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Introduction Functions of the Planning Commission Organizational Structure

Institutional Linkages

Introduction Ra id im ro!ement of li!ing standard of the masses "as the rime goal of #angladesh liberation struggle in $%&$' (his !ision for higher li!ing standard for the masses has been enshrined in the #angladesh Constitution' (he state of #angladesh through its Constitution )article*$+, committed to a higher li!ing standard for its eo le b- ro!iding basic needs to all its citizens through lanned de!elo ment' .ith this ob/ecti!e of lanned de!elo ment for the countr-0 the #angladesh Planning Commission "as established in 1anuar- $%&2' (he #angladesh Planning Commission had its roots in re*inde endence #angladesh' In the mid $%+3s a Pro!incial Planning #oard "as established under the United Front 4o!ernment of the then 5ast Pakistan ) resent #angladesh,' It "as an im ortant agenc- for formulating in!estment rogrammes and for negotiating "ith the Central 4o!ernment of Pakistan for an ade6uate share of the financial resources for the de!elo ment of 5ast Pakistan' (he Planning #oard undertook the task of a raising and e!aluating 5ast Pakistan de!elo ment ro/ects of a certain size' Later the #angladesh 4o!ernment in e7ile during the "ar of inde endent in $%&$ established a Planning Cell0 "hich "as an embr-onic start of the resent Planning Commission' (he Planning Cell established during the "ar of liberation "as mainl- concerned "ith formulating a rogramme of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the econom- of ost*inde endence #angladesh' One of the first decisions the #angladesh 4o!ernment made after returning from e7ile "as to establish the Planning Commission and to a oint the 8e ut- Chair erson and members of the Commission in 9$ 1anuar-0 $%&2' (he Cabinet 8ecision in establishing the Planning Commission laid do"n ten functions for the Commission' (his can be brought do"n to three broad sets of functions'

to re are the short and mid*term and long*term lans !iz' Annual 8e!elo ment Programme0 Fi!e :ear Plan and Pers ecti!e Plans; to make recommendation as "ell as being in!ol!ed in the rocess of deliberation on a range of olicies and institutional changes "hich "ere necessar- for the im lementation and realisation of the Plan ob/ecti!es; and to co*ordinate the economic olicies0 both short and long*term0 to be under taken b- the !arious ministries'

In addition the Planning Commission "as to ser!e as the Secretariat for ma/or economic olic- 6uestions and for initiating the a raisal of de!elo ment ro/ects and rogrammes b- the <ational 5conomic Council )<5C,' (he <5C "as created to ser!e as the economic mini*cabinet0 consisting of the main economic ministers of the cabinet and headed b- the Prime =inister'
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Functions of the Planning Commission: (he #angladesh Planning Commission is the central lanning organization of the countr-' It determines ob/ecti!es0 goals and strategies of medium and short*term lans "ithin the frame"ork of long*term ers ecti!e and formulates olic- measures for the achie!ement of lanned goals and targets' Its acti!ities includes the follo"ing elements of de!elo ment lanning> Polic- Planning> determination of goals0 ob/ecti!es0 riorities0 strategies and olic- measures for de!elo ment lans; Sectoral Planning> identification of the role that the !arious sectors of the econom- are re6uired to la- in the conte7t of the Plan ob/ecti!es and goals; Programme Planning> formulation of detailed resource allocation to realize the Plan ob/ecti!es and goals;