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New to ZBiddy FAQs

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What is ZBiddy? Where do I start? How much do bids cost? How does ZBiddy work? I've registered and have not yet received a confirmation email. What should I do? What is the EZ Buddy! and how does it work? "re all of Biddy#s Items brand new? When do the items get shi$$ed?

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%o you offer any strategies and ti$s on how to win? How do I $urchase bids? Is there a way to see how many bids I've $urchased or $laced? Bid &y$es 'an I see who else is bidding on an auction? If I $laced a bid( why am I not the highest bidder?

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I've won( now what? "uction &y$es I have a )romo code( how do I use it? *etail )rice vs. "uction )rice? "uction +imits

Shipment & Returns

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Item ,ubstitution )olicy What are the shi$$ing costs? Where does ZBiddy shi$ to? How do I track my item? "re there warranties on the items being auctioned? If I've received defective goods( what should I do "m I able to return an item that I won? "m I able to return $urchased bids? Where is my -aga.ine?

My Account
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Where can I view / change my $ersonal information? How can I subscribe to the ZBiddy newsletter? 'an I add or change my address? Where can I see how many bids I have left? Where can I view the auctions I won? How does the watchlist work? How does the $rice ceiling work?

Security and Payment methods

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What security do you $rovide for $ayment? What methods of $ayment are acce$ted? How much time do I have to claim 0 $ay for an item I won?

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1our $rivacy is im$ortant to us. What ha$$ens if the site is down for maintenance? I $laced a bid that hasn't registered. What does this mean? What is Buy it now? How %o I Invite " 2riend?

hat is ZBiddy!
ZBiddy is an e3citing way to get the absolute best deals out there. ZBiddy offers a thrilling s$in on auction sho$$ing with great bonuses and incentives. Biddy#s software allows an o$$ortunity to bid on auctions and take advantage of getting discounts on merchandise( goods and services. 2or a great overview of ZBiddy( check out the 4"ow it or#s4 )age.

here do $ start!
In order to begin your noble 5uest to achieve world $enny auction dominance and obtain the most unbelievable deals on brand new( brand name $roducts( you need to register an account and $urchase bids( available in the bid $ackage of your choice. It#s easy( all you need to do is $ick an auction that features an item you'd like to own and start Bidding67

"ow much do %ids cost!

We currently offer different bid $ackages to meet your individual needs. &he two of the most $o$ular $ackages are 89: Bids for the low $rice of ;<:= or <>> Bids for only ;:=. ZBiddy acce$ts ?isa and -aster'ard.

"ow does ZBiddy wor#!

ZBiddy is the number one destination for e3citing auction sho$$ing and deals on brand new( brand name $roducts( every day( every hour( and almost every minute6 &his is how it works@ <. *egister. 2irst you must register for an account. *egistration is a 5uick and easy $rocess and registration is always free6 8. Buy Bids. 1ou will use these bids to bid on the e3citing items ZBiddy offers. Bids are always a fi3ed $rice $er bid. A. Bid on an Item. Bow you will find yourself on the attractive ZBiddy home$age taking a look at all the $roducts available for your bidding $leasure. 'hoose a $roduct that you#d like to own and click on it to o$en u$ the auction $age for that $roduct. C. )lace Bids to Win. Dn the auction $age you will see the bid button( current bid and the countdown timer. If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches .ero( 1DE WIB6 2or more information on the bidding $rocess $lease view the how it works video or continue to read further in the 2"F for the details of the bidding $rocess and countdown timer. Dnce you $lace a bid( three GA7 things will ha$$en@ <. &he $rice of the item goes u$ by a $enny Gde$ending on the auction ty$e will be stated on the auction7 8. If a bid is $laced when the timer is below <: seconds( the clock goes back u$ to <: seconds. A. 1ou are now the highest bidder. If it stays that way once the timer runs out( you win the auction6

$&'e registered and ha'e not yet recei'ed a con(irmation email) $ do!

hat should

%e$ending on the email $rovider it can take a few minutes longer to receive the welcome email. )lease double check the email address you $rovided us when you registered Glocated in the -y ZBiddy tab under -odify )rofile7 to make sure that it is correct. ,ome email services have a filterH $lease check your ,$am folder as you may have to add our email address to your ,afe ,ender +ist. If you're still having trouble receiving the email or if you'd like to change your email address for your ZBiddy account $lease contact customer service for assistance.

hat is the *Z+Buddy, and how does it wor#!

