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Bible Believers' Newsletter #360

"We focus on the present Truth -- what Jesus is doing now. . ."
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thank ou for gathering together !ith us for fe""o!ship around the unchanging #ord of $od% John 8&'1-'2( "Jesus said to those Jews who believed on him, If you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". Sad" ( as !e disco)er in the )erses that fo""o!( those "naughty figs" !ere imprisoned * their o!n mindset and !ou"d recei)e neither truth nor freedom% +ut John( !ho throughout the +ook of ,e)e"ation represents Christ-s end-time +ride( " aw the !amb standing on Mount "ion, and with #im a hundred and forty$four thousand, having #is %ather&s 'ame written in their foreheads by faith. . . (nd in their mouth was found no guile) for they are without fault before the throne of *od" .,e)e"ation 14&1(/0% 1raise $od for the "good figs". 2his Ne!s"etter ser)es those of "ike precious faith% #hosoe)er !i"" recei)e the Truth ma feed their sou" from the !aters of the ,i)er of Life% 3)er thing here presented shou"d *e confirmed persona"" in our o!n +i*"e% % % 4our *rother in Christ( 5nthon $rigor-Scott

Torture, American Style

#hen pictures of Ira6i prisoners tortured and a*used * 7S troops appeared on te"e)ision screens and in ne!spapers across the countr ( man 5mericans recoi"ed in horror( disgust( and shock% 8o! cou"d mem*ers of the 7S mi"itar carr out such heinous acts against the peop"e !e had supposed" come to "i*erate9 Compounding this tragic iron is the fact that the +ush administration had repeated" offered Sadaam 8ussein-s use of torture against the Ira6i peop"e as one of the man prete:ts presented * the 7S go)ernment to tr and ;ustif its in)asion of Ira6% Full story: historiansagainst!ar%org commondreams%org commondreams%org Comment: <5d)ocates ha)e *een depri)ed of the right of communication !ith the "itigants= the ha)e recei)ed *usiness from the court and *een made stud it * notes of report and documents( defending their c"ients after the ha)e *een interrogated in court on facts that ha)e appeared< .1rotoco" 1>0% In Canada( 3rnst ?unde" has recei)ed "ike treatment%

Possible War Crime C ar!es "orce #ums$el% to Cancel Tri&

January 21, 2005 -- 7S @efence Secretar @ona"d ,umsfe"d cance""ed a p"anned )isit to $erman after a 7S human rights organisation asked $erman authorities to prosecute him for !ar crimes( @eutsche 1resse-5gentur .dpa0 has "earned% ,umsfe"d has informed the $erman go)ernment )ia the 7S em*ass that he !i"" not take part in the Aunich Securit Conference in Be*ruar ( conference head 8orst 2e"tschik to"d dpa on 2hursda % Full story: eng"ish%a";aCeera%net

'SA No( )*

No concept "ies more firm" em*edded in our nationa" character than the notion that the 7S5 is <No% 1(< <the greatest%< Dur *roadcast media are( in essence( continuous ad)ertisements for the *rand name <5merica is No% 1%< 5n office seeker sa ing other!ise !ou"d *e committing po"itica" suicide% In fact( an one sa ing other!ise !i"" *e "a*e"ed <un-5merican%< #e-re an <empire(< ain-t !e9 Sure !e are% 5n empire !ithout a manufacturing *ase% 5n empire that must *orro! E2 *i""ion a da from its competitors in order to function% 4et the de"usion is ineradica*"e% #e-re No% 1% #e"" % % % this is the countr ou rea"" "i)e in& No% 19 In most important categories !e-re not e)en in the 2op 10 an more% Not e)en c"ose% 2he 7S5 is <No% 1< in nothing *ut !eaponr ( consumer spending( de*t( and de"usion% Full story: austinchronic"e%com Comment: I am ad)ised that the p"a6ue on the 1acific side of the ne! #or"d #ar II Aemoria" in #ashington( @C% that records the !ords of I""uminus B%@% ,oose)e"t-s treasonous speech( <4esterda ( @ecem*er >( 1F41 - a date !hich !i"" "i)e in infam % % %etc%(< has *een recast( and the "ast three !ords( <so he"p us $od(< ha)e *een de"eted% Like Israe" and Judah of o"d( the empires of +a* "on( Aedo-1ersia( $reece( Imperia" ,ome( +ritain( Spain( Brance( 2urke ( $erman and ,ussia( ha)e a"" *een destro ed from !ithin( and * the same entit % No! the 7S5 and 1apa" ,ome are on the chopping *"ock( a"though together the !i"" ru"e for a season unti" the are <nuked< * Judaeo-Communist ,ussia%

