The Golden book of Apis

By Navi Sallisac

This book begins with my academic studies into the occult. My path as many would agree is a preference. The ideas and methods written about in this book are obscure. They are a combination of Deitic magic,laveyan philosophy, and O.N.A initiation. These are subjects that indeed can be very dangerous. Especially if the person/persons using these concepts suffers from a history of mental illness!


With all of this said we shall start from the beginning using the bible of the hypocrites of the earth. Genesis 1:23 27. “So god created man in his own image, in the image of

god created he him; male and female created he them.” This in fact means that humanity has the capability if they so chose it to perform acts of god. In the passage above it states “god created man in his own image,” this indeed implies that god is an ever evolving force, humanity like god is always evolving and learning from everything and anything it might come in contact with. But unlike the supreme force that might exist, the bible being thousands of years old has not evolved regardless of time period nothing has been added but the book, it has indeed been changed to better suit the needs of the time period. Same rules different layout. For example: Moses is said to have existed during the late 12th dynasty of egypt. Many know his tale too well, enslaved by the monotheistic view of being a superior religion many people who are suppressed with the fear of burning in hell fail to read between the lines, add their own source of intellect and reasoning. Let’s examine a brief passage from the bible known as one of the Ten Commandments. DEUTERONOMY 5:2

6. “I am the lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.” 7. “Thou shalt not have no other gods before me.” To the common slave of god a person would see this as a rule that god gave to moses to give to the people that were freed. But to the Satanist, We ask ourselves why if god is such a powerful being did he feel the need to give mosses a tablet with rules to which the people will follow? If what the bible says is correct then was it not mosses who lead the slaves from Egypt? If god was ever so powerful why did he allow his people to be imprisoned in the first place? Plainly put when reading between the lines. It was not god who Moses was referring to in the Ten Commandments it was himself. As we progress onward through the demonic initiation process the practitioner will see various articles relating to other book that I in fact have read and incorporated their use of magical experience and initiation. To create an alternate path through the darkness, This is The Golden Book of Apis.

Who is Apis? An understanding of the golden bull.
Apis was originally considered the god of fertility in the early 2nd dynasty of Egypt. The god of fertility then went through its metamorphosis and became affiliated with death , the Apis bull was carved into a part of the sarcophagi in order to protect the deceased, this metamorphosis began in the beginning of the 22nd dynasty. Somewhere between the 2nd dynasty and 22nd dynasty Moses makes an appearance. EXODUS 32:6 31.” And Moses returned unto the lord, and said, oh, these people have sinned a great sin and have made them gods of gold.” 35. “ and they lord plagued the people, because they made the calf, Which Aaron made.” This makes sense seeing as how Moses was alive at the time that Apis was considered a god of fertility at the time

of this passage. This is the philosophy of Apis, this is a polytheistic religion consisting of self worship. How is self worship possible you ask? According to many psychiatrists the mind is divided into the conscience and sub-conscience. This is the religion of the sub-conscience.

The Age of man as a god
It is within man’s power to create his or her reality and universe. In the recent years there have been numerous new findings in the fields of science and medicine. Why Apis you ask? Simply put Apis stood once for fertility which some would view as self-preservation through the use of reproduction. Perhaps this is better to explain if you think of it in the sense of If humans were to stop having reproducing then the species would eventually become extinct. This brings us to a turning point, if I am a god then why would I need the use of self preservation? Self preservation can be viewed as survival of the fittest, as gods we must do what is in our own best interests to survive in this wilderness we call the world, never sacrifice your own freedom for any reason unless you want to and

are willing to take full responsibilities for the things you have done. Ultimately as a god, you are in charge of controlling your own life. Such as making your own intellectual decisions based on your situation and personal desires. Apistic magic works the same way, In a sense the little things you do using Apistic magic will influence the world, if you so choose as a god you would be able to do great things or if you so dare terrible things. A true god is capable of doing both and does so with no remorse. An ingenious man by the name of Anton Lavey has greatly influenced many others including myself. Anton Lavey wrote in his infamous book The Satanic Bible. (Page .25 the Nine Satanic Statements) 5. “Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!”

Becoming a God: What is the symbolic meaning of Apis?
Let us Begin this chapter with a look into another one of the passages from The Nine Satanic Statements. 8. “Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead

to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!” This passage speaks for it-self, by abstaining from anything that might bring any form of happiness or gratification you end up having compulsive attitudes leading to frustration. According to psychology most cases of psychosomatic behavior occurs when individuals fail to indulge. This also may impose on the abilities that any person might want to unlock using mind power. In a world devoid of a higher power that watches, guides, and answers prayer, we as gods must stand up put our feet down and refuse to put our lives in the hands of a being that couldn’t even begin to fathom what it’s like being human. Apis simply put stands for the worship of an idol other than the mainstream god. This is done by the use of “magical art” there are three parts to attaining something through the use of magic. 1. Willpower- this is the ability to believe that you can do anything. No matter how impossible it may seem all you need is to have faith in yourself and the rituals. 2. Focal points- another tool that is very useful is to focus on your goal. Write down what you want to happen, draw pictures, make sigils. Staring at the

sigils or pictures. Will cause the conscience to turn to the sub-conscience. An answer or hint is what the conscience mind would be looking for. 3. Mind portals- also known as nexuses or invocation/evocation circles. These are doors that you open in order to allow spirits demons and gods; Inhabit your body in order to cause the change that is wanted.

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