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The Pictorialist

February 2014 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photogra hic !ociety of A"erica #isco$si$ Area %a"era %lubs &rga$i'atio$ A$d the #isco$si$ Pri$t %ircuit (ichard )ehl* Preside$t+ ,athy -rau$* .ice Preside$t /i0ie 1owi$* Treasurer+ -ert 2arti$ger* !ecretary3Editor Meeti$gs are held the first Thursday of each "o$th fro" !e te"ber thru May at 4 " i$ the 1uther Ma$or %o$fere$ce (oo"* 4545 N6 92$d !t6* #auwatosa* #isco$si$ Our February Program Photo Seminars Too Good to Miss &ur February 7 "eeti$g rogra" will be de8oted to the sub9ect of ost rocessi$g6 #hat is $eeded fro" club "e"bers is 2 :or 7;< hotos* referably la$dsca es* as take$ before a$y ost rocessi$g or editi$g was do$e* lus the sa"e hotos after editi$g6 Tell if the origi$al i"age was a 9 eg or a raw i"age6 E0 lai$ what editi$g software was used* a$d the ste s used i$ editi$g6 =f there is ti"e left o8er* Phil -lock has bee$ asked to show his 1ighthouse series of hotos6 Those of you who had ri$ts i$ the 2arley e0hibit i$ %ity 2all* a$d did $ot get your ri$ts back at the >a$uary "eeti$g ca$ ick the" u at the February "eeti$g6 Outings #e $eed to la$ so"e outi$gs6 Take a look at the suggestio$s i$ our web site* check the $ews a er for co"i$g e8e$ts* a$d be re ared to suggest laces for us to go as a grou 6 Two hoto se"i$ars are co"i$g u i$ the $ear future* a$d both feature ?$a"e@ hotogra hers who are k$ow$ to be e0celle$t rese$ters6 The first o$e is s o$sored by #A%%&* a$d will feature the $ature hotogra her >oe 1eFe8re6 =t will be !aturday* March 22* fro" 9a" to 5 "* at the Midway 2otel -rookfield* 1005 !6 Moorla$d (oad6 For a "e"ber of a #A%%& club the cost will be A50 if aid by February 22* a$d A45 after that6 %heck the #A%%& web site for "ore i$for"atio$ a$d for the registratio$ for"6 The other se"i$ar is the #ehr Nature %e$ter %a"era %lubBs 2$d a$$ual se"i$ar* a$d it will be rese$ted by >e$$ifer 1u* a %a$o$ E0 lorer of 1ight6 =t will be held !aturday* >u$e 14* fro" 12 to 5 "* i$ the 1ubar Auditoriu" of the Milwaukee Art Museu"6 The cost is o$ly A156006 To register go to wwwCDDw$cca"eraclub6co"* a$d click o$ the e8e$ts li$k* the$ click o$ the register li$k i$ the botto" right cor$er of the age6 Photos at the Wauwatosa Library Through >a$uary* hotogra her (ichard 2e$derso$ has a show titled ?Earth %olor@ i$ the #auwatosa

Public 1ibrary Firefly (oo"6 =t is a good show of $ature hotos* take$ "ostly i$ Michiga$6 WACCO Competition Results 2ere are how "e"bers of our club fared i$ the No8e"ber #A%%& co" etitio$6 >udges for the e8e$t were /r6 )o$g3(a$ Ehu* Feorge !a$Guist* a$d Feri 1aeh$6 =$ & e$ Mo$o Pro9ected* -ert 2arti$ger wo$ a$ 2M for ?!ky 1ight6@ =$ Nature %olor Pro9ected* ,athy -rau$ wo$ two 2Ms* for ?Polar -ear -attle@ a$d for ?Arctic Fo0 a"o$g (ocks6@ -ert wo$ two 2Ms* for ?Flowers o$ (oadside@ a$d for ?!u$set a$d Two Trees6@ =$ Nature Flowers Pro9ected* (uth -aer wo$ a$ 2M for ?/ahlia6@ -ert wo$ $ 2M for ?Nigella 1o8e i$ a Mist6@ =$ & e$ %olor Pro9ected* ,athy wo$ a$ 2M for ?!u$rise at Ma""oth6@ -ert wo$ a !il8er Medal for ?!ilos a$d -ar$6@ 1i$da 1ee wo$ a$ 2M for ?#isteria i$ Portugal6@ =$ & e$ !"all %olor Pri$t* ,athy wo$ a$ 2M for ?#hite !a$d )ucca6@ =$ & e$ 1arge %olor Pri$t* 1ee$a Meyers wo$ a Fold "edal for ?Ttri le Threat6@

Loo ing Ahead At the March "eeti$g we will 9udge #isco$si$ Pri$t %ircuit hotos* a$d after 9udgi$g the"* critiGue the"6 !"hibit S#hedule at Luther Manor The $e0t e0hibitors at 1uther Ma$or will be >erry 2arders a$d Fe$e Newli$6 They will ha8e a 9oi$t show whe$ the e0hibit s ace beco"es a8ailable* robably by the e$d of >a$uary6 #he$ that co"es dow$* after about a "o$th* ,arre$ a$d Michael >eske will e0hibit* a$d after that -ert 2arti$ger will take a tur$6 Treat S#hedule Foi$g al habetically :sort of<* the rotatio$ will beC February 7 H 1i$da 1ee March 7 H /i0ie a$d >oh$ 1owi$ A ril I H >oa$ 1a$ge$ohl May 1 H )ear e$d co" etitio$

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