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CONFIGURATION OF G&R PANELS (33kV & 11KV) Each panel shall c ns!s" # "he # ll $!n%&

SI. No.

Description of Relays

'UANTIT( *US TRANSFOR COUPLER )ER panel 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 no for each Isolator 1 no for each *arth switch 1 I no for each Isolator 1 no for each 0 *arth switch 1 1 1 1 1 578 FEE+ER PANEL 1 1 1 1 1 no for each -Isolator 1 no for each *arth switch 1 1 no for each Isolator 1 no for each *arth switch 1 1 1 1 1 578 -

1 2 3 % ( ) + ./ 11 11 12 13 1% 1(

Ammeter with selector switch Wattmeter Pistol ! rip !" control switch . # $ Re& in&icatin lamp for in&icatin close .position of '!"

Re& in&icatin lamp for in&icatin 1 no for close' posit ion of Isolator each isolator Re& in&icatin lamp for in&icatin 1 no for close position of -*arth switch each *arth switch ,reen in&icatin lamp for in&icatin 1 open position of !" ,reen in&icatin lamp for in&icatin 1 no for each open position of Isolator Isolator ,reen in&icatin lamp for in&icatin 1 no for each *arth open position of *arth switch switch 2ellow in&icatin lamp for a3to trip 1 "l3e in&icatin char in lamp for sprin with 1 1 1 1 578 1

Ann3nciation win&ows associate& ann3nciation relay

P3sh 43ttons for Alarm accept $ Reset$ 5amp test 6imic to represent S5D with Semaphore in&ication .. 9oltmeter with selector switch

1) 1+ 11. 21 21 22 23 2% 2( 2) 2+

!3t o3t mo3ntin an& wirin an& selector switch *ner y meter 896 8rip !irc3it S3per:ision relays D! S3pply s3per:ision relays A! s3pply s3per:ision relay

for W8I

1 5ot 1 1 1 1set 1 3 1 1 1 1

1 1 1 1 set -

1 1 1 1 1 set -

;la relays0 a3< relays0 timers trip relays etc as per scheme re=3irement "3s fre=3ency meter >Di ital? "3s healthy in&ication lamps A3<iliary relay for "3cholt@ 2 7$! 1 *$; relay Static0 instantaneo3s 3 Phase P8 ;3se ;ail3re Relays 9olta e A 111 A! 6aster 8rip Relays s3ita4le for operation at 2%9 D! with s3fficient n3m4er an& confi 3ration of contacts A3<iliary Relays for Anti p3mpin 0 Density switch !ontact m3ltiplier etc as may 4e re=3ire& Power ;actor meter >Di ital?


1 5ot

1 5ot

1 5ot




1.00.00 1.01.00
2.00.00 2.01.00

In addition to the requirements stipulated in Chapter-GO, the control/relay board shall be supplied completely assembled and ired as per appro!ed schematics ith all necessary items as detailed.

Control panel shall be o" simple# desi$n ith all control s itches, indicatin$ lamps, semaphore indicators, name plate%, relays, au#iliary relays, timers, annunciators and instruments mounted on "ront "ace o" the panel ith hin$ed door at the bac&. 'anels shall be pro!ided ith double lea" door in case the idth is more than (00mm.
B ' .



Control panel shall be "ree standin$, "loor mountin$ type and shall comprise o" structural "rames enclosed completely ith smooth "inished, cold rolled sheet steel o" thic&ness not less than 2 mm "or ei$ht bearin$ members o" the panel and 1 mm "or sides and top. ) o coats o" sto!ed lead o#ide primer shall be applied a"ter proper de$reasin$, pic&lin$, rinsin$, phosphate and acid treatment alter completion o" all eldin$ or&. ) o coats o" synthetic enamel "inish paint shade *+2 as per I,-. shall be sprayed therea"ter. Inside o" the panel shall be $lossy hite. /ach coat o" "inishin$ shall be properly sto!ed. )he paint thic&ness shall not be less than .0 0nicrons. 1inished parts shall be coated by pealable compound by sprayin$ method to protect "inished sur"aces "rom scratchin$, $rease, dirts and oily spots durin$ testin$, transportation, handlin$ and erection. 2oors, cutouts etc. shall be pro!ided ith neoprene rubber $as&et and de$ree o" protection shall be I'-31. 'anel shall not be more than 2300 mm hi$h and shall be pro!ided ith3a4 b4 c4 d4 e4 5emo!able $lands, $land plates 6scre ed type made o" brass4 "or bottom entry cables. )erminal bloc&s "or e#ternal connection. 7i"tin$ lu$s/eye bolts. ,pace heater ith on/o"" s itches, thermostat 8 9C:. Incandescent panel lamp ith door s itch -

