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We all know the importance of email. From SME’s to FT 500 companies it’s a leading business critical application. But how many of us ever think about email going wrong? Until it does, that is. Iron Mountain Digital recently found that 52% of companies had experienced an email failure in the past 12 months. Of those companies, one third had outages of 2 hours or longer and 17% were without email for more than 11 hours.
Email is the de-facto means of communicating in today’s business and in the event of failure this has a major impact on users and your business: • sers’ focus is disrupted including U loss of calendaring/scheduling and contact management functions • oss of links to other business L applications, including Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning • oss of productivity and costs L of resolving the technical issue, including an increase in Tier one help desk calls • reakdown of customer relationship B and loss of sales

Remarkably, according to Microsoft, 90% of Exchange administrators fail to carry out preventive maintenance of Exchange databases until after a disaster has struck. Do we hear the sound of the stable door closing after the horse has bolted?
There’s a huge range of reasons: low understanding of the issues and how to address the problems; no time, resource, or budget for proper maintenance; non-availability of test equipment and the high impact of testing in a production environment. And, most inexcusable of all, administrators perceiving preventive maintenance as time-consuming.

Help is at hand. brightsolid’s Managed Hosted Exchange service can guarantee a highly resilient, scalable and secure environment, which means your email is always available. By utilising the brightsolid Hosted Exchange environment, there is no capital outlay for buying either new servers or increasing storage. The hardware, software and our Microsoft certified support staff are already available and ready to host your mail. And the service will be hosted in brightsolid’s secure data centres to make sure your email service is constantly available.

brightsolid’s managed hosted exchange
1 Exchange Mailbox Mailbox Size MS Outlook License (latest version) POP3 and IMAP Spam and Anti Virus Shared Address Books Shared Public Folders Shared Calendar Outlook Web Access Active Sync Email Push Blackberry 4 200MB 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 Option

4 500MB 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Option

100% Availability All email is scanned by MessageLabs for spam and viruses prior to entering the Hosted Exchange environment. And scanned again when it enters the environment before being stored on our Storage Area Network (SAN) from Dell. The technologies within Exchange 2007 ensure 100% availability so that you never lose touch with your customers. Accessibility With your email calendar and public folder available via traditional Client Outlook, Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync for mobile access, you’re always connected. Your benefits: • 24 / 7 live support • 100% Availability • Scalable Solution • uaranteed Service Level Targets (SLT) G • Reduced Costs / Increased Value • Hassle Free / Reduced Administration • Compliance with Industry Standards • Zero capital costs • No IT expertise required • utsourced support allowing you O and your organisation to focus on core business • ully managed by Microsoft F certified experts

brightsolid delivers high availability, high volume, high performance online products and services, such as hosting, access, disaster recovery and business continuity services. brightsolid online utilities provide Managed IT services that utilise Cloud and Green Computing Methodologies.

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