(passives, causatives and get

Match parts 1 – 3 with A – C in each set.


set a

Have him report to me


A because I was his line manager.


I had him reported


B when you see him later.


I had him report to me


C to his commanding officer.

set b

We got the computer repaired


A or you'll be in trouble.


Get the computer repaired


B after he had fixed the printer.


We got the engineer to repair the


C because it had broken down.

A passive verb would be more appropriate for ten of the sentences (1 – 15). Tick the five sentences
which should not be changed. If you think a sentence should be changed, choose the correct
reason(s) (A – D) from the list in the box then rewrite the sentence. The first two have been done as
examples (0 and 00).
The passive form is more appropriate because:
A the agent is unknown or unimportant

the agent is obvious from the context or general knowledge


we are describing rules, processes or procedures

D we prefer to put new information or a long subject clause at the end of a sentence

You must dry clean this garment.


This garment should be dry cleaned.


That baby really resembles her mother.


The stunning vista of long white beaches backed by verdant hills entranced her.


Our sales manager has decided to leave.



The executioner executed the prisoner at dawn.


A man who had never known that he had rich relations inherited the estate.



My parents are staying with us over the weekend. _______________________________________


The New York flight leaves at six thirty.


They collect the information from various retail outlets and they enter it onto the database.



An unknown person has vandalised the
lift in our block.



The ancient Egyptians were superb stonemasons.


People hardly ever see foxes in daylight.



People must complete this form in
black ink and they must sign it.



Several members of the international press corps interviewed the terrorists.



This house used to belong to my aunt.


______________________________________________________________________ F The dry cleaners cleaned my leather coat specially. 1 They are delivering Daphne's new car this afternoon. ______________________________________________________________________ E A surgeon altered Tom's nose last year. being The matter is being looked into. ______________________________________________________________________ D An optician is going to examine my eyes this afternoon. using a causative have construction. Make any other necessary changes. We have had the outside of our house painted. allowed ________________________________________________________________________ 4 Having completed the project.14 The jury convicted the man and the judge sentenced him to fifteen years in jail. ______________________________________________________________________ C Some plumbers are installing a new central heating system at our house tomorrow. write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence using the word given. _________________________________________________________________________ 6 For each of the sentences below. have ________________________________________________________________________ 7 They believe the suspect is hiding somewhere across the border. 0 The accountants are looking into the matter. not having ________________________________________________________________________ 6 I'll instruct the caretaker to open the gates early for you. having _______________________________________________________________________ 2 The athletes will have to pass a series of rigorous drug tests. _________________________________________________________________________ 15 They heat milk to 110°C and then they rapidly cool it to produce the final pasteurised product. ______________________________________________________________________ . we were able to leave early. be _______________________________________________________________________ 3 The parish council let us use the village hall for our meeting. got ________________________________________________________________________ Rewrite each sentence without the words underlined. been ________________________________________________________________________ 5 We resented the fact that the new manager didn't consult us over the expansion plans. A Some painters have painted the outside of the house. believed ________________________________________________________________________ 8 They sacked her for being late so often. ______________________________________________________________________ G An art specialist has valued our paintings. B A hairdresser cut Martin's hair yesterday.

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