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Chinese - Canadian Universities Cooperation Program

Sustainable Water Resource Management in Beijing - Tianjin Region

Urban Household Water Use Questionnaire

City:_______________________ Name of Enumerator:_____________ Residential Area:_____________ Date of Survey: ______________ Type of Building:_____________

Household Address:__________________

Part One : Household Profile Data

Member Sex Age Occupation Education Level Marital Status

Part Two: Household Socio-Economic Data

1. What is the type of the housing ownership? Public Semi-public Private Others 2. What is the average family income? Less than 10,000 yuan 11,000 to 30,000 yuan 41,000 to 50,000 yuan More than 50,000 yuan 3. When the building was built ? Before 70's 70's to 80's

31,000 to 40,000 yuan

80's to 90's

After 1991

4. What is the monthly expense for various utility services? Water Amount Electricity Telephone Cable TV

Part Three: Water Amenities And Service Data

5. What is the major source of household water supply? Indoor tap water Shared tap Well Others 6. What are the major water using appliance and their number ? Shower Flushing toilet Hand basin Bath tub Washing machine Dish washer Others 7. For personal hygiene, which of the followings do household members use ? Shower Tub bathing Others 8.What is the bathing frequency ? Many times a day Once a day Twice a day Three times a day Once a week More than a week 9. How long does each shower last ? Less than 10 min. 20 min. to 30 min. 30 min. to 40 min. 40 min. to 60 min. Others 10. In a typical week, what is the frequency does household go laundry? Everyday Once three days Once a week Others 11. How many loads of laundry do you usually do? One load Two loads Three loads Others 12. What is the major source of household drinking water? Piped water Well water Bottle water Others 13. How much drinking water (in liters) does your household consume each day? ________________________________________ 14. If your family does not drink tap water, what is the water price? ________________________________________ 15.How is the current water supply service? Quality Color Excellent Very Good Good Poor Very bad 16. How many taps are there in the household? One Two Three Four and more



17. Do your taps leak? Yes No Do not know

18. Do your taps usually have brown water running out ? Yes No Do not know 19. Do you have a timely maintenance whenever it is needed ? Yes No Do not know 20. How often is the water meter read? Once a month Twice a month


21. On what days of the week and during what times of the day, is there no water or water pressure low assuming some degree of regularity?
Monday AM one to six oclock Six to eight Eight to twelve PM twelve to five Five to eight Eight to twelve Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

22. How many cubic meters of water does your household use each month?

_______________________ Part Four: Household Water Use Behavior And Perception Data
23. Does your household use water for ? Drinking Cooking Bathing Toilet washing Laundering Flower watering Car washing Others 24. What is the percentage of each use ? ( no way they know) Drinking Cooking Bathing Toilet washing Laundering Flower watering Car washing Others 25. What do you use for storing water during the water shortage season ? (Volume) Jar Tank Bucket Basin Kettle Others 26. Is there any other source of supply except for the stored water? (Please explain)

27. How long did the latest water shortage last? Several dozen minutes Several hours Several days

Do not know

28. Are there any water-saving measures practiced in the household ? Yes No Do not know If has, please explain:_________________________________ 29. How would you rate the existing water supply service? Excellent Very good Good Bad Why?_______________ 30. Do you know how much do you pay for each cubic meter of water? Yes No 31. What do you think about the current water rate ? Too high Normal Too low Others 32. Compared with other utility payments such as electricity fee, what do you think about the current water tariff ? Too high Normal Too low Others 33. Which of the following aspects of your water supply do needs improvement in the future ? Quality Pressure Rate Reliability Billing system Service quality Maintenance Others 34. Which one of the above aspects do you think should be improved right away ? 35. If the water company encourages families to use less water by providing rebate on water bill, say 20% , would you be willing to use less water ? Yes No Others 36. At what rebate rate would you begin to think about this offer? 10 % 20 % 30 % 40% 50 % More than 50 % 37. If the water company further improve its service, for example by providing better quality water that you could drink directly from the faucet, would you be willing to pay more for your water ? Yes No Others 38. What is the maximum price are you willing to pay for each cubic meter of water? One Yuan One yuan ten cents One yuan twenty cents One yuan thirty cents One yuan fifty cents More than two yuans [ ] 1.5 Yuan [ ] 2.0Yuan 39. If you are willing to pay more for water, where should the Water Company should invest the extra revenue? Improve reliability Improve quality Improve pressure

Prevent water pollution Improve management 40. Do you know this region is short of water? Yes No


41. Have you ever noticed any propaganda on water conservation ? Yes No 42. If the government offer subsidies to households to improve the existing water system, would you be willing to participate in the program? Yes No 43. If you are willing to take part in the program, what is the maximum expense would you be willing to assume ? Less than 100 yuans 101 - 200 yuans 201 - 300 yuans 301 - 400 yuans 401 - 500 yans More than 500 yuans