&he EZ Buddy! is a useful tool if you are away from your com$uter( but don't want to miss out on winning an auction. &his feature also allows you to kee$ focused on a s$ecific auction while letting the EZ Buddy! take care of other auctions. It's very easy to use and is 5uite effective to enhance your o$$ortunities of winning auctions. &o utili.e EZ Buddy( look for the EZ Buddy! on the auction details $age on the right hand side. EZ Buddy allows you to choose the amount of bids you'd like to $lace with the EZ Buddy! Imust be more than 8 bids but less than 8: bidsJ( select the $rice you would like EZ Buddy! to begin bidding for you. 1ou have two choices( you can have the EZ Buddy! engage randomly or you can limit the bids to bids with only <> seconds or less remaining. "ll you have left is to hit the K"ctivateL button. When choosing the $rice range( kee$ in mind that the $rice has to be at least one $enny more than the current bid. "t any time( you can monitor your scheduled EZ Buddy! by clicking on the -y ZBiddy &ab( located in your -y "ccount $age and then click the KEZ Buddy! tab.

Are all o( Biddy-s $tems %rand new!

Every $roduct that is auctioned is brand new and most come with the full manufacturer's warranty from the name brands you trust. &he only e3ce$tion to this is those instances in which the item is a collector#s item or an anti5ue. If the item is categori.ed as such( it will be clearly stated in the item descri$tion.

hen do the items get shipped!

Dnce you've won an auction( the ne3t ste$ is to claim and $ay for your item. )urchasing items is easy. "s soon as $ayment has been received( your item is then shi$$ed generally within 8C hours.

.o you o((er any strategies and tips on how to win!

&o increase your o$$ortunities of winning you may try the following strategies@ <. Beginner "uctions@ Etili.e our beginner auctions to get used to the bidding $rocess and further your understanding and skills6 8. "fter you try a Beginner "uctions( look into bidding on some of the smaller items( com$etition might be less fierce for these items. A. Dnce you feel comfortable with the $rocess watch other $layers to deci$her their strategy and choose your auctions wisely. C. +ook through some of the closed auctions. ,ee what a $articular item closed for and the amount of bids that were used to win. +ook at the time of day the auction closed. ,ee what other auctions closed around that same time to determine which item you will have an o$$ortunity to win. . :. Ese the EZ Buddy! to your advantage and see if other users you are bidding against are using it as well for that item. 9. Having a large amount of bids in your account will ensure you don't run out of bids when you are in auction and miss out on getting the deal you were bidding on. M. 'ommit to win6 1ou have to be willing to invest bids to win an item you want6

"ow do $ purchase %ids!

In order to $urchase bids( you must first register or be logged in. Dnce logged in( click on the KBuy BidsL tab( one of the four main tabs at the to$ of your $age. 1ou will be able to choose from one of our Bid )acks. 'lick the 'Buy Bids' button and $roceed to the ,ecure 'heckout area.

$s there a way to see how many %ids $&'e purchased or placed!

1ou can see a com$lete history of all your transactions( including the bids you've $laced on auctions and the Bid )acks you've $urchased( by clicking on Bid History &ab in the -y ZBiddy $age. It should also be available on the to$ right of the $age.

