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Chick Core Ar! "# '$ Rh%!&

Armando's Rhumba is musical piece from Latin origin composed by the master composer Chick Corea whom is from Chelsea, Massachusetts but is of South Italian and Spanish descent who performs a range of musical styles from usion to Indian raga influenced music! "e draws his influence mainly from #ra$il where Latin music is most prominent mainly the Rhythmic appliances used particularly in Latin music! Armanda's Rhumba uses a A%#%A%C song form which is classified as part #inary and &ernary Song orm! &he instrumentation of this includes 'iolins,(rums, (ouble bass)*lectric bass, +ylophone and ,iano which he plays! -here the bass plays mostly rhythms along with the piano and the drums plays rhythmic ostinato throughout the piece! &he song begins somewhat low in dynamics and rises to a clima/ that stays constant throughout the tune! &he harmonic structure of the tune is primarily based around and altered 0%1%2 making a reference to a few e/ceptions!

&he song begins with C minor 3 to a (3 then to a 43 with a b5 added to the upper chordal structure! &he piece uses a rhythmic cycle of 6)7 cross beats also known as a cross rhythm which is a specific type of polyrhythm! http8))www!youtube!com)watch9.:5;*<I6d1m5* Armando's Rhumba by Chick Corea Lionel Loueke &ribal (ance

&ribal (ance is piece composed by Lionel Loueke is a fusion musician from #enin in west Africa who mi/es =a$$, soul and R># with African influences! &ribal (ance is a piece that draws influence from primarily African music! &he African influence can be especially heard in the rhythms of the song! &he African rhythms listed would include a rhythmic that is .ery prominent in the music of Africa? in all regions which is a layered rhythmic techni@ue which is a A 0 cross%rhythm! &he melodic structure is deri.ed from an African scale called the yundi scale which also fused with western modal tonalities, these refers to standard modes deri.ed from degrees in the ma=or scale! &he song structure is primarily head%solo%head form but could be also described as .amp tune with constant harmonic mo.ement along the chordal upper structures! &he instrumentation in the song includes ,iano, *lectric guitar, 'ocals and (rums! &his piece contains melodic cycles that mo.ed in inter.als of 1ths!

Balshaghar Shi.a

Shi.a is a musical piece with a blend of Indian classical music fused with elements of =a$$ and funk! It is performed by the fusion band called Balshaghar! *ach members ethnic backgrounds are fairly di.erse names and the instruments each of the band members include Manosh #ardhan &abla, ,t! (ebi ,rasad 4hosh C Sarod, Matthew Littlewood C Sa/ophone, Mishko M'ba #ass 4uitar, ;arthick Iyer % *lectric 'iolin, (ondieu ( C ,iano, Suresh #ascara C (rums! &he instrumentation is also .ery di.erse among western and Indian Culture where we ha.e the Sarod which is a bowed classical instrument as well .ery common western instruments such as the drums and bass guitar! &he structure of piece is an array of mi/ture between a &ernary arrangement and Alap whereas at the beginning where the sitar would usually play this impro.ised section is played by the Sarod using a pick! &raditional western harmony, scales and modes are also used as well as ragas from Indian classical music! &his piece uses particular modes such as the Mi/olydian, Lydian and ma=or scales as well as ragas such as Mela >aganandini and the Meli Dagapriya! &here is also an element of micro tonal harmony being used! -Balshaghar % Shi.a