$4 h4
2.1(.11 2.1).11 2.1+.11

.;, 2<0 =, 3 pin soc&et outlet

'ro!ision "or loc&in$ doors 2oor handles

9etal channels ith anchor bolts and necessary hard are shall be "urnished three

when concrete fo3n&ations of control room are po3re&. Panels shall ha:e a&&itional rolle& channel plinth at the 4ottom with smooth 4earin s3rface. Panels shall 4e fi<e& on the em4e&&e& fo3n&ation channels with inter:enin layers of anti-:i4ration strips ma&e of

shocC a4sor4in materials which shall 4e s3pplie& 4y the !ontractor. All e=3ipment on an& in panels shall 4e mo3nte& an& completely wire& to the terminal 4locCs rea&y for e<ternal connection. 8he e=3ipment on front of panels shall 4e fl3sh mo3nte&. No e=3ipment shall 4e mo3nte& on panels &oors. $ 8he lowest mo3ntin plate shall 4e not less than %(1 mDn from 4ottom of the panel an& the center lines of operatin han&les of control$selector switches. P3sh 43ttons0 etc.0 shall 4e not less than +(flDnnEan& not more than 1)11 mm from 4ottom of the panel. B FGGG A mimic &ia ram showin the sin le line representation of the system shall 4e incorporate& on panel front 6imic shall 4e ma&e of 12.( mm. wi&e an& 3 mm thicC enamel painte& al3min3m strips. It shall 4e fastene& with pins or screws an& n3ts on the panel. ;ollowin colo3r co&in shall 4e followe& for the mimic &ia ram H 33 C9 11 C9 Ne3tral Si nal re& - sha&e (3+ of ISH( Salmon pinC - sha&e %%3 of ISH( "lacC


;n earth bus o" G,/copper "lat o" adequate section shall be pro!ided. ?hen se!eral panels are mounted ad0oinin$ each other, the earth bus shall be made continuous and necessary connectors/clamps "or this purpose shall be included in the scope o" supply. ,teel structure o" the cubicle and non-current carryin$ metallic parts o" all panel mounted de!ices shall be suitably earthed. )he colour code o" earthin$ ires shall be $reen. /arthin$ ire shall be connected on terminals ith suitable clamp connectors and solderin$ shall not be permitted. 7oopin$ o" earth connection hich ould result in loss o" earth connection to other de!ices hen the loop is bro&en sha@l>not be permitted. C) and =) secondary neutral and common lead shall be earthed at one place only at the terminal bloc&s here they enter the panel. ,uch earthin$ shall be made throu$h lin&s so that earthin$ may be remo!ed "rom one $roup ithout disturbin$ continuity o" the earthin$ system "or other $roups. )he earthin$ scheme shall be appro!ed by the O ner. Control s itch "or circuit brea&er and isolator shall be sprin$ return to neutral type ith pistol $rip handle. )hey shall be rotary type . ith escutcheon plates clearly mar&ed to sho the "unction and position. )he s itch shall be o" sturdy construction suitable "or mountin$ on panel "ront. )he contact ratin$ shall be suitable "or the application. 9iniaturised or discrepancy type o" control s itches "or circuit brea&er operation are also acceptable. )hese shall include necessary au#iliary relays ha!in$ indicators and its contacts shall be adequately rated "or the "unction as desired.