Bid /ypes
<. )urchased Bids@ &his is the most common ty$e of bid found on the site. &his bid ty$e is a$$lied to bids $urchased in the form of a bid $ack. &here are no restrictions on $urchased bids as they can be used on any auction available on )urchased bids e3$ire 9> days after $urchase. 8. 2ree Bids@ 2ree Bids are sold as auctions and given when you refer a friend. 2ree bids e3$ire 9> after they $ost to your account. A. )romo Bids@ )romo bids work e3actly like *egular bids and are offered at a $romotional level. &he only difference is that these bids e3$ire after a s$ecific( $re defined $eriod of time according to the terms and conditions stated on our website and will always be a$$lied $rior to any )urchased Bids.

hen %idding on Z%iddy)com0 all mem%ers are su%1ect to Biddy-s /erms & 2onditions)

2an $ see who else is %idding on an auction!

When viewing the auction details $age of an item( you will be able to view the last ten bids that were $laced( including the usernames of the members $lacing them. 1ou will also be able to see what ty$e of bid was used i.e a ,ingle bid or EZ Buddy! bid.

$( $ placed a %id0 why am $ not the highest %idder!

%e$ending on the ty$e of auction you are bidding on( some may be moving more 5uickly than others. If you $laced a bid and are no longer the highest bidder( o$$ortunities are it is because someone else has $laced a bid a fraction of a second after yours and( therefore( has become the new highest bidder. Dne way to verify is to look at the Bidding History on the right hand side of the $age. &here you will be able to view the last twelve bids that were $laced( including the usernames of the members $lacing them. 1ou will also be able to see what ty$e of bid it was( ,ingle bid or EZ Buddy! bid.

$-'e won0 now what!

'ongratulations on winning an auction6 1ou will be receiving an email with a link to $ay for your winning auction. If you don#t get this email within the first few minuets of winning $lease check your s$am bo3. If you cannot find the email( don#t worryH you can also $ay for your won auctions from the K-y WinsL tab on the -y ZBiddy $age.

)lease make sure to claim your item within M days of winning the auction. ,hould you fail to or decide not to claim your item( for whatever reason( within M days of winning the auction your auction win will automatically e3$ire.

Auction /ypes
<. )enny "uction@ &he name s$eaks for itself. %uring a $enny auction( every time a bid is $laced( the current $rice of the item goes u$ by one $enny G;>.><7. &o give each bidder an e5ual o$$ortunity of winning( every time a bid is $laced when the timer is below <: seconds( the clock goes back u$ to <: seconds. When the timer reaches > the highest bidder WIB,6 8. Bail Biter "uction@ &his auction will kee$ you on the edge of your seat. %uring a Bail Bitter auction( you won't be allowed to use the EZ Buddy! function. &he only way to win is to $lace one bid at a time manually and kee$ watching the auction. A. Beginner "uction@ Beginner auctions are for users who have not yet won any auctions. "s soon as you win your first auction( you will no longer be eligible to $artici$ate in or $lace any bids in a Beginner "uction. C. 2ree &o Bid "uction@ free to Bid "uctions work similar to a regular )enny "uction. However( as the name suggests( no bids are taken out of your account

$ ha'e a Promo code0 how do $ use it!

ZBiddy advertises on &?( radio( online( in $rint and in other various formats. In each there is a )romo code associated with the ad. If you did not receive a )romo code( $lease contact our 'ustomer ,ervice &eam and we'll be ha$$y to take care of you. When registering( you will notice a field to enter and validate your bonus code( located right in the middle of the $age. Enter your code in this field and your bonus bids or auction discount will automatically be dro$$ed into your account( as soon as your registration is com$lete. If you still re5uire additional assistance( or if you e3$erience an issue with your bonus code( contact our 'ustomer ,ervice &eam and we'll be glad to hel$ you.

Retail Price 's) Auction Price!