Subscribers write+ ,art -ua.e Warnin!s*

California January 23, 2005 -- 3arth6uake thoughts are on m mind% 2he cats 6uit eating( and a"" is 6uiet% I-m certain" no prophet( and am "ike" !rong .for no!0% Societ is certain" *"inded * its o!n fo"" ( and !ou"dn-t heed a !arning if it !ere hand-de"i)ered .*ut then( it !as( !asn-t it0% Colorado January 25, 2005 -- 8a)e ou noticed a"" the !i"d anima"s mo)ing to!ard the Aid!est and eastern 7nited States9 2here are fami"ies comp"aining in the ,o""ing 1"ains regarding mountain cats%

/olocaust Ceremony in /al$ ,m&ty 'N

January 24, 2005 -- 2he 7N ha"" !as "ess than ha"f fu""( and Jordan !as the on" 5ra* nation to remain during 8o"ocaust memoria" speeches * 7N Secretar -$enera" Gofi 5nan and Boreign Ainister S ")an Sha"om% 5s 8o"ocaust sur)i)ors de"i)ered speeches in the first ceremon the 7nited Nations e)er has conducted remem*ering the 8o"ocaust( a group of ,ussian par"iament mem*ers demanded that se)era" <antiSemitic< Je!ish groups *e out"a!ed% 2he charged that the <democratic !or"d is under the economic and po"itica" contro" of internationa" Je!r < % % % 5nan opened the session sa ing( <2he e)i" !hich murdered 6(000(000 Je!s in the death camps sti"" threatens us toda %< +efore the ceremon ( 5nan said( <"ike it or not< peop"e !i"" "ink the 8o"ocaust !ith the 5ra*-Israe"i pro*"em in Israe"% Full story: israe"nationa"ne!s%com Comment: 5nan is married to a Je!ess% ,ussia has *een financed * #a"" Street and ru"ed * Je!s since it !as in)aded from the 3ast Side of Ne! 4ork in 1F1> fo""o!ing 1(000 ears of !ar% 2he kno! !hat the are ta"king a*out% Brom o)er the pu"pit& <+ut these others !ere not $od-s peop"e( the Je!s areH<

Not according to your +i*"e( preacherH $od made 8is Co)enant !ith the $enti"e( 5*raham and 8is Seed !hich is Jesus Christ !hom the 1rophet said !as *orn of neither Israe"ite nor $enti"e *"ood *ut * the !i"" and #ord of $od - "ike 5dam in the *eginning( and the Christian-s second *irth .,e)e"ation 1&/= John 1&1'0% "*od&s people" are 8is predominant" $enti"e e"ect - "all the families of (dam" - $o im to *e sure( *ut not the non-Semitic( anti-Semitic se"f-st "ed <Je!< !ho despise 5*raham-s seed .$enesis 12&1-'= $a"atians '&>-1>(2>-2F0% Bour hundred ears "ater( $od made a Co)enant !ith the nation of Israe"( not !ith Je!s% 2he La! of Aoses did not annu" $od-s promise to 5*raham% 2he La! !as gi)en to Israe" as a curse on account of their sinfu"ness .$a"atians '&18-1F0% Burthermore( Israe" *roke their Co)enant !ith $od in a matter of !eeks .3:odus '2&>-100% 2he menta"it *ehind Israe"i *ruta"it H Inside the 7N $enera" 5ssem*" ha""( Boreign Ainister Sha"om !arned of rising anti-Semitism% 2he Je!ish 5genc reported a sharp increase in ph sica" attacks against Je!s in 3urope( most" * Aos"ems and 5ra*s% Full story: a"khi"afah%info "i*ert forum%org

T e Original Si0 1illion were Si0 1illion 2ews w o starve% to 3eat %urin! Worl% War 4
2he fo""o!ing stories !ere printed in the 'ew +ork ,imes c"aiming that #or"d #ar I resu"ted in the star)ation of si: mi""ion .fi)e mi""ion in some accounts0 3astern 3uropean Je!s % % % Aentioned as an aside is the fact that near" a"" of the mone raised * the *ig capita"ists "ike Jaco* Schiff and the media *arons "ike #i""iam Bo: !ent to <So)iet ,ussia(<con6uered in 1F1> * Je!s from the 3ast Side of Ne! 4ork% Full story: o)erthro!%com Comment: 2he D"d 2estament speaks of a ;u*i"ee e)er fiftieth ear in !hich a"" de*ts are cance""ed( 8e*re! s"a)es !ere freed and an "and that !as mortgaged !as returned .Le)iticus 1/&100% It seems the "etter <)(< !hich in 8e*re! represents the num*er si:( has not *een copied so !ith 2a"mudic "icense the ra**is ha)e t!isted this to mean( <4ou sha"" return minus si: mi""ion<%

