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The raison d’être for the provision of Close Protection operations is quite naturally – ‘To protect’.

What’s Your Plan Steps needed to achieve your goals

For those of you who are reading the Circuit magazine for the first time, firstly….where have you been? The magazine, you’ll soon notice, is packed with great articles written by people just like you and me, all of who work within or are involved with the security industry, in some manner. If you like the idea of having your say on matters close to your heart and would like to see your words immortalised within these pages then get typing! In our previous issue (#20) we celebrated having been in publication for 5 years, and now in October 2013 we observe yet another landmark with the arrival of issue 21. In this quarter we have made the emotional decision to bid farewell to the printed version of the magazine as we transition the complete publication across to a purely digital format. There comes a point with most business, products and services when you simply must listen to what your customers are telling you and move with the times; standing still is simply not an option, especially when you operate within an industry that has expectations as high as this. Over the years we have received lots of support and have been complimented handsomely on the printed version of the magazine and I can tell you there is no better feeling than when you get that first copy of the Circuit in your hands after it comes off the print run. I’m sure it’s no different for you either, when go and retrieve it from your doormat once the postman has been…. well, for those of us who are actually home when it arrives? Unfortunately, with the nature of our work and the increasingly busy schedules of our clients, it often dictates that we’re many miles away from our homes and families and this is something we’ve had to acknowledge here at the magazine. Sales of the print magazine have dropped sharply over the last 2 years, while subscriptions to the digital magazine have soared. I liken this shift to the change within the music industry over the last decade. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have fond memories of purchasing your first record (mine was: “When will I be Famous” by Bros) but despite the emotional attachment to vinyl and high street stores we cannot deny


that downloading is simply a more efficient way to get new music as soon as it goes on sale and it’s certainly a damn sight easier to carry your complete collection with you in digital format than it used to be! The same rules apply here, and even more so. Now we can have the most up-to-date content ready for you as soon as it’s available, and not to forget, we can do this at a much-reduced cost to you! Over the coming months we will be exploring lots of different way to utilise this new format to its greatest extent. So, stay tuned, it’s an exciting time for the Circuit. 2013 has flown by, the great British summer time well and truly over and we are already looking forward to the festive period. It has been great to hear from and meet so many operators throughout the summer, it certainly looks like the volume of work within the sector is taking an upturn with many more opportunities, which has been great to see and hear! If you are new to the industry and want to put yourself in the best position to be able to take advantage of these opportunities you have to ensure you work tirelessly on expanding your network, join professional associations which allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the job front. Ensure your qualifications are up-to-date, this will allow you to jump on opportunities as they arise; there is nothing worse than a great job opportunity coming up but you can’t capitalise because you haven’t got “xyz” qualification, or because you have let a particular license expire. Continuous improvement is about now and the future - quality is a moving target. That which is the industry standard today will be old news tomorrow so use your “downtime” wisely and keep those quals up-todate. Whilst doing all the above make sure you make some time for catching up with the latest issue of The Circuit! Thank you all for your continued support. Shaun West Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of The Circuit - The Magazine for the Executive Protection Professional. Traditionally, I use the foreword of each issue to both pitch the interior content in a somewhat lighthearted manner, as well as recognize individuals who played a part in bringing it together. This time however, I want to change the tone and offer condolences to some of the Protectors we have lost in the past several months. While the list is by no means complete, there are a few individuals who I know have made contributions to the industry and will be missed by their peers. I feel that in a society that is increasingly more concerned with sensationalism over accomplishments, a protector’s passing has to be associated with a scandal or otherwise goes unnoticed. Instead, I challenge readers of this

magazine to instead remember that the departed devoted a large majority of their lives in service to the craft and in the protection of others. Have you ever asked yourself at any point in your life, “how will I be remembered?” Chances are, you have. The better question is, “how will you remember someone else?” My hope is we give those who have invested years in the Craft the benefit of doubt and the recognition that there is a special place reserved for those who put others before themselves. R.I.P, Corin K. Noble, Mike Ridgell, Norman Obosterbroek and Mike “Duke” De Luca. Elijah Shaw Managing Editor (US Edition)

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FocusOn: Yemen

A tandem bombing attack wounded around 17 people, some critically, on Rabat Street in Sana’a on September 26. The first IED exploded with no injuries but attracted a crowd to examine the destruction, many of whom fell victim to the second explosion.




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Issue 21


or where large numbers of people gather like government buildings. bridge.D. environment and distance are not applicable when a specific location or mode of public transportation is targeted or in cases of ambush attackers. deployment. Issue 21 07 . people with unusual bulges under their clothing. Terrorist attacks follow a distinct process referred to as the Terrorist Attack Cycle. security measures and vulnerabilities and it’s during this phase that terrorists and other attackers are vulnerable to detection. you must first identify suitable observation points (OP’s) that provide optimal views of critical locations that hostile surveillance would want to watch such as the entrance to the targets residence or office. surveillance detection (SD) has become critical to successful intelligence collection.D. government to define the principles that can be used to identify surveillance conducted by hostile surveillance and counter intelligence agencies. Poor demeanor will often help the target or surveillance detection unit identify hostile surveillance.S. Environment. If a choke point provides a position where attackers can freely wait for their targets and have access to a suitable escape route. 06 Circuit Magazine In Surveillance Detection (SD).E. Therefore. Choke points are a geographical feature such as a valley. When attempting to identify hostile surveillance. By Jeff Burns History has taught us that certain kinds of activities can indicate terrorist plans are in the works. Distance and Demeanor. wires protruding from their clothing. In general terrorists have relatively poor surveillance skills or tradecraft. T. military installations. deployment. people who appear to be attempting to avoid security personnel or law enforcement and people who appear out of place. mumbling to themselves or fidgeting. escape and exploitation. The terrorist attack cycle includes: Target selection. Demeanor indicators include: people wearing unsuitable clothing for the weather or environment. round a bout or other area where the target must travel and where rapid forward motion and or escape is difficult. escape and exploitation. bus or train stations or major public events. the choke point becomes a potential attack site. Close attention should be paid to vehicles and people that look out of place or are people exhibiting poor surveillance demeanor. stands for Time. people who are sweating profusely. It is this poor surveillance tradecraft that if recognized can provide individuals and organizations with the time needed to involve the proper authorities. planning. especially when they occur at or near high profile or sensitive sites. demeanor is the most critical of the four elements.D. Regardless of the type of attack whether it be terrorist such as a bombing or kidnapping or a criminal attack such as a theft there is almost always some amount of preoperational hostile surveillance conducted. in different environments and over distance or someone who displays poor surveillance tradecraft then that person can assume they are under surveillance. In other words. avoid an immediate threat and help prevent an attack. Surveillance detection personnel should conduct a pattern and route analysis to determine where along routes of travel that the target is most predictable and vulnerable.” The ability to detect hostile or suspicious activity early in the target selection and planning phase is the primary means of defeating a terrorist or criminal attack. This hostile surveillance is intended to assess a potential target for value. Thus.Feature Surveillance Detection ”Terrorist attacks follow a distinct process referred to as the Terrorist Attack Cycle. Route analysis should include identification of choke points. counter terrorism and security operations. if a person sees someone over time. planning.D. the acronym T.E. The terrorist attack cycle includes: Target selection. places where high profile individuals reside or work. is often used by the U. Time. when talking about hostile surveillance.

Hostile surveillance operatives will often change their appearance by changing clothes. all relevant details should be reported to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner. The focus of surveillance detection is to distinguish types of suspect behavior and other indicators of possible surveillance and report any suspicious behavior or indicators. Surveillance Detection: Surveillance detection can be conducted by civilians. mannerisms. Some sophisticated attackers may use counter surveillance as a countermeasure against surveillance detection to increase their operational security. Surveillance can also be used to collect intelligence on a range of potential targets in order to eliminate target options and aid in target selection by identifying a target that satisfies the objective of the attacker. places and vehicles with the intent of collecting intelligence that can be used in the planning of a hostile action be it criminal or terrorist. Many times. There are primarily three types of surveillance related activities. Surveillance detection works because it allows the hostile surveillance to feel confident operating in the open because they have no idea anyone is watching them. reduce the number of attacks and allow for safer operations in high risk environments. Surveillance: In this case hostile surveillance conducts purposeful observation of people. executives. Counter Surveillance: Counter surveillance is often conducted by professionals who are trying to exploit Surveillance Detection ” The focus of surveillance detection is to distinguish types of suspect behavior and other indicators of possible surveillance and report any suspicious behavior or indicators. build. against a specific target. they are surveillance (SV).I. then the proper authorities can get involved and design a professional counter surveillance operation to exploit or capture the hostile surveillance. Surveillance detection conducts purposeful observation of people.S.A. 08 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 09 .Feature An ideal countermeasure would be to vary routes and times of travel to avoid exhibiting predictable behavior. Surveillance detection plans should be implemented discretely and abide by local laws and federal laws such as the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (F. Essentially. Counter surveillance is normally conducted by intelligence agencies and the military but in today’s global environment more and more security contractors are becoming involved in counter surveillance operations.). Surveillance detection plans should include a strategy for recording and reporting observations. When conducting surveillance detection. using hats or wigs and other disguises. exploit or apprehend the hostile surveillance. it is important no to cross over into the role of counter surveillance as this can compromise any future counter surveillance operation conducted by the authorities and risks chasing the surveillance into hiding. gait and identifying marks such as scars and tattoos. By applying professional surveillance detection to security and counter terror operations we can effectively detect and prevent terrorist attacks in the planning phases. special attention should be paid to characteristics such as body damage. The response to discovery of hostile surveillance will depend on the situation and potential threat at the time of discovery. For this reason. The reports are then analyzed and directed to the proper authorities for an appropriate response. locations and vehicles with the specific intent of determining if surveillance is being conducted against a specific target. they will change vehicle plates or even change vehicles. When it comes to vehicles. security personnel. counter surveillance is an operational measure taken once hostile surveillance has been identified. surveillance detection (SD) and counter surveillance (CS).” and neutralize hostile surveillance. it is important to focus on an individuals facial features. government agencies. If hostile surveillance is detected. If the intelligence collected by surveillance detection warrants further investigation. use of cover and will include a surveillance detection response during routine travel and around any facilities or locations that may be targeted. Counter surveillance then conducts surveillance of the hostile surveillance in order to gather intelligence that can be used to manipulate. stickers and other unique characteristics. law enforcement and the military.

What sets apart the highly successful people from those that just get by? There may be several things. but you were not aware of it. the car could be a bit cleaner but you are pretty sure the client didn’t notice. and it is vital that you are able to achieve the goals in order to continue your forward motion. So what about your career.and it’s the wrong one. the driver that you met just a few minutes ago seems competent enough. and it is highly doubtful you would just hire a driver without doing some background work first. and their determination to follow through and make things happen. Doing this creates an environment where attainment of those goals is hindered. Right? Of course you wouldn’t. You have now gotten the principal to his destination 30 minutes late. Goals and objectives are like a road map. but some common traits are. your life. Your client is in the back on the cell phone conducting business. There is no way you would ever not do your due diligence. there was a better way to enter and bypass the paparazzi. the principal is mobbed by the paparazzi as he tries to make his way to his destination. Once inside the venue. you are a professional. Goals are the broad intentions that define what you want. Sure. their focus. Sure. The road is smooth. This detail is a complete and utter disaster! Does this sound like you? I hope not. and how you are going to get there. Measurable and attainable are very important terms when you decide to use goals as a part of your business (and life) plan. you didn’t have time to travel the route prior to today so you tell the driver to “just pick one”. In other words-Do you have goals and objectives? Take a moment and consider some of the people who have achieved a measure of success in this business. Objectives are the specific tasks that define the steps needed to achieve your goals. Which is the best route to take? Unfortunately. Objectives are the specific tasks that define the steps needed to achieve your goals? Suddenly the driver turns to you and asks about a fork in the road ahead. you were too busy to do a proper advance. Together they clearly define where you are going to end up. your future? Have you done the advance work on those things? Have you planned out a safe secure route for yourself and what you hope to accomplish? Have you made a plan that shows where you are going and how you are going to get there? 10 Circuit Magazine . He does. their drive.Feature By Russ Saunders What’s Your Plan? What’s Your Plan? Goals are the broad intentions that define what you want. Often times when we write down our goals we are either too vague or too broad. No way that you would not do an advance on the route or venue. Issue 21 11 Picture yourself sitting in the front right seat of a vehicle making its way down the road. It is very important to have both short term and long term goals. How can you make sure your goals are attainable? This is where objectives come into play. How do they keep on a path to success? They have measurable and attainable goals and objectives! A couple of words in that last sentence should jump off the page for you. you don’t know.

linkedin. that a process has been set in motion where successes are easier to come by.Feature are not prepared to set goals. publishing a new book or enhancing my cardio. There are clear definitions in the SMART acronym that tell you how each goal should be laid out. Whether in my business or personal life.brandyourself. my team members. I know I did. You may even start to realize as you What’s Your Plan? achieve your You should use objectives as steps to attain your goals. or design a life? The choice is yours. The tools to make it happen are there. Use to-do lists or whatever method works for you where you can track. you can also begin to separate what’s important from what’s irrelevant (or simply a distraction). you would say. my client. and our vendor relationships. The objectives would be your time frame and the or www. For example. whether I am talking about increasing revenues. a one year plan. SMART is an acronym that stands for: S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Time (what’s the timeframe to achieve it?) 12 Circuit Magazine The SMART method is a great tool to help you start setting your goals today. you may as well call it a hobby. It is through goals that I can objectively measure myself. you seek out the best people (use the network!). What do goals mean to them? The easiest way to get the answer is to ask.R. In order to achieve that. one of your objectives should obviously be to get more specialized training. for example. adjust. Once you use goal setting to map out your dreams you will also discover that you are not only able to decide what you want to achieve in your life. method. a monthly plan. and reach your goals.T. in more ways than one! One of the most recognized tools for goal making is the S. Now you have a defined goal that also has a timeline attached to it. “I want to attend the ICON Social Summit in January in Orlando Florida (www.A.” Anthony Robbins Which do you want? Just make a living. and a weekly or daily plan. without goals you don’t have a means to calibrate or measure your performance. It is up to you to choose to do something today! Start setting your goals now and soon you will find your life and your career soaring! You may even wonder how you ever did without it. Russ Saunders is a Chief of Police and Trainer. Makes sense right? I contacted my friend Mark James at Panther Protection let’s say you have the goal to better position yourself as a highly sought after specialist in the protection business with a focus on Celebrities. and take advantage of the training as I know some of the presenters specialize in Celebrity Protection and networking opportunities that will be offered there.). If you want the best advice. and you will motivate yourself. and your self confidence is raised as well! “Most people are caught up in the trap of making a living rather than designing a life. So instead of just saying “I want to get more training” and leaving it at that. diversifying my client base.ConquerTheSummit. “If you are in business and you Issue 21 13 . Follow the principles outlined in SMART and you can turn your goals into reality! Again I will ask you to think about those that have achieved success in this business. That’s smart. We talked about the importance of having goals and here is what he had to say: “Setting goals are a critical part of my ongoing growth and development.” Are you in business or is this just a hobby? Make a 5-year plan. reach him at http://russsaunders.

then a completley different strategic dynamic comes into play.Feature for Tat’. In both Prisoner A and Prisoner B stay silent. they both receive three months imprisonment. The best known example is probably ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’. was a programme called ‘Tit ”Why is this lying bastard lying to me?” and expertise than the organisation it is regulating. The strategy was simple. annual bonuses. it is a failing strategy on behalf of the regulators to go into the game believing that the other side (the regulated organisation) is interested in creating a cooperative relationship. career prospects). when it comes down to the relationship between the regulators and those being regulated. they both receive 1 month imprisonment. So if they cooperated. 14 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 15 . the most simple of all of the entries received. Then repeat what the other person did on their previous move. resources The Regulatory System: Part 2 The Regulatory System: Part 2 Game Theory In many ways. If they betrayed. Entries were received from academics across the world. DRA has worked with government agencies. but doesn’t is that the regulators have fallen into a category error. This strategy rewards cooperation on part of the other party. and the prisoner who has been betrayed serves one year. However. and given that many of those CEO’s will have been appointed by those self-same directors purely on the basis of their ability to increase and improveprofitability in the market that they are trading in. However. then it becomes clear that there is little to be gained in the long run by cooperating / playing nicely. but purely. In fact.cooperate (play nicely) or betray (screw the customer). This is not an issue of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Although a basic understanding of economic theory would suggest that the artificially high margins between cost of production and final sale price would create an opportunity for any company that would cut its prices to gain greater market share. based purely on an understanding of simple game theory. or Barclays (and undoubtedly other banks) working together to fix the LIBOR rate. however large or small. If both give up the other. football shirt retailers (and Manchester United) being fined £16m for fixing the price of replica football shirts. then betray. increased market share. The dilemma comes about because the punishment they are given depends not only on their own actions. but prisoner B betrays him in the hope of a lighter sentence). then the prisoner who has given evidence goes free. as well as the most successful. that would only hold true in a theoretically pure market where each competitor independently fixes the rate at which they are prepared to sell based on their own personal strategy. It seems strange therefore when regulators and politicians claim that it is the reponsibility of the companies’ boards of directors to control the actions of the CEO and other operating officers. Game Theory is the way that one can test various strategies. cooperate again. therefore. given that the cost of such cooperation is passed on to the final consumer (and which in turns directly contributes to higher profits for the colluding partners). In such situations. that is. NGO’s. personnel. The ability of the regulated organisation to maximise personal benefit is then based on the ability to predict what the other side will do in response to the two options . but as part of an evolving relationship. the recognised optimal strategy is to give evidence against the other person. nuclear power stations. but three months (again if both prisoners grass up the other) against one year (if Prisoner A does the decent thing and remains silent. Although it results in a heavier sentence than if both sides had cooperated in remaining silent. with many going into thousands of lines of computer code. especially when it is precisely those action that have created profit and value in the company. the dynamics change if Prisoners A and B can change their strategy based on previous experience. Whether it was Virgin and British Airways forming an illegal cartel to fix the price of fuel surcharges (a benefit to themselves which was paid for in increased prices for passengers). but on the decision of the other prisoner. it is beneficial to both / all sides in the long run to use mutual cooperation in order to maximise their personal benefit. an American political scientist and academic. who will suffer because of their inherent ‘niceness’ or trusting nature. the opening attitude of the regulators (and one that they would be well advised to repeat to themselves three times before they go into any subsequernt meeting). council departments. and it is one that can be best described by a (brief) look at classical Game Theory. dependant on deep analysis of changing trends in the opponents decisions. is the famous phrase ascribed to Jeremy Paxman on his attitude to politicians he was interviewing.banks. and offers a clear insight into why those involved in regulation act as they do. police agencies. ‘Why is this lying bastard lying to me?’.it is in their benefit to do so. The iconic example of the power of game theory strategy in what is called the ‘Iterative Prisoner Dilemma’ (where it involves not a one-off situation. the reason why they do it is simple and unanswerable . David Rubens Associates David Rubens Associates is a specialist corporate security consultancy offering strategic security services to individuals and organisations across the world. the reason that regulation should work. the risk is not one month (if both prisoners cooperated) against three months (if both prisoners gave up the other). The Prisoners Dilemma as outined above can be seen in action in two variants within regulatory activities. Given that in almost all cases the regulatory body has less funds. and no way of knowing how Prisoner B is thinking or is likely to react. in which two prisoners are offered the opportunity to either deny the charge or give evidence against the other one. usually with the aim of maximising personal benefit. etc. who in turn stays silent. international conasdasdasdasdsearch to all of its projects. of whether it is ‘effective’ or ‘ineffective’. The first relationship is that between the various people and organisations being regulated . and much to be gained by ignoring the regulator and developng a strategy that focusses purely on maximising its own personal benefit. when he invited computer game planners from across the world to put forward programmes that would compete against each other in on-going games of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Once collusion is involved. The largest fine ever handed out by the European Commission (of over Euro 1. and the clear lessons from history are that even for those organisations that are theoretically in competition with each other. However. if the choices made by the prisoners are not based on a one-off encounter. in its own terms at least (maximisation of profit. and this is what takes The Prisoners Dilemma beyond a dinner party game and into the realms of practical strategic value for regulators everywhere. But if one prisoner rats on the other. which consisted entirely of four lines of code.3 billion ). was to four manufacturers of car glass who had fixed the market prices at an artificially high level. but a series of on-going choices) was demonstrated at an event organised in the late 1970’s by Robert Axelrod. but without leaving Prisoner B with the impression that in the long-term it is in his benefit to betray Prisoner A. given that Prisoner A has no control over Prisoner B. it is always in the interests of supposed competitors to cooperate. journalists. In classical Prisoner Dilemma game theory analysis. Firstly cooperate.

the aims and content of operational planning is not and remains a specific and oriented led phase that is pivotal to the entire scope of the operation itself. This is due to operational differences between operations such as: ▶ Principal Profile ▶ Conduct of operation ▶ Budgets ▶ CPT manpower strength ▶ Available assets ▶ Location(s) of operation ▶ THREAT(s) Issue 21 17 . 
 Attributed to Colonel (later Field Marshal) Erwin Rommel OPERATIONAL PLANNING The raison d’être for the provision of Close Protection operations is quite naturally – ‘To protect’. although this reason is common throughout. it is fortunate that their officers do not read it”. However. This remains the fundamental reason for all and any protection operation.Operational Planning “The British write some of the best doctrine in the world.

