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Edexcel GCE
Statistics S1 Advanced Level
Friday 18 January 2013 Aftern !i"e# 1 $ ur 30 "inutes
%aterials re&uired f r exa"inati n Mathematical Formulae (Pink) 'te"s included (it$ &uesti n )a)ers Nil

Candidates may use any calculator allowed by the regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications. Calculators must not have the facility for symbolic algebra manipulation, differentiation and integration, or have retrievable mathematical formulas stored in them.

'nstructi ns t Candidates In the boxes on the answer book, write the name of the examining bod (!dexcel), our centre number, candidate number, the unit title ("tatistics "#), the paper reference ($$%&), our surname, other name and signature' (alues from the statistical tables should be )uoted in full' *hen a calculator is used, the answer should be gi+en to an appropriate degree of accurac ' 'nf r"ati n f r Candidates , booklet -Mathematical Formulae and "tatistical .ables/ is pro+ided' Full marks ma be obtained for answers to ,00 )uestions' .his paper has 1 )uestions' .he total mark for this paper is 12' Advice t Candidates 3ou must ensure that our answers to parts of )uestions are clearl labelled' 3ou must show sufficient working to make our methods clear to the !xaminer' ,nswers without working ma not gain full credit'
.his publication ma onl be reproduced in accordance with !dexcel 0imited cop right polic ' 456#& !dexcel 0imited



, teacher asked a random sample of #6 students to record the number of hours of tele+ision, t, the watched in the week before their mock exam' "he then calculated their grade, g, in their mock exam' .he results are summarised as follows' t 8 52% (a) Find "tt and "gt ' .3/ (b) 9alculate, to & significant figures, the product moment correlation coefficient between t and g' .2/ .he teacher also recorded the number of hours of re+ision, v, these #6 students completed during the week before their mock exam' .he correlation coefficient between t and v was :6'12&' (c) ;escribe, gi+ing a reason, the nature of the correlation ou would expect to find between v and g' .2/ t5 8 %165 g 8 $&'$ "gg 8 1'%$7 gt 8 #226'5


.he discrete random +ariable X can take onl the +alues #, 5 and &' For these +alues the cumulati+e distribution function is defined b F(x) 8 (a) "how that k 8 #&' .2/ (b) Find the probabilit distribution of X' .+/ <i+en that (ar(X) 8
52= , &56
x& + k , 76

x 8 #, 5, &'

(c) find the exact +alue of (ar(7X : 2)' .2/




, biologist is comparing the inter+als (m seconds) between the mating calls of a certain species of tree frog and the surrounding temperature (t >9)' .he following results were obtained' t >9 m secs % $'2 #& 7'2 #7 $ #2 2 #2 7 "tt 8 &27, 56 & 52 5 &6 #

(3ou ma use tm 8 7$='2, (a) "how that "tm 8 :=6'2'

"mm 8 52'2) .+/

(b) Find the e)uation of the regression line of m on t gi+ing our answer in the form m 8 a + bt' .+/ (c) ?se our regression line to estimate the time inter+al between mating calls when the surrounding temperature is #6 >9' .1/ (d) 9omment on the reliabilit of this estimate, gi+ing a reason for our answer' .1/ +.he length of time, L hours, that a phone will work before it needs charging is normall distributed with a mean of #66 hours and a standard de+iation of #2 hours' (a) Find P(L @ #51)' .3/ (b) Find the +alue of d such that P(L A d) 8 6'#6' .3/ ,lice is about to go on a $ hour Bourne ' <i+en that it is #51 hours since ,lice last charged her phone, (c) find the probabilit that her phone will not need charging before her Bourne is completed' .+/



, sur+e of #66 households ga+e the following results for weekl income Cy' Income y (C) 6 y A 566 566 y A 576 576 y A &56 &56 y A 766 766 y A $66 $66 y A %66 MidDpoint #66 556 5%6 &$6 266 166 Fre)uenc f #5 5% 55 #% #5 %

(3ou ma use fy5 8 #5 725 %66) , histogram was drawn and the class 566 y A 576 was represented b a rectangle of width 5 cm and height 1 cm' (a) 9alculate the width and the height of the rectangle representing the class &56 y A 766' .3/ (b) ?se linear interpolation to estimate the median weekl income to the nearest pound' .2/ (c) !stimate the mean and the standard de+iation of the weekl income for these data' .+/ Ene measure of skewness is standard de+iation ' (d) ?se this measure to calculate the skewness for these data and describe its +alue' .2/ Fatie suggests using the random +ariable X which has a normal distribution with mean &56 and standard de+iation #26 to model the weekl income for these data' (e) Find P(576 A X A 766)' .2/ (f) *ith reference to our calculations in parts (d) and (e) and the data in the table, comment on Fatie/s suggestion' .2/
&(mean median)


!urn ver


, fair blue die has faces numbered #, #, &, &, 2 and 2' .he random +ariable B represents the score when the blue die is rolled' (a) *rite down the probabilit distribution for B' .2/ (b) "tate the name of this probabilit distribution' .1/ (c) *rite down the +alue of !(B)' .1/ , second die is red and the random +ariable R represents the score when the red die is rolled' .he probabilit distribution of R is r P(R 8 r) 5
5 &

# $

# $

(d) Find !(R)' .2/ (e) Find (ar(R)' .3/ .om in+ites ,+isha to pla a game with these dice' .om spins a fair coin with one side labelled 5 and the other side labelled 2' *hen ,+isha sees the number showing on the coin she then chooses one of the dice and rolls it' If the number showing on the die is 0reater than the number showing on the coin, ,+isha wins, otherwise .om wins' ,+isha chooses the die which gi+es her the best chance of winning each time .om spins the coin' (f) Find the probabilit that ,+isha wins the game, stating clearl which die she should use in each case' .+/



<i+en that P(A) 8 6'&2 , P(B) 8 6'72 and P(A B) 8 6'#&, find (a) P(A B), .2/ (b) P(AB)' .2/ .he e+ent C has P(C) 8 6'56' .he e+ents A and C are mutuall exclusi+e and the e+ents B and C are independent' (c) Find P(B C)' .2/ (d) ;raw a (enn diagram to illustrate the e+ents A, B and C and the probabilities for each region' .+/ (e) Find P(GB CH)' .2/ !2!AL F23 *A*E3# 1, %A34S E56


!urn ver