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First Contact Notes U.S. History Mr.


Name:_______________ Period:______________

The First Contacts: Native Americans and the Europeans What were Europeans looking for? Columbus wanted a __________________________ 1. Nations sought riches of (________) 2. Nations wanted to spread ___________________ (________) 3. Nations wished for a strong __________________ (________) Effects on the Indians: The explorations and settlements of the _______________ in the American colonies and the ____________ in the ________________, _________________, and ______________ often led to ________________ with American Indians (mostly due to _____________________________). By contrast, French exploration of _______________ did not lead to largescale immigration from France, and relations with the native people were often more ________________! (______________________) Indians ________ their traditional territories and fell victim to _____________ carried from Europe to which they had no immunity. Entire populations were many times decimated. Eventually the Native Americans would be _________________ in the east and relocated to reservations in the _________________, where many still live today! PURITANS In the 1600s, anyone who did not conform to the teachings of the official state _____________, whether Catholic or Protestant, was viewed with deep suspicion and often ________________. ____________________ was settled by ______________ seeking freedom from religious persecutions They formed a _______________________________ based on the principles of the _______________________________ and Puritan religious beliefs and were often ___________________ of those not sharing their religion. Puritans sought economic opportunity and practiced a form of direct democracy (_________________ model) through _________________________. Puritans also believed in _____________________ and _______________! MIDDLE ATLANTIC REGION Settled chiefly by ______________, _____________, and German-speaking immigrants seeking religious freedom and ______________________________.

U.S. History Study Guide Motivations/ VA and South (VUS.2)

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Use your notes and SOL handouts to answer the following questions: 1. Why was England lagging behind in the quest for new lands during the Colonial Period?

2. What were joint stock companies? How did they compensate for England's problems?

3. What were motivations for England to settle in the southern coast of America? 4. Where was the first permanent English settlement in the New World? 5. Who was credited with saving that colony during the starving time? 6. How did Virginia become a profitable colony?

7. What were the Virginia Cavaliers?

8. Where did the poor farmers of Virginia tend to settle? 9. What were indentured servants?

10. What was the House of Burgesses? What legacy does it have?

11. What factors led to the introduction and growth of slavery in the South?