Operational planning remains vey much ‘joined at the hip’ with the assessment of risk to threats and Situational Awareness. Operational planning cannot foresee events. Hence. It can. Historical events concerning the past experiences on that particular operation and the studies of past attacks and methods of operation by the enemy. the very absence of any proper schedule with an ‘as and when’ process being adopted. in the commercial corporate environment. There is no need for the formality of a full Op Order within a small team working the commercial role. plan for worst case possibilities and cater for the best possible outcomes. Information is received. fixed or pre-determined.” Heraclitus Commercial Close Protection operations are not finite in the manner they are conducted. then. that a plan is only ‘a plan’ and in line with the statement by Colonel Rommel. The provision of maximum security possible in the given circumstances 2. However. specific training conducted. or ‘FRAGO’ is given. This is due to a constant trickle feed of not only changes to the schedule but also. The schedule is not set. Much ado with both is based on history. pilots and so on. nannies. (what can
go wrong. countries. As such. The TL must implement this plan based on two main aims: 1. the planning of an op is concentrated around the passage of information from Realistically. assess it and create a plan. team attachments briefed. With this information a plan can then be formed. unless operating in a typical high-risk environment such as Iraq and Afghanistan with many operators and vehicles on the ground and friendly forces in the area of responsibility a full Op Order would not be conducted with more of a continuing format of ‘FRAGO’ style being produced. They are flexible. a tendency to be last on the ‘dissemination list’. During the operation. The TL makes decisions and risk assessments and deploys assets based on both. The provision of an administrational smooth running operation Why do we have a plan? Operational Planning Cycle Operational Planning and in line with approved budgets. It must be said that regardless of any meticulous planning conducted. It must be remembered of course. however. constantly changing in a constantly changing environment. Based on the premise that both are balanced in mitigating the assessed risk to threat(s). locations. (or Boss). the process in implementing an operational plan remains a continuing one. operations starting from scratch will naturally experience and dictate a far greater workload. as mentioned. applies ubiquitously in the operational environment and a confident attitude to risk is then required. The operational planning cycle above illustrates this continuing activity. Operational plans are based on information. house managers. Information can also be gained from other members of staff that for some reason has not filtered down to security. ‘Murphy’s Law’. He is then to convert the plan in to an effective practical operation where all those involved understand the goals and aims of the mission and each individual knows each of their own specific responsibilities. An Op Order or ‘OPORD’ outlines the situation. the situation may change which means the Op Order needs to be modified. The process is dynamic. the TL will outline the schedule and task responsibilities in a less formal manner. Information from the PA/ secretaries.Feature ‘Plans are devised to ensure that mission goals are met through the effective deployment and use of manpower and assets in mitigating risk to threats and meeting other operational requirements’. equipment distributed. Information from chauffeurs. The process remains a continual one for every trip. “The only thing that is constant is change. the more relevant information insofar as facilitating a smooth running op is normally received from the Boss’ office. aims and requirements of the operation remain a continuing process. risks and vulnerabilities to threats determined ”Planning an effective protection operation is largely dependent on those assets available to deploy. Militarily. Instead. both in terms of manpower and logistics. and for every serial on the schedule. at times. Instead of producing a further Op Order a ‘Fragmentation Order’. recces conducted and so on. meetings – all must be checked in detail and confirmed. vehicles. probably will). Commercially. this is known as an ‘Operation Order’. Planning an effective protection operation is largely dependent on those assets available to deploy. If there is no information – there is no plan. day-to-day tasking’s and responsibilities. both in terms of manpower and logistics. regarding the schedule must be scrutinised by the TL. Timings. This information is largely based on those aforementioned operational differences above. threats are assessed. Standard operational procedures are put in place.” 18 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 19 . The TL has a duty to collate all information. safeguards implemented. flexibility and rapid thinking on the TL’s feet is required. journey and function. mission and activities of the unit to achieve their mission goals. in a hotel room for instance. PA’s/ secretaries are busy people and in an organisation where many are employed those operating in security have at times.

Without taking things to the extreme. Any overseas deployment on the schedule will require any entrance visa confirmations. Map • The threat appreciations.CPBook. vehicle to vehicle and man to man risk to threats and for the planning and preparation for • Locations of any planned halts eventualities. ‘face’ and in certain situations – lives. preferably. recces of those routes and locations conducted and the briefing of any support staff. and photographs. techniques and procedures adopted in the planning phase producing poor results in the operation itself is very much another. Available to buy at www. Excerpt from ‘Close Protection . liaison with airport VIP authorities/ private air terminals. Resupply and charging of any equipment/ batteries used and a proper handover conducted. As soon as notification of a move has been received then all travel arrangements are to be made for all those respective elements of the team composition. airport VIP authorities and local security company and PES Level 2 (CAT) limousine service contacts. should’ve. Ill conceived operational tactics. It will also define the level of professionalism in the planning and preparation for the operation itself. arrangements for hotel accommodations. notices of intended travel/ future events and trips operational or party political problems and recommendations. (friendly fire onto friendly forces). money. 1957 • The routes to be driven and also alternate routes that could be used Proactivity is the fundamental key to the mitigation of • Communications. good planning will save time. Discussions and resulting • The route must be known to PES 2. Obtaining visas and vaccinations to • Locations of any RV points if split those countries most likely to be deployed. situations The assessment of threats and the determination of measures to mitigate those risks to threats will principally fall within the decision making practises for the levels of protection afforded. and agreed scope of points of contact etc. pilots/ air handlers and so on. managerial staff and means that you keep a couple of jumps ahead.A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation’ . recce Boss must be acted upon swiftly: • Communications should be checked in order that they 20 Circuit Magazine • BG maybe afforded • PES maybe afforded • Residence. Notice of intended travel • Make recce plan. but of your own men”. not only of support agencies of locations to be visited the enemy. type of embus/ debus. it will • Brief the team happen all right but it will be mighty Level 3 • BG • PES • SAP • CAT • CST • Protection of residence(s) and place(s) of work • Provision of armoured vehicles • Dedicated search • Dedicated medical support • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. more joined up operation for the Boss and will not only benefit operational effectiveness and longevity but the reputations of all. In war. (TSCM) Issue 21 21 . if you do. The ‘could’ve. Decisions made on specific routes for road moves between locations. local and preparation for the team and operational assets/ friendly forces running alike. place of work and places frequented maybe be afforded security patrols/ given attention “We felt that it would be important that we have a worstcase scenario to make sure that our planning efforts were measured against that”. It also details any liaisons conducted. either by map confirmations made with those of influence with the appreciation or. (if operation allows). wait for something to happen. • Flights • Personal admin & preparation • Operational arrangements • Hotels/ Residences • Recces • Local team attachments • Vehicles • Tasking SAP can be maintained throughout the planned move • Liaison should be attempted (if the situation allows) with other agencies to ascertain their MO and to avoid blue on blue. Field Marshal Sir William Slim. Courage and other PES Broadcasts. would’ve’ aspect is all very well in hindsight concerning personal administrational aspects. London. theatre specific equipment including armoured vehicle requirements and weapons. Bruce Gellin Training and experience ultimately defines the level of efficiency of the operators on the ground. The compilation of Post Op Reports provides an excellent informative means of reference for any expeditious future arrangements. and/ or carry “Initiative simply means that you do not sit down and out a map appreciation. The Team Leader must drill down to all • Correct equipment carried such possibilities and make the necessary arrangements • The final destination. Directly linked to and affected by the Threat & Risk Assessment. plans. (ECM) • BG • PES – Possibly in a reduced form • Some measures as per Level 1 SAP • Confirm they have the necessary maps. 1 Level 2 • Electronic Counter Measures. Initiative • Arrange liaison with firms. The planning phase is to include actions on in the event of short or no notice changes to the schedule and any possible ‘fastball’ requirements. approved budgets. then Post Op Reports must be completed. It will create a smoother. local drivers. the levels of protection commonly result in three main categories: Category 1 A person who is in considerable danger and against whom an attack is expected Category 2 A person who is in some danger and against whom an attack cannot be ruled out Category 3 A person who may be in danger and against whom an attack is possible Levels of Protection Level 1 Categories of Protection Planning ahead in detail for the relevant teams must include: Post Op Reports are reports detailing schedules and tasks undertaken during the course of duty of the IBG/ TL. If the IBG role is one within a CPT operation such as conducting the role for the wife or a child.Feature Operational Planning Boss or Boss’ office to the TL/ BG and the subsequent programme of events on the schedule. Cassell. It remains absolutely imperative that the BG has the required contact details for all including email addresses. determining private air terminals. contacts details.

client base and range of service packages. Discretion and Reliability have been from day one and will continue to be the four corner stones within the foundations of my business and strongly encompass my own work ethic. current or potential clients exactly what can be expected from you as the service or potential service provider allowing you to become a credible and viable option to both existing and potential clients something which has also aided me in securing my own private Issue 21 23 .co. it’s all good experience and as long as it’s financially viable and will add to your knowledge or experience” Phil Banks Heimdal Security Services HEIMDAL SECURITY SERVICES are a United Kingdom (UK) based private protective security solutions provider. However the need to continue to work and develop in a sub contract operator capacity is equally as important. in operational experience and skill sets through both continued professional training and development and by continuing to work in current and future roles as they arise. acquired knowledge and professional business contacts available to me. The need to have those key elements in place and make them an integral part of your normal operating procedures is of paramount importance.heimdalsecure. not only does it reflect on you on a personal level as a business owner but also portrays to other it’s all good experience and as long as it’s financially viable and will add to your knowledge or experience then take the opportunity and do the job however big or small.Feature By Phil Banks Taking The Next Step As 2013 is fast coming to a close what an amazing and educational time it has been. E: phil@heimdalsecure. with continued emphasis placed on expanding both UK and European/International operating experiences. which in turn has allowed me to continue to develop as an operator but also expand into a contractor “First link in the chain” service provider role. the need to continue to get out on the ground building 22 Circuit Magazine on the foundations of your operational experience in both previously held roles within a team or indeed new roles or experiences cannot be emphasized enough. I was given some advice right at the very beginning of my Close Protection career which was simply ” Do not be a job snob” something which has stuck with me and has continued to help shape my career and the direction it is heading in a positive way. By leveraging the resources. Integrity. With a vast amount of combined operational and business experience gained with noted expansion of my own operational skill set and business capabilities allowing me to make substantial operational and business developments. HOW HAVE I MADE THIS HAPPEN? Professionalism. Do not be too proud to accept a task just because it is outside of your normal operating area. ”Do not be too proud to accept a task just because it is outside of your normal operating area. THE FUTURE? The future as I see it will have a strong focus on continual development on both professional and business levels with continued growth. with continued growth within the business W: www.

CRAbs IN A BARReL Individually the crabs could escape. FL Invitation Only For more info. Do we really want for our brother what we want for ourselves. how do we reconcile when Agent B is all set to join forces with Agent A. However.” meaning those that did the job and did not talk about it 24 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 25 .” “this guy didn’t ask for my blessing. so it makes sense to do any and everything we can to ensure that we have a seat at the table. Money hungry. “wait a minute this person might make it without me. and in business winner takes all. cosigned her endeavors. the new era of digital marketing is led by multi media and the driving force is content. The list goes on and on. visit www. Agent B might just not like what he sees. that person is somehow less an Operator? Not quite as good a trainer? Is greedy. sly comments and the attempts to rally others to join in. Those savvy with the medium understand that post made in the past don’t simply disappear and even if deleted. –It didn’t work out. the one that says. and all throughout I think at this point everyone is familiar with the analogy: It’s dinnertime and crab is on the menu.” or “didn’t want my help”. drops several crabs inside to begin the meal. Agent A wasn’t looking for a partnership. before this abrupt shift in stance? In the past he’s sung her praises. or does that only apply if we get it at the same time? Beware the Crab Mentality. diminish or out-and-out negate members of our community who are moving in an upward trajectory? While a big part of it has to be attributed to human behavior on an unconscious level. as the saying goes. Again. Elijah Shaw Then enter the Crab Mentality. the reality is what I see is much different. Forget the fact that Agent A’s career path has zero affect on Agent B.Keeping Your Edge history. Things happen. is that to say that when we engage in the “crab mentality” we are totally oblivious to it? One thing that I think accounts for the uptick in negativity is the rise of Social Media. What that means is that to satisfy the (real or perceived) demand to differentiate yourself from the pack via social media. adding himself to pre-existing or emerging plans without invitation.” and where there are heretics. there are puritans. and discussed “the future” in the collective sense. Perhaps he jumped the gun a bit and the resources were not there to allow the merger. 2014 Orlando. but the Crab Mentality might not allow that. “different” has equated to “taboo” and “heretical. Unfortunately. content. one would be in juxtaposition to the “quiet warrior” mindset. the digital footprint is left in the sand of inboxes and message boards where the more technically inclined of us. and therefore each looks as him or herself as a business. they grab at each other pulling any who are close to the edge right back down. now because you two don’t have your wagons hitched together. Perhaps it’s because this is a business composed to a great degree of independent contractors. Its just Politics right? But here’s what’s worse. Then Agent B realizes that for whatever reason it’s not happening quickly enough.” KeepINg YOUR EDge Is it for these reasons that we try and tarnish. reaching up. content. it could all be chalked up to standard professional challenges. While those certainly still exist. that’s the individual’s path. the metaphor can be applied with increasing frequency to the Executive Protection industry. My intentional with the Keeping Your Edge columns that have been running uninterrupted for 5 years now. All of a sudden here comes the innuendo. is not to become a moral compass. climbing out and heading for the hills. This Protector is doing something different. Ultimately. The cook takes a large pot of boiling water and with the top off. As much as I’d like to believe that we all are out for common goals. and even if they have a relationship. and up to this point. on to the next one. You don’t like someone. no one reaches the top and all become a shellfish delight with a side of butter and cornbread. or perhaps in spite of what was going on in Agent B’s mind. in a social media backdrop this becomes apparent almost to the point of comedy.ConquerTheSummit. frequent. “all is fair in love and war. There was a time when the profession was only known for “quiet warriors. but to touch on topics that are relevant to individuals immersed in the Close Protection industry that extend beyond guns and dropkicks. Elijah Shaw is the CEO of Icon Services Corporation and The National Director of the North American Bodyguard Association January 25-26. If Close Protection work is an offshoot of a military mindset. he will then proceed to express his displeasure in such a round about and backhanded way as to be able to maintain “plausible deniability” if confronted. right? Perhaps it’s because the very nature of the clientele suggests that tomorrow is not promised. Instead. Right or wrong. fine.