&he "uction )rice is the $rice of the item right now based on the number of bids that have been $laced on that item. &he *etail ?alue is the manufacturer's suggested retail $rice. 1our savings is the difference between those $rices and the value of the bids you have. 1ou will see this entire calculated savings in real time6

Auction 3imits
ZBI%%1 shall have the right in its sole discretion and at anytime limit the number of auctions that any single user can win and ZBI%%1 reserves the right to limit the number of auctions you may $artici$ate in at its sole discretion. +imit restrictions include the following@ Nold "uction@ Dnly < win allowed $er 8O days on auctions with a retail value of ;===P ,ilver "uction@ Dnly < win allowed $er M days on auctions with a retail value of ;C==P Bron.e "uction@ Dnly < win allowed $er day on auctions with a retail value of ;<==P "ll Dther "uctions@ Dnly : wins allowed $er day on auctions with a retail value less than ;<== Bid )ack "uctions@ Dnly : wins allowed $er day on Bid )ackages

$tem Su%stitution Policy

"lthough rare( some auctions can go on for an e3tended $eriod of time and during that time( our su$$liers might discontinue the item in auction or it may not be available in your area. *est assured that should you be the winner of this auction( you will be notified of any changes and ZBiddy will re$lace the item for one with e5ual or greater features. If this is not acce$table to you( we will refund you the final auction end $rice. )lease contact our 'ustomer ,ervice &eam and we will take care of you. Dur $riority at ZBiddy is your continued satisfaction )

hat are the shipping costs!

"ll of our shi$$ing costs a$$ear at the bottom of each "uction %etails $age and are for delivery within the continental Enited ,tates. ,ome shi$$ing conditions and/or additional costs may a$$ly if the delivery address is located in rural routes within the continental Enited ,tates or if you are shi$$ing items to "laska and/or Hawaii)

here does ZBiddy ship to!

'urrently ZBiddy only shi$s within the Enited ,tates. 'oming soon we will be shi$$ing to other countries in Euro$e.

"ow do $ trac# my item!

1ou will receive an email when your item has shi$$edH this email will contain the tracking information. *emember due to filters the shi$$ing confirmation email may a$$ear in your KQunkL or K,$amL folder. G&hough rare( some items do not have tracking information7

Are there warranties on the items %eing auctioned!

-ost of the items being auctioned at ZBiddy are brand new and come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. ,ome items not under warranty include s$ecial events( memorabilia( vacation $ackages( Bid )acks( gift cards( Rewelry and other uni5ue items.

$( $&'e recei'ed de(ecti'e goods0 what should $ do!

ZBiddy is ha$$y to hel$. Dccasionally( a shi$$ing misha$ could lead to a damaged item. 'ontact our 'ustomer ,ervice &eam right away and cite your username( tracking number and any other information relevant to your item. &hey will give you the e3act instructions based on the item you have won. &his must be done within 8C hours of delivery.

Am $ a%le to return an item that $ won!

If you have an item that you have won and would like to return $lease contact our 'ustomer ,ervice &eam for further instructions. )lease note that u$on returning the item( we offer a refund for the final "uction $rice of the won item as well as the original shi$$ing costs. &he cost of any bids s$ent on the auction as well as return shi$$ing costs are non refundable. "ll items must be in its original uno$ened $ackaging. Please see our terms o( ser'ice (or more


Am $ a%le to return purchased %ids!

"ll bid $ackages $urchased at ZBiddy are non refundable. ,ee terms o( ser'ice for more details.

here is my Maga4ine!
%ue to the scheduling of -aga.ine )ublishers( it may take u$ to O weeks to receive your first issue.

here can $ 'iew 5 change my personal in(ormation!

In order to $erform any of the actions listed below( you will first need to be logged in to your account. &he first thing you'll need to do is login to your account. 1ou'll then notice that everything $ertaining to your account is conveniently located on one $age for easy access. 'lick on the -y ZBiddy tab at the to$ of the $age then click on the -anage )rofile tab.

"ow can $ su%scri%e to the ZBiddy newsletter!