T e /orrors o$ Ausc wit5

<@espite thousands of detai"ed documents on the crematoria *ui"t to dispose of the *odies of t phus )ictims( not a sing"e piece of documentar e)idence has e)er *een produced to su*stantiate the e:istence of e)en one gas cham*er= not an order for construction( a p"an( an in)oice( or a photograph% @uring the hundreds of -!ar crimes- tria"s( nothing cou"d *e produced% 2here !ere no gas cham*ers at 5usch!itC or an !here e"se in !artime 3urope% Dn that I state m reputation and career< .1rofessor ,o*ert Baurrisson( !e Monde-. 2he @eath Camp( #i"he"m 8Itt" and the 3"usi)e JSi: Ai""ion-( #itness to 8istor ( #h did 8it"er In)ade 1o"and9 2he @iminishing Num*ers of 5""eged @ead in 5usch!itC( ,egarding the S"aughter of 3uropean Je!s( 2he 5usch!itC @eath ,egistr Ko"umes% 8o! odd that there is not a sing"e mention of gas cham*ers in $enera" @!ight 3isenho!er-s .rusade in /urope, #inston Churchi""-s ,he econd World War, or Char"es de$au""e-s Memoires de *uerre. 8ere-s freedom to him !ho !ou"d speak 8ere-s freedom to him !ho !ou"d !rite( Bor there-s none e)er feared that the truth shou"d *e heard( 3:cept he !ho the truth !ou"d indict .,o*ert +urns0%

1icrowavin! 4ra-+ 6Paci$yin!6 #ays Pose New /a5ar%s 4n 4ra-i

<2he -poppers- are capa*"e of using a com*o of 7LB( KLB( 78B and 38B !a)e"engths in an com*ination at the same time( sometimes using one as a carrier !a)e for the others(< 8ank e:p"ains( in a process ca""ed superheterod ning% 2he si"ent fre6uencies dai" s!eeping Ba""u;ah and other trou*"e spots are the same Na) <fre6s that dro)e !ha"es nuts and made them go astra onto *eaches%< Lsuiciding themse")es *ecause it painfu"" ruptures their e:treme" sensiti)e hearing sensi*i"ities( dri)ing them insane% - C,M Full story: !i""thomas%net 1;ma%dk

4nvesti!ation 2u%!ment
5n +i*"e +e"ie)er kno!s the !or"d is approaching a time of uni)ersa" s"aughter% 2he 7nited Nations and other g"o*a"ist organiCations ha)e p"ans for a massi)e cu"" in human popu"ation% Bi"ippinas of chi"d-*earing age !ere )accinated !ith tetanus shots containing a su*stance that !ou"d a"so render them inferti"e% 5 <one chi"d< po"ic has *een enforced in China% 5frica and 5sia ha)e *een infected !ith 5I@S% 2he ha)e managed !ars( re)o"utions and famines( and reduced farm producti)it as !e"" as acreage under cu"ti)ation on prete:ts such as preser)ing nati)e )egetation and ha*itat( com*ating sa"init ( reforestation( !ater conser)ation( and !or"d heritage% 2he encourage the introduction of genetica"" modified grains( !hi"e g"o*a"iCation is increasing the pressure for standardiCed anima" products from h *rid anima"s( diminishing the gene poo" so that !hen the h *rids e)entua"" fai" there !i"" not *e sufficient natura" *reeding stock to rep"enish f"ocks and herds% Aan once common *reeds are a"read e:tinct% 2he -hidden hand- of the d nasties that contro" the )isi*"e e"ite !ho manage their !or"d ha)e specia"ists in e)er fie"d to ensure Lucifer-s "ong-term strategies for one !or"d go)ernment unfo"d according to p"an% 5nd $od( "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance," sta ed the four !inds of #or"d #ar I !hich !ou"d other!ise ha)e cu"minated in the premature s"aughter of 5rmageddon *efore "all Israel is saved," according to #is 1"an% God has since een conductin! an "in#esti!ation $ud!ment," as %e did in the days of &ot and efore 'e uchadne((ar rou!ht Judah under Gentile dominion, to see )ho really elie#es .$enesis 18= Luke 1>&28-'0= ,e)e"ation 8&1'= 14&6-12= II Gings 240% 2oda the 5nge" of the Lord is sea"ing on" those !ho sigh and cr and endea)our to correct the a*ominations done * <seducing c"erg spirits( !orkings of de)i"s( h pocrisies in the church( head ( high-minded( ha)ing a form of god"iness *ut den ing the re)e"ations(< una*"e to distinguish the chi"dren of Israe" from sons of Cain( or take the <"etter< of the 1rophet-s #ords *ack to Scripture from $enesis to ,e)e"ation and to <the *ook of histor < as he taught us in order that the ma recei)e the Spirit * faith .#i""iam +ranham( 2he ,e)e"ation of the Se)en Sea"s( p% 1F1&60% 2hose !ho "ook !ith indifference on the sins of other men( "ike nationa" and communit "eaders or *"ind "eaders of "emmings !ho for the sake of their mea" ticket and po"itica" correctness side !ith the perpetrators of the ho"ocaust hoa: and enemies of Israe"( are partakers in their sin% Aasters of mind-manipu"ation ha)e *rain!ashed and trained us to react impu"si)e" !ithout thought "ike 1a)"o)-s dogs% Consider some of the ps cho"og to !hich !e !ere conditioned to react& ,oose)e"t-s 1ear" 8ar*or( the +a of 1igs( Israe"-s 1F6> #ar( the $u"f of 2onkin incident( Aoon "anding( FN11( a"-Oaeda( #A@( the 2rinit ( *aptism in three 2it"es( Judaism is the re"igion of Aoses( C"imate Change( 5I@S from monke s( energ crisis % % % the "ist goes on% *+ome e#ents do ta,e -lace - ut are not true. others are true - althou!h they never occurred* /0lie 1iesel, *&e!end of 2ur Time*34 <Conscious and scientific manipu"ation of the organiCed ha*its and opinions of the masses * pu*"ic re"ations counse"s e:perts( the in)isi*"e ru"ers !ho contro" the destinies of mi""ions % % % the most direct