Police stopped the car and found equipment including a samurai sword. few historically take the time to develop. who allegedly planned to kidnap Justin Bieber. And I’m not gonna stop. Once inside the perimeter today’s professional predators often rely on speed. site advances. the incarcerated felon. To break or violate. stalkers and psychopaths actually manufacture relationships with these stars. kill his bodyguard and put a bounty on Bieber’s “family jewels”. Twitter. By Mark “Six” James CPO. . . they often find themselves targets of both stalkers and professional predators. defensive tactics and firearms training. there is a good chance they may be victimized. especially in or as if in a solid structure such as a dike or fortification. breakthrough. B. Instagram. a tear. In a residential breach time is of the essence if you and your principal don’t already have a prearranged tactical plan. curtain rods and a knife at the time of his apprehension. drivers training. body bags. While the FBI points out 90% of kidnapping attempts are foiled no one wants to be part of the successful 10%.Exxon International executive Sidney Reso. business executive or other high net worth individual in spite of their success. handcuffs. 32. He was bound and gagged and stuffed him into a wooden box. were charged with conspiracy to murder. A gap or rift. Hell-bent on kidnapping and raping the famed director. shock & awe in the form of extreme violence designed to gain immediate compliance and control.” .Jonathan Norman was busted trespassing on Steven Spielberg’s Malibu estate by a security guard.Dale Martin. With the hostile surveillance often comes elaborate schemes to inflict severe bodily harm often on celebrities. a family member. who were “agitated and behaving abnormally”.Kevin Liverpool. His attackers later admitted he was chosen primarily because he was a creature of habit. It is a well-known fact in protective circles that most attacks on principals and residential breaches are often preceded by hostile surveillance. B. and other high net worth individuals and those tasked to protect them. 35.) and electronic and digital magazines many celebrities and public figures are actually helping facilitate that surveillance. balaclavas and gaffer tape. Martin. business executives. To make a hole or gap in. leaving his home and stopping by the mailbox at the same time every day. Norman was carrying photos of Spielberg’s family. While many of today’s protectors spend a considerable amounts of time working on protective formations. An opening. Below are just a few examples of recent high profile plots: . Breached (verb) A. Whether your client is a celebrity.Feature Defending the Residential Breach With such instant access many fans. Linked In etc. route planning. or a rupture. He survived only three days. Defending the Residential Breach Breach (noun) A. R&B singer Joss Stone. In today’s world of social media (Facebook. says. who is serving time for killing a 15-year-old female. “This isn’t going away. was kidnapped and killed. and Junior Bradshaw. or the protective agent or agents. This violence or the threat of violence may be targeted toward the principal. CAS 26 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 27 . after concerned neighbors raised the alarm when they spotted the men in a car. EPS. discuss and practice the residential tactical plan. and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and rob. Do you really think that I would stop? Honestly? I tell people I’m not going to stop.

and fellow operators can be closely intermingled.this is probably the least desirable of all the options. In a deadly force situation. Because enemies. you point your muzzle at the predetermined approach area and wait to ambush your adversary. Particularly in major metropolitan areas where the police response time may only be a matter of minutes. and have effectively made use of cover or concealment. In a residential defensive scenario despite the initial anxiety. Mark “Six” James is Founder and Executive Director of Panther Protection Services. The goal is to escape.but in a controlled manner from a position of strength.. As a professional protector if you have not developed residential specific tactical strategies for your principal and their families it is not too late. ”You have no immediate need to engage your adversary and no reason to search for them. and Firearm Instruction. This tactic often involves violence of action or controlled aggression particularly if there are multiple adversaries in order to gain and maintain the physical. This technique should only be executed by a protection specialist as a last option when time is at a premium. You have no immediate need to engage your adversary and no reason to search for them. In this scenario you typically look to locate your adversary.” 28 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 29 . hostages. You may or may not choose to warn your adversary. As you execute your escape your muzzle covers any potentially dangerous areas. Tactical Escape – This involves traveling through a potentially hostile area where there may or may not be adversaries.. control. The objective is not to engage. It is your client’s house (you are familiar with the architectural structure and floor plan) or pre-established location and you have a plan. This is similar to a hostage rescue. Defending the Residential Breach The cadence of your movements. which buys critical time. This position may also be employed when away from the residence after initially covering and evacuating your principal off the “X” to a temporary safe haven as you await further assistance. A tactical escape beats a tactical encounter every time! Search and Neutralize . An example may be a rescue of a client’s family member on the other side of the residence or residential property.This is often the most common defense scenario a protective services agent may find themselves deploying in a residential breach involving your principal. If you are operating alone this goes against one of the core guiding principles of never leaving your principal. the ability to identify danger areas and potential threats. You. You are also slicing the pie as appropriate. Taking Ground . your protectees and team members may move rapidly or slowly and stealth like through the projected threat area. civilians.This involves attacking your attackers. There may be no time or desire to attempt to search and neutralize. psychological and tactical advantage. you actually let them come to you. This involves moving cautiously and deliberately through an area in search for an adversary. Keys to Surviving a Residential Breach or Tactical Engagement Alertness + Anticipation + Distance + Time = Enhances Survival The ability to stay alert and anticipate situations often gives us the ability to create distance. and proficiency of the required skill sets to engage in any of these measured responses. and an internationally published author. This accomplishes several goals to include not leaving your principal in a position that is not familiar to him or her. Executive Protection. try to de-escalate or give the adversary advanced warning. Most importantly you must have command. An engagement may potentially occur as the result of the hostile impeding your escape. Self-Defense Training. Panther Protection Services is a full service protection agency focusing on Risk and Crisis Mitigation. as it is essentially a hunt for the adversary. The situation has the ability to further deteriorate if you don’t take proactive action soon your principal will be compromised and face severe bodily harm or worse. The urgency of the situation may determine whether you negotiate. The adversary may be hidden (prepared to fight or not) or totally unaware of your presence.Feature The best intrusion alarm systems. close the gap and neutralize the threat to save or protect innocent lives. In some cases this may take the form of seizing a building. where available. firearms or self-defense training contact info@pantherprotectionservices. While the architectural design may vary from dwelling to dwelling the fundamentals of close quarter engagement remain pretty consistent and the particular situation should ultimately determine the chosen tactics. room or area of land to be used to hold a position until help arrives or you are able to execute a tactical escape. Sound tactics in a perfect world would have your principal positioned in their designated safe room. You have established a position of dominance or situational advantage. and the ability to adopt diverse fighting platforms consistent with the situation and the environment. During the search your principal is left behind in the most secure location available under the conditions. The location or locations to be used behind need to be clearly identified in the preplanning phase. Whether you are operating alone or with team members you must be clear on your objective and tactics. your defense capabilities and/or legal considerations. that decision may be dependent on the tactical situation. This involves moving rapidly and/or stealthily to close on your adversaries and neutralize the threat often through a precise application of force at close range. For protective services. closed circuit cameras and locking devices are meaningless in the absence of a simple integrated plan. This scenario is most identified with SWAT or Special Forces room clearing. Time increases our ability to execute a tactical escape or place a better quality shot. Remember hardening the residence doesn’t eliminate breaches. both of which significantly enhance our ability to survive an encounter. this assault requires a precise application of force. it only slows down potential adversaries buying the occupant’s time to execute their protective strategies. you actually let them come to you. Holding your Position . but rather to escape. If this is your chosen approach you must be all in. time and the element of surprise is on your side. Below are four possible tactical considerations.

The others are – 2. you will continue until threat is neutralized. She sustained serious cuts on her hands and arms. 5. below that. He noticed when he boarded the team bus. 21 feet . 30 Circuit Magazine . 4. and the tendons were severed in her arms. The weapon that officers often think they can depend on to defeat knife attacks can’t be relied upon to protect them in many cases. you survive a knife fight. deposed in 1986) on December 7th 1972 was attacked by an assassin Carlito Dimaali with a bolo knife which was 12 inches long. pen. stab you. Also a study made by Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato came to the following conclusion on the 21 feet rule.Accepted Standard 75 feet / 25 yards .5in) stab wound under his arm.14 seconds . suffering deep wounds but protecting herself from a fatal injury.1. puncture you. For many officers and situations. Hollywood Grip) 4.5 seconds. As the case studies show there are five golden rules. She fell to the floor and took the blows on her hands and arms. Media reported that Slater’s bodyguard who took the brunt of the attack didn’t hurt because the knife only penetrated his cloth and that both could then escape without any serious injury. Trained in the martial arts. Marcos moved in such a way as to shield her trunk from the knife. If injured. What saved Marcos was her training in martial arts and her quick reflexes. Case Study: 3 Assassin: Carlito Dimaali Target: Imelda Marcos Place: Public Weapon: Bolo knife Imelda Marcos Philippines first lady. but not the same one. a 21-foot reactionary gap is not sufficient. 4. Jose Mourinho a Portuguese football manager. You have a similar one. Being a protection agent you don’t have the same use of force system to be judge by as a police officer.e. You will survive your injuries.k. Mrs. Ability. Case Study: 1 Assassin: Unknown Target: Jose Mourinho Place: Public Weapon: Dagger By Fernando Figueroa Edged weapons is anything that can cut you. Marcos (1917–1989. turned her body. 2. etc. March 2011. Ice Pick Grip 2. When properly understood. Christian Slater an actor encountered a knife attack after his stage performance of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” outside London’s West End theatre. A study Edged Weapon Defense showed that an average man can run 21 feet in about 1. folding her arms to protect her internal organs. His bodyguard Eduardo stopped the attack and didn’t realize he received a 4cm (1. This happened on live television during a beauty pageant (can be seen on YouTube). Because of a prevalent misinterpretation. “She stooped. Fist Grip Issue 21 31 Edged Weapon Defense for Security Professionals Golden Rule # 1: In a knife fight YOU WILL GET CUT.Feature Case Study: 2 Assassin: Unknown Target: Christian Slater Place: Public Weapon: Knife Jan 2005. You don’t win a knife fight. the 21-Foot Rule is still valid in certain limited circumstances.” She fought back. Modified Ice Pick Grip 3. Common Knife Grips 1. 1.5 seconds is about the same amount of time for the officer to perceive the danger and draw his firearm and take shots.potential distance average man can travel and function after receiving fatal wounds from officers pistol.5 seconds . 3. Frank Borelli of Borelli Consulting Inc thinks that is way too close to call. screwdriver. i.a. A man armed with a dagger is reported to have tried to stab Mourinho whilst he signed autographs at the airport in the northern Spanish city of La Coruna. the wife of Philippines President Ferdinand E.less than 5 seconds . the 21-Foot Rule has been dangerously corrupted. and parried the blows with her arms and hands. Fencing Grip (a. don’t waste your time drawing your gun and get ready for some hand to hand knife disarms which you are about to read. 3.common pistol qualification distance 210 feet / 70 yards . If the knife attacker happens to let his presence known that he has a knife and has the Opportunity. Rule 1 I mentioned above. and the Intent to commit the assassination. 21 Feet Rule 21 feet is the length an officer can legally fire off his firearm when a suspect is armed with a knife and not complying with the officer in the United States. and currently the head coach of Real Madrid was almost at the wrong end of a knife attack. broken glass bottle. Everybody is a knife expert 5. Training in edged-weapon defense should by no means be abandoned. that 32 feet will be your best chance to shoot. This 1. He stated that.

Without ever letting go of the enemy’s hand with both of your own. use your forearms. do not let go. or whatever it takes to get the suspect to the ground. Grab your client and Edged Weapon Defense go. so you can know how to defend against them. your team should already evacuate the client to a safe distance. Rule Two: Close Once you have grabbed onto the weapon hand you must immediately close the gap.” This extra second that it takes for the attacker to change directions is hopefully enough time to deploy your own weapon if you have one. “Trying to catch the knife in motion would be like sticking your hand into a blender. Likewise. The last one is for you to make a copy to practice the angles yourself. at worse you will only get superficial injuries from rubbing up against the blade. While this is going on. Take down 4. However. or try to push you off. or strike an incapacitating blow (such as a knee kick or eye gouge for real situations) if you are unarmed. This is done for two reasons. The Tactical “L” Once you realize that the attacker is pursuing you. It comes from the Reality Based system of Jim Wagner and it had 12 angles of the attack. I will explain here but this manual is only to accompany the hands on course. or even possible stab yourself. to the US army. This sudden “pause in combat” will buy you a half or a full second of time. Although I recommend a takedown to the ground. DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND. You will them immediately go into the next move. you have not choice but to grab onto the hand when you are able. you must now get the attacker off balance. Since your “back is against the wall” in this exercise. If you are the agent in the position to protect the client then you will immediately cover the client or step in front so as to take the thrust or take away the edge weapon if he is within an arm’s length of the assassin. Since your opponent is still likely to possess the knife. There should be no room for him to maneuver.” (Richard Nance) Issue 21 33 . The first and last rule is based on human instinct. is known as the Tactical “L. If escape is not possible due to circumstances. Escape Rule One: Grab If someone tossed you a baseball or a tea cup you would 32 Circuit Magazine instinctively catch it without even thinking about it. because this is going to happen in real life as well. and you feel yourself retreating backwards to avoid getting stabbed or cut. 1) to let others know of the danger. How you do this will depend upon your body position and his. Even if the suspect is severely wounded. your body is pressed up against the attackers. there are only a number of ways the knife or edge weapon can come at you or your client. This movement. you must always accept the fact that YOU WILL GET CUT in a real knife fight. It is true that you can cut yourself. To practice the grab simply have your training partner repeatedly try to “stab or slash” you on different body targets (note: eye protection for this exercise is recommended). Don’t be frustrated if your hands do not end up in a perfect grip. you must suddenly make a conscious decision to step to the right or to the left so the attacker moves past you. but if you do not move in the attacker will do worse damage. Knife!” and take instant action. Each time the weapon comes at you just try to grab the knife hand with both of your hands. and 2) to prepare your mind mentally that you are in danger and need to act know to snap out of the fight. Close 3. you may end up getting “injured” when you fail to grab on. No matter what part of the world or what martial art or knife culture the assassin comes from. you must get the knife into your possession. flight or submit response (please read chapter called Brain). Because you have taken away his fighting space he will have to do one of two things: try to pull back. If you are able to avoid moving right on top of the knife. the side step. then you will have no choice but to stay and fight once you takedown the suspect. Your job is just to try to grab on the best you can. Regardless of whether you are armed with a weapon or not. When you move in you should have your body pressed against the attacker’s body. you will also attempt to catch the knife hand of the attacker at extreme close range (within touching distance) to prevent the weapon from penetrating your body. avoid turning your back on the attacker at all cost when taking him down. you are still vulnerable to a secondary attack if you are anywhere within a 7 meter (21 feet) radius of the suspect. knees. Below are only a few examples from Kali to Samurai. The Jim Wagner Knife Disarm Rule The rule to disarming a knife from an attacker has only four simple steps. but once you have it. a takedown may not be possible. Rule Three: Takedown Now that you have control of the knife hand. grenade. Grab 2. To end up in a wrestling match on the ground with a knife wielding suspect will most likely end up bad. Before he has a chance to do either you will immediately move into Rule Three. and another other danger. sweeps. They are: 1. shoulders. you need to shout out. your attack must be hard and fast guaranteeing victory. Therefore. However. You must “crowd” the attacker in order to prevent him from pulling the knife from your grasp.Feature As in the handgun. or dead for that matter (police and military tactical teams are trained to take weapons from even bodies because you never know if “they will come to life”). Also. Then the weapons must be stripped from the attacker’s hand. It may take a few tries. or allow him the space required to stab or slash. Know the angles. the next best option would be to simply try to get the suspect off balance and take advantage and escape – which brings us to the next rule. Rule Four: Escape Once the suspect is off balance or is on the ground you must get away from him. This is where your prior judo or jiu jitsu training will come in handy. You concern is only your client safety and nothing else.

Fractures occur when the magnitude of the force applied to the bone overcomes the strength of the bone. Structures that may be affected from a fracture: • Bones. especially with an improvised splint. torn clothing) can help with this. observing the colour. usually from the sharp bone end itself. however a fractured pelvis is much harder to assess.chip. Infection of the bone can be life-threatening in itself. this may indicate the bone end has pierced through the skin and slid back in due to patient movement. In a closed fracture the skin remains intact. swelling and unnatural movement or an unpleasant crunching sensation. therefore a patient with bilateral fractured femurs could quite easily bleed to death. The conscious patient is likely to complain of pain and tenderness and care should be taken when examining them. However this can be extremely painful and may cause more damage in untrained hands. temperature and asking about movement and sense of touch. The limbs should be gently palpated for deformity. including feeling for a pulse. It is important to assess the limb before and after splinting to ensure movement and splinting of the limb hasn’t affected its blood supply. airway. Try to avoid creating any ‘pressure points’ on the skin. • Nerves. Several factors reduce the strength of the bone such as old age.” “Chest Injury” and “Circulation Part 1. crack or clean break • Muscles may be torn • Ligaments connect bone to bone • Tendons connect muscle to bone • Skin may be broken over the fracture site • Blood vessels within the bone and surrounding area (may affect major vessels). the splint can be applied with minimal movement. Careful use of padding (e. After a quick assessment of the fracture a splint should be applied to help: • Relieve pain • Reduce blood loss • Realign bone ends to prevent further vessel and nerve damage • Minimise movement • Assist with evacuation Where possible always use the correct manufactured splint. ensure the fracture is splinted with a rigid item and secured above and below the fracture site to minimise movement.” Prometheus Medical’s Chief Instructor.Medical By Dean Bateman All Photographs ©Prometheus Medical Ltd 2013 Circulation Part 2 Circulation Part 2 Following on from the Circuit articles “Breathing Assessment. Pelvic Splinting A specialist pelvic splint such as the Prometheus Pelvic Splint should be applied if there is a possibility of pelvic fracture. other fractures are easier to identify with a thorough assessment Signs & symptoms of fractures: • Pain • Loss of function • Deformity – compare limbs for equality • Swelling • Tenderness • Crepitus – Clicking/crunching sound from bone ends moving against each other – usually felt on examination rather than heard • Bruising Fracture Management Management should follow the ‘Safety <C>ABC’ algorithm followed by assessment of circulation of the limb beyond the fracture. have a lower threshold for splinting the pelvis in the elderly population due to loss of bone density. causing loss of blood supply to the limb beyond). Signs & symptoms of a pelvic fracture Unconscious patients . the skin overlying the fracture has been broken. abrasions and tyre marks over the pelvic region. Fractures may cause significant blood loss from damage to the blood vessels within and surrounding the bone as well as the tissue damage around the fracture site. It is actually quite uncommon for the bone to be left ‘sticking out of ’ the wound. If improvising. and therefore the mechanism of injury must be taken into account to help guide your management. If the patient is found lying on their side. Recognition of a fractured femur maybe be obvious due to gross swelling. In an open fracture.g. prevent healing and can be very problematic in terms of treatment. A fracture of that bone will very easily break these structures or at least kink them (e.g. That is why fracture management should be considered as part of the management of the circulation. Fractures can be open or closed. deformity and swelling. short period of time. Careful traction and then splinting can be highly effective in restoring blood flow and reducing pain subsequently. the medic’s next priority should be assessing for fractures. A fractured pelvis has the potential to cause massive blood loss in a relatively 34 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 35 . Take into account the age of the patient. Recognition of fractures Assessment of fractures should be carried out by looking for any wounds. more if the fracture is open. by rolling the patient back The article deals with assessment and management of fractures which can significant compromise circulation After the recognition and management of catastrophic haemorrhage. except in amputation. Dean Bateman. A cold pale limb would suggest the blood supply has been obstructed. When examining the body for injuries it is important to look for small puncture wounds over the fracture site. In general. If working in a hostile environment with no specialist care immediately available it may be the only option. breathing and identification and arrest of any non-catastrophic haemorrhage. measuring capillary refill time (CRT). Blood loss from these bones can be life-threatening if left untreated. sometimes called ‘compound’. in particular to the pelvis and long bones (femurs).assess mechanism of injury: • High speed RTC whether pedestrian. • Fall from height • Blast injuries with serious injuries to the lower limbs • Any high energy blunt force to the pelvic region Conscious patients will often complain of pain in the following areas: • Lower back • Groin • Pain on moving legs Look for any obvious wounds including bruising. continues the series on <C> ABC with the second part of the circulation topic. vehicle occupant or motorcyclist. Most major nerves and blood vessels are ‘trunked’ along the main bones like wiring bundles. poor nutrition and disease processes such as osteoporosis. If these are damaged the patient may end up with some degree of loss of sensation or even paralysis depending on what part of the anatomy the nerve was supplying. A fracture is a break in the continuity of the bone. A fractured femur has the potential for blood loss of between 1000-2000mls. If the blood supply has been compromised then the limb will need to be manipulated back into its normal position and rechecked. Open fractures provide an easy route for bacteria to get into the body and create an infection.

