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ME 470 Engineering Design Processes and Methodology Design Project Selection Due: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 end

d o! la"# $%er%ie& Each group will be applying the techniques outlined in the Ulrich and Eppinger textbook to perform a conceptual design (design up to but not including detail design and prototyping). To do that, each group will select an area of design opportunity (unmet need, problem, etc.) to address with their design. e will be looking mostly at designs that sol!e problems that ha!e small market demands because many of these problems ha!en"t been completely addressed by the marketplace. Therefore, significant design and marketing opportunities are still a!ailable. Examples include# $roblem % & $ortable Tensile Tester 'ecause Tensile Testers are usually large expensi!e pieces of equipment, most schools own only a few. This makes the scheduling and teaching of laboratories challenging. (ome schools would prefer a small, transportable, inexpensi!e de!ice for material testing. Then multiple testers could be brought to the classroom and all the students could be doing testing at the same time. $roblem ) & *+E *emonstration *e!ice *esign of Experiments is a topic that is often taught with the example of data generated by the students. ,n our class we are using catapults to generate the data. ,nstructors would like to see other options for data generation. The de!ices should be small, inexpensi!e, easy to use, reliable, and especially, be interesting to the students. The de!ice should ha!e ad-ustments for se!eral factors and le!els. $roblem . & /ssisti!e *e!ice / number of people ha!e difficulty with handwriting due to tremors (Essential Tremor, $arkinson"s, etc.). They would still like to be able to hand write small things like checks, grocery lists, (udoku pu00les, and birthday cards that are not well suited to use of a printer. / !ariety of means ha!e been used for stabili0ation of e!erything from airplanes to cameras. /gain, a small, relati!ely inexpensi!e de!ice that"s not too *arth 1ader would be desired. $roblem 2 & /ccommodating $lug3in 1ehicles ,n the next few years more students are likely to be bringing plug3in electric !ehicles to campuses. (chools are unlikely to want to subsidi0e these students fuel cost. hat physical and economic systems could be put in place to accommodate these students4

$roblem 5 & Energy con!ersion6storage The 7ose campus is facing a change in energy costs such that we pay more as energy demand at the energy pro!ider increases. 8onsequently, an additional energy source that would be a!ailable for peak demand would be helpful. (ignificant energy is used in mo!ement of people between classes. The design of de!ices that could capture and6or store some of this energy is a possible choice. $roblem 9 3 :our 8hoice :our design should address a problem that is not currently well addressed in the marketplace. ,t should be primarily a mechanical de!ice, but certainly can ha!e electrical or software components. ,t should be simple enough to be conceptually designed in a few weeks. (omething like a three ring binder is too simple and something like a (egway is too complicated. (omething like a portable light source (e.g. flashlight) or a handheld, powered screwdri!er are about right in terms of complexity (though may be well sol!ed). This is an opportunity to select something that you would like to bring to market or is a particular opportunity for those who would like to lay the groundwork for a 8apstone *esign $ro-ect (;E 2<%, ;E 2<)). =or example, you may ha!e had an internship experience or be in an on3 campus design group like 7E1 or >$1 that has gi!en you an idea for an unmet need.

'as(s: %. (elect a design opportunity. ,f you ha!e chosen $roblem 5, clearly outline how your pro-ect meets the criteria (mechanical, appropriate complexity) and get this pro-ect preappro!ed by your instructor. ). 8ategori0e your design opportunity using Exhibit )32 (page %?). :our design will be either Technology $ush or ;arket $ull and then likely include one or more other process types. @ustify your selections (approximately one paragraph per $rocess Type.) .. Turn in your appro!ed choice by the end of lab ednesday, ;arch %A, )A%A.