CONTROL & PROTECTION PANELS Indication lamps ith translucent lamp co!ers shall be pro!ided at the top o" each control s itch "or status indication purpose. Control s itch "or brea&er shall ha!e three indication lamps. 5ed "or brea&er AOBA condition, Green "or brea&er AO11A condition and ?hite "or brea&er A;uto )ripA condition. Indicatin$ lamps shall be complete ith bayonet type "ilament lamps, resistors and lenses. )hey shall be replaceable "rom "ront o" the panel. 5esistors shall be pre"erably o" built in type. )he atta$e and resistance o" the lamp shall be . to 10 ? and <000 to (000 ohms respecti!ely "or 220/2<0 =. Indicatin$ lamps and resistors shall ithstand 120C o" rated !olta$e on a continuous basis.
'osition indicators o" AsemaphoreA type shall be pro!ided as part o" the mimic dia$rams on panels "or indicatin$ the position o" isolator / earthin$ s itches. )heir strips shall be the same colour as the associated mimic. 'osition indicator shall be suitable "or either ;C or 2C operation as speci"ied, not e#ceedin$ 2..? and shall ithstand 120C o" rated !olta$e continuously. ;ll protecti!e relays shall be "lush mounted on panel ith connections made "rom inside. )hey shall ha!e transparent dust ti$ht co!er remo!able "rom "ront. ;ll protecti!e relays shall ha!e a dra out construction "or easy replacement "rom the "ront. )hey shall either ha!e built-in test "acilities or shall be pro!ided ith necessary test bloc&s and test s itches located immediately belo each relay. )he au#iliary relays may be "urnished in non-dra out cases. )he contact multiplyin$ au#iliary relays may be located inside the au#iliary compartment and may be o" "i#edtype. ;ll ac relays shall be suitable "or operation at .0 DE.llO= =) secondaries and 1 amp C) secondaries, dc au#iliary relays and timer shall be desi$ned "or dc !olta$e speci"ied and shall operate satis"actorily bet een F0C and 110C o" rated !olta$e. )he protecti!e relays shall be suitable "or e""icient and reliable operation o" the protectin$ scheme described in the speci"ication. Becessary au#iliary relays and tuners required "or interloc&in$ schemes "or multiplyin$ o" contacts suitin$ contact duties o" protecti!e relays, monitorin$ o" control supplies and circuits, loc&out relays, monitorin$ o" control supplies 8 circuits, etc. and also required "or the complete protection scheme described in the speci"ication, shall be pro!ided. )he protecti!e relays shall ha!e at least t o potential "ree output contacts. ;u#iliary relays and timers shall ha!e contacts required to complete the scheme. Contacts shall be sil!er "aced and shall ha!e sprin$ action. ;dequate number o" terminals shall be made a!ailable on the relay cases "or applicable relayin$ scheme. ;ll the spare contacts shall be ired to terminal bloc&s. . -\ )erminal bloc&s shall be 1100 = $rad0s@lO ;mps rated one piece moulded complete ith insulatin$ barriers, clip on type terminals, ashers, nuts, identi"ication strips leads shall be pro!ided ithAisolatin$ lin&s and shortin$ lin&s. 20C spare terminalsr shall beGproyided in the panel. ;ll panel irin$ "or e#tema)Honnections Ishall

2.11.00 2.12.00

2.13.00 2.1<.00

2.1..00 2.1*.00


CONTROL & PROTECTION PANELS terminate on separate terminal bloc&s, hich shall be suitable "or terminatin$ stranded copper conductors o" 2.. "rom each side.
2.1F.00 ;larm annunciation o" bac&-li$hted name plate type ith "lasher and bell shall be pro!ided on the panel "or dra in$ attention o" operators durin$ "aults or abnormal operatin$ conditions. ;larmin$ conditions shall co!er the "ollo in$a4 b4 c4 d4 2.1(.00 Circuit brea&er auto trip )rans"ormers buchholE alarm )rans"ormer indin$ temp, alarm )rans"ormer oil temp, alarm )rip ;larm

;larm ;larm

;larm ;nnunciation system shall be o" solid state type mounted on top o" control panel. ?indo en$ra!in$s shall be in blac& on mil& hite translucent co!er. /ach indo shall ha!e t o indicatin$ lamps. ;nnunciation system shall incorporate push buttons "or ac&no led$e, reset and test purposes. Operatin$ sequence o" alarm shall beas"ollo s-

Condition Bormal 1ault occurs ;c&no led$e 5eset be"ore normal 1ault cleared 5eset a"ter normal 7amp )est

,tatus o" =isual ;larm Off 1lashin$ ,teady on ,teady on ,teady on Off ,teady on

,tatus o" ;udible ;larm O"" On O"" Off Off Off O""

/!ice mounted on the control panel shall be identi"ied by name plate 2.1+.00
3.11.11 3.11.11

;ll the relays shall be pro!ided ith hand reset operation indicators 6"la$s4. )he relays shall be o" reputed ma&e and pro!en type and shall be sub0ect to O nerAs appro!al be"ore procurement by Contractor. 1ailure o" a control supply or au#iliary supply and deener$isation o" a relay shall not initiate any circuit brea&er operation.

3.02.00 3.03.00

)he detailed description o" each protection and the associated equipment are described belo 2C operated, instantaneous, hi$h speed trippin$ relays contacts and necessary super!isory relays. ith hand re-settin$ type

Dand reset au#iliary relays ith "la$ indication and < BO/BC contacts each.


