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kULL 121: NLW 1kIAL Ck

Sect|on 1. New tr|a| or recons|derat|on.
At any t|me before a [udgment of conv|ct|on becomes f|na|, the court
may, on mot|on of the accused, or at |ts own |nstance but w|th the
consent of the accused, grant a new tr|a| or recons|derat|on. (1a)

I. New 1r|a| v. Mot|on Ior kecons|derat|on

MN1 Mk
Crounds (Sect|on 2)
1.Lrrors of facL or lrregularlLles ln
Lhe proceedlngs LhaL wlll pre[udlce
Lhe rlghLs of Lhe accused
2. newly dlscovered evldence
(Sect|on 3)
Lrrors of facL or law
whlch requlre no
furLher proceedlngs.

LffecL 1he CourL wlll seL aslde lrregular
evldence. 1here wlll be Lrlal de
1he CourL wlll
slmply seL aslde and
glve a new [udgmenL

II. When you can f||e for new tr|a| or recons|derat|on
?ou can only flle a MoLlon for 8econslderaLlon or MoLlon for
new 1rlal wlLhln Lhe reglemenLary perlod.

III. Where you can f||e for new tr|a| or recons|derat|on
Sect|on 14, ku|e 124 ! Allows for Lhe flllng of a MoLlon for
new 1rlal ln Lhe CourL of Appeals on Lhe ground of newly
dlscovered evldence.
o 1hls applles Lo boLh clvll and crlmlnal cases.
o ln Lhe CourL of Appeals, once Lhe appeal ls perfecLed,
for as long as lL has [urlsdlcLlon, you can flle for a
MoLlon for new 1rlal.
o ?ou cannoL flle for an exLenslon.
Cenerally, you cannoL flle a MoLlon for new 1rlal ln Lhe
Supreme CourL. 8uL lf you do, lL ls lefL Lo Lhe CourL's dlscreLlon.
Lubr|ca v. eop|e ! Lven lf Lhe accused does noL appeal, buL lf
Lhe oLher accused appeals, and you dld noL appeal and lLs
favorable lL applles Lo or covers Lhe non-appeallng accused.
o ?ou appealed buL lL was denled so Lhe [udgmenL
became flnal, buL Lhe oLher accused who appealed
obLalned a favorable [udgmenL, wlll LhaL be Laken also ln
your favor? nC

IV. o|nt when per|od beg|ns to run
Sum|ran v. Damaso ! applylng Lhe neypes 8ullng, lf M8
denled, you have fresh 13 days Lo appeal.

V. 2
Mot|on Ior kecons|derat|on
ku|e 37 expressly prohlblLs Lhe flllng of a 2
M8 ln clvll cases.
Powever, ln pracLlce for crlmlnal cases, a 2
M8 ls frowned
upon. AlLhough, Lhere have been cases where Lhe Supreme
CourL allowed Lhe flllng of a 2

VI. now f||ed
1. CourL on lLs own lnsLance buL wlLh consenL of Lhe accused, or
2. Cn moLlon of Lhe accused.
Can Lhe prosecuLlon flle for an M8 or a Mn1? nC.

VII. If MN1 granted, how |ong does the court have to commence a new
30 days from noLlce of such order.
LxLendable up Lo 180 days from noLlce, lf Lhe perlod ls

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Sect|on 2. Grounds for a new tr|a|.
1he court sha|| grant a new tr|a| on any of the fo||ow|ng grounds:

(a) 1hat errors of |aw or |rregu|ar|t|es pre[ud|c|a| to the substant|a|
r|ghts of the accused have been comm|tted dur|ng the tr|a|,

(b) 1hat new and mater|a| ev|dence has been d|scovered wh|ch the
accused cou|d not w|th reasonab|e d|||gence have d|scovered and
produced at the tr|a| and wh|ch |f |ntroduced and adm|tted wou|d
probab|y change the [udgment. (2a)

I. kequ|s|tes for new|y d|scovered ev|dence
1. 1he evldence ls maLerlal
2. lL wasn'L avallable durlng Lrlal, desplLe Lhe exerclse of dlllgence
3. 1o conslder Lhe newly dlscovered evldence wlll change Lhe
ouLcome of Lhe case.
noLe: Can be LesLlmonlal, ob[ecL, documenLary.
Wr|t of nabeas Corpus of keyna|do de V|||a ! An Mn1 based
on newly dlscovered unA evldence of Lhe accused was noL
granLed because Lhe unA evldence was capable of belng
dlscovered or procured durlng Lhe Lrlal.

Sect|on 3. Ground for recons|derat|on.
1he court sha|| grant recons|derat|on on the ground of errors of |aw or
fact |n the [udgment, wh|ch requ|res no further proceed|ngs. (3a)

Sect|on 4. Iorm of mot|on and not|ce to the prosecutor.
1he mot|on for new tr|a| or recons|derat|on sha|| be |n wr|t|ng and
sha|| state the grounds on wh|ch |t |s based. If based on a new|y-
d|scovered ev|dence, the mot|on must be supported by aff|dav|ts of
w|tnesses by whom such ev|dence |s expected to be g|ven or by du|y
authent|cated cop|es of documents wh|ch are proposed to be
|ntroduced |n ev|dence. Not|ce of the mot|on for new tr|a| or
recons|derat|on sha|| be g|ven to the prosecutor. (4a)

Sect|on S. near|ng on mot|on.
Where a mot|on for new tr|a| ca||s for reso|ut|on of any quest|on of
fact, the court may hear ev|dence thereon by aff|dav|ts or otherw|se.

Sect|on 6. Lffects of grant|ng a new tr|a| or recons|derat|on.
1he effects of grant|ng a new tr|a| or recons|derat|on are the fo||ow|ng:

(a) When a new tr|a| |s granted on the ground of errors of |aw or
|rregu|ar|t|es comm|tted dur|ng the tr|a|, a|| the proceed|ngs and
ev|dence affected thereby sha|| be set as|de and taken anew. 1he court
may, |n the |nterest of [ust|ce, a||ow the |ntroduct|on of add|t|ona|

(b) When a new tr|a| |s granted on the ground of new|y-d|scovered
ev|dence, the ev|dence a|ready adduced sha|| stand and the new|y-
d|scovered and such other ev|dence as the court may, |n the |nterest of
[ust|ce, a||ow to be |ntroduced sha|| be taken and cons|dered together
w|th the ev|dence a|ready |n the record.

(c) In a|| cases, when the court grants new tr|a| or recons|derat|on, the
or|g|na| [udgment sha|| be set as|de or vacated and a new [udgment
rendered accord|ng|y. (6a)

I. Lffects of grant|ng a new tr|a| or recons|derat|on.
1. new Lrlal and granLed on errors of law or lrregularlLles ln Lrlal
! LveryLhlng shall be seL aslde and Laken anew. ln Lhe lnLeresL
of [usLlce, addlLlonal evldence may be adduced.
2. new Lrlal and granLed on newly dlscovered evldence
! Lvldence already adduced shall sLand, and new evldence wlll
be consldered
3. ALL cases:
! Crlglnal [udgmenL shall be seL aslde or vacaLed and a new
[udgmenL rendered accordlngly