!a to reach the herd is through their "eaders% % % a"" this must *e p"anned % % % indoctrination must *e su*t"e% It shou"d *e !orked into the e)er da "ife of the peop"e - 24 hours a da in hundreds of !a s % % % 5 redefinition of ethics is necessar % % % and the su*;ect matter of propaganda need not necessari" *e true< .Ca"d!e"" P ?anfagna( B"uoridation and 2ruth @eca ( p% 80% 5re you follo)in! my )ords, the )ords of 1illiam 6ranham and the )ords of your -astor7 2r are you ta,in! those )ords ac, to God"s 6i le and *the oo, of history* - not the conscious and scientific lies of -u lic relations e8-erts tau!ht in our schools, ut fact - to ensure the tie-ost of your soul is the mind of Christ, not some -sycholo!y of man9 Lord +ertrand ,usse"" !rote( <It ma *e hoped that in time an *od !i"" *e a*"e to persuade an one of an thing( if he can catch the patient oung and is pro)ided * the State !ith mone and e6uipment% 2his su*;ect !i"" make great strides !hen it is taken up * scientists under a scientific dictatorship< .2he Impact of Science on Societ 0% The )orld stands on this -reci-ice 4 4 4 ne8t to lemmin!s )ithin the circle of this :essa!e4 3Cekie" F foreto"d Ne*uchadneCCar !ou"d terminate Judah-s kingdom !ith great s"aughter and initiate the "times of the *entiles" !ho !i"" ru"e o)er Jerusa"em ti"" the consummation under the dominion of +a* "on( Aedo-1ersia( $reece and ,ome( as prophesied * @anie" a decade ear"ier .$enesis 2>&'F-41= @anie" 2= F&2>= Luke 21&240% 5s the times of the $enti"es dra! to a c"ose the e"ect Israe"ites !i"" catch the re)e"ation of Aessiah their Ging and 8is Oueen returning in g"or to destro the enem and dec"are( "0lessed is #e that comes in the 'ame of the !ord." $od !i"" then restore the Gingdom to Israe" in faith( and after 5rmageddon( in fact .5cts 1&6= Isaiah F&>= ,e)e"ation 1F0% 3Cekie"-s )ision re)ea"ed si: men !ith s"aughtering !eapons( and a se)enth representing the 8o" Spirit dressed in the righteousness of saints( *earing a !riter-s inkhorn% 2he Lord te""s 8im to mark the foreheads of those !ho ha)e the re)e"ation( and sa s to the others( "%ollow after #im through the city and kill) do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity) utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little children, and women) but do not approach anyone who is sealed; and begin at My anctuary. ,hey began at the elders before the temple. ,hen *od said, 1efile the temple, and fill the courts with the slain. *o forth2 (nd they went out, and killed in the city". $od had to"d Aoses to utter" s"a the Serpent-s seed peop"e !here)er the !ere found in the 1romised Land% +ut Joshua !as decei)ed and made a treat !ith these peop"e !hom +rother +ranham said( <!ou"d cheat ou out of our fa"se teeth if the cou"d%< 7pon disco)ering his deception( instead of o*e ing $od( he made them "hewers of wood and drawers of water." 2his seeming" minor compromise !ith the #ord has fo""o!ed Israe" to this da % 2he Church made the same mistake !ith the spiritua" Serpent-s seed% It is the "itt"e fo:es that spoi" the )ine% 1ut them out of the camp( or get out ourse"f% $race ran *efore ;ustice( *ut nothing !as said a*out marking in the temp"e% Indeed 3Cekie"-s ange"s *egan ki""ing at the 2emp"e% 5nd at the end of the $enti"e kingdom the four ange"s of ,e)e"ation >&1-' !i"" *egin ki""ing at the Katican and her 1rotestant image in the 7nited States( after the +east *reaks its co)enant !ith the Je!ish *anksters% 5s $od raised Ne*uchadneCCar to defeat apostate Judah and destro Jerusa"em-s temp"e( 8e has raised Judaeo-Communist ,ussia to destro the apostate church !hich !i"" "ead to 5rmageddon and the destruction of a"" "ife on earth% +ut *efore this s"aughter can *egin( 144(000 e"ect Israe"ites must *e *orn-again .,e)e"ation 6&11= 11&>-1'= 14&1-/(1'-200% 2he )ision of ,e)e"ation >&1-' is re)ea"ed to John( representing Christ-s end-time +ride in the fiftieth da of the 1entecosta" feast% 2he four horses of ,e)e"ation 6 ha)e gone forth( and the the reformation Aessages of the three ange"s of ,e)e"ation 14 - Justification * grace through faith( sanctification * the +"ood( and the *aptism !ith the 8o" $host( ha)e a"" *een de"i)ered( a"ong !ith the !arning to escape the mark of the *east% 2he )ision te""s us that $od *egan a re)i)a" and an <in)estigation ;udgment< under the Bourth Sea"( sea"ing those !ho sigh and cr for the a*ominations done in the Name of 8is Church% It *egan on Aa >( 1F46( the da after Israe" raised her f"ag in Jerusa"em( !hen the 5nge" of the Lord commissioned +rother +ranham to take a Aessage of hea"ing and Spiritua" re)i)a" to the !or"d% Israe" is $od-s timepiece( "When you see the fig tree .Israe"0 and all the trees .$enti"e *e"ie)ers( the churches of