slide the splint through the hollows behind the knees and working it up into position with a colleague. The next article in this series will cover the ‘D’ component of <C>ABCD which stands for ‘Neurological Disability’ – mainly head injury. reduce the risk of nerve damage and paralysis. fracture management can reduce the patient’s pain. the splint should be tightened to make it secure and obviously broken bones brought back into normal alignment if originally displaced. The femurs are surrounded by large blood vessels and have the potential to bleed a large volume into the surrounding tissues of the thigh. fast-response paramedic cars. and no more (Fig. and the aim should always be careful and minimal movement of the patient – which could worsen bleeding. Alternatively. Be careful not to over tighten. Initial traction is usually painful. fracture identification and treatment is an important part of the management of the circulation component of <C>ABC. In addition to his work in the UK. On lightly built patients this can be palpated by running a finger along the side of the femur as it reaches the pelvis (Fig 2). It is important to place the pelvic splint in the correct position to maximise its positive effect. Long-Bone Splinting Long bones (the femurs or ‘thigh bones’) are the biggest and strongest singular bone in the body and require a great deal of force to break. The splint should be central over the greater trochanters (top outer part of the thigh bone felt just below the hips). A displaced fractured femur creates a cavity around the bone which acts as a reservoir in which blood can pool (Fig. Once in place. As part of the assessment of the patient. someone was getting tired when it came to thinking of a word beginning with ‘D’ for head injury! Dean Bateman is Prometheus’ Chief Instructor and has 20 years of experience of responding to medical emergencies in ambulances. pain is reduced and the pull on the muscle squeezes the cavity around the fracture. after around 30 seconds or so. The Kendrick Traction Splint (Fig 6) is a preferred splint of choice due to its ease of application. A rough guide is the length of the patients arm straight against the body the greater trochanters are at the level of the wrist. a slight roll of approximately 10 degrees can be applied and the splint can be folded in half and placed under the patient then pulled through once the patient is lowered (Fig 2). blood vessels and nerves can be straightened back into anatomical position. Circulation Part 2 ”It is important to place the pelvic splint in the correct position to maximise its positive effect. and remember that your goal is to restore normal anatomical position through tightening. Remember that pelvic fractures are notoriously difficult to identify from clinical examination so if the mechanism suggests the possibility of pelvic fracture. There are pros and cons with each method but local policy should be followed.Medical onto it (Fig 1). If possible. Dean also has experience of teaching in immediate medical care and providing medical cover in hostile environments across Africa. “Blood on the floor and four more” can be used to remember to look for external bleeding and to consider internal bleeding in the chest. pelvis and femurs. In summary. use the non-injured leg as a guide to adequate traction.4). helping to stop the bleeding. By applying traction.” All clothing should be removed and the limb inspected for any wounds. improve circulation to the rest of the limb. It should be applied with steady pressure and often. If the patient is lying on their back. Contraindications include fracture/dislocation to the knee or ankle of the same limb due to the amount of traction required this will cause further damage to the limb. and make the patient much easier to manage from a casualty evacuation point of view. 36 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 37 . splint it. Clearly. As well as reducing blood loss. the mid-line of the splint approximately lies over the pelvic bone above the base of the penis (the pubic symphysis). physician supported units and helicopters. This is easily felt and recognised.5). In men. the bone ends can be approximately re-aligned. muscle spasm will relax and the limb will start to pull to length. lightweight design and many emergency services consider it relatively safe to use in the presence of a pelvic fracture. abdomen.

the overnight watch. As professionals. keeping abreast of and studying the latest trends in criminal activities. Add to this that these attackers have increased their capabilities. CEO. complexity. Add to this the current “SWATting” phenomenon that seems to be gaining in popularity in the US and suddenly the safety and sanctity of our historically safe havens has now come into question. may have set a record. the criminal and terrorist elements out there have picked up on this and we are seeing an uptick in the “home invasion” and stronghold assaults by multiple assailants. as a “beginning step” or a “foot in the door” to the industry. as a responding uniformed police officer. Unfortunately.” Benjamin Franklin said this. embassy worker or PSD member. sophistication. More often than not I hear from people entering the profession that. and by the utterance of these simple 8 words. as well as crimes of opportunity. as a paramedic and lastly as a protection specialist responsible for dealing with the attack as it unfolds. as an investigator after the fact. the residents watch. Let me say that I have personally been involved with the topic from various angles. You will notice an alarming increase in multiple assailant attacks on the aforementioned locations.Feature Distrust and Caution By Raffaele Di Giorgio Distrust and Caution: The Parents of Security than the mobile positions that seem to always be highlighted in our industry. Let’s discuss what some would like to consider the less “glamorous” side of executive protection work. solider. once these people have been attacked at “home” they are never Benjamin Franklin “Distrust and caution are the parents of security. high net worth individual. the perception is that this is an entry-level position and one that takes less expertise 38 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 39 . the halls & walls detail. they are willing to “start out” as residents watch or overnight watch. Franklin. for the shortest “security protocol/guide” ever devised. LEO. but can become dynamic very quickly. and violence of action and all of a sudden you start to realize the depth of the problem facing us as protectors. Places that are static in nature. as well as the business office detail. one of the premier American renaissance men. celebrity. terrorist operations. Mr. Somehow. The one common reality that I have gathered from all of these experiences is that no matter whether it is the house wife.

Sometimes living through one of these attacks is a worse fate. At least long enough to get people to open the door. 2 of 3 were in Iraq and Afghanistan. Out of the 15 specialist I called. How would you be able to quickly and accurately identified whether your site is about to be the subject of one of three possible scenarios. and 1 in the US who has been with his client in Southern Californian for two years and admitted that he only became aware of and interested in this information after he saw a newscast on SWATting about 6-8 months ago. should one really consider any of the static sites as an entry-level detail and should we as professionals negate the importance of having properly trained individuals in these positions? Raffaele Di Giorgio is an active International Operator and CEO of Global Options & Solutions. if we are to believe Mr. SWAT units and other police units and the concurrent evacuations of schools and businesses to a single fabricated police report meant to discredit an individual as a prank or personal vendetta. I was stunned that only 3 were able to answer with knowledgeable answers. as I often do. then the victims who have died needlessly. So. And I am often met with quite a bit of pushback in relation to how much time it takes to write proper procedures and protocols and the fact that no specialist likes to read extensive protocols and then agreed to abide by them. spouses commit suicide over not being able to protect their “house”. Does your residence watch have the equipment. Swatting: The tricking of any emergency service (via such as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response based on the false report of an on-going critical incident. Just like the cross section of any population some of these people will turn to criminal behavior.Feature the 40 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 41 . I have watched couple’s divorce over the “blame”. hologram embossed. training and personal to effectively deal with a coordinated attack. as you are reading this article. it is my sincere hope that both new and established specialists and companies would revisit their standard operating procedures and possibly evaluate their current manning structure and their reliance on electronic/ computerized security measures. vertical or horizontal orientation?” Honestly now. Franklin and acknowledge that “Distrust and caution are the parents of security”. Reach him at www.GOS911.” “What does the agency ID card look like? Is it laminated paper. size. Episodes range from large to small. Protection specialists overseas walk away from details because they can no longer sleep or handle the stress of not feeling safe “anywhere”. I only mention this because I do believe it is incumbent upon Distrust and Caution the agency owner’s and those that are established executive protection professionals to start to demand more from the people entering into the field and to raise the bar for those people who are ready establishes the field. plastic heat printed. In this day of instant access. I leave you with the same statement that I began this article with. The human element must remain. the enemy only needs to avail themselves of the internet to acquire all the tools necessary to impersonate most military and/or law enforcement personal. Is that group of men at the front door legitimate law enforcement responding to a swatting prank? Is that same group of men impersonating LEO/military in order to conduct a criminal activity and assault on your property? Or are they legitimate LEO/military responding to a legitimate call for help on your property? I have preached and advocated to the single protection specialist as well as to up-and-coming companies to have written protocols and standard operating procedures in place for years. because they “will never feel safe in the house again”. then I have a question for you. How about the use of Military and Law Enforcement Tactics by criminals? We currently have some of the highest numbers of LEO’s and combat veterans the US and the UK have seen in modern history. by 3 to 7 proficient assaulters? If you find yourself to be in the same position as 12 out of the 15 specialists that I interviewed and do not know the difference between legitimate law enforcement/military uniforms and credentials and falsified uniforms and credentials in your area of operation. from the deployment of bomb squads. describe the local police’s department badge & uniform. I have called and spoken to several specialists while writing this article and asked two simple questions. could you answer the above questions? I was expecting about a 50/50 split of persons who would be capable of giving a comprehensive and complete response. “At your current location. People sell off million dollar homes at incredible losses. Rather. It is beyond the scope of this article to offer the training that is necessary to address the many scenarios and many more responses that can be attributed to the aforementioned problems. but also be tactically and technically proficient.

Alone and nervous Loose and bulky clothing Expose wires Rigid mid section Tighten hands. but there are so many people on that path. if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself. This is due to what is called inattentional blindness. When this happens. selective attention kicks in and you attempt to focus on what’s most important and block out what’s not. system. if you do not know your enemies nor yourself. you will win one and lose one. Issue 21 43 . you know the signs of a suicide bomber using the A. Chances are you didn’t see the apparently pregnant suicide bomber even though she passed right in front of you. You will focus on what’s familiar. you will be imperiled in every single battle. We sometimes perceive things that are not really there and sometime miss ones that are. Then BOOM!!! What happened? Did you see that pregnant lady walking near your client?In 2008 the FBI and the DHS sent out warnings about a new type of suicide tactic carried out by women who appear to be pregnant but are really wearing prosthetic bellies full of explosives. if you’ve trained in high risk scenarios and part of the training 42 Circuit Magazine involved an Arab man coming to attack your client with a suicide vest.L.” (Sun Tzu “The Art of War”) Awareness and Perception Being a close protection agent you need awareness and perception. That is what you’re going to be focusing on. But what exactly is awareness and perception? What really goes on up there in your mind when guarding a client? Your mind is going through so many scenarios and looking for potential threats and your decision to act or not act depends on awareness and perception. Perception is tricky and sometime biased.Feature By Fernando Figueroa What goes on in your Mind “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself.E.R. What happens when there is too much to take in? You become overwhelmed and have what’s called sensory overload. What is perception? Perception is the process by which the brain organizes and interprets sensory information. you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. For example.T.

smell. During this automatic. SWAT entry teams wear Kevlar PASGT helmets. space and time. meaning that he is out of shape. • The first are needs and motives or what some researchers called wishful seeing such as the old Looney Tunes cartoon when Bugs Bunny or Daffy is stuck on a desert and see a pool of water from afar. “In order to win. It’s the physical part of the process. and a form that looks more alien than human descending upon him. for example. Good. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Bill Wolfe. He notices that this guy has a big gut.wordpress. John Boyd stated it the best.gets himself together and analyzes the person head to toe. A paparazzi with a camera can seem to you as a person with a gun and you will act as such. but Bill quickly remembers his training . You will over look a small chubby family looking man with glasses called IlichRamírez Sánchez aka Carlos the Jackal • The third factor is your emotions.Feature One experiment that is used to show inattentional blindness is called the invisible gorilla by Daniel J. if you believe assassins are bald. If you wereprevously on tour in Iraq or Afghanistan. smelt or have felt a threat. loner. Fight or Flight is a physiologically/psychological response a threat. you may hear gunshots or an explosion. • The fourth are your past experiences. Every time your brain senses danger. the director of training for Defendo. even the police. Tell me. Strategos International) OODA stands for Observe. it uses energy. and now doing bodyguard work. your mind seeks to orient you. gave the best example on this when he shared a particular experience he had as a police officer called to a disturbance in a well known drug building. and Act. sight. OODA (pronounced “o-da”) was an invented by military strategist Colonel John Boyd. Orient Once you have seen. What goes on in your Mind he immediately saw someone coming out of a door directly towards him. and touch. Your eye will be on him but not on a Caucasian Timothy McVeigh looking person who has a vendetta with your client. Fight. Just a quick of the left ear and the right ear will snap you out of that zone. One of the ways to get through these affects is to train in reality based simulation environments and get accustomed to moving your head to the left and to the right after you’ve taken some shots or after you’ve wrestled someone to the ground. Your mind begins a series of rapid calculations: Is the threat immediate? How much distance is between the target and me? Is my environment advantageous to me or a big disadvantage? Do I have an avenue of escape? Where is the next strike coming from? Once your brain figures out where everything is at in relation to your body it will immediately go to the next phase. To make a long story short. As he was coming out of the elevator at the 4th floor. an Arab might pass you by and you will perceive him as a threat because of your past experiences. He tells this big man to freeze and that he is under arrest. It never changes the order or skips a step. get inside [the] adversary’s Observation-Orientation-DecisionAction time cycle or loop”. backup isn’t coming. • The second is beliefs. Tony Blauer said it the best. You will also experience: • Altered perception of time • Transient partial color blindness • Tunnel vision • Auditory Exclusion • Slower decision making Tunnel vision is when you focus on the source of the danger while things surrounding that object become excluded in your mind. firing upon them or the hostage. Submit Fight or Flight is sadly mistaking as fear. Other sounds will be blocked out because of your focus on the source of danger. As the man gets closer. your blood pressure increase.A. but not hear sirens or the commands of your partner. suit wearing. Slowing down a person’s reaction time is a two-way street. an area of the brain stem will release increased quantity of Norepinephrine which in turn causes the adrenal glands to release more Adrenaline which produces dopamine which is a pain killer. we should operate at a faster tempo or rhythm than our adversaries--or. it takes this sequential path. fear begins to kick in. but to slow down the suspect’s OODA process.” (Ken J. He was a known murderer with a pointed hatred of law enforcement .E. This can be from being nervous because it’s your first time on the job. “All of these potential effects of high stress environments and the engagement of the adrenal stress response in the body have only one goal. gorillabasketballvideoaln. then that is what you are going to look out for and perceive as a threat. our pupils dilate helping fine focus but without proper training can cause tunnel vision. This is the actual flight or flight. that his pants were too tight and he was wearing thick boots that probably weighed 20 pounds. More symptoms are: 1) Pupil Dilation which is good and bad (we will discuss Tachy Psyche) 2) Saliva production reduced 3) Mucus production reduced 4) Heart rate increase 5) Bronchial muscle relaxed 6) Peristalsis reduced 7) Motility reduced 8) Increased conversion of glucose 9) Decreased urine secretion 10) Norepinephrine and epinephrine secreted 11) Wall sphincter closed Epinephrin is released into the blood stream for more energy. Once you have decided a course of action you must act immediately. All that is happening to you during a threat is not fear. Survival” F. Your sympathetic nervous system is called into action. Auditory Exclusion The same goes for auditory exclusion. hearing. or see the other as a giant hot dog if they were hungry. Observe This is when your senses kick-in. “Fighting is 90% mental.R F. A man in a gorilla suit passes right through the game and the crowd or the individual watching the video tends not to have seen the gorilla. Decide Once the human mind has observed and oriented itself to the threat it must then decide what to do about it. and goggles not only for protection. Decide. that’s way you hear stories of people getting shot or stab but didn’t know that they have been. this person was feared by Our perceptions are influenced by many factors. Orient.E.A. in relationship to the threat. Everything you look at might be a threat to your client. Simons and Christopher Chabris. so the chances of him kicking were slim.] As OODA and threat recognition expert John Demand stated that our training is on the left side of the loop and often neglect the right side. A videomay be shown of people passing a ball around and are told to count how many times the ball is being passing around. The suspect who sees his door come crashing down. and thus gives a tactical team that crucial moment of advantage before the suspect can go on with the next steps of OODA and squeeze the trigger. forces the suspect’s brain to take more time to register the information. “The OODA cycle is the holy grail of combat. and digestion slows down. our bronchial passage dilate pumping more oxygen. you will perceive people or objects moving either in slow motion or in a speeding blur. Bill instantly recognized the man as the local enforcer for the Hells Angels biker gang. but the man refuses. Wolfe checked his emotions apprehended the man. Mr. it’s your body giving you the right to defend yourself. By reputation. sniper experts that look like Jason Stathams character from the movie The Transporter.R. Bill is alone. involuntary response. your heart beats faster. our heart rate increases giving us more endurance. and the threat is sudden. black hoods (called balacavas). 10% physical” Circuit Magazine Issue 21 44 45 . is what you fear real or your imagination? Tachypsychia When you get into the Tachypsychia Effect. heard. better yet. Flight. President. Act The last task for the mind to complete in the OODA process is to act upon the decision made. For instance.and was a real knuckle dragger to boot.

