(passive, causatives and get) 1 Rewrite these sentences using Passive forms.

9 10 11 12 1" 1% 1' 1* 1+ 1, 19 20 2 0 1 2 " % ' * Closed circuit cameras are monitoring this area. _____________________________________________________________________ You will find toilet facilities at the rear of block B. _____________________________________________________________________ We will take care of all the formalities. _____________________________________________________________________ The customs officer made me o en m! suitcases. _____________________________________________________________________ # lot of eo le sa! the go$ernment is out of touch with ublic o inion. _____________________________________________________________________ The &udge ought to ha$e sent him to rison for life. _____________________________________________________________________ The check(in clerk ga$e )te hen an u grade to first class. _____________________________________________________________________ # farmer let us ark the cara$an in his field o$ernight. _____________________________________________________________________ The! saw him enter the building carr!ing a shotgun. _____________________________________________________________________ )ome eo le think the ro osed legislation is unworkable. _____________________________________________________________________ )omeone broke a ane of glass while the bo!s were la!ing in the street. _____________________________________________________________________ Their arents ha$e gi$en the twins a u ! for their birthda!. _____________________________________________________________________ Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. - don.t like a a/ being cheated. b/ to ha$e been c/ been d/ get d/ To d/ bossed d/ get d/ ha$ing d/ ha$ing d/ to lend

_____ been banned from dri$ing0 - was unable to rent a car on holida!. a/ 1etting b/ 2a$ing c/ Being 3ohn en&o!s being _____ around. a/ bossing b/ boss c/ to boss

The! hated not ha$ing _____ selected for the shortlist. a/ been b/ be b/ being - _____ m! secretar! re(t! e the memo. a/ got b/ get c/ had

)he _____ her husband to ut u some shel$es in the kitchen. a/ got b/ had c/ ha$e The! are getting their uncle _____ them his cottage in the countr!. a/ lend b/ lending c/ to be lending

The tour begins in the =ast Wing >obb!0 an e7tension to the building which <'/_____.nited )tates0 <1/_____ each !ear. maga9ine to date. $ive of the phrases will not be needed.+ .t e7 ect this ro&ect _____ com leted on schedule. a/ getting b/ to ha$e been c/ ha$ing d/ ha$e 3 Choose the most appropriate phrase (A – ! to complete this e"tract from a guideboo#. a/ announce b/ announced c/ to announce 4ichael dee l! regretted not _____ selected for the 5l!m ic s6uad.ll _____ the figures rinted out and on !our desk b! lunchtime. a/ ha$ing b/ be ha$ing c/ ha$e d/ to get .reall! didn. . more than one and a half million tourists $isit the White 2ouse was designed b! an -rish(born architect0 3ames 2oban. a/ get b/ ha$e c/ be ha$ing 8o roblem. a/ ha$e b/ ha$ing c/ to ha$e been d/ ha$e d/ to be Theirs was robabl! the most glamorous wedding _____ featured in the ages of . the White 2ouse0 is $isited b! more than one and a half million tourists it and man! of its $aluable contents were burned b! the British an -rish(born architect0 3ames 2oban0 designed it. a/ be reduced b/ to get reduced c/ being reduced d/ being announced d/ been d/ to be reduced d/ getting We. -t is the onl! residence of a head of state which is o en to the ublic0 free of charge0 on a regular basis. was added in 19%2. # B C @ = A 1 2 3 the British burned the house and man! of its $aluable contents the! added in 19%2.1%.s original design sur$i$es0 although the original mansion had to be rebuilt after <"/_____ in the war of 1.ll _____ the builders to mo$e the ski tomorrow morning. The ri$ate a artments and offices are not o en to the ublic. -. a/ to be b/ ha$ing been c/ to get The 5 osition ha$e asked for fuel ta7es _____. The White House The official residence of the :resident of the .2ello. 9 10 11 12 1" 1% The minister will ha$e his ress officer _____ the news tomorrow. 4uch of 2oban. These include the =ast ?oom0 the >incoln Bedroom and the )tate @ining ?oom. <%/_____. a/ ha$ing been b/ to be c/ being The cats lo$e _____ cuddled and stroked. The guided tour includes most of the state a artments. The =ast ?oom0 the >incoln Bedroom and the )tate @ining ?oom are included. The original building dates from 1+92 and <2/_____.

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