a"" denominations0 putting forth buds, .or re)i)ing !ith ne! "ife0( know that summer .or har)est time and the first resurrection0 is nigh. ,his generation shall not pass away, till all is fulfilled" .Luke 21&'0-'2= Sirs( #e !ou"d See Jesus( Q/>-1211= ,e)e"ation 10&>= 14&F= 18&1-40% #e see "four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree". These four messen!ers of $ud!ment are the four horses that )ithstood Christ and %is 6ride under the first Four +eals as +atan rode forth con;uerin! a uni#ersal ,in!dom of his o)n, and to con;uer Christ"s ,in!dom4 8e assumed spiritua" authorit as mediator *et!een man and $od( po"itica" hegemon o)er ru"ers( demonic po!er - c"aiming communication !ith the dead "ike Aar and the saints( pronouncing anathemas( papa" infa""i*i"it ( transu*stantiation( forgi)eness for future sins and denominationa"ism( and fina"" his incarnation in the 1ope for uni)ersa" ru"e after the c"ose of the Bourth Sea" .2he Sea" of $od( p% '2&2'F0% The four an!els )ere "holding" or had effecti#e authority o#er the four )inds of the earth4 1inds si!nify )ar and strife, and the four )inds of $ud!ment )ere s-iritual or ecclesiastic. -olitical. demonic, and military force as outlined a o#e, for "who can make war with the beast" )hen +atan is incarnate )ith a solute -o)er o#er the nations7 2he four ange"s and the four !inds represent the fourth and fina" $enti"e #or"d po!er !hich has gathered into itse"f a"" the attri*utes of the pre)ious three *easts of @anie" >% Like!ise the e)i" attri*utes of the first three ,oman horses are united in the pa"e horse !hose rider !i"" attack natura" and Spiritua" Israe" under the Si:th Sea"% +ecause <Je!s< are impersonators of the Israe"ites the partake of their persecutions under the "ast *east and the four ange"s - )er "arge" at the hand of their o!n -hidden- "eaders - *ut !ithout the g"orious *"essing promised the e"ect of 5*raham-s natura" seed as the $enti"e da of grace !i"" *e o)er( and the 144(000 e"ect Israe"ites !i"" ha)e recei)ed their former rain !hen the incarnate Satan turns and destro s his o!n church% 2oo "ate for s"o! "earners - the trai" of the Serpent !i"" then *e )er c"ear% 'ote, at no time are the four )inds -re#ented from harmin! God"s ser#ant nation <srael4 7nder the Se)en 2rumpet ;udgments the are $od-s rod of chastisement !here!ith Israe" !i"" recei)e correction and *e forced *ack to the 1romised Land% Dn" in that p"ace can $od re)ea" 8imse"f to the nation% Dn" in Jerusa"em can the recogniCe Aessiah and mourn the atonement their peop"e ha)e re;ected to that time( !hich is !h ( since Ca")ar ( neither the four ange"s nor $od 8imse"f ha)e !ithhe"d !ar and strife from fa""ing upon Israe" and their image( the Je!s .@anie" F&26= Aatthe! 2>&24-2/= John 11&4F-/20% 2hese four ange"s stand at the four corners or cardina" points of the earth restraining the four !inds from !aging g"o*a" !ar against the *east from the earth - the 7nited States of 5merica and her apostate confederation of once 1rotestant churches= and the *east from the sea - Katican ,ome= and from hurting the trees - signif ing g"o*a" depopu"ation( and u"timate" the consummation of a"" "ife on earth( unti" the 144(000 Israe"ites are sea"ed% 2he "four winds of the earth" !ere not restrained from #or"d #ars I and II( and the !i"" not *e restrained from #or"d #ar III% #hen it enters its <hot< phase( after earth6uakes destro the @ome of the ,ock in Jerusa"em and sink Los 5nge"es( it !i"" in)ade the 8o" Land .@anie" 11&40-4/0 and main"and 7nited States !hich has not *een in)aded since her Ci)i" #ar( *ut since #or"d #ar II the 7N has made certain she "ost e)er !ar she has pro)oked% #hen the four ange"s "oose the four !inds after "Israel is born$again in one day," the Katican and the 7nited States !i"" *e <nuked(< igniting 5rmageddon .Isaiah 24&21= '0&26= 66&8= ?echariah '&F-10= ,e)e"ation 11&11-1'0% 1e ,no) the four an!els are the four horses ecause a east is a -o)er4 2nce +atan has centered all -o)er in himself /note the collecti#ist nature of the s-irit common to Judaism, =omanism and communism3 he )ill incarnate the -o-e and ride his -ale horse to -erdition4 7nder the Bifth 2rumpet after the end of #or"d #ar I( !hich !as the Birst #oe( the king of the *ottom"ess pit is identified to the Israe"ites and to !e $enti"es as "the 1estroyer" .,e)e"ation F&110% In ,e)e"ation 1>&8-11 !e find the *east po!er the ,oman Catho"ic church is contro""ing( and the papa" office( are from the *ottom"ess pit and !i"" *e incarnate * Satan on his pa"e horse ride to perdition%