In order to $erform any of the actions listed below( you will first need to be logged in to your account. 2rom the -y "ccount $age S )rofile S Bewsletter . 1ou will be $rom$ted to enter the email address where you would like to receive our Bewsletter. )lease make sure to click on the confirmation link sent to your email address to com$lete your subscri$tion.

2an $ add or change my address!

1ou can change your address only when you buy bids or $ay for a winning auction.

here can $ see how many %ids $ ha'e le(t!

1ou can see how many bids you have left by looking at the to$ right hand corner of the $age when you are logged into your ZBiddy account.

here can $ 'iew the auctions $ won!

In order to $erform any of the actions listed below( you will first need to be logged in to your account. 2rom the -y ZBiddy $age you can click on the K-y WinsL tab ( where you'll be able to view a com$lete list of the auctions you won and $ay for them.

hat security do you pro'ide (or payment!

"t ZBiddy( we value your security and $rivacy and continue to take the necessary measures to ensure your $rotection. When $rocessing $ayments as well as other functions that include your $ersonal information( we use high security encry$tion as well as e3tensive security features to ensure that you can conduct your transactions in a safe( secure and $rivate online environment.

hat methods o( payment are accepted!

?isa and -aster'ard

"ow much time do $ ha'e to claim & pay (or an item $ won!
1ou must $ay for your item within seven GM7 days of winning the auction.

1our $rivacy is im$ortant to us. )lease see our Pri'acy Policy. hat happens i( the site is down (or maintenance!

)lease see &erms of ,ervice.

$ placed a %id that hasn&t registered)

hat does this mean!

Inherent latencies in the communication between your com$uter and our servers e3ist for multi$le reasons( including the s$eed of your internet connection. Bid and/or timer inconsistencies although rare( can occur. ZBiddy does not recommend $lacing your bid with only < second remaining on the timer( as it may not have time to register to our servers before the auction has ended. 2or further details $lease see our &erms of ,ervice.

"ow do $ ta#e ad'antage o( the Buy $t Now option6

1ou can use the Buy It Bow feature to $urchase any $roduct at any time during the auction. If you have $laced bids on an auction( the bids you have used on the auction will be discounted from the value $rice. Buy It Bow $urchases will not count toward your daily win limit. Because there is no limit to the Buy It Bow feature( the auction will continue even if a user chooses to Buy It Bow. &o take advantage of the Buy It Bow o$tion sim$ly click the line on the lower right hand side of the "uction )age. 1ou are not re5uired to bid on an auction in order to Buy It Bow. If you have bid on the auction( you have two hours from the close of the auction to take advantage of the Buy It Bow o$tion. Below is an e3am$le of how the Buy It Bow $rice is calculated. ?alue )rice@ Buy It Bow )rice@ ,hi$$ing/&a3es P ;M:.>> ;<:.>>

%iscount@ Bids )laced 3 Bid )rice@ <>> 3 ;>.9> T ;9>.>>

&he Buy It Bow $rice will change every time you $lace a bid.

"ow .o $ $n'ite A Friend!

If you love ZBiddy( you will want to share it with all your friends. If you share it with all your friends and they love it too( you can get 8: 2ree Bids. "ll you need to do is send them a *efer " 2riend Email( they will need to register and buy a bid $ackage( and you will get your free bids. 1ou can send them a *efer " 2riend Email by clicking here.

"ow does watch list wor#!

&he watchlist feature allows you to kee$ track of the auctions that you are interested in. If you see an auction item you would like to watch( you can click the heart ne3t to the auction name and it will be added to your watchlist. 1our watchlist can be found on your lower toolbar or in the 4-y ZBiddyL tab.

"ow does the price ceiling wor#!

Every auction has a set $rice ceiling. &his is the ma3imum $rice an auction can reach. Dnce the $rice ceiling is reached the $rice will no longer increase( no matter how many users bid. &he last user that has bid when the clock reached > wins.