33/11 &= )rans"ormer 'rotection a) Bon-directional, instantaneous, three phase, o!er-current relay 6.04 ith settin$ ran$e .00-2000C o" rated current. b4 Bon-directional de"inite time delayed, three phase, o!er current relay 6.14 ith settin$ ran$e o" .0-200C o" rated current and time ran$e 0.3 to 3 .0 sec. c4 Bon directional instantaneous, earth "ault relay 6.0B4 ith settin$ ran$e 1 0 to <0C o" rated current. 5elays shall ha!e lo transient o!er reach and hi$h drop-o""/pic&-up ratio. /arth s itch shall ha!e suitable interloc&in$ ith associated brea&er and isolator "or sa"e operation o" equipment.


Di$h speed trippin$ relay 6(*4 shall a4

- -

be instantaneous 6operatin$ time not to e#ceed 10 milli-sec.4 ha!e hand reset contacts 6loc&out4 be 2C operated ha!e adequate contacts to meet the requirement o" the scheme and

b4 c4 d4

additional pair o" contacts "or O nerAs use. e4 "4 $4 3.0*.00 be pro!ided ith hand reset operation indicators "or each element/coil. ha!e necessary super!ision relays. be pro!ided pre"erable ith sin$le coil.

1la$ relays shall ha!e a4

b4 c4

hand reset "la$ indication.

t o elements/coils. at least t o BO and t o BC contacts "or each element. J . A , , .


2C ,upply ,uper!ision 5elay

The relay shall be capable o" monitorin$ the "ailure o" dc supply to hich it is

)he relay shall ha!e a Atime delay on drop-o"" o" not less than 100 miili-sec. and be pro!ided ith operation indicator/"la$.

)rans"ormer di""erential protection 6(F)4 relay shalla4 b4 c4 d4 e4 "4 $4 h4 i4 be triple pole type, ith "aulty phase identi"ication and "la$ indication ha!e an operatin$ time not $reater than 3.. ms at 3 times settin$ under restrained mode o" operation. ha!e three instantaneous hi$h set o!er-current units. ha!e an ad0ustable bias settin$ ran$e o" 20-.0C. be suitable "or rated current o" 1 amps. ha!e second harmonic restraint "eature and also be stable under normal o!er-"lu#in$ conditions. Aha!e t o bias indin$s per phase. ha!e an operatin$ current settin$ o" 1.C or less. shall include necessary au#iliary current trans"ormers.


)rans"ormerrestricted eart"a"aultiKrotsction 6*<54 relay on star side shalla4 b4 c4 d4 e4 be sin$le pole type. be o" !olta$e operated hi$h impedance type. - ha!e a current settin$ ran$e o" .-20C o" 1 amp. be tuned to system "requency. 3J3 !

ha!e suitable non-linear resistor to limit the pea& !olta$e.

<.00.00 <.07OO <.02.00

11 kV CONTROL ';B/7,
;mmeters panel 110 mm # 110 mm square, mo!in$ coil, "lush 2<0 de$. radial, L/- 1..C "ull scale accuracy, suitable "or 0-1; or 0-.; input, /0lac& case/ hite dial ha!in$ "acility o" Eero ad0ustment. ;pplicable standard I,- 12<( ,u$$ested ma&e - ;/ or equi!alent G/C ;lsthom ma&e, indicator type =;9-12 equi!alent4, "lush mountin$, <.de$.

,emaphore indicators 6or

operation, 3(mm siEe, supply !olta$e to be decided later.

Control s itches

'istol $rip type, "lush mounted, ma#imum !olta$e **0= ;C/2C, 2.; continuous, 2C brea&in$ 1; at220=dc, ;C brea&in$ 2*; at <<0=, 0.3 la$$in$ po er "actor, Maycee ma&e or equi!alent, shall be pro!ided ith barrel loc&in$ "acility ha!in$ &ey remo!al only in neutral. 2 nos. o" BO contacts each shall be a!ailable "or the control s itch positions o" C, ), B;C and B;),


;nnunciation system ;nnunciation system shall be solid state, comprisin$ o" audio !isual annunciation ith the "acility o" test/accept/reset push-buttons 6located in the panel4, sequence module, lo$ic card, lamp bo#, etc. "or $roup alarms re"lash card shall be pro!ided to accommodate multiple "ield contact $roups. Contact bounce "ilter shall be pro!ided on all input cards. 7amp bo# siEe shall ha!e .0mm # display area ith .mm siEe inscription. ;nnunciation system shall be suitable "or 30 "ield in,puts.


Contact 9ultiplication relay 5elay meetin$ the standards and ha!in$ operatin$ !olta$e o" 220= 2C.