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Syllabus Mathematics 102

Fall 2011

Instructor: Bamdad Samii Email: Office hours: MW 10:35 11:35, TTh 1:00 3:00 (or by appointment) in CUL 220

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in math 105, or appropriate skill level demonstrated through the math placement process.

Course description: This course bridges the gap between arithmetic and algebra. Topics include a review of arithmetic and an introduction to fundamental algebraic concepts. Text: Prealgebra 6th edition ISBN #: 0-321-62886-1 by Elayn Martin-Gay

Grading: Tests: 55% of the grade There will be 5 tests during the semester. The tests will be cumulative and include problems similar to those from previous tests. Your lowest test score will be replaced with your score on the Final. There will be no make-up tests given without prior authorization or an official medical notice. The dates for the tests are tentatively set for: 9/15, 10/6, 10/27, 11/17 and 12/8

Assignments: 15% of the grade Students enrolled in this section of Math 112 are required to register with MyMathLab online program and enroll in my section course ID: samii77451 to complete the required online homework and quizzes. The access code for MyMathLab will be packaged with the new textbook sold in the bookstore. Textbooks purchased online or at other bookstores may not include the access code for MyMathLab. In that case students may purchase the access code for MyMathLab separately online at These include class work and homework in addition to regular homework quizzes.

Final: 30% of the grade The final is on 12/15/2011 at 8:00 10:00 PM and covers the entire semester



90 100% 80 89% 70 79% 60 69% 0 59%

Attendance: Attendance is not part of your grade but it is mandatory and you may be excluded if you have an excessive number of unexcused absences or tardiness.

Student Learning Outcomes for Math 112 1) 2) 3) 4) Utilize the real numbers and arithmetical operations efficiently and adaptively. Use algebraic symbols and variables to express stated relationships between different quantities. Write and solve simple linear algebraic equations and application problems. Describe and analyze mathematically the spatial features of objects.

Important dates: Last day to add a class: Last date to drop without a W Last date to drop with a W Final Tutoring: If you have questions and cannot make it to office hours, or you just like to get more help, free tutoring is available at the Math Center located in the basement of the Campus Center. MyMathLab online tutorial can be accessed in the Math Center computers or any other computer with Internet access. Video lectures for each section of each chapter of the textbook are accessible through MyMathLab under Multimedia Library on the left column and selecting Section Video Lecture. 9/9 9/23 11/18 ( It is your responsibility to drop the class.) 12/15 8:00 10:00 PM

Calculators: You will need a basic calculator after chapter 4. Graphing calculator, cell phone, or Ipods are not allowed on exams. Calculators will not be allowed on quizzes and exams pertaining to chapters 1 through 5. Calculators will be allowed on quizzes and exams on some problems pertaining to chapters 6 through 10.