In fact. Google ‘crowd safety management courses’ and you will return various results from a variety of academic institutions. Buckinghamshire New University is one of the country’s leading pioneers of such education and training. on completion and after a further one year of study. crowd dynamics and people management. I personally am enrolled on the 2 year distance learning foundation degree in Crowd Safety Management. and those modules can be specifically selected by the student.Feature Crowd Safety By Scott N Buckland has a responsibility for crowd safety at their principal’s events. a little knowledge of event security and crowd safety management could allow them to afford a greater level of protection to their principal through a greater understanding of the subject itself. many advertising listings for in excess of 250 music festivals and events for 2013. Again. management and crowd safety. it would be fair to suggest that some CP operatives would benefit from this type of training and education: such as those that have an input on the front of stage pit security. This allows maximum flexibility while still learning relevant and practical subject material. or those that are responsible not only for the security and safety of their principal. but so too are some fundamental personal and professional qualities. can be converted into a full BA degree. both of which require event security and in many cases also require CP teams to attend. crowd safety and event safety areas of the event security industry. as there are some very good books on the subject of managing crowds and event safety. Google search ‘UK music events’ and you will be returned with various websites. event planning.. so I found the transition to working at events fairly manageable and the work not to dissimilar in terms of job specifics. but also any fans. Nowadays the expected standard for a professional security operative.? Event security is an area of the security industry that is sometimes looked upon as a less important and less professional area of the security and close protection industry. escorting various principals. especially if at a festival or an event where large crowds are to be expected. The education of crowd management and event safety is important. those that are part of an artist’s tour security detail. If university courses and short courses are currently out of reach. the 2 year foundation degree in Crowd Safety Management would be a good relevant course for a CP operative who regularly travels on tour with their client or who ”The education of crowd management and event safety is important. Although only a brief look into crowd and event safety management. which could come in handy should they be working alongside contracted security staff. anyone who simply wishes to become more competent in this area of crowd safety and security would benefit from this course. Offering full FdA and BA degrees in Crowd Safety Management. However. It would be wise at the very least to have an understanding and appreciation of the considerations and working methods required and employed by contracted security staff at festivals and events. Simply by having that knowledge. there are a host of courses now available for persons responsible for crowd 48 Circuit Magazine With the festival and events season upon us. then how about books. Nor does it include any of the film premieres that happen on an almost nightly basis at London’s Leicester Square. and risk evaluation and management. funding for the course is available in the form of a student loan. Bucks would be a good place to start for someone looking to bolster their CV and professional attributes with a crowd safety management course. it is worth having a look at working with crowds and considering the advantages of undertaking crowd management (crowd safety) training. etc. and the Department for Culture. with discounts available for current Bucks students. law. and is home to the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies. though only 5 modules are needed to be completed in order to achieve the certificate. through to one day standalone courses. many of whom are at the pinnacle of crowd safety and security management. My background was in door supervision. Gone are the days when any ‘bruiser bouncer bloke’ could gain employment as a security operative in an event environment. any input they wish to give to the contracted security staff will carry greater validity. which. in all aspects of the security industry. law and legislation. or the many screenings that can happen nationwide. the Professional Certificate should give valid training and knowledge to a CP operative. As previously mentioned. but Buckinghamshire New University and Derby University generally have a good reputation for delivering high quality and relevant courses. For a CP operative assigned to a celebrity or a performing musical artist. It may however be just as practical for a CP operative to undertake Bucks Professional Certificate in Event Safety and Security Management. these don’t include any of the on location TV and film productions which require security. customers. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a CP operative may well find themselves working for their principal within an event or festival environment. Taught by industry professionals. the HSE Event Safety Guide (1999). mainly nightclubs and pubs. and of course ‘it’s always wise to know a bit about the other guy’s job’. especially if their principal is from a celebrity or music background. as the event security and event safety industry has undergone continual improvement in terms of professionalism. but so too are some fundamental personal and professional qualities. Depending on status criteria. I noticed that people coming over into event security for the first time often lacked some very important qualities required Crowd Safety Management in the World of Close Protection. Media and Sports’ Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (2008) are all very relevant and are all free to download from their respective authors websites. is far higher. and although not true of everyone. Topics covered include stewarding. The course covers useful and specific subjects from a crowd management and event safety perspective: pit safety training. Of course.” Issue 21 47 . This particular course is made up of eight modules priced at £125 each. This is an unfortunate and generally careless assumption. These are completed on eight separate standalone days. Although being a Crowd Safety Manager is slightly removed from the general remit of a CP operative. and rightly so. There are numerous courses available aimed specifically at the crowd management. The HSE Managing Crowds Safely (2000). The course is offered in a part-time distance learning format so there is a great deal of flexibility for study and there are six two day workshops per year.

and a very useful skill to www. the more experience of this type of first aid. but will instead be heatstroke. drug overdoses. Useful websites: www. The ability to read people and most importantly not to be intimidated by large groups or crowds of people is fundamentally standing in front of a very large. Also. etc. Much like door supervision. For someone who has never experienced events or festivals. maybe slightly rowdy crowd. for those that don’t already have one. a first aid qualification such as the HSE 3 day first aid at work course or the FPOS intermediate course will be very helpful. at the very least I hope it gets people contemplating and debating the issue of relevant crowd safety the more developed the skill becomes. Anyone that has worked at nightclubs. this is especially true of people coming straight from the ‘civilian world’ who prior to this had no security experience whatsoever. 48 Circuit Magazine . security for TV and film productions. and secondly to offer a few words of advice and opinion from my own learning. He undertook CP training with Clearwater Special Projects Ltd in 2009. but it can become a highly useful tool in every day work situations. and as a head door supervisor. As in most cases. to be able to deal with volatile and sometimes dangerous situations.bucks. But with time and experience come wisdom and the knowledge that just because it’s a large rowdy crowd. I hope that this article has been informative. A CP operative working in an event and festival environment is going to need to work with crowds at some point. it doesn’t mean that it’s out of control. One of the main qualities required to work in event security is conflict management.crowdsafetymanagement. Again.Feature to work in this area of the security industry. worked in the front of stage pit. Another essential quality is the ability to work with and effectively manage large crowds of people. This quality can only really be developed over time and much experience is required in order to fully develop it. I am constantly amazed how many security operatives seem to completely lose their voice and take a back seat in a situation and be completely overwhelmed when confronted with crowds. event security. can unnerve even the most seasoned of security operatives. assaults. fits and seizures. The ability to talk someone out of a difficult situation is much more preferable than the alternative physical solution. The ability to work with large crowds is a must. The point of this article is to firstly make people aware that there is actually professional training and education available on crowd safety management. much of which was from learning through my own mistakes and from the mistakes of film premiere and red carpet security. or worked the red carpet will know what I’m on about here. the type of first aid incidents normally found in an event or festival environment won’t be gunshot wounds or IED’s as some training providers will have you believe. Scott N Buckland has been working in security since 2007 and has worked as a security officer in corporate and retail sites.

in the San Alejandro sector of Nariño province. North restarts nuclear reactor: South Korea’s main intelligence agency confirmed that North Korea has restarted a Soviet-era nuclear reactor that has been used to obtain plutonium for bombs. Authorities said that the explosives belonged to the FARC’s Mariscal Sucre mobile column. were reportedly not told precisely what they were transporting. slowly approached the checkpoint. It said the findings “strongly suggest” crimes against humanity were committed. guided-missile ships.Intel: World report BURMA Rakhine clashes death toll rises to seven: Police have found two more bodies in the western Burmese state of Rakhine. Bangui. A report by the USbased group says the deaths occurred in villages inhabited predominantly by members of President Bashar al-Assad’s minority Alawite sect near the coastal city of Latakia. MALI French forces kill 10 Islamist militants: French Special Forces killed around 10 militants in a gun battle in northern Mali. which transmit the disease from rats and other animals to humans.N. a spokesman confirmed. four in Yaha and one in Bannang Sata. It is the latest in a series of attacks on foreign embassies as Libya struggles to deal with lawlessness since 2011. said opposition activists according to Reuters.could fill an entire museum. 16 55-gallon containers filled with explosives. fertilizer and equipment for assembling suicide vests. but on one occasion in South Ossetia. The Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room said it had captured Mr Zeidan in Tripoli. There have been several cases of biker gangrelated violence in recent months. Among the debris officers found metal boxes containing wires. The drill involved the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington. a school burned. The Damascus suburbs of alThiabiya and Husseiniya. The group has killed thousands of people in its war against the Pakistani state in recent years. But the foreign secretary warned the country’s president to follow up his more “positive” words on its alleged nuclear weapons program with “concrete actions. as simmering violence threatens security at November elections and will delay a French troop withdrawal.000. Mr Zeidan had been taken in a pre-dawn raid on the Corinthia Hotel by more than 100 armed men.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.who were in the Thabyuchai area on October 1.200 by year-end as initially planned. 50 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 51 . South Korean and Japanese warships.mostly Brotherhood supporters . when they were attacked by villagers with knives and sticks. Prime Minister Edi Rama said the artworks seized . Despite the French troops and a U.those deliveries is not clear. The taxi drivers. will not draw down troop numbers to 1. according to sources. 200 km (125 miles) north-west of the capital. The bodies are those of two local Buddhist men. The report calls on the UN to impose an arms embargo on all groups where there is credible evidence of their involvement in war crimes. Kano has been relatively quiet for much of this year.or are suspected by the FSB of being involved in -. UNITED STATES of AMERICA US to suspend military aid to Egypt: The US government will suspend part of the $1. William Hague announced.5 tons of explosives: Colombian authorities seized more than 1. Whether the Georgian authorities were aware of -. Deliveries of tanks and aircraft will be held up. Around 60 properties were raided in an operation involving more than 700 police. The latest warning from the isolated regime came a day after the United States launched a two-day joint military drill with South Korea and Japan off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. officers from the North Ossetia Directorate of the FSB arrested one driver at the Nizhnii Zaramag border post between South Ossetia and North Ossetia and confiscated a revolver and ammunition that were in his possession. ammunition and drugs in a series of raids on the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in the state of Victoria. cell phones and nine-volt batteries. THAILAND Bombs at 26 ATMs: Bombs were planted at 26 automated teller machines (ATMs) in Thailand’s four southernmost provinces. It was unclear whether the militia had released the prime minister voluntarily or whether other security forces had intervened. More than 50 died at protests held in several cities in early October. Paris said. Residents in Garga confirmed the latest fighting and told the media that up to 60 people may have died. or CTI. French officials have previously said the withdrawal could be pushed back due to planned legislative elections on November 24.all Muslims had been killed by Buddhist mobs during the violence at the start of October. mostly discovered in North Ossetia. The group has previously documented atrocities by progovernment forces. according to a statement released the following day. Investigators said the arms were probably linked to Los Zetas.3bn (£810m) in aid it gives to Egypt’s military. icons and murals thought to have been taken from churches and cultural centers in south-east Albania and Macedonia. Asia and Pacific NORTH KOREA North Korea warns of counter-attack on US aircraft carrier: North Korea has threatened to “bury in the sea” a US aircraft carrier. reported in September that satellite photographs indicated that North Korea had restarted the five-megawatt reactor at its main nuclear complex in Yongbyon. and most went off. The Swedish mission . bringing the death toll to seven after recent deadly religious clashes. The confiscated materials consisted of 5. Bomb strikes Swedish consulate in Benghazi: A car bomb has exploded outside the Swedish consulate in Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi. including at the U. Abdullah al-Senussi. Madagascar had 256 plague cases and 60 deaths last year. The weapons in question were reportedly purchased in Georgia and transported to North Ossetia by taxi.S. The militia was one of several groups angered by a US commando raid on Libyan soil in which senior al-Qaeda suspect Anas al-Liby was seized. Brigadier General Ilyasu Abbah. There have been at least 15 similar reports over the past three years of quantities of weaponry and ammunition being intercepted en route from Georgia to North Ossetia. with no reported casualties. police said. The move came days after new anti-fortification laws came into effect.was empty during the attack. Gaddafi-era spy chief al-Senussi to be tried: The International Criminal Court has ruled that Libya’s Gaddafi-era spy chief. Americas COLOMBIA Authorities seize 1. Their bodies were found by police and locals in the Linthi village cemetery. In a rare interview. The bomber. the world’s highest recorded number. but aid for counter-terrorism and border security will not be affected.have since been killed in clashes with security forces. Police said last week that four men and a 94-year-old woman . a department within the AG’s Office. Human Rights Watch says. targeting in particular Malian forces. Africa CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Violence leaves 30 dead: At least 30 people have died and dozens wounded in clashes in the Central African Republic. Mr Hague said it was hoped this would help “on the way towards eventual re-opening of both our embassies. They said the grenades were in a good state and had not been buried long. Three police officers were killed and four were injured in the shootout. were combed after they were overrun. They were passing the village in a taxi. Mr Senussi was extradited to Libya from Mauritania last year. crowded jails are particularly at risk. claiming it was acting on orders from the prosecutor general. said the officials. while a teacher was slain.a Christian pastor and five Buddhists . Rebels executed civilians. The charges relate to the deaths of at least seven people during clashes between opposition protesters and Muslim Brotherhood supporters outside a presidential palace in Cairo last year.” Iran will appoint a charge d’affaires to work with London in return. a Mexican drug cartel which has been expanding its operations to Central America. The car bomb was detonated by remote control. and soldiers attacked. police say. as Islamist sect Boko Haram focuses its fight for an Islamic state on its heartland in the northeast. Bubonic of the few diplomatic offices in Benghazi . from 3. But two disappeared. the military said. unaware of the violence that was going on. EL SALVADOR Police find huge stash of anti-tank grenades: Police in El Salvador have found a stash of more than 200 anti-tank grenades hidden in a carpenter’s workshop in a rural area. He has been detained at a secret location since being deposed on July 3. MEXICO Police and cartel members killed in shoot out: Seven people were killed in a shootout between police and suspected members of “an organized criminal group” in Tepatitlan. waited for soldiers and policemen to start searching the car before he blew himself and the vehicle up. The fighting between former rebels and local civil protection groups broke out in early October.5 tons of explosives belonging to a column of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas in a rural area in the southern part of the country. there have been several attacks in October. state media report. UNITED KINGDOM UK reopens diplomatic channels with Iran: The UK will restore some diplomatic relations with Iran by appointing a charge d’affaires to work with the country. France. making it easier for police to storm biker gang-linked properties. which apparently was intending to use them to carry out attacks on electricity towers and the Transandino Pipeline in Nariño. has been periodically attacked by the sect. The decision is expected to be announced in mid October. According to the October 4 FSB announcement. a Nigerian army commander in Kano. They control areas in the north-west and have been blamed for a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks. MADAGASCAR Bubonic plague warning: Madagascar faces a bubonic plague epidemic unless it slows the spread of the disease. After being elected PM in May. a Palestinian refugee camp. 12 packages weighing 50 kilograms (110 pounds) each of potassium chloride and four homemade mortars.” The chief loosely controls more than 30 militant groups in the tribal areas. The two men were among a group of six people .” Middle East and North Africa EGYPT Suicide bomber kills four: A suicide bomber drove his explosives-laden car into a checkpoint outside a coastal city in Egypt’s volatile Sinai Peninsula and Intel detonated it. Europe and FSU ALBANIA Art-trafficking ring broken up: Albanian police say they have foiled an arttrafficking ring seeking to sell hundreds of works of art abroad. The front of the building and nearby houses were damaged in the attack in the upscale district of Fuwayhat. which sent soldiers to its former colony in January to oust militants who had taken over swathes of the West African country. officials say. Four of them managed to escape. Mr Morsi will stand trial with 14 other senior figures from the Brotherhood. according to officials. NIGERIA Troops raid Kano suicide vest factory: Nigerian soldiers raided an Islamist bomb-making factory just outside the north’s biggest city of Kano. known as the Black Death when it killed an estimated 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages. a city northeast of Guadalajara. LIBYA PM Ali Zeidan freed from captivity: Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has returned to his office after being held for several hours by militiamen loosely allied to the government. The explosives were found by members of the army and the Technical Investigation Corps. who were paid handsomely. he denied carrying out recent deadly attacks in public places but said he would continue to target “America and its friends. Among them were paintings. can be tried in Libya. experts have warned. which borders on Ecuador. The impoverished country has descended into violence since rebels commanded by President Michel Djotodia ousted his predecessor Francois Bozize in March. and a fifth was reportedly arrested. AUSTRALIA Police raid Hells Angels biker gang sites: Australian police say they have seized guns. The Red Cross and Pasteur Institute say inmates in the island’s dirty. The attack outside el-Arish also wounded five people. historically a hub for trade across the Sahara. The number of cases rises each October as hot humid weather attracts fleas. No staff were injured in the attack as the embassy is usually closed on Fridays. Hundreds of people demanding his reinstatement . they said. The former military intelligence boss was indicted by the ICC in 2011 for alleged war crimes committed during the uprising against Gaddafi’s rule. Albania’s Top TV reported. seizing guns. Police said they had become suspicious two months ago after armed men had been seen near the property. Nuclear experts in the United States. anti-submarine helicopters and early warning aircraft. Reports say the vigilantes attacked Garga village.” Mr Hague told MPs further progress would require “substantial change. Nawaz Sharif announced he would open unconditional talks with the Taliban. according to security officials. peacekeeping mission (MINUSMA). The violence comes as Burma took over leadership of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean). US media report. Kano. State investigators told the media that the civilians involved in the shootout were members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Yala police radio station reported that bombs were detonated at six ATM locations in Muang district. Mohammed Morsi to stand trial in November: Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi is to go on trial on November 4 on charges of inciting murder and violence.000 . Mexico. says Human Rights Watch: Rebel forces in Syria killed as many as 190 civilians and seized more than 200 hostages during a military offensive in August. The fighters included members of Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah and were backed by Syrian army tanks in the assault. Their value was estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. the capital. Pakistan Taliban head Hakimullah Mehsud ‘open to talks’: Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud has told the media he is open to “serious talks” with the government but says he has not yet been approached. officials say. There were no reports of injuries.000 sticks of dynamite. is now rare. killing three soldiers and a policeman. according to South Korean legislators. north of Pyongyang. However. RUSSIA FSB intercepts weaponry: Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) claims to have smashed an international operation headed by an organized crime group to smuggle arms from Georgia to Russia’s republic of North Ossetia-Alania via Georgia’s breakaway republic of South Ossetia. SYRIA Army retakes two Damascus suburbs: Syrian army troops and Shiite fighters loyal to President Bashar al-Assad killed at least 70 people as they captured two southern suburbs of Damascus. The justice ministry denied this. as it slammed a threenation naval drill involving US. The decision means that the ICC will no longer demand that Mr Senussi be sent to The Hague to stand trial. told journalists Boko Haram fighters had fled by the time his troops arrived at a house in the village of Gunduwawa. or CJNG.reportedly more than 1. Four of the suspects also died.