2he Si:th Kia" !as poured out after #or"d #ar II( and *et!een the Si:th and Se)enth Kia"s the end-time +ride sees "three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth .singu"ar0 of the 1ragon .Imperia" ,ome0( and out of the mouth of the beast .1apa" ,ome0( and out of the mouth of the false prophet .or first pope0% ,hey are the spirits of demons, working miracles, which go forth to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of *od (lmighty. 0ehold, I come as a thief. 0lessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. (nd he .singu"ar0 gathered them together into a place called in the #ebrew tongue .for this is the time of <Jaco*-s trou*"e<0 (rmageddon" .,e)e"ation 16&1'-160% Satan incarnate( the rider on the fourth horse( !i"" gather the !or"d-s ru"ers to the *att"e of 5rmageddon * the inf"uence of three unc"ean spirits that come from his mouth under the "ast $enti"e !or"d empire% 5s +rother +ranham e:p"ained( in 1F'' the Lord sho!ed him se)en consecuti)e )isions that !ou"d a"" transpire *efore 8e came% <2he third )ision !as in the rea"m of !or"d po"itics for it sho!ed me that there !ou"d *e three great <isms(< Bascism( NaCism( Communism( *ut that the first t!o !ou"d *e s!a""o!ed up into the third% L5nd through the 7nited Nations DrganiCation the once se"f-re"iant #estern !or"d has *een s!a""o!ed up in internationa" socia"ism( tr ing to *u friendship in the <g"o*a" )i""age< * financing a uni)ersa" !e"fare state on *orro!ed funds - 3dM% 2he )oice admonished( <#atch ,ussia( !atch ,ussia% Geep our e e on the Ging of the North< .5n 3:position of the Se)en Church 5ges( p% '21= @anie" >&>8(200% +rother +ranham actua"" taught a -hidden- fourth <ism(< !hich is ,omanism( the dictatorship of the "mouth that spoke these great things" .@anie" >&>-8(1F-2/= ,e)e"ation 1'&1-100% 2hese three <isms< did not manifest unti" after #or"d #ar I% 2he 1rophet said the !i"" a"" !ind up in Communism and destro the *east from the sea and its image .,e)e"ation 1>&1'-16= 18&1-200% 2he first three natura" *easts of @anie"-s )isions coa"esce into Imperia"( and fina"" 1apa" ,ome( a demonic fourth monster *e ond his capacit to descri*e( in !hich Satan *ecomes incarnate% 2he first three horses "ike!ise coa"esce into Satan incarnate% So the four ange"s of ,e)e"ation >&1-' represent four stages of the incarnation of the rider of the four horses or <po!ers< of ,e)e"ation 6% 2hroughout the times of the $enti"es( and in particu"ar under ,ome-s dominion( Satan persecutes Israe" and preser)es ,ome and her image unti" the ha)e fu"fi""ed their uti"it !hen the !i"" *e annihi"ated preparator to enforcing the pure Luciferian !orship% ,e"igious persecution !i"" impact the +ride in the <s6ueeCe< fo""o!ing the opening of the Si:th Sea"% +ut after a short and po!erfu" demonstration of the Spirit in the manifestation of the Sons of $od( this "itt"e hunted and persecuted group !i"" go to *e !ith Jesus !hen the 8o" Spirit( !ho "cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, #urt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our *od in their foreheads" "ea)es earth in our trans"ation% ",hen that Wicked one shall be revealed, whom the !ord will consume with the pirit of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of #is &parousia& coming" to Israe" .,e)e"ation >&2-'= 1'&'10= II 2hessa"onians 2&>-120% Dnce the +ride is in the 1a"ace( Satan !i"" incarnate the pope and *ecome king-despot of the !or"d% 2he patriarch of the internationa" church and rea" pope of the uni)erse !i"" *e the king of the Je!s .1rotoco" 1>0% ,e"igious persecution !i"" strike the foo"ish )irgin and true Israe"ites% Brom the dedication of the ne! Jerusa"em temp"e the 2rinitarian *e"ief !i"" *ecome mandator % 2hen the s"aughter of Israe"-s prophets( their *orn-again discip"es and a"" !ho refuse Satan-s mark( !i"" *egin% #ith g"o*a" prosperit restored( the *east !i"" a*o"ish usur .1rotoco" 200( causing the Aone 1o!er( their tri*esmen and the +"ack No*i"it to s!itch a""egiance to ,ussia( and !ith the 144(000 Israe"ites sea"ed( Satan-s Judaeo-Communists are "oosed to destro the Katican and the 7nited States( igniting 5rmageddon .2he Sea" of $od( p% '2&2'F2400% Note ho! the $o minions of the Cit of London are maiming and ki""ing the defence forces of the once Christian #est% 2he ha)e e:patriated our industria" and producti)e economic *ase and transferred infrastructure( ;o*s and inte""ectua" propert into the enem -s territories% ,ea" capita" and pu*"ic uti"ities ha)e *een so"d to a"ien *anksters in e:change for fiat mone *acked * nothing and "oaned to us at

