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PowerStar AE125 Electric Tankless Water Heater Model AE125 Product Reviews FEATURE RE!

"EW #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 'a(es Schinault) Ma* 1+) 2,,.* 'a(es &ro( Henderson /entuck* 0" reall* like the whole house hot water heater1 " a( on well water and didn2t know i& it would heat -- de$ree inlet water te(3 4ut it will1 " turned the eas* access te(31 control down one third o& the wa* and still have 3lent* o& hot water &or showers) dish washer) 4aths and washin$ (achine1 " installed a 4all valve on inlet and outlet side o& water heater which allows (e to control &low o& water which sto3es an* to hot and to cold water &low 4ein$ on a electric 3u(3 25 to 5, 3ound 3ressure and it workes $reat1 Unit was eas* to install1 Takes u3 al(ost no s3ace in utilit* roo(1 " haven2t used it enou$h *et to tell i& it saves (e on electricit* *et1 .ut " a( sure it will1 We don2t run out o& hot water10

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FEATURE RE!"EW #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 3ower star 125) Ma* 12) 2,,.* ER"6/ &ro( 7EW.UR8H) 79 0E:cellent unit i like that i don2t have to wait an*(ore &or (* hot water to co(e1 Ever* one in the household could take a shower and there will alwa*s 4e hot water no (atter how lon$ o& a shower u take1 Also the si;e o& the unit is ver* s(all and lite so it won2t take u3 s3ace1 "s a $ood ener$* saver1 islike% i& *ou don2t know a4out electrical i don2t reco((end installin$ it *our sel&1u (ust have enou$h a(3ra$e co(in$ into the (ain electric 3anel a least 2,,a(3 which the 4ook does not (ention1 And also *our elec1 Panel (ust have enou$h s3ace &or the 4reakers + 5, a(3 4reakers1alwa*s use hi$her $a$e wire1 Plu(4in$ is ver* si(3le1 P1s (ake sure *our elec1 Panel could hold it or *ou will 3o3in$ *ou (ain 4reaker10 #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 Electric Tankless water is $reat) March 12) 2,,< .* 8A''A= &ro( 'acksonville) F> ?read all (* reviews@ 0The unit is s(all and works as advertised1 The te(3erature can 4e adAusted to ver* hot i& desired1 7eeded a Pro&essional electrian to connect 4ecause it reBuires + se3arate lines) can2t Aust use old electric tank water line1 " waited 2 (onths to write the review and " a( ver* ha33* with the unit1 " have no $uilt &or a lon$ hot shower an*ti(e10 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 tankless water wonder %@) 'anuar* 2+) 2,,< .* AT>.6HF> &ro( Florida ?read all (* reviews@ 0" live at the 4each and " was constantl* havin$ 3ro4le(s with rust) etc in (* water heater1 " had Aust $otten &rustrated and re3laced several) 3ro4a4l* 4e&ore the* needed to 4e as " was tired o& callin$ 3eo3le to (* house to work on it1 " had this unit installed a4out a (onth a$o) and have had no 3ro4le(s with the water heater1 " did have to hire so(eone to do this) a 3ro&essional) and there was a lot o& discussion o& a(3s and 4reakers and wirin$1 " do know so(e o& the 4reakers had to 4e re3laced1 " hi$hl* reco((end this as " live in a house with two kitchens and three 4aths and we have had no

hot water 3ro4le(s10 #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 Powerstar a P>US) 'anuar* 1D) 2,,< .* 3lu(4o4 &ro( .oo*hw*n) PA ?read all (* reviews@ 0" retired in 2,,51 M* Wi&e and " have 4eco(e ver* aware o& uor household e:3enses1 The 3urchase o& our Powerstar has 4een s real 3lus in controllin$ our overhead1 " would surel* reco((end this unit to all seniors who are retired or a33roachin$ retire(ent1 The su33ort " received &ro( the Ho(e e3ot) .rand*wine) " &reBuent) was e:cellent10 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% + out o& 5 check *our wirin$) #cto4er 1E) 2,,.* Anon*(ous &ro( Michi$an 0This is a 8REAT idea 4ut not &or ever* house1 We had to send it 4ack and 3urchase a re$ular tank water heater1 We did not have enou$h 3ower co(in$ into the house and would have had to $et the electric co(3an* out to 3ut in a new 4o: and dou4le our 3ower1 For a new ho(e or a ho(e or one with e:cessive 3ower) it would 4e 3er&ect1 Wish we could have used it) 4ut &or us it was not to 4e10 2 o& 2 3eo3le &ound this review hel3&ul1 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 Hot water) Se3te(4er 1,) 2,,.* danh &ro( .onaire) 8a ?read all (* reviews@ 0Eas* to install111 Works as descri4ed111 6an 4e 3laced in a s(all closet) has a s(all &oot3rint11111 Wi&e loves it1111110 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 AE125 Electric Tankless Water Heater) Au$ust 1D) 2,,.* and*> &ro( (innesota ?read all (* reviews@ 0"t was 3rett* eas* to install1 "2( &a(iliar with electrical and 3lu(4in$1 The water te(3 does tend to var* a 4it 4ut it2s hardl* noticea4le1 " have cit* water with D, 3si so " don2t think it2s a 3ressure issue1 " would reco((end to an*4od* as lon$ as *ou have the 3anel s3ace &or + 5, a(3s 22,2s1 " 3ut an a(3 (eter on it and it does suck so(e serious a(3a$e1 on2t even think a4out it unless *ou have a 2,, a(3 service1 "t2s a(a;in$l* co(3act 1-0 : 1-0 : 501 Ever*4od* sa*s 0that2s *our water heaterC00 #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 Electric Tankless hot water heater Powerstar AE125) 'une 15) 2,,.* Ed &ro( Rid$ewa*) S6 0The unit was eas* to install1 "t does reBuire 2,, a(3 service to the house F + G 5,a(3 22, circuits1 " a( not an electrician or 3lu(4er) and " was a4le to install it (*sel&1 The hot water has 4een $reat1 We did have one stran$e 3ro4le(1 The second shower ?&arest awa* &ro( the heater@ was not $ettin$ constant hot water1 "t was hot) then cold) and

then would $et hot a$ainH never constant1 The 3ro4le( was our lack o& water 3ressure ?less than 5, 3ounds@H we increased the water 3ressure and it works $reat1 " wish " had done this *ears a$oI0 1 o& 1 3eo3le &ound this review hel3&ul1 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% 5 out o& 5 Per&ect in Florida) 'une 11) 2,,.* Ersilia &ro( Ta(3a) F> 0"nstalled inline a&ter wholeGhouse water so&tenerG3uri&ication s*ste(1 7o (ore (old* hotGwater tank to cleanI Tankless clean unli(ited hot water &or the entire household *ear roundI0 2 o& 2 3eo3le &ound this review hel3&ul1 Was this review hel3&ul to *ouC 9es 7o ?Re3ort "na33ro3riate Review@ #verall Ratin$% + out o& 5 AE 125 Hot Water Heater) Ma* 2D) 2,,.* Trac* &ro( 6a(4ria) 6A 0Two disa33oint(ents1 Hot water never a4ove 1,,G1,5 de$rees with nothin$ else runnin$1 Electrical needs should 4e (ore 3ro(inentl* disclosed1 + 5,a(3 circuit 4reakers J 22, needed to (ake s*ste( work1 Unit s(all and co(3act10