac!lit !eyboard and multi-touch touchpad ensures comfortable productivity use% "ith stereo spea!ers and ASUS Sonic*aster audio technology in both the P$ Station and tablet, Transformer oo! Trio also delivers rich and detailed sound with video, music and games%

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The ASUS T2,-+T is available at Php 3,,(() and the ASUS Transformer oo! Trio is available at Php >(,(() for the i) configuration and at Php )>,(() for the i, configuration%

BBB About ASUS ASUS, the world&s top C consumer noteboo! vendor and the ma!er of the world&s best-selling and most award winning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the new digital era% ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today&s digital home, office and person, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, des!tops, Dee o5 and all-in-one P$s, noteboo!s, netboo!s, tablet devices, servers, multimedia and wireless solutions, networ!ing devices, and mobile phones% ;riven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS won C,##4 awards in 3-++, and is widely credited with revolutioni=ing the P$ industry with the Dee P$@% "ith a global staff of more than ++,--- and a world-class EF; team of C,+-- engineers, the company&s revenue for 3-++ was around USG++%( billion%