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com Data Loader for Oracle Data Loader is a powerful tool to load data from Excel or CSV files into Oracle EBS / ERP 11i / R12 t rou! front end forms" #t pro$ides an eas% and cost effecti$e solution for loadin! test or le!ac% data into Oracle &pplications" &lt ou! it is speciall% 'uilt for loadin! data into Oracle &pplications( #t can 'e used to load data in an% application )orms runnin! under *indows" #t does not re+uire an% special tec nical ,nowled!e and can 'e used '% an% user as data is loaded t rou! front end forms #t also as a separate tool -./L )orms Data Loader for loadin! data from Excel or delimited files into -./L forms also ,nown as Oracle Self Ser$ice )orms" Data Loader lets %ou load data t rou! /acro loadin! 0simulated ,e%stro,es1 onl% Data Loader lets %ou load data t rou! /acro Loadin! 0simulated ,e%stro,es1 met od and )orms Record and Pla%'ac, met od" Data Loader can 'e used for testin! and e$aluation" #t lets %ou load data t rou! /acro Loadin! 0simulated ,e%stro,es1 met od and )orms Record and Pla%'ac, met od" #t is full% functional except t ere is a 12 records limitation" Data Loader comes wit -./L )orms Data Loader" * ic is now t e c oice of all Oracle ERP professionals to load data into Oracle Self Ser$ice forms3 #mportant )eatures of Data Loader are Loads data directl% into front end forms t us no direct connection to t e data'ase is re+uired" Completel% transparent to t e application" &pplication 'e a$es as data is entered '% a user" &ccurate" &ll $alidations define in t e application forms are performed" 4seful for de$elopers w o a$e to feed data into forms repeatedl% w ile testin! applications" 4seful for loadin! le!ac% data into applications w ere data cannot 'e loaded directl% into ta'les easil%

-ow Data Loader loads data t rou! /acro Loadin! met od Data Loader fills data in )orms '% simulatin! ,e%stro,es as t ou! t%pe '% a user" #t pro$ides a spreads eet interface w ere %ou can enter t e data and ,e%stro,es to send to t e forms" Buildin! Load is +uite eas%( %ou can learn 'uildin! data loads '% 5ust spendin! few minutes or use macro recordin! feature w ic automaticall% prepares t e load as %ou enter a sample record into t e tar!et form" #t can 'e used to load data in $irtuall% an% t%pe of application form w et er it is S&P or -./L or an% ot er application /acro loadin! met od is strai! t forward and simple met od to load data" -owe$er man% a times t e load !ets distur'ed due as%nc roni6ation 'etween t e speed wit w ic Data Loader send t e ,e%stro,es and t e time ta,en '% t e tar!et application to process t e ,e%stro,es" /ost of t e time it is fine tuned '% insertin! .ime Dela%s and reducin! t e speed wit w ic data is send to t e tar!et application"

-ow Data Loader loads data t rou! )orms Record and Pla%'ac, met od" Data Loader exploits t e Oracle )orms Record and pla%'ac, feature" #n t is met od t e loadin! is done in 7 steps" 11 Oracle &pplication is run in record mode and t e user as to enter atleast two sample records in t e desired forms" 21 &fter user finis es enterin! sample records( Oracle will !enerate one recorded file in t e forms ser$er" 4ser as to open t is file in Data Loader and populate data into t is file from Excel or an% delimited files" 71 &fter t is user as to place t is file in t e same location in )orms Ser$er w ere recorded file is found and t en run Oracle &pplication in Pla%'ac, mode" &s %ou run t e Oracle &pplication in pla%'ac, mode Oracle will automaticall% load all t e records w ic %ou a$e populated in second step" #t is $er% fast almost 12 to 22 times faster t an /acro loadin!" #ntroduction to -./L )orms Data Loader -./L )orms Data Loader 0-DL1 is a separate tool( w ic comes wit Data Loader( to load data from CSV / Delimited / Data'ases into an -./L )orm" #t is a supplement to )orms Data Loader .ool w ic uses /acros to enter data in )orms" -./L )orms Data Loader pro$ides a uni+ue first of its ,ind and con$enient and cost effecti$e solution for loadin! data in -./L forms or Oracle Self Ser$ice )orms" 8ou can load t ousand of rows in a $er% s ort time wit out !ettin! an% errors" 8ou can find more information from Data Loader official Site www"formsdataloader"com" 8ou can download t e )ree .rial edition of Data Loader '% Clic,in! -ere