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THW allow an independent candidate to run for president THBT decentralization has failed TH should give independence to Papua. THBT Indonesian government should use a Truth and Reconciliation Commission instead of the court system to solve the New Orders past injustices THW directly elect the National Chief of Police THW ban all political polls before any election


THBT Asia should welcome Chinese Military Expansion TH regrets Myanmars appointment as future ASEAN chair THW have the African Union take over all peacekeeping duties in Africa THBT the West should supply arms to Syrian rebels TH supports the European Unions economic sanctions to Belarus THBT Japan should provide reparation costs to the victims and their family of the Nanking Massacre incident THBT newly democratized nations have a moral duty to grant the access of natural resources exploration projects to countries that actively contributed to the revolution THBT the French government should criminalize denial of the Armenian Genocide THW abandon military campaign and seek negotiated peace with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) THBT world government is the best solution to international problems. THW expand the permanent membership of the UN Security Council. THS the use of military forces as the solution to persistent international problems.


THBT parents should be responsible toward their childrens crime THW require Childrens consent for parent divorce THBT parental consent should be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions


THW ban boxing THW legalize use of performance enhancing drugs in sport THBT hosting Olympic is a good investment


TH supports Bank Indonesias Green Banking policy THBT the exclusive property right of indigenous people in forests should be contingent on their capability to preserve it THW allow cloning of endangered and extinct species of animals


THW criminalize entities that actively spread doomsday or end of the world predictions THW acknowledge hacktivism as a legitimate form of protest THBT the state should never regulate any form of expression that positively portrays eating disorders


TH prefers China than the West in assisting the development of African economies

THW impose Bachelor Tax THBT all government owned companies in Indonesia should offer their stocks to the public through Initial Public Offering (IPO)


THW lower the burden of proof in organized crimes trials from Beyond Reasonable Doubt into Balance of Probability THW allow spouses to testify, either for or against, their partners in court THW stop using the Sex Offender Registry


THW allow unconditional extraction of DNA/cells from patients by scientists & researchers TH opposes the European Unions ban on stem cell patents THBT parents should not be allowed to apply their children for any medical treatments without the childrens consent THS Three Gorges Dam construction. THBT China is showing more leadership than America in the fight against climate change. THBT the development of natural resources ought to be valued above the protection of the environment.


THBT ASEAN nations should accept Burmese refugees TH should accept migrants even if they do not respect laws of polygamy THW give asylum to sexual minorities


THW compel children to care for their parents THW allow minors to apply to be recognized as adults before they reach the age of majority THBT individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery should be required to declare it to anyone whom they want to have children with


THBT its time the US recognize Hamas as a legitimate representative of Palestine THBT the National League for Democracy (NLD) should not boycott the elections in Burma THBT the leaders of nations that stockpile agricultural products for economic gain while global hunger persists should be charged with crimes against humanity


THBT doctors should be obligated to report suspected cases of domestic abuse THBT doctors should not be forced to perform medical procedures that are against their faith THW ban treatments that claim to cure homosexuality


THBT post conflict societies should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies

THBT it is justified to represent fallen regimes as absolutely evil in history textbooks THW confiscate property of those who cooperated with oppressive regimes after the fall of the regime


THW pay youth to not migrate from rural areas to urban centres THW impose a prohibitive tax on car ownership (i.e. making car ownership VERY expensive) THW impose curfews in high crimes areas


THBT western liberal democracies should ban online anonymity THBT the willingness to participate in formal public election debates should be a pre-requisite for candidates running for national office THW ban ads that use sex to sell products


THBT Harry Potter has done more harm than good for literature THBT important characters in movies should be portrayed by actors of the same ethnicity THW impose a minimum age for pop stars


THW ban websites that do your assignments for you THBT governments should totally ban smoking THW ban hymen reconstruction surgery


THBT the right to free speech does not extend to offending religion THBT religious organizations should pay taxes on donations received and assets owned THBT the Pope should be prosecuted for the crimes of Roman Catholic priests.


THBT technology is a threat to individual privacy. THBT technological advances will be sufficient to overcome our dwindling resources. THBT computerization will improve living standards throughout the world.


THBT physically challenged people should not be separated in schools. THBT todays educational system is inadequate for the needs of todays society. THBT high school students should have to pass a national exit exam to graduate.