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Engleza la Grdi

Santa /1 Santa Claus's Visit /2 To Santa Claus /3 The 24 of December/December /4 Winter Fairy /5 Christmas is here! /6 Can you tell me? /7 Father Christmas /8 ABC Snowman Chant /9 Rudolph, Rudolph /10 Warm mittens /11 Eight Little Reindeer/If /12 A Chubby Little Snowman /13 Christmas Acrostic/Christmas /14

In Hiding/Christmas presents /15 Here Is The Chimney /16 Santa's Reindeer/Sleigh Bells /17 Gingerbread Man /18 Santa/Santa Claus /19 A Shy Santa /20

Santa comes on Christmas Eve Seeking those who yet believe Through a frosty winter night In a sleigh with reindeer flight Bringing joy to large and small Merry Christmas one and all.

Santa Claus's Visit

With a click and a clack And a great big pack, Down through the chimney, Pretty nimbly Somebody comes on Christmas eve! If we are real nice And as still as mice, If we never peep, And are sound asleep, He'll fill our stockings, I do believe! And when we arise Next day our eyes Will grow big to see How perfectly He knew what we all wished to receive!
by Susie M. Best

To Santa Claus
Dear Santa Claus, I'll let you know The few things that I need, And if you'll bring them to me I'll be much obliged indeed. I want a horse and wagon, And a boat that's painted red, An elephant, a jumping-jack You need not bring a sled, For I have one very pretty; But I want a trotting-horse, A man who wheels a wheel-barrow, And candy, too, of course. Now, Santa dear, you'll not forget. I wish you'd write them down, And leave them all at my house When you journey through the town.
by Jennie D. Moore

The 24 of December
The clock ticks slowly, slowly in the hall, And slower and more slow the long hours crawl; It seems as though today Would never pass away; The clock ticks slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y in the hall.
Author Unknown


Trimming trees in stocking feet Eating all we want to eat. Giving presents to our friends This is how the whole year ends.

Winter Fairy
Winter fairy, come to me! Winter fairy, let me see: Funny snowmen, christmas trees, Snowflakes like some little bees.

Christmas is here!
Christmas time is here, Many friends that cheer. Magic trees that glow; Santa`s in the snow. Dear Santa, dear, Please try to come here! We will sing for you And we`ll hug you, too.

Can you tell me?

Do you know How is the snow? Is it black, or is it white? Is it dark, or is it bright? Is it cold, or is it hot? Can you tell me, or cannot? The snow is white, Cold and bright. All children know and love the snow.

Father Christmas
Here comes old Father Christmas, With sound of fife and drums, With mistletoe about his brows, So merrily he comes! Hurrah for Father Christmas! Ring all the merry bells! And bring the grandsires all around To hear the tale he tells. - Rose Terry Cooke

ABC Snowman Chant


Build a snowman just for me FGHIJ Please don't let him melt away KLMNO Is he melting? No! No! No! PQRST Down he melts away from me UVWYZ I'll build him againJust wait and see!

Rudolph, Rudolph
Rudolph, Rudolph what will you do? You can't guide Santa if your nose is all blue Rudolph, Rudolph what a funny fellow! Who will know it's you if your nose is all yellow? Rudolph, Rudolph your way cannot be seen. Through wintery weather if your nose is all green. Rudolph, Rudolph Santa has his sack. But you're not ready if your nose is all black! Rudolph, Rudolph Santa gave a wink. But what will Santa think if your nose is all pink? Rudolph, Rudolph the children are all in bed. Now we know you are ready, 'cause your nose is all red!


Warm mittens
I wiggle my left hand, I wiggle my right, Inside of my mittens, So warm and so tight.

I wiggle my pinkie, I wiggle my thumb, . So when I make snowballs, My hands don't get numb

Eight Little Reindeer

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 little reindeer Stand beside the gate, Hurry, Santa, said the five, So we will not be late. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 little reindeer Santa said, Please wait! Wait for three more little reindeer Then there will be eight.

If I were a pine With needles lean, If I were a fir With branches green, Do you know what I'd want to be? A shimmering, shining Christmas tree.


A Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman Had a carrot nose Along came a rabbit And what do you suppose? That hungry little bunny Looking for his lunch ATE the snowman's carrot nose Nibble, nibble, crunch!

Christmas Acrostic C is for candle giving us light. H is for holly with red berries bright. R is for reindeer up and away I is for icicles on Santa's big sleigh. S is for Santa with presents for me. T is for tree so pretty to see. M is for Mary the Mother so mild. A for the angel that sang for the child. S is for the star that shone so bright. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night! Christmas Christmas time is a beautiful time With lights all red and green, I think it is the prettiest time That I have ever seen!

In Hiding
Sh! Sh! I've hung my stocking up, And I'm hiding here to see If Santa's going to fill it up With Christmas toys for me.

Christmas Presents
See all the presents by the Christmas tree. (Hands in sweeping motion.) Some for you (Point to others.) And some for me. (Point to self.) Long ones, (Hands spread wide apart.) Tall ones, (Measure from the floor.) Short ones, too. (Hands close together.) And here is a round one (Make circle with arms.) Wrapped in blue. Isn't it fun to look and see All the presents by the Christmas tree? (Nod.)


Here Is The Chimney Here is the chimney (make fist, enclose thumb) Here is the top (place palm on top of fist) Open the lid (remove top hand) And out Santa will pop. (pop up thumb)


Santa's Reindeer
"Come Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen. Come Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen." Santa said, "I've counted to eight. We need to go. We can't be late! It's very dark this Christmas Eve night. We need someone to carry a light. Rudolph, of course you'll be fine. Now my reindeer number nine."

Sleigh Bells
Sleigh bells are ringing, Santa's on his way. Children are singing, Soon it's Christmas Day!


Gingerbread Man

Stir a bowl of gingerbread (stir as in bowl) Smooth and spicy brown Roll it with a rolling pin Up and up and down. (Pretend to roll) With a cookie cutter, (pretend to cut out) Make some little men. Put them in the oven (place in oven) Till half past ten! Sift the flour, mix the butter, Roll the dough for the cookie cutter. A white sugar star, A red Christmas bell, A brown teddy bear With a gingery smell. Christmas cookies taste so sweet, They're fun to bake and good to eat! 18

Santa Claus . Santa Santa Claus is big and fat He wears black boots And a bright red hat His nose is red Just like a rose And he ho ho ho's From his head to his toes

Two merry blue eyes A queer little nose A long snowy beard And cheeks like a rose A round chubby man A big bulging pack Hurrah for Old Santa We're glad he's come back! 19

A Shy Santa
Isn't it the strangest thing, That Santa is so shy? (hide face with hands) We can never, never catch him, (make fingers run) No matter how we try. It isn't any use to watch, (hold hand to eyes and look) Because my parents said, "Santa Claus will only come When children are in bed!" (shake finger)