Hadramout Shahan Significant Events On October 7. even in wealthy neighbourhoods in broad daylight. The same tribal negotiations. Damqawt On October 7.gust in Sana’a that left a Dhafar as they traveled from German embassy Sa’ada. to the grave embarrassment of security forces. Outlook Short-Medium Term: The National Dialogue appears to be delayed further due to walk outs by hardline elements of the talks. As the negotiations near their end. He was allegedly cooperating with security forces and working against AQ. Colonel Ali Nasser Dambur survived an assassination attempt in Sana’a. drive-by assassinations continue in large cities. gunmen shot and killed a German embassy bodyguard in a popular market in Sana’a.gence from US drones. This could make it more difficult for Yemeni forces to operate. On September 26. Four other soldiers are missing.leased 13 Houthi city. gunmen kidnapped a Sierra Leonean UN worker from his car in Sana’a. His driver was not taken or injured. the Yemeni Air Force launched air strikes against AQ militants who were trying to attack a government complex in Shabwa. demonstrations could be seen to influence talks or protest their conclusions. His driver was Ma’bar prisoners following unharmed. On September 29.nated prematurely on his way to target a tribal sheikh who was actively working to limit terrorist expansion into the province. It is possible this assassination was conducted by AQ affiliates. At least 10 soldiers were killed in the events. al-Qaeda (AQ) militants attacked a checkpoint in al-Bayda province. unidentified gunmen assassinated a Special Forces commander in Aden. Kidnappings: The two incidents in Sana’a this reporting period show the vulnerability of foreigners in the city. Qishn The Yemeni Air Force. there was an Ataq The Houthis were attempted kidnapping Rada’ abducted in Au. bodyguard dead. FM Abu Bakr al-Qirbi announced that the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) may be delayed for up to 3 months. conducted an air strike against AQfight.Regional overview SAUDI ARABIA OMAN Intel Sa’da Houthi gunmen killed one person and wounded two others belong-ing to al-Shawlan tribe at a check. Flashpoint's to Monitor US counter-terrorism: Officials claimed the media stories that detailed AQ communication interceptions compromised counter. Also. Ma’rib An AQ suicide bomber was killed when his vest deto. though was wounded after being shot four times. The gunmen took hostages and held the building for three days before the military regained control. On September 30. day. On September 28. RED SEA Ta’iz A suicide bomber riding a motorcycle seriously wounded two tribal leaders near Marib. The incident occurred in Aden’s Tawahi district. two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) wounded around 17 people on Rabat Street in Sana’a. On October 3.terrorism efforts.point. al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) militants seized the military headquarters in al-Mukalla. AQAP gunmen on motorcycles killed a police colonel in downtown Ta’iz. September 26 was the 51st anniversary of the 1962 revolution and creation of a republic in Yemen. Say’un Shabwa Al-Hajjarayn ARABIAN SEA Al-Faydami On October 6. killing eight soldiers. Ibb Bir’All Ta’iz Shuqra A police commander was fatally shot by two masked gunmen on a motor-cycle while he was driving in the city riding on a motorcycle shot and killed a criminal investigator near a school in Thamud Shahir. Medium-Long Term: AQ operations in recent weeks show their ability to strike hardened military targets. Hadramout. Aden AQ gunmen killed a man formerly associated with the terrorist organization. Al-Jawf Shikarah Baraqish Amran Sana’a Ma’rib Gunmen abducted a Sana’a Shabwa RIF Sierra Leonean UN Ibb worker at gunpoint in DIMASHQ Al-Hudayda Salafist tribesmen the north of the re. Ma’rib unknown gun.ers Al-Mukalla who were en route to attack a government installation. Abyan GULF OF ADEN Issue 21 53 52 Circuit Magazine . Aden A Special Forces officer was fatally shot by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle. Al-Ghayda On October 6. assisted Sif by intelli. Sayhut On October 2. The bomber was riding near tribal headquarters when he detonated the device.

the gunmen opened fire. In the intense three-hour assault on the building. eight people were injured in Hajja city when tribal clashes broke out in a popular vegetable market. The attacks have helped to cause a fuel shortage in Sana’a. according to military officials. Hadramout. He was then airlifted to a hospital in Sana’a. many of whom fell victim to the second explosion. The military will reportedly rely on mediation via tribal proxy spokesmen. but the German government has denied these claim and stated that Mueller. The IEDs were placed in trash containers near the street to remain undetected. the military regained control of 54 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 55 . some critically. and fled in a getaway vehicle registered to al-Hudaida. The Ministry of Interior has agreed to deploy additional forces to the province in order to calm tensions. Following a three-day standoff. On October 6.Holtkemper. When he resisted. killing him. Dambur is a relative of President Hadi. wearing Special Forces uniforms and driving military vehicles. a UN worker was kidnapped the same day.related confrontations. The first IED exploded with no injuries but attracted a crowd to examine the destruction. east of Ra’ada city. including five soldiers. September 26 was the anniversary of the start of the 1962 revolution that ended the monarchic Mutawakkilite rule and established a republic in North Yemen. as the governor of Hajja province and a prominent General People’s Congress (GPC) politician belong to those two opposing tribes. where the government has launched an offensive against AQAP positions. This incident left eight soldiers dead and four others have been reported missing. on Rabat Street in Sana’a on September 26. 25 militants. Kidnappings of expatriates in Yemen have become quite common since 2011 as a way of extracting ransoms or political concessions from the central government. gunmen in Sana’a shot dead a German embassy bodyguard in a possible failed kidnapping attempt. the former head of military intelligence. Intel On October 5. a Yemeni court sentenced five men to prison for two to ten years for their involvement in the May 2012 Sana’a bombing that targeted a military parade. both for gasoline and diesel.Holtkemper was not in Yemen at the time. On September 28. Oil pipelines have been bombed a total of 28 times this year. The plan involved one group of terrorists. Officials estimate that to restore order it would require four times as many soldiers than are currently deployed. which resulted in damaging and closure of a different market. arrived at the headquarters in al-Mukalla in the early morning. Explosive Ordnance specialists disarmed and disposed of the device. survived an assassination attempt. In the north of the city. officers from the central security service planted the IEDs on Rabat Street in order to create a diversion while they overthrew Hadi’s regime. 12 more people were killed. though the lack of claims of responsibility is unusual.ed next to Ghashim’s home in Sana’a by unknown assailants. Kidnapping The military will not attempt to rescue the 20 soldiers who were kidnapped as a result of the September 20 AQAP attacks in Shabwa. killing all AQAP members inside and freeing the hostages. occurred in Current assessment Terrorism A tandem bombing attack wounded around 17 people. dressed as military officials. infiltrating his neighborhood and sealing the entrances while another team would enter Saleh’s home. killing five police officers. Unconfirmed local reports suggest that these two incidents were related and carried out by the same gunmen. Locals in Ra’ada district claim that AQAP has replaced the state presence there and there is an absence of security. Law Enforcement Counter-terrorism officials uncovered an AQAP plot to assassinate former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. killing four soldiers and wounding another 20. detonating a Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) to breach the gate.FocusOn: Yemen the buildings. The abductors seized a Sierra Leone national at gunpoint from his car. A similar attack occurred on October 7 at a checkpoint in alBayda province. Reports indicate that three armed men attempted to seize the German worker as he exited al-Jandool supermarket on Hadda and Iran streets in the south of Sana’a. kill and behead him. The date of the attack could suggest the bombing is a statement against the current attempts to proceed with democratic change and the shift toward federalism. The incident. with missions calling on their staff to remain at home and cancelling a number of previously scheduled engagements. Initial reports suggested that the incident occurred during an attempted kidnapping of newly appointed German Ambassador Carola Mueller. The following day. There have been no other reports confirming or refuting this link. Brigadier General Majahid Ghashim. Dambur was shot four times in the head and chest by unknown gunmen on a motorcycle. The headquarters at alMukalla is one of the main military buildings in Hadramout. with an additional 23 attempted bombings. AQAP militants seized a Yemeni military headquarters in Hadramout Province on September 30. Yemeni officials reported that security has been increased in and around all foreign missions and that all diplomats are advised to stay at home until further notice. According to media sources. The attack occurred in the early morning of October 2. Following these events. Sana’a’s diplomatic community essentially entered a lockdown. On October 2. One of those injured in the violence was a fouryear-old child. The conflict also seemed to have political ties. The hostages were seized in Shabwa Province and trans. His driver was not harmed or taken. a suicide bombing that killed 120 people and injured over 300 more. Colonel Ali Nasser Dambur was targeted in an assassination attempt in Sayun. Suspected AQAP militants attacked a police checkpoint in Hadramout. respectively. Two policemen are also missing since the attack. A Saudi newspaper reported that the bombings were connected to a plot to overthrow President Abd Rabbu Hadi. Tribal Conflict Unidentified tribesmen twice sabotaged an oil pipeline in the Wadi Abeidah and Hbwan areas of Marib province on October 3 and 6. According to the story. Hajja city has been the site of previous tribal. Police received a tip that an IED had been plant.ported to an AQAP stronghold on al-Maraqesha Mountain in Abyan Province. members of al-Sharaqi tribe prevented those of al-Jamima tribe from selling their wares. According to reports.

The talks were intended to conclude in mid-September. it was recently reported by media and government sources that AQAP had inside help for the Hadramout headquarters seizure. Yemeni Air Force pilots bombed AQAP fighters that were attempting to attack a government installation in Shabwa province. in attempts to pressure the negotiators and influence the outcome. a UN worker was seized from his vehicle at gunpoint. whether criminals driven by greed and thoughts of ransom or AQAP terrorists seeking to deal a large blow to the West. as the seizure of the UN worker demonstrates. former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to Intel endorse Hadi for another five years should the current president not give in to the demands of the South. This could suggest a larger structural problem that will be difficult to combat. of negligence which allowed for the bombing.FocusOn: Yemen al-Sabin Square near the presidential residence as soldiers were rehearsing for the Unification Day parade the following day. Particular caution should be taken at intersections or wherever vehicles are forced to slow or stop. This alleged corruption was likely possible due to the poor salaries provided to military soldiers and officers. While these could be a cluster of data points. President Hadi stated on October 8 that the NDC was close to a resolution and that Yemen was “days away from reaching a just solution to the southern issue. allowing them to be cheaply bribed for information. While some of this lack of information may have been regarding plans to attack US targets. there may be possible demonstrations. In fact. The abduction of Luke Somers last reporting period followed by these two incidents could hint at a worrisome increase in frequency. and other cities. All the recent attacks. Kidnappings are becoming increasingly frequent. federalism is still the most likely outcome of the Dialogue. there has been a sharp drop in the use of major communications networks that US analysts were surveilling immediately after the stories were published. it could also indicate that the rumors of ransom payments are persisting and incentivizing more gunmen to take action. Aden. Al-Islah is the main opposition party and currently holds 46 seats in parliament out of 301. The terrorist organization’s shift in communication techniques could damage the US ability to obtain critical signals intelligence. Additionally. AQ groups have been known to use advanced encryption software to mask their messages as well as rudimentary means of conveying information. As motorcycle taxis are ubiquitious and there are 60 million weapons in the country with 24 million people. As the NDC nears a potential deal. Qirbi accused South Yemen’s former President Ali Salem al-Baidh. The SSM often holds protests on Wednesdays and Sundays in Aden but large youth-organized protests often spontaneously occur. There is currently a procedure to ban weapons carried on motorcycles in Sana’a. the volatility and unpredictability of these demonstrations and the security response pose a danger to participants. as well as a nighttime ban. just as northern aspects oppose plans that divide Yemen. in the north of the city. which sparked the US embassy closures across the region. Precautions should be taken by all international visitors or workers in Sana’a while traveling about the city. The process ground to a halt in recent months with walkouts by the SSM and members of the GPC. gunmen killed a close protection guard working with the German embassy and shortly after. It is not yet clear who is responsible for the attacks. Earlier this year. Prior to the events of October 6. It is very possible that AQAP could conduct other attacks in attempts to regain ground lost in the Hadramout offensive. Flash points to monitor US Counter-terrorism Efforts Officials in the US intelligence community reported that media stories released in August of this year have damaged US counterterrorist efforts in Yemen. such as former South Yemen President Baidh. but were delayed when various factions walked out of the process. according to FM Qirbi. Indeed. Sana’a Kidnappings The two kidnapping incidents on October 6 highlight the grave danger posed to expatriates living in Yemen. Yemen has been a close ally in US counter-terrorism operations in the region. US counterterrorism efforts and collaboration with the Yemeni military are still strong. Over 100 assassinations. as the group has tried multiple times in the past. which will be enforced by security checkpoints and random inspection. According to Islah sources. however. especially targeting AQAP.” The same day. On October 7. The continued assassinations in Sana’a. though. likely due to its popularity with international NGO and embassy staff. Also on October 2. driveby shootings using motorcycles are extremely common and have been a large problem for the country. The air strike happened outside of Kinib and were allegedly assisted by a US surveillance drone that was providing intelligence. National Dialogue Progress on the NDC could be delayed for up to three months. While many of the protests in southern Yemen may remain peaceful. though reliable reports of drone strikes are difficult to obtain. The ballots were allegedly being sent to GPC leaders in Abyan. The military police also seized laptops and printers from the offices. According to senior officials in the intelligence community. who lives in exile in Beirut. consequences from this disruption in intelligence gathering are more likely to be seen manifested in successful attacks on Hadramout and Shabwa than on the US homeland. As GardaWorld has previously reported. Most of these attacks occur while the target is exiting or entering a vehicle. In the south of Sana’a. Short-Medium Term National Dialogue The NDC has been delayed further and could take an additional two or three months to come to a close. such as the recent ones seen in Shabwa and Hadramout. who are known to be more violent and tribally-oriented than other southerners in Aden. have been carried out since January. communicating via the latter method may becoming more common. it is unclear how effective these laws will be in curbing assassinations. The same day. Now that they are aware certain channels are compromised.000 counterfeit ballots in Aden. There are hardline elements in both the northern and southern camps and neither side is a unified. have been largely attributed to AQAP. including the nephew of former President Saleh. but as the results seem to creep closer the possibility of stalling the negotiations rise. of receiving backing from Iran and Hezbollah to boycott the talks. Talks have since resumed. security forces seized a shipment of 55. Political Security forces raided the Ta’iz headquarters of al-Islah Party on September 26. over half of all kidnappings have occurred in this upscale neighborhood. The apparent attempted kidnapping of the German bodyguard was committed in the wealthy Hadda district at al-Jandool Supermarket. October 12. both the Houthis and Southern Secessionist Movement (SSM) walked out of the negotiations. hijacking targets en route is also possible. This most recent operation against the military headquarters in al-Mukalla was designed to prolong the incident and gain maximum attention. primarily of military and political intelligence members. seven members were arrested in the early morning raid. including the kidnapping of soldiers from Shabwa. including recently promoted AQAP leader Nasser al-Wuhayshi. particularly brazen mid-day abductions in crowded areas. Medium-Long Term AQAP The attacks in Hadramout and Shabwa in two consecutive weeks demonstrate AQAP’s continued threat to the region and their ability to directly engage the military at well-defended locations. Despite the strong voices from either side. 56 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 57 . which have the potential to turn violent and involve gunfire. several media sources revealed that the US had intercepted messages between AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and several leaders of affiliated organizations. Some groups that endorse the latter position are al-Islah Party and the GPC. such as couriers. This is particularly true if the more radical elements of the SSM from ad-Dhaleh are involved. Given the US role in assisting Yemeni counter-terrorism operations or conducting its own drone strikes. The two factions called for the approval of a post-NDC roadmap before agreeing to any sort of resolution. The larger protests are generally supported by donations supplied by external sponsors. a national security court accused three former top military officials. have been quite embarrassing for the military just as they are continuing counter-terrorism operations in Hadramout. especially in the south. Additionally. homogenous bloc. it is quite possible that much of these communications were regarding domestic attacks. the SSM has called for massive demonstrations scheduled for Saturday. Al-Islah condemned the raid and called it illegal and cowardly. high-profile kidnapping attempts would occur approximately every five weeks. There are strong factions of the SSM that reject agreements not resulting in independence.

You must be able to turn your hand to tasks other than your chosen skill. where the instructors outlined recommended ways to network and how to conduct yourself whilst networking. The aim should be to get your name floating about somewhere on the radars of big security providers. starting with your training provider(s). following a call from a colleague whom I met on a previous task I was able to deploy on a task which has not only developed my career but enhanced my learning and experience allowing me to get my first foot into major security operations. You must have other irons in the fire. Despite not having a military background I do have a work history in the security sector and as such an idea of the value of NETWORKING. Surveillance. NETWORKING I believe that one of the key ingredients to a successful career as Close Protection Officer is your ability to network effectively and from that build a relevant contact base. research and stacks of determination it is entirely possible to get a “foot in the door” and take your first steps in to the industry.heimdalsecure. put in the call and I quickly deployed on task. appropriate social READY TO MOVE Recently. colleagues you meet whilst out on the ground and attending relevant gatherings. However. you have to be ready to go in an instant – flash to bang! ADAPTABILITY Adaptability and flexibility are key words in the security industry. Networking can be done a variety of W: www. Tasks and opportunities are passed about from contact to contact. It was pointed out that your reputation is crucial and that in many cases it can be a case of not what you know but who. when one area is quiet another is often busy which all helps in providing me with a sustainable income and allows me to continue to re-invest in myself and push forward. diversify and operate in a range of areas such as Close Protection. very much on the QT and often behind closed doors. In my experience most opportunities are like this. The need for networking was very much emphasized on my Close Protection course. These are my current areas of operation. a point which has borne results in my career thus far. This is why you must build a solid network of reliable contacts. 58 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 59 . do not pigeon hole yourself as just a CPO or bodyguard. with careful the thought of entering the highly specialised world of Close Protection without any form of military training or background can be a very daunting and potentially intimidating Military Background? CLOSE PROTECTION WITHOUT A MILITARY BACKGROUND? By Phil Banks At first. I met this colleague whilst networking. E: phil@heimdalsecure. A cliché yes but it is very true as I have subsequently found out! The Close Protection circuit can seem vast but when split down into its individual areas it is actually quite small and personable where everybody seems to know each other. I think that anyone looking to embark on a career in CP should accept that this is a life-long mission and that you should be looking to development throughout your career and consider the beginning as very much in a learning phase. He knew that I would be ready to move.Feature Phil Banks Heimdal Security Services HEIMDAL SECURITY SERVICES are a United Kingdom (UK) based private protective security solutions provider. Residential Security (RST) and Asset Protection.

