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The 3D Steelwork Solution

> Tekla has provided the world with innovative and creative
software solutions for over 30 years. Today our products
can be found in over 50 countries with thousands of users
Advanced Technology
> Were committed to providing our customers with
the most advanced software available; and, unlike
some smaller companies, we reinvest heavily in
research and product development. This means that
each new version of our software is the latest and
most modern system available in the world.
Superior Customer Service
> Tekla also understand that cutting-edge technology
doesnt mean a whole lot if it doesnt help you, the
customer; thats why our top priority is fullling your
needs getting you started, as well as keeping you
Our technical support staff are the best in the
business, many of them professional detailers and
engineers themselves. And as our customers needs
grow, so too do our services: Tekla is currently expand-
ing in markets around the globe.
The best example of Teklas commitment to cus-
tomer service is the software we produce; customer
feedback has a major inuence on the development
of new versions. Xsteel 6.0 is a perfect example; and
because were committed to these principles, you can
count on Tekla Xsteel, today and into the future.
> Xsteel is a versatile 3D modeling
system that gives you the power to create
all types of steel structures. It allows you
to design and create an intelligent steel
model of any size or complexity with ease
and precision. This model can be shared
throughout the design, fabrication, and
erection processes, creating a smooth
ow of information previously only
dreamed about.
Intelligent 3D Technology
> Xsteel features a unique model-based architecture,
which allows you to create an intelligent 3D model.
The model contains all the information required for
manufacture and construction, and allows you to gen-
erate detailed drawings and reports automatically. In
contrast to older 2D systems this results in remarkable
gains in efciency and accuracy which greatly
increases overall productivity.
Xsteel also features a wide variety of easy-to-
use tools, and our comprehensive connection library
provides you with a full range of connection types
all easily applied with the new AutoConnection and
AutoDefault options.
Quality Technical Support
> At Tekla, we understand that changing the software
you use is a bold move, and sometimes a frightening
prospect so we make it as smooth and comfortable
as possible. Our experienced staff and trained consul-
tants are there every step of the way, helping you learn
the system and guiding you through that all-important
transitional period.
Easy to Use
> Xsteels graphical interface means you can start
detailing right away quickly and easily.
Xsteel is a Windows NT/2000 based system, so
the environment is easy to learn and user-friendly.
The graphical interface features oating, customizable
toolbars, and we give you the tools you need to quickly
model your structure.
The dynamic zoom and pan facilities allow you
to examine the structure from any angle in close 3D
detail. The unlimited Undo command gives you the
freedom to correct mistakes over and over. Whilst
a context-sensitive Help menu gives you the guidance
you need, whatever the issue.
True 3D Modeling
> With Xsteel, you can create a complete 3D model
that simulates a real-world structure containing all the
projects geometrical and structural information. Just
specify the layout of the structure, point and click, and
the members appear on the screen as real sections.
Using the latest in OpenGL technology, Xsteel
gives you the ability to view your model in a variety of
different display modes. Now with Xsteel 6.0, you can
actually rotate and y through your model, regard-
less of size, giving unlimited options for viewing and
checking your models components.
Unlike other modeling systems, Xsteel allows
you to actually detail your structure using the true
3D model; theres no switching back and forth between
rendered views and revision modes you simply detail
and revise as you go. Or use 2D and 3D views simulta-
neously Xsteel gives you the exibility to choose.
Xsteel gives you the ability to
view your model in a variety of
different display modes.
Intelligent Connections
> Xsteel includes a full range of connection macros
that instantly give the correct connection parameters.
From simple connections, like end plates and bracing
stubs, to more complex connections, like box girders
and space frames.
To create a unique connection, simply modify an
existing one or build your own then save it for future
use in your own user joint library.
Xsteels new AutoConnection feature makes
applying connections easier than ever. Add them indi-
vidually, in phases, or project-wide whichever way,
the results appear instantly and save time. This is
particularly helpful when working on larger projects
that require numerous joints.
Xsteels Connection Design Check allows you to
check connections for design errors. These checks are
presented in both an onscreen dialog box and a print-
able HTML document featuring a graphical representa-
tion of each connection.
Xsteel automates the modeling process with a
comprehensive library of connections and macros.
Xsteels Connection Design Check
allows you to check connections
for design errors.
Automatic Macros
> A macro is a program function that allows you
to create complex structures quickly and easily. In
addition to our connection macros, Xsteel includes a
number of macros for modeling intricate structures like
staircases, handrails, trusses and towers.
To include a set of stairs, for example, just set up
the work points and click the appropriate macro. Xsteel
will automatically create the stair.
Create complex structures
quickly and easily.
To include a set of stairs, for
example, just set up the work
points and click the appropriate
Working Together
> Xsteel supports multiple users working on the same
This multi-user environment makes it possible to
truly collaborate when modeling large projects; you
and your partners can work together on the same
model at the same time even in different locations.
This powerful feature gives huge gains in both
time and productivity.
Drawings and Reports
> Xsteel automatically generates drawings and reports,
at any time throughout the process.
With Xsteel, you can create everything from
general arrangement drawings to unlimited material
reports and CNC data. The drawing editor incorporates
fully interactive editing tools, so your drawings are
never compromised, whilst the cloning feature allows
you to quickly replicate complex drawing styles,
increasing overall productivity.
As one central database is at the heart of Xsteel,
reports, drawings, and CNC output are never out of
Seamless Integration with Other Systems
> Xsteel includes a number of links that facilitate
data transfer with other systems (AutoCAD, STAAD,
PDMS, MicroStation, Frameworks Plus, etc.). Xsteel also
incorporates the latest CIMsteel Integration Standards
CIS/2. These links allow you to exchange models
quickly and accurately throughout the design process.
Linking upstream with design and analysis soft-
ware and linking downstream with MIS/production
control systems effectively integrates the entire pro-
cess from layout and design to fabrication and erec-
tion. This type of data exchange greatly increases pro-
ductivity and decreases cost.
date regardless of revisions.
One of the great things about Xsteel is that
making revisions is so easy; you dont have to delete
any of the models members just select and modify
the members.
Xsteels 3D model is so intelligent it automati-
cally adjusts to any member modications. For exam-
ple, if you change the length or position of a beam
or column, then Xsteel recognizes that change and
automatically adjusts the relevant connections, draw-
ings, material lists, and CNC output.
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