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Wipro has been awarded the Ethics in Good Business award for the year 2002, by the Punjab, Haryana, Delhi Cha ber of Co erce and !ndustry "PHDCC!#$ %he award reco&nises an or&anisation's ethics and (alue)based business perfor ance$ %he award was presented at a function in *ew Delhi by the deputy chair an of Plannin& Co ission, + C Pant$ ,uresh -aswani, president, Wipro !nfotech, recei(ed the award on behalf of the co pany$ Wipro was perhaps the first !ndian co pany to articulate a set of .beliefs/ to &uide business conduct, way bac0 in early 1230s$ %he co pany has co piled an !nte&rity 4anual which is deri(ed fro the .Wipro (alues/ and defines the way Wiproites should conduct business with their custo ers$ %he !nte&rity 4anual &uides Wiproites throu&h the tou&h choices they ay be faced with, in the daily e5ecution of their role and to help create confidence in the ind of the custo ers, in(estors, suppliers and the society at lar&e, with respect to Wipro's dependability and sincerity$

'The Spirit of Wipro' is best represented through the following three state ents! Intensit" to win6 4a0e custo ers successful$ %ea , !nno(ate, E5cel$ A#t with sensiti$it"6 7espect for the indi(idual$ %hou&htful and responsible$ %n"ielding integrit"6 Deli(erin& on co in action$ it ents$ Honesty and fairness

8%he ,pirit of Wipro8 represents what the Wipro endea(our is all about$ !t is the core that has dri(en each Wiproite o(er the years and will continue to do so$ By encoura&in& lateral &rowth, we pro(ide our e ployees the confidence to loo0 beyond their i ediate s0ill base$ %his helps the &row within the or&anisation while creatin& an awareness of self)initiati(e$ !t is this en(iron ent of inno(ati(e e5pression that 0eeps 8%he ,pirit of Wipro8 ali(e$
%he ,pirit of Wipro is the core of Wipro$$$ the ,pirit is rooted in current reality, but it also represents what Wipro aspires to be thus a0in& it future acti(e$ %he ,pirit is an indi(isible synthesisof all three state ents$ !t eans anifestin& !ntensity to Win, actin& with sensiti(ity and bein& unyieldin& on inte&rity all the ti e$

Ma&e #usto su##essful!



' Inno$ate' E(#el!

%his is the desire to stretch, to achie(e that which see s beyond our &rasp$ %his is ai in& for a5i u $ %his is the ardour to do our best, the hun&er to be the best$ %his is the de(otion to challen&in& our li its, it is about reali9in& our potential, and about e5pandin& our potential$ !t is not about winnin& at all costs$ !t is not about winnin& e(ery ti e$ !t is not about winnin& at the e5pense of others$

!t is about wor0in& to&ether to create syner&y$ !t is realisin& that ! win when

y tea

wins: y tea wins when Wipro wins: and Wipro wins when its custo ers win, when its sta0eholders win$

!t is about inno(atin& all the ti e$ !t is a continuous endea(our to do better than last ti e$ !t is the ,pirit of fortitude, the ,pirit of ne(er lettin& &o; e(er$

Thoughtful and responsible!

<t its hi&hest (ision, respect for the indi(idual is un=ualified$ %he core of this sensiti(ity lies in understandin& that e(ery bein&, howe(er different, is e=ual$ %he spirit of de ocracy underlies our notion of sensiti(ity; we belie(e in a society where each citi9en sees the ethic of e=uity, the essentiality of di(ersity, the ethos of justice, and is thus piin the sa e social fabric$ %he other source of respect is trust$ %rustin& that e(ery indi(idual is dri(en by learnin&, that each indi(idual would li0e to &row, that e(ery indi(idual stri(es for a eanin&ful life and is intrinsically dri(en to do his>her best$ %herefore, true respect eans creatin& conditions in which e(ery indi(idual &rows to realise his>her pro ise and potential$

We are responsible for, and ha(e an obli&ation to li(e in har ony with, our ecolo&ical en(iron ent$ We should acti(ely act to preser(e nature, and refrain fro har s ecolo&y$ any action that

%hus, when ! act with thou&htfulness, act responsibly, act with e pathy; ! act with sensiti(ity$

)eli$ering on #o it ents!

!nte&rity is a co

Honest" and fairness in a#tion!

it ent to searchin& for and actin& on the truth$ .%ruth/ is a word with

any anifestations ? it eans 0eepin& one's word: it also eans understandin& and realisin& one's hi&hest (ision of oneself$ @n inte&rity, there will be no co pro ise; we will always act to establish the fore ost standards of honesty and fairness$ !nte&rity is a beacon$ !t is what &uides us, &i(es us direction; it is not a straitjac0etin& laundry list of do's and don'ts$

!nte&rity is bein& ethical beyond doubt$ !t is li(in& the law of the land in spirit$ !t is what will &i(e us the confidence to stand up to any scrutiny$ !a the lit us test of y inte&rity$ Aor inte&rity is the anifestation of conscience$


1. Wipro has introduced a Wipro Helpline known as WIPRO SOS. Which can provide HELP In case o ur!ent "atters and sudden pro#le"s $. Wipro has ra"ed a no. O Policies to co"pete onl% in an ethical and le!iti"ate "anner which we would speak a#out in detail at a later point
&. The company sees to it that it has healthy competition. Wipro operates in a hi&hly co
petiti(e ar0et place$ <s a part of %ea Wipro e ployees co e in contact with co petition in so e way or the other at the ar0et place$ !n today's ar0et, erit is beco in& the only differentiator$ They must advertise their product by making it better than the competitor & not by

spreading rumours abt competitor

'. (he co"pan% is )o""itted to co"pl% with the relevant co"petition laws o various *urisdictions. +. It is lookin! at stren!thenin! its O"#uds process #% introducin! new Whistle ,lower Polic%.(he O"#uds process wud #e e-plained in detail later. .. (he )o"pan% does not indul!e in acts which ille!all% prevent or distort co"petition. /nti0social acts or acts har"in! societ% are not practiced #% the co"pan% in an% so wa% 1. (he co"pan% ocuses on rural develop"ent which is o ut"ost i"portance toda%.It invests a hu!e a"ount or servin! the poor and lower class people dwellin! in rural areas. 2. Wipro acilitates esta#lishin! healthcare practices and provide an a"ica#le3 health% and h%!ienic environ"ent or workers to work in

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