interest% @o ou see ho! c"ose !e are to !or"d go)ernment according to Satan-s *"ueprint9 No! consider the function of such e)ents as t!o #or"d #ars( the 7N( the Kietnam #ar( ,!anda( Goso)o( FN11( the <!ars< against po)ert ( drugs( terror( and the Co"d #ar( the in)asions and occupations of Ira6 and 5fghanistan( and the human and en)ironmenta" conse6uences of dep"eted uranium( agent orange( inocu"ation( of ps cho"ogica" shock and a!e that has o)erfi""ed reser)oirs of carefu"" crafted hatred and di)ision% 1orld 1ar < )as the e!innin! or sorro)s or irth -ains from )hich earth )ill rene) herself /:atthe) 24:>34 6rother 6ranham said it )ould ha#e culminated in 5rma!eddon at that time had the &ord not sto--ed the )ar +u-ernaturally4 ,e)e"ation >&2-'( "(nd I saw another (ngel ascending from the /ast, having the eal of the living *od) and #e cried with a loud 3oice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, 4,he 1estroyer, atan-. aying, 1o not harm earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our *od in their foreheads" .,e)e"ation 14&1-/0% 2he same 5nge" marked the faithfu" 8e*re!s !ho sighed and cried for the a*ominations done in Judah( and sought to correct those things *efore Ne*uchadneCCar took o)er the kingdom% God cannot seal %is elect ser#ants or deal )ith <srael outside the ?romised &and, ecause the Co#enant is )ithout effect outside the &and4 The sealin! 5n!el ascendin! from the sun risin! indicates the imminent restoration of the "fig tree" and the end of the a!es /:alachi 4:1-3. :atthe) 24:32-3434 2his !as confirmed on @ecem*er F( 1F1>( !hen $enera" 5""en* marched into Jerusa"em and took it under the prophec of ,e)e"ation >&2 !ithout firing a shot% 5pparent" the !ord passed do!n Dttoman "ines( <5""en* -s coming(< *ecame <5""ah is coming< * the time it reached Jerusa"em( and the 2urks surrendered% $od ne:t hardened the hearts of Ausso"ini .Bascism0( 8it"er .NaCism0 and Sta"in .Communism0 in the Second #oe of #or"d #ar II in order to force the Israe"ites *ack to 1a"estine !hich !as gi)en to the Je!s in 1F48% 7nder the $reat 2rump of the Si:th Sea" the 8e*re! prophets of ?echariah 4 and ,e)e"ation 11 !i"" gather 144(000 e"ect Israe"ites from the four !inds !hence the ha)e *een scattered for 2(/00 ears .Aatthe! 24&'10% 2here is no record of a command *eing issued to stop #or"d #ar I !hich ended m sterious" in 1F18 at the e"e)enth hour of the e"e)enth da of the e"e)enth month so that the e"e)enth hour 8e*re!s cou"d come into Christ and recei)e the same pa or *aptism !ith the 8o" Spirit as 8is $enti"e +ride .Aatthe! 20&6-160% +rother +ranham said that the *aptism !ith the 8o" $host !as not taught as the *aptism !ith the 8o" $host in Laodicea *efore #or"d #ar I( neither !as Scriptura" !ater *aptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ re)ea"ed% Jesus said( <5 man !ent out to !ork( and another !as emp"o ed an hour "ater( !ith additiona" "a*orers engaged throughout the da % #hen da !as done( the master paid the e"e)enth hour !orker the same portion as each of the others% So the "ast sha"" *e first( and the first "ast& for man are ca""ed *ut fe! are chosen%< God"s *chosen -eo-le* all recei#e e;ual eternal &ife4 5s !e re)ie! Church histor !e "earn ho! the mart rs "a*ored and surrendered their "i)es for the faith( fo""o!ed * the reformers !ho pra erfu"" "a*ored to understand the Scripture% 2he ministr of the se)enth ange" has since "restored the Word spoken by the mouth of all *od&s holy prophets since the world began," so !e "i)e in the da s !hen Christ is ca""ing 8is +ride out from the 15,2-#ord re)e"ations of these ear"ier !orkers( into the unit of the faith .Aatthe! 2/&6= 5cts '&1F-21= I Corinthians 1'&10= ,e)e"ation 18&40% 2his is the da of the restoration of the po!ers of $od for the <third 1u""< in the manifestation of the Sons of $od for the trans"ation .2he Sea" of $od( p% '>&2>/0% 2he under the Birst and Second #oes of the Bifth and Si:th 2rumpets( 1a"estine !as gi)en to the Je!s so that $od cou"d ca"" Israe" *ack from 5frica and the Aidd"e 3ast( and Judah from the four corners of the earth to the Land of the Co)enant .Isaiah 11&11-120% Israe"-s <in)estigation ;udgment< takes p"ace *et!een the Si:th and Se)enth 2rumpets !here the are separated from the !or"d then sea"ed into