Whenever you are working with armed law enforcement agents continue to monitor their levels of complacency until you are safely back to the hotel or residence with your principal.Alozie@Industry-Icon. strictly to the letter. unless undertaken by either you or 8 Things to Remember your team. Lured into complacency: When operating in a foreign country you should always assume that you have been identified by your. or person who can follow guidelines. 5. When traveling on the route with a local driver. Where possible be generous with gifts. an ambush or a potential kill zone. and most all with the commanders. 2. Reach him at B. Create a means for continuous supervision at every location where you find yourself working alongside local security agents and law enforcement officers. that said. often with fingers on the trigger. Welcome Party: Where possible and depending on your manpower. especially in third world countries. 7. cleaners and room service will be very nosy in certain countries. always make sure that a qualified agent. especially in third world countries need to remain diligent and be careful to avoid any unnecessary flirtatious interactions with strangers. You don’t want any type of weapon pointing at your principal! 6. Variable Standards: It will behoove you to quickly establish a rapport with local law enforcement. Why? Accidental discharges are commonplace and it’s not unusual to see armed law enforcement officers pointing the barrels of their rifles. This will assist you in selecting the best individuals from the local team who can effectively help you achieve your mission.Feature Benjamin Alozie is the Director of International Operations for ICON Global. Assumption is the parent of mishap: Never assume that any venue will have been comprehensively secured and diligently maintained. either knowingly or unwittingly. 4. and until you get to the final destination. A common and effective tactic is to use the opposite sex as bait in kidnapping attempts. especially at and respectful to everyone who you come into contact with. clean appearance. Local Resources: Interact with the local staff and security agents in a manner which will help you understand their intellectual capacity and even their level of training. Westerners. nationality or skin color and are being targeted by criminal elements. OpSec: When you are lodged in a hotel or serviced apartments always consider your own personal security and mission OpSec as staff such as. is always at the next venue with the welcome party. always keep an attentive eye on the road and never assume that the local driver knows how to spot signs of danger. The Advance: In some third world countries. you’ll be surprised by the Intel rewards that you’ll eventually reap through these actions. except for a short period to allow for cleaning. By Benjamin Alozie 8 Things to Remember When Taking A Domestic Client International 1. I always hang the do not disturb sign on my door. and only after I’m completely satisfied that the room has been thoroughly sanitized of anything which may compromise the task. 3. never go on a road trip without making sure that you understand the routes or have someone with you who does. There will be ample time for all that after a successful mission. Respect: As a foreign protection specialist always endeavor to keep a low profile and be extremely courteous 60 Circuit Magazine . 8. Limit social events to only those organized by people you know and don’t ever wander alone into the city. Without this resource you’ll be shocked by the chaos with which you’ll be greeted upon your arrival. the advance can be more challenging to effectively execute.

burrell@bham. Experiment with different options to see what works best for you. study notes etc. To find out more about Perpetuity Training see www. Often this is associated with anxiety about course expectations and deadlines. introductory and concluding paragraphs as well as skimming through the main text. 1. There are lots of different ways to make notes and you may use different methods at different times. It is tempting to write down everything you have read about the topic but this is not what the assessor is looking for. 2. 62 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 63 . Many people find it useful to plan their time on a number of different levels: a. c. • Ask yourself a question: Set yourself questions that you need answered and try to filter out the information that is relevant as you read. letting the text guide you. Remember to take regular breaks: It is well documented that breaks increase productivity as well as improving the quality of learning. Building in time to study and developing effective study methods will help you to complete the course successfully. You have space to lay out your course materials. However. Plan your week ahead. When taking notes remember the following: • Don’t try and write down everything you read • Select the main points • Summarise information in your own words as this helps you to understand • Create your own shorthand / abbreviations if this helps • Structure your notes It is important that you find a style of note taking that suits you and the way you learn. switch it off) Reading Reading for your studies is very different to reading for Prioritise and maximise your time: In today’s fast paced world time is precious so it is important to prioritise your workload. particularly distance learning courses. it is not uncommon for this to be rapidly followed by feelings of anxiety and apprehension as the course starts and/or as the first assignment submission deadline looms. In addition: a. A To-Do List for the day. domestic chores. Try labelling tasks to help you order what you are doing: Important/urgent Non-important/urgent Important/non-urgent Non-important/non-urgent b. Mapping Notes: If you learn better through visual cues you may find it easier to structure your notes by mapping out key points in a diagram – flow charts. You have a good supportive chair c. 4. Ensure: a. Know when to stop: Once you have achieved the goal you set for yourself. developing effective study skills will help you to manage your time and reduce feelings of anxiety. can you think of any examples or alternative ideas? • Recall key points: Try and remember some of the key facts or ideas that you have read and jot them down. an MSc in Forensic Behavioural Science. What is the key point? Then evaluate what you have read – how convincing is the text. This can form a basis for a flexible timetable that will help you structure your learning. Avoid distractions: Try to minimise distractions while you work. • Skim or browse the text: Skimming involves going through the text rapidly to see how useful it may be. There is good lighting d. 3. or low confidence about how to study after a break from education. Taking Effective Notes Taking effective notes is a useful tool when studying. • Review: Look back through the text and check your notes. 6. The temperature is comfortable 7. See below for a few examples: Linear Notes: Separate out different points/ themes and indent subsections to keep things clear and consistent. starting at the beginning. When you study you need to read more actively looking for key points and trying to understand different or email training@perpetuitytraining. More often than not the assessor is looking for evidence that you have read the key texts and extracted the most relevant material from them to answer the question. Amy Burrell When you first sign up to a training course you are often filled with excitement and enthusiasm. perpetuitytraining. when and how you study and you control the pace of your own learning. You may also find it useful to use visual prompts such as highlighting or underlining to emphasize key points. Where to study: To make the most of the time you have set aside for studying you also need ensure that you have a comfortable. But worry not. • Read effectively: Start by reading the chapter/ passage quickly and see if you understand it. Preparing and writing assignments It might sound really obvious but the single most important thing to do for an assignment is to answer the question. Let the phone go to voicemail or ask callers to ring back later c. and a PhD in Psychology. and reading everything without question. work and family commitments as well as leisure time. Turn off the TV b. With written assignments it is important to structure your answer appropriately so that it has a clear introduction. Taking notes helps you concentrate when reading and forces you to make decisions about which bits of information are useful and helps you to process and understand what you read. It is also very important that arguments are be supported by evidence/references. Developing effective study skills can help reduce anxiety and support you to complete the course. However this flexibility can create problems if you do not have a structured and planned approach to your studies. for example. When to study: When planning your time you should consider the most effective time for you to study. and then schedule time for your studies. b. Don’t play computer games d. How to study Many courses. stop and reward yourself (even if this is just a cup of tea). Correct any mistakes and ensure that you have covered the key point of each paragraph. spidergrams and bubble diagrams are all good examples. Good time management that allows you to get into a rhythm of working is also important. a company specialising in security and risk management training. Studying should not be seen as a chore and remember if you get stuck don’t be afraid to ask your course tutor for help. To find out more about C-LINK email Amy on a. Calendar or yearly diary – keep a calendar or plan that outlines regular and predictable events in your week as well as due dates for assignments. gym etc. well-organised study area that is free from distractions. chapter headings.Feature Study Skills Study Skills By Dr. if you commute to work in the mornings by train you could use this time for reading or revising. Some people find it easy to study for 50 minutes whereas other people prefer to study in shorter blocks of time. About Dr Amy Burrell Amy holds a BSc in Applied Psychology. Manage your time: Make a list of all of your main activities including course commitments. and so this article aims to give you some top tips for studying. com Amy also works as the Network Facilitator for the Crime Linkage International NetworK (C-LINK) project based at the University of Birmingham. offer a lot of flexibility as you get to decide where. This will help you to stay It is also important to consider any ways in which you can maximise your use of time. How do I start? As a course tutor I regularly received phone calls or emails from students with comments such as “I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed” and “I don’t know where to start”. Here are some top tips to help you get started. main body (with sections that flow together well). 5. When you read a novel you read passively. It is a good idea to alert people around you to the times when you will be studying and ask them not to disturb you. Don’t check your email (in fact. Block out time for fixed commitments such as work. Amy is an Associate Trainer at Perpetuity Training. and conclusion. Last but not least – stick to the word count! Conclusion Embarking on a new course can be both exhilarating and daunting. Are you a morning or an evening person? At what point in the day will the house be quiet for you to study? Once you have decided what time of day is best for you to study you also need to consider how long you will study for. Look at the index.

but once you cross that line. Mission standards are the responsibility of each and every person on the detail and the detail leader has the daily responsibility of managing that task. they have to put a stop to it immediately. you would have difficulty performing both roles at maximum capacity. Crossing that line incorporates different expectations. if the requirement to do them are for the overall security expectations. ‘executive concierge’. Stay the VERB! Front Right Seat Mission creep [definition]: Gradual increase in scope: a tendency of military operations in foreign countries to increase gradually in scope and demand further commitment of personnel and resources as the situation develops. I always avoid being in their personal space and I decline invitations to personal or family events because I don’t ever want them to feel that I am comfortable crossing that professional line. I will agree that in many cases we tend to be Eric Konohia is an International Operator and the President of BPI Security www. this means leaving the office. You volunteer to collect the individual from the airport. it is your responsibility to at least prepare for that likely outcome. The example I gave above is mission creep and I will challenge anyone on that. mission creep cannot be construed with those tasks that may seem domestic. then you have crossed territory into the gray zone and it will then infect the detail. which she agrees to. the relationship has changed and the detail is on the road from mission creep to detail crypt – DEAD. Detail leaders and company owners often have to micromanage the mission expectations with individual specialists that want to venture off that paved road.BPIUSA. What one detail leader sees as outside the scope. It is impossible to wear the hat of protector and assistant at the same time. however in the greater scheme of the protective mission I have alleviated having to push someone into doing a “hasty advance”. We assist them by providing a safe and secure environment. we are facilitators. Mission creep is volunteering to do any task that is not related to the overall security responsibility or expectation. Client relationships are built upon many factors but the main one is the overall “worth” of the security provider to the client. and different responsibilities. assist. conflict with what we do and perform. We can all agree that there is a certain level of customer service that is needed to maintain client/protectee satisfaction. Your statement is an attempt to ingratiate and shine the light on yourself – False Value. I have one client [15+ years] that refuses to allow any of their staff to task me or my team with anything non-security related. if when the principal and his wife arrive in the AO [Area of Operations] I conveniently blurt out. or as I refer to it as being. more often than not. ‘all bets are off ’ regarding detail expectations.” declaration is necessary. you are in full blown mission creep. Eric Konohia When mission creep occurs. and the service provider. and when it does not contribute to the overall security mission. For the purpose of defining what I mean as mission creep let me put it this way. If she decides to do so [shop] you are already prepared and no pre-announced “Look what I did. Once infestation has begun it will start to affect the expectations of all working the detail. This one instance has caused mission creep and set a precedent. It is vitally imperative that company owners articulate expectations and deliverables to every specialist on the detail. By the nature of what we do and what we provide. The expectations of an assistant. the detail or the mission. How that worth is measured can vary from client to client. An assistant to the client/principal is a title that is assigned to a staff member. That is just one example of mission creep but perhaps the most common arises when specialists attempt to befriend the protectee. Clients always feel that they are safe in their office. an expectation exists that the principal can use you for unrelated tasks whenever she is ‘safely’ in her office. the ROEs [rules of engagement] have to be clearly defined. If you know this going into a task. That is NOT where you want to be. This overzealous attempt to increase “customer satisfaction” can and will destroy a detail. “Ma’am I found you some great stores if you decide to do some shopping. Mission creep changes the expectations of the client/protectee not the detail. Let’s agree that the foremost reason we are on a detail is to provide some level of protection which is detailed in the contract and articulated in the “Statement of work” section thereof. For those details where your primary mission is protection. and even if there were. then I have others that couldn’t care less. What one detail leader sees as normal behavior may be well within the “Gray Zone” of mission creep for another. If you leave any matter unaddressed. Here is a classic example: You have safely transported your protectee to her office where a security process exists to stop anyone mission creep Death to the Detail from getting to her without an appointment. Now. but I know from past trips that is usually an OTR [Off The Record] movement. if you already know that she has a pattern of shopping. The charge is to always have clear and defined responsibilities and expectations. then for the most part. There are not enough hours in the day to switch from one hat to another. this is the proactive mindset. Conversations detailing personal lives or discussing intimate subjects with the principal are the big issue and an indicator of specialists lacking the correct mindset. The Keyword. The executive assistant then tells the CEO [your principal] that her 11:00 appointment will be delayed because the ride from the airport cannot make it. I will add several known shopping stores [retailers] to my advance even if it is not on the itinerary. may be within another’s “area of appropriate behavior”. They begin purposely doing nonmission tasks to ingratiate themselves to the principal. you leave it to the discretion of the individual or team. you will often hear it from senior members of the detail and then possibly by the 64 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 65 . whereby one may view the extraneous non-security tasks as worthiness and another may assess your worthiness purely based upon professional standards. We facilitate an air of comfort that allows decision makers to carry on their normal duties without having to worry about inconsequential issues unrelated to their daily responsibilities. Mission creep is a disease that will infect everyone at a fast rate. and your principal. is a verb or an action word. The next specialist that mounts a stance about leaving the office will be viewed as insubordinate if they cannot articulate why they should not leave. and mission creep becomes the meal of the day.Front right seat By Eric Konohia facilitators with less of a protective value.” then that is a journey onto Mission Creep Boulevard. We facilitate ease of movement while providing a protective bubble. Many of you won’t see anything wrong with this. Many times when I am advancing a trip for one of my clients and I know 1 Alpha [wife] is accompanying him. Once the client/principal begins to view something new as expected. However. In fact. but your mission responsibility is to remain with them throughout the day. We are constantly making sure that what we are doing is meeting client/principal expectations so that the end result is maintaining that relationship and steady work. I am not asked to do so. Many of you might see this as going beyond the scope. As soon as he/ she recognizes mission creep. When the word assists turns into the word assistant [noun]. What then happens is that you have specialists which are more concerned about themselves than the company.

nor did I laugh a couple of weeks later when I received a call from a female CPO who was new to the Circuit asking for advice when the Male TL on her job insisted she share a hotel room with him and kept prancing around in his underwear. Knowledge is absolutely crucial in the fight against terrorism because it provides the anti-terrorist and security teams with information about their enemy and the best tactics to use to get the job done quickly and safely. While the sight of assault teams using abseil lines. or conveniently dropping his bath towel when he came out of the bathroom. Always carry your passport. an operator gets out on foot to watch the target to see if he meets with anyone in the terminal whilst I maintain eyes on the vehicle. or so I thought. I relay information over the radio to the other three vehicles that they are to purchase tickets for the tunnel. Good girl I laughed. hurling stun grenades and setting off frame charges may be the stuff of Hollywood. It would appear that the militants had rounded hostages. They would not have wanted a repeat of the 2008 Mumbai Massacre. Your office chats next to the humble water cooler will never be the same. I’m the last person to go on about sexual harassment and like a bit of banter as well as the next person but sometimes it can go too far and needs to stop.time for a wee and a cup of tea then. As a result hostages on the other side of the breached wall are far less likely to be seriously injured. the technical term being subject of enquiry for hours with nothing happening and then just as you want a comfort break the SOE appears. This clever portable pneumatic device which can also be vehicle mounted for greater operational flexibility and rapidity. an old school type operator whom I knew. Before joining BCB. she was approached by a lorry driver who asked her how much she charged.optimalrisk. using conventional explosive charges is extremely dangerous because you run the risk of inadvertently injuring and killing with explosions and debris the very people you are trying to save on the other side of the wall. status and weaponry of the terrorists involved to help them plan an appropriate course of action. One of those projectiles can pepper an area laced with tripwires with gum balls travelling at 300 metres per second to safely trigger the booby traps. Its also not fair on new operators who don’t know how the circuit works. The Wall Breaker can come with a variety of projectiles designed to perform specific jobs. a company that has been providing protective and survival equipment to the military for over 50 years. It also means that unlike traditional methods of entry. that would leave two of us to stay with the target in the car park at the this end of the tunnel whilst the others travelled across to wait on the other side.Review By Philippe Minchin Opinion Non-Lethal Hostage Rescue The horrific terrorist attack in a busy shopping mall in Nairobi was a counter-terrorist team’s worst nightmare. Security teams had the unenviable task of having to mount multiple hostage rescue operations against brutal and well-armed terrorists. The target goes to use the toilets and buys coffee in the waiting area. they are often scared of raising an issue on the off chance that they are thought of as a trouble maker. going by the media reports at the time of the assaults. nonlethal methods of entry become part of the mix you call upon. In such scenarios. credit card and driving license with you. The joys of surveillance never knowing when or where you are going but making sure you have the right equipment with you just in case is vital. you sit on a target or SOE. Terrorists will not expect a response team’s point of entry to be straight through a solid wall. Having spoken to him about his TL’s behavior he promised he would sort it immediately. In such situations. the information gathered from survivors’ mobile phones and images captured on CCTV cameras inside and around the Westgate Shopping Centre would have quickly made it clear to the security forces that this tactic would have been fraught with enormous dangers. security teams can stand much closer to the point of 66 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 67 . Web: www. Well trained militants with a detailed knowledge of the building. “target into vehicle and towards the M2. he spent seven years as a Researcher for a Member of the UK Parliament who represented the UK in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and served on the House of Commons’ Defence Select Committee. armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and explosives slaying innocent weekend shoppers. So here I am heading up a team of six operators being driven down the M2 wondering where we are going. About the Author: Philippe Minchin is researcher for BCB International Ltd. no change” came the voice over the radio……. The advantage of using water is that on impact the casing shatters and it just sprays out water. He was also texting her pictures of his penis when she was on duty. “Smacked him around the face” she said. leaving hundreds dead and scores more injured. the floor or ceiling. fires a charge .and that impact can smash through a double layer breeze-block to create entry holes for assault teams. then ten seconds later. although to be fair its not a laughing matter. when the reality is they are totally unaware and inexperienced newbies. The tricky part is not losing the target at the other end as at this moment we have no idea what train he is booked on. split into groups and holed themselves in various locations across the shopping mall. He obviously thought she was a “lorry lil” or female who hung around lorry parks to make money off the drivers for sexual services. which at that point was another hour from now. Its up those of us who are a little older and wiser to help them it is also up to companies to make sure the people they put out as Team Leaders are appropriately experienced and up to the job in hand. I get a call from one of the female operators in France who tells me she has parked in a lorry layby awaiting further information from us.a standard 22 kg office water cooler bottle filled with water at a velocity of 94 metres per second . “Whom are you working for?” I asked her and after she told me the company’s name I phoned the Managing Director. all units acknowledge. I tell one of them to go hire a French car and park up their British registered one in a safe place as we are still in the terminal and I can see from the letter hanging in his windscreen that the target is booked on the 1500hrs train. “I didn’t want to knee him in the knackers as I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself ”.” Its always the same with surveillance. one tactic pursued by the security forces was to inch their way through the building room by room. enabling a fast and effective entry for a maximum surprise impact. I ask two vehicles to get on the next train across to France. One non-lethal method of entry device that is being used by some of world’s elite forces to punch the first entry point into a building is the ‘Wall-Breaker’. New operators have often just done a basic course or they have been around CPO teams as nanny’s or PA’s and think they know how it all goes. the security teams at Nairobi must have found it challenging to build an accurate picture of the number. Forty five minutes later the vehicles that have gone across to France call me to say they are now in place. where militants launched a series of co-ordinated shooting and bombing attacks which ripped through the heart of India’s largest city. Like most hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations. A quick phone call to the client and I ascertain we are to follow the SOE where ever he goes. “What did you do?” I asked her. Although not every aspect of the Nairobi assault team’s available intelligence and equipment will be revealed. “No change. Have a good autumn Jacquie Davis WORKING GIRL Jacquie Davis is Director of Protective Services at Optimal Risk. My question is answered all too soon as we turn off for the channel tunnel.

