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Prof f.Dr.W.Clau usTurtur Univ versityofAppliedScience esBraunschw weigWolfen nbuettel Salzd dahlumerStr.46/48, Germany y38302Wo olfenbuettel,

W Wolfenbttel l,2.Mai2011

Email:cw.turtur@ e

Thearticleispublishedat:http://www. h /display_observation.php p?observatio on_id=67 Abst tract: At [1], the auth hor suggeste ed an EMDR Rconverter, with such high h rotation nal speed th hat the rotational frequ uency caus sesseriouse engineeringproblems p for rtherealizat tion.Thustheauthornow wsuggestsa anEMDRcon nverterwithslow rotation,tomak keiteasytobuild b upapr rototype.

Artic clebody: The main probl lem with re egard to the e rotational speed of th he spinning magnet in [1] is the alignment a of f the frequencyofthe emechanicalrotationofthemagnet tothefrequ uencyoftheelectricalos scillationintheLCoscillation circu rical frequen uit. The ACf frequency of f the magnet tic poles pas ssing the coil has to follo ow the electr ncy in the cir rcuit. Infig gure33of[1 1],asolution ntothisprob blemwasind dicated,using gahighorde ermultipole magnet.

multipolemagnetarray, The problem of f this solution is: If the e dipolema agnet is replaced by a highorder m , the mag gnetic stray f field will be too diffuse to allow a p proper induc ction of ACvoltage v into the coil around the mag gnet. Theconsequenc ceisthattheEMDRconv verterwillno otrunproper rlywithahig ghordermulltipolemagn net.

Are emedytothis sproblemistheapplicat tionofaspe cialgeometr ryofseveralcoils,which havetotakeuptheinduced volta age from th he rotating magnets, m and which hav ve to genera ate the Lore entzforce (a and torque) accelerating g the rotating multipo olemagnetarray: a It should be very small coils wrapped w dire ectly around d the path of f the magne ets as close as possible e, so that the cross secti ion area of e each coil is ju ust large eno ough that th he magnets can c pass the coil. oil must be smaller tha an the dista ance of the magnetic p poles from each other. The And the length of each co cons sequence is, , that the ro otation of th he magnets m must be org ganized without a radius s arms (such h as they are e for insta ance used at t bicyclewh heels) and a central bear ring, becaus se each coil must describ be a closed loop around d the path hoftherotat tingmagnets s.

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Liter raturerefere ence: [1]Turtur, T C.W.(2011).Cons structionGuidelinesfora ZPEconver rteronthebasis b ofrealis sticDFEMco omputations, PHIL LICA.COM,IS SSN17513030,Articlenumber233, (3.April2011)