Christ * the ministr their contemporar Aoses and 3"i;ah% #hen e:p"aining the <in)estigation ;udgment< +rother +ranham often descri*ed ho! a rai"!a *o:car must *e inspected after it is "oaded to ensure its cargo is secure( !ith no mo)ement( guaranteeing there !i"" *e no *reakage-s in transit% If there !as an "ooseness the inspector !ou"d condemn the car unti" it !as repacked( reinspected and !hen a"" !as satisfactor ( it !ou"d *e sea"ed to its destination% 2he 8o" Spirit fo""o!s this procedure *efore 8e sea"s us to the da of our redemption .3phesians 4&'00% The o $ecti#e of our Gentile *<n#esti!ation $ud!ment* is to "Examine ourselves / y the re#ealed 1ord of God )hich is the %oly +-irit3, whether we are in the faith! to prove our selves for we know that if "hrist is not in us we are reprobates" /<< Corinthians 13:534 #hi"e there is et time for repentance and correction !e are admonished to re)ie! the stature of the perfect Aan and rectif our shortcomings% II 1eter 1&2-12( "*race and peace are multiplied through the knowledge of *od, and of Jesus our !ord, as #is 1ivine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of #im who has called us to glory and virtue) whereby are given to us e5ceeding great and precious promises) that by these we might be partakers of the 1ivine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust." "0eside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity." "%or if these things are in you, and abound, they ensure you shall be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our !ord Jesus .hrist. 0ut he who lacks these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and has forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. Wherefore brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure) for if you do these things, you shall never fall) for so an entrance shall be ministered to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our !ord and avior Jesus .hrist." Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though you know them, and be established in the present ,ruth". If !e can conform to the measure of the stature of the perfect man( !e can *e confident that !e are sea"ed to the da of our redemption .3phesians 4&'00% n"'60%htm