A. however MIRA has become very popular/common. the first being a written/ multiple choice exam from NAEMT with 50 questions and an hour to complete. The CUF training was not unfamiliar to me either. leaving only myself and a firearms police officer who were not healthcare professionals. After going round the room I started getting a little worried as there was a doctor. then the second was a scenario which was set inside one of Exmeds environmental rooms. however. There was also practical lessons on fitting pelvis splints. After the first day it was clear that the TCCC course is an American military course. having had it drilled into me during many Team Medic cadres in the military. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their clinical knowledge. practicing 2 man carries etc. Exmed’s TCCC course is certified by the NAEMT. a new I. also with Exmed. This is a darkened room designed to create the atmospherics of a battle scenario. After the intro to the course we moved onto Care Under Fire (CUF) which included: tourniquets. but would be better known by American clients in hostile environments and it complements the British recognised FPOSi and the Exmed TCCC With the security market becoming flooded with operators looking for work.Review By Scott Geddes Scott Geddes SIA Licence Close Protection Officer & Maritime Security Consultant Contact: s_geddes@hotmail. They have created a relaxing environment in which to learn (unless in a scenario!). I completed MIRA with Exmed. but again served as an excellent refresher. it has become more important to both network and make your resume stand out from the hundreds of others received in recruiters’ inboxes. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. a couple of Exmed instructors and paramedics doing the course for CPD. Overall. but it is one that fills the gap beyond civilian FPOSi courses for contractors working in hostile environments. where Exmed are now located and I was all set. so the next step up in the first aid world is a acquire a PHTLS qualification. method of drilling into the bone.T. SAM splints and Kendrick splints. After lessons came exam time. with accompanying DVD. Having completed FPOSi during my CP course. it was good to get a refresher. The second day consisted of classroom lessons followed by more practical lessons which included practicing cannulation. After enrolling and being accepted onto the course I received a quite literally massive PHTLS Military textbook.1. It was a little intimidating after the introductions believing that you are the weakest link! However. and F. Once CUF had been covered we moved onto airway Day 1 management. with the added bonus of being another recognised qualification to add to my resume. First up were the ubiquitous introductions to the team and other students. using smoke and audio tracks to represent the sounds of helicopters and machine gun fire. which is not well recognised on the UK circuit. the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and don’t mind answering questions or explaining anything which someone doesn’t understand. once things got underway I felt a little better as this course is about tactical combat care. Day 2 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care.S. with plenty of hands-on experience where possible. The TCCC course is fully compliant with the Department of Defence’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) guidelines and it is the only TCCC course endorsed by the American College of All of the core medical skills are taught on the MIRA course which I completed the year previous. very similar to the manner in which team medic cadres are run in the forces. Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support) – Course Review 68 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 69 . I then booked accommodation at Pengethley Manor. how to extract a casualty from a potentially harmful situation. to give my resume an edge over others. including the practice of surgical airways on live tissue and needle decompression with practice on dummies.

amandacampbell.jasonmorrissecurity. and the public sector. including training tasks. specialising in surveillance. efficient.protechcy. Pateley Bridge. It uses a dual layered RSA/ AES combination and a changing session key which modifies the encryption algorithm every second.rsmsecurity. W: www. GBR Front line RSM Security UK Ltd T: 08458335750 Ark Personal and Asset Protection Ark. T: 07870560208 E: info@spotlightprotectionservices.O. E: Office@arkprotect. T: +44 (0)1454 610050 Gordon Russell Highly trained frontline Close Protection Operatives available for UK and International contracts. VIP red carpet Security and Private Investigation. Prosec Consultancy Limited are dedicated in providing a professional service. close protection. HG1. ISRAEL. T: 447977071427 CSI Protection Ltd Briareus Security Our aim is to give a complete. BBA Member. GBR A well established security consultant and personal protection operative providing high or low Key protection to high risk and prestigious Presence Security Presence Security (“ PS ”) is a bespoke security company providing protection for private individuals and E: martin@crmsinternational. Private VIPA Tactical Training A specialist training academy dealing with four specific areas of combat: VIPA Civilian Self Protection Ronin SA trained. door supervisors. Extensive experience in VIP security. Private Investigation and Surveillance operator. discreet and professional service to all of our clients.shadowcp. RWSSI Rob W is a professional security consultant with world wide experience and capabilities in International John Featherstone Security professional with operational experience gained in a variety of theatres.SecurityAcademy. Close Protection Secure Chauffeurs Surveillance Residential Security Executive Protection Security Guards Asset Protection T : +44 (0)207 5588182 E : operational planning. physically fit and accomplished security professional with cumulative experience in the areas of security management.asmsecurity. event management and health and safety. T: 24hrs : +44 (0)7702 740722 E: john@johnfeatherstone. event security in Leeds or Close Protection in London we will provide a solution for your needs. event security.shaunwest. be they large corporations. and delivery of security advice to a high profile Surveillance and W: First Class Executive Security Nottingham. lighting. perimeter One Events Grantham One Events offers you a stress free solution in the organisation. BBA member E: Bodyguard-cpo@Email. Asset Protection. T: 07725970954 W: www. including a variety of language skills. GBR Highly experienced Security Consultant with a proven record of accomplishment in the field of protective security. Nidd Walk. After successfully gaining ACS (Door Supervision and Manned Guarding) along with ISO 9000. Rochester.00 + Crest Security & Surveillance Ltd 51 The Crest. W: www. Solutions International Centre of Special Training International Centre of Special Training is an international training and security company based in the United E: info@prosec-ltd. professional risk management company. BBA Prestige Risks LTD 27 Old Gloucester Street. T: + 44 (0) 1224 69455 W: Security Concierge Group SCG Special Projects Ltd. Harrogate. we are the longest established surveillance training company in the United Kingdom. Aberdeen. T: 0845 643 6393 E: info@k9support. W: www. T : +44 (0)7736 328112 E : ally.Box T: +44 (0)7830 109 601 W: www. T: +44 (0)7837642686 +44 (0)7758743918 W: www. local authorities or private individuals. Formed in 1990. UK Providing a wide range of Door supervision/ security for Plymouth Close Protection Highly W: MLK Security and Protection Services Swindon. E: oejju@hotmail.Classifieds To place a classified lineage or box advertisement telephone our sales team on: +44 (0) 191 6450 865 CLAssIfIeDS United Kingdom 3D Security Ltd Specialising in the maritime industry as a consultant for private vessel protection on super yachts world wide. T : +971 (0)505 574 350 Janice Gurney Proficient and diligent Security Professional gaining extensive knowledge and experience within the security sector. BBA Member. logistical Alastair Christie Advice on site E: agosselin@jasonmorrissecurity.atlantianbsgroup.icost-team.oneevents. our consultants will discuss every aspect of the problems that you are facing that dictate the need for a protective In addition. all tailored to meet their individual needs.spotlightprotectionservices. ME11RF.briareussecurity. T: +44 (0)1823 253 001 W . LE15 6SD. BBA Logas International Tyne & K9 Support Services Ltd K9 Support Services UK Ltd is a supplier of specialist drugs and explosives dog/ handler detection service (which includes arms & ammunition) to individuals. with participation in high and low risk missions. is a T: 0115 9266466 G6 Global G6 are specialists in all types of radio. CCTV and manning requirements.firstclasssecurity. Consultancy Services. West Mids. crowd management.I. All PPSS (formerly ASEO) body armour and stab vests are certified by the UK’s Home Office (HOSDB) and offer unrivalled protection from blunt trauma caused by a punch.B. telephony and satellite communications for both voice and data with particular emphasis on covert communications installations in both vehicles and fixed locations. Europe & Africa International Security Academy P. Limassol. Thisis accomplished by having a group of specialised companies from different industries working together for a more complete service for you. Close Protection and Body Guarding Static Guarding and Ambassador Security Management ASM MK Lions Arena. Whether based in the UK or abroad our protective service T: 01453 887815 E: info@sds-solutions. T: (+44) 1568 613942 W: T: E: info@briareussecurity.P and prestige venues. highly descrete company employing ex special forces and detectives for all civil and corporate covert needs.johnfeatherstone. W: www. asset protection and security training. Functions. Our credibility and reputation 70 Circuit Magazine Issue 21 71 T: + 30 6948539664 Shaun West United Kingdom SIA licensed.UK and overseas. T: 00 34 600 665 275 W: www.637080771 Military Grade Encryption Phones PO Box 52310. W : www. Highly Experienced Frontline CPO.prometheusmedical. Proactive individual who has a logical. GBR Close Protection. T: +44 (0) 845 5193 953 F: +44 (0) 1765 603 512 E: ProTouch Security ProTouch Security is one of the UK’s key providers of event safety. T : +44 (0)7885 793061 E : janice382006@gmail.buckle@securityconciergegroup. Milton Keynes. 2b Crow T: 07850091979 or 07792948523 W: www. TEL: 0870 974 6779 W: www. T: 0800 002 9734 E: info@presencesecurity. E : mattleekane@hotmail. Bartolome Vicente Ramon No 10. Our graduates are more Spotllght Protection Services Essex based business which provides a broad and growing range of security services to businesses and organisations large and is widespread and we offer nationally recognised qualifications. implementation of security measures. W: www. risk assessment. which covers a whole range of security services throughout the security E . Based on our professional frontline experience and extensive research we can confirm that an impact based assault is a more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. Winterhill. All SIA licenced.I provides a wide range of services to the corporate sector and individuals alike. MK6 1AJ. putting together and running of an event. crisis management. Avenida. ESP Security Concierge Group is a privately owned and fully independent provider of exceptional security services to an interesting and varied range of clients. W: www.ippssecurity. Main specialities close protection and surveillance. UK RSM Security UK Ltd offers the experience and expertise necessary to provide security personnel of the highest calibre when you need them. forward thinking company. small E: ISS Training Ltd Riverside T: 07917654978 LJE Security Services North Yorkshire. I can support you to overcome any problems and enable you to achieve your goals E: T: +44 (0)7818 220985 SDS Solutions SDS solutions provide our clients with protective solutions that are second to E: E: joe. HG3 5NA ISS Training Limited are providers of specialist covert surveillance training courses and publications to the security and investigative BBA Member.intelsecurity.csi-protection. our range of personal covert radios and bespoke accessories is extensive.CRMS Ireland Executive Close Protection Operations & Training (B Tec Level 3 Diploma Edexcel) Threat & Risk Assessments. Snowden Executive Protection Officer Worldwide CP services W: www. we promise our clients a tailor made service to meet individual requirements. W: www. blow or Amanda Campbell A highly motivated and experienced female operative both CP and Surveillence training T – 07596542249 W . VIPA Police Defence Tactics and VIPA Military Close Quarter Nottingham based. West Heath. security and investigations with local. TA1 1TG Based in Taunton 3D Security provides security services for a wide range of clients. manage and mitigate risk. Business Awards & School Proms. GBR A small. as well as security services for businesses and organizations. W: info@g6-global. GBR.I Solutions is a T: +0044 01634 845526 Argus Europe County Durham Argus Europe has been providing specialist training for high-net worth clients and their families for close to 20 Skilled in all phases of risk assessment. Javier Galan Spain Security specialist available for operations around the VIPA Close Protection Combat System. project coordination. full-service company specializing in Bodyguards and Security Consulting services. W: T: + 44 (0) 1423 712265 W: www. 07800. flexible and conscientious approach to all challenges undertaken. Organisers of the 2008 International Summit of Protection T: +44 796 736 55 65 IPSS Security Northfield. security team leadership. CYPRUS Built-in encryption software which converts your voice to encrypted data using a constantly changing mathematical formula.www. with a diverse range of global strategic experiences and a team of executives who possess dynamic but complementary backgrounds. Argus Europe now offer accredited training for CPO’ 46000. E: wscarr@logasinternational. corporations and national agencies worldwide.dfriskmanagementsolutionsni. Whether you need a security guard in Somerset. All prices include new Nokia N73 phone. also caters for public and private sectors. Americas Bodyguard Careers Bodyguard Careers is an informational site with the purpose of providing bodyguards with all the information and tools necessary to succeed in the Close Protection Industry Info@BodyguardCareers. Its priority objective is to provide services to the highest level.3dsecurity. Corporate and Personal W : www. E : chris@plymouthcp. AB16 7EX Security and protection services .uk E: gary@csi-protection. T: 01724 279 522 W: www.c9496@yahoo. providing global security solutions and consultancy to E . Providing security for both corporate and hostile W: www. UK.protouchsecurity. T: +44 (0)7917 281 004 James Izett All close protection task undertaken. Monitor and advise on guard force setting up site procedures and guard SOP’ Jason Morris Security Hertfordshire.abisolutions. ability to work as a member of a team or as an individual willing to work Prometheus Medical Ltd Prometheus deliver unrivalled bespoke emergency medical support in the form of specialist equipment. E: sw@shaunwest. enforcement agencies and specialist military units. Residential Security. B31 Custodia Custodia is an independent client focused Specialist Security & Risk Management Company.I. Our experienced CPO’s can offer bespoke packages to meet all clients needs. national and Control Risk Management Solutions .org. we here at ASM have a dedicated management team with hundreds of years combined experience in the security industry. Surveillance Operators and Private Registered FAAW instructor and Assessor E : J. Providing a comprehensive portfolio of Risk mitigation solutions to assist Businesses and individuals to plan www.prosec-ltd. E: leanneedmondson@yahoo. Herzeliya. Concerts. specialising in Risk consultancy and Security project management. strategic advice and deployed clinical care. Shadow Close Protection A leading company specializing in Executive Protection as a professional sector. BA13 E: info@rsmsecurity.prestigerisks. emergency management. GBR Atlantian Business Solutions has been designed to help both individuals and New Companies build for the future as well as support others with training needs. UK Close Protection Officer and Door Supervisor E: mattleekane@hotmail. T: 01462 478900 W: www.398. T: + 972 9 950 0969 W: www. WC1N. Medic (Registered with the HPCSA. € Python Security and Protection Ltd Providing Close Protection Officers and Door Supervisors for Events and Venue Security. Grafton Court. T: + 357 7777 7276 W: www. W .uk DF Risk Management Solutions DF Risk Management Solutions T: +44 (0) 8456 123 843 Atlantian Business Solutions Group T : +44 (0)1752 500807 PPSS Group Body armour and stab vests provide a functional solution to individuals who require extra protection in their chosen vocation.VIPAtacticaltraining. Gala E: info@atlantianbsgroup. W: Prosec Consultancy Ltd 10 Oakfield business park Westbury. E: info@stephencahill. Argus Europe is an operational company working globally with an extensive variety of contracts. T: 01432 277693 W: www. respected and sought after by Distinguish Protection service “consumers” and by most of the “Providers” of Protection services worldwide. T: 01373 228055 W: Weddings.

BRAZIL Providing the full range of security and investigation services throughout Latin America.BOX 25996. Georges Ave. # 7124. for multinationals companies. W: www. 85254. 71st TSICS (T6) Detective Lacerda P. ICON alumni. T: + 1 651 695 8778 W: www. Licensed. T: + 55 (11) 3452 4388 W: www. U.3161 / Full service Private Investigations & Executive Protection. T: 307 413 3619 W: www. Innisfil.canadianuseofforce. 497 Hooksett Rd #365 Manchester NH 03104 603. Avenel. T: +1 (612) 369-6134 E: Info@ContractFrontPhotography.circuit-magazine. and high risk tactical protection. Scottsdale . Jones Manager/CEO W: W: www. BBA Panther Protection Services 3695F Cascade Decisiones Estratégicas Buenos Aires – Argentina Executive protection specialists we have experienced in all Latin America. APG has an extensive network of security specialists operating throughout the Asia Pacific São Paulo. Florida. To place a classified lineage or box advertisement telephone our sales team on: +44 (0) 191 6450 865 72 Circuit Magazine . overseas travel security and security consultancy services. fashion and recording industry. MN 55105. offering our highly acclaimed Protective/Evasive Driving Programs. T: + 1 705 456 4333 W: www. BBA Member. also providing support in project throughout Latin America to consulting first the US. USA Imperial Protective Service’ (IPS) is a security consulting and services firm founded in 1978. howsoever caused. BBA Member. BBA Member. NJ 07001. We have a team of specialists and psychologists in assistance and crisis negotiation. Member: BBA and NABA T: (404) 349-9117 W: www. public figures and corporations.Industry-Icon. The Circuit accepts no liability in any part for loss or damage incurred by reliance on information contained in this magazine through omissions. executive protection. available for domestic and international travel. 10 years combined Law Enforcement. executive protection professionals and others who are responsible for providing safe and secure transportation services. Former USSS. USA The first name in advanced driver training. T: +502 6645 6822 Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute 1162 St. W: www.vindexinc.detectivelacerda. BBA Associate Member. Our executive protection specialists have over 75 years of experience. CANADA A professional Use of Force and E: yvonne@asia-pg. USA A full service security and investigative agency specializing in providing high-level security and bodyguards to international celebrities. Jackson. & security contracting.globalbearprotection. Suite 2207. executive and celebrity protective W: www. ©COPYRIGHT Copyright remains with the authors and contributors at all times. Individual Bodyguard. Suite ICON Alumni. Stop putting generic or pirated photos on your website. firearms instruction. Designed specifically for today’s executive chauffeurs.S. our diverse roster of clients reads as a virtual who’s who in the corporate. Wyoming. Close Protection Icon Services Corporation 1043 Grand Ave.silver-star-protection. 83002. Corporate Invest. T: +54(911) 6415 1941 E: jbenitez@d–estrategicas. and VIP’s are some of the protection work I’ve gained experience with. Serving southern Minnesota with integrity and professionalism. IPS provides both national and international corporate. Atlanta. Global Bear Protection PO Box T: +44 845 519 2538 DISCLAIMER While every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this magazine is both accurate and E: Contact Front Photography Contact Front Photography is the world’s 1st photography studio dedicated to the Close Protection Professional. W: www. T: + 1 732 738 5221 E: saldrix E: tsics. motion picture.289. Private security. T: + 1 732 738 5221 W: www.t6@gmail. Entering into our 10th year. Icon has been the hand picked choice to provide Executive Protection to everyone from Superintendents to Supermodels.Classifieds To place a classified lineage or box advertisement telephone our sales team on: +44 (0) 191 6450 865 Canadian Use of Force Systems 7975 Yonge St. President’s. 05513-970.O. close protection work. USA Provision of British and US Ex Special forces security/medical specialists. site and event security with global experience. instead commission custom shots to best represent you or your agency.vehicledynamics. Imperial Protective E: bear@globalbearprotection. Robert E. edited and published in the UK and US quarterly.pantherprotectionservices. NY Mayors. and UK. Panther can handle your protection needs whether around the corner or around the E: rejones@silver-star-protection. bonded and insured. Tactics organization teaching a full range of controlled response options for Self-Protection and Use of Force considerations in public and professional environments. No part of this publication can be copied or reproduced in any way whatsoever without permission from the publisher AND the author / The Team: Editor Managing Editor International Editor Art Direction Shaun West Jon Moss Elijah Shaw Peter Falkous Circuit Contributors: Russ Saunders Kate Bright Benjamin Alozie Andy Dubberley Manhar Parshotam Mark “Six” James Paul “Rock” Higgins Chris Bradford Eric Konohia Robert S Michels Paul Ingram Scott Geddes Raffaele Di Giorgio Dean Bateman Eric Konohia Dr Amy Burrell Jacquie Davis Elijah Shaw Shaun West Jon Moss Our Sincere Thanks to all those that continue to contribute their wisdom and experience for the enjoyment of others The Circuit is Vindex Personal Protection & Investigation Inc. self-defense SILVER STAR PROTECTION Executive protection. USA TSICS (T6) provides the following services in Central America: Executive Asia Pacific Asia Protective Group Ltd Asia Protective Group (APG) is a Hong Kong based risk management company. NFL owners. ON. errors. T: + 1 480 281 1588 W: www. Suite 277 .com E: info@circuit-magazine.executiveprotect. LLC 15849 N. NABA member. St. specializing in executive protection. L9S W: www. GA 30331 Panther Protection Services is a full service protection agency offering such services as threat assessment.d–estrategicas.

uk 0203 282 7575 .uk | sg@g7training.Tactical training for the real world CLOSE PROTECTION : CP FIREARMS : TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE : COMMUNICATIONS G7 Tactical Training Ltd