Reverend James Cook. (b.

James Cook was the son of Joseph Cook and Catherine Sinclair. After twenty years with HBC James’s father, Joseph Cook, retired to Red River. By 1 !", he had 1# years in as a schoolteacher, clerk and interpreter for the Ch$rch %issionary Society at Red River. He worked with Reverend &illiam Cockran and Reverend John Smithh$rst. He earned only '#( per year whereas the )$ropean catechists received '1(( for doin* less work. Commentin* on the pay disparity he said+ ,- s$ppose they will say, .it is/ 0eca$se - am only half an )n*lishman. 1his is very tr$e, 0$t my *ood Sir, - can eat as *ood a pl$m p$ddin* as any )n*lishman.2 James’s two 0rothers 1homas .0. 1 13/ and )dward .0. 1 !4/ were also ministers. James %arried %ary %atilda Br$ce, the da$*hter of James Br$ce and %ary %c5a0 on J$ne 6, 1 #3 at St. John’s. • • • • • • • James and %ary had the followin* children7 %ary Ann, 0orn A$*$st 14, 1 #3. Catherine Ro0ina, 0orn %arch 81, 1 "6. Christiana, 0orn J$ly 14, 1 "!. %artha, 0orn 9cto0er 18, 1 "". )dwin, 0orn 5ovem0er 1, 1 " . :eor*e Her0ert, 0orn ;e0r$ary !, 1 46.

Compiled 0y <awrence Barkwell Coordinator of %etis Herita*e and History Research <o$is Riel -nstit$te

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