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CLASSIFICATION OF TRIPPING Objective is to trip only the absolutely essential so that - Damage is minimum - Over speeding of the TG due to sudden load throw off is avoided - Impact of tripping of large set on the grid is minimum’ - Auxiliaries if possible are ept energi!ed and time to restart the unit is "inimum

• This is adopted for those electrical faults of Generator and Generator Transformer and unit auxiliary transformer for which tripping can not #e delayed$ • This leads to simultaneous tripping of % Generator Transformer &' side (# % )ield (ircuit #rea er % *' side incomer brea ers of +AT % Auto changeover from unit to station for unit auxiliaries and Tripping of turbine GENERATOR PROTECTION

• This is adopted for all turbine faults ,"echanical- and for some .lectrical faults of Generator/ Generator transformer and unit auxiliary Transformer for which it is safe to trip the turbine$ • 0ubse1uently the Generator is tripped through low forward power Interloc • .nsures that unit does not over speed due to trapped steam in the Turbine during the shutdown and also the loss of power to the grid from The Generator is not sudden$ GENERATOR PROTECTION

8) 4elay .arth )ault 4elay I stage alarm (lass 3(’ after some Time .(TI'.II stage Generator +nder fre1uency 4elay I stage alarm (lass 3#’ Generator Transformer Overfluxing 4elay (lass 3A’ Generator 0tator ."A4>0 T4I22I?G "OD. 4. 24OT.(lass 3A’ Generator 0tator .CLASS-C TRIPPING CLASS-C TRIPPING • This is adopted for all faults beyond the Generator system which can be (leared by tripping of Generator transformer &' side (# alone$ • In this case the TG set runs with &2%*2 bypass system in operation and The Generator continues to feed the unit auxiliary load through unit Auxiliary transformers$ (lass 3(’ Generator 2ole slipping 4elay 5ithout +nder voltage (lass 3#’ Generator )ield )ailure 4elay I stage alarm (lass 3#’ II stage Generator 4otor .(lass 3A’ +nit Overall Differential 4elay (lass 3A’ Generator Transformer Differential 4elay )or interloc in (lass 3#= Tripping Generator *ow )orward 2ower 4elay (lass 3A’ Generator Differential 4elay 4.9:.<77.say 67mins.8) 4elay .8) relay (lass 3(’ Generator Transformer &$'$ side #ac up O8( relay (lass 3A’ Generator 'oltage 4estrained 4elay (lass 3(’ Generator Distance #ac up Impedance 4elay I%stage alarm (lass 3(’ II%stage Generator Transformer Oil Temperature Device (lass 3A’ Generator 4everse 2ower 4elay .*A@ TYPICAL CLASSIFICATION OF TRIPPING I%stage alarm (lass 3(’ II%stage Generator Transformer 5inding Temperature Device (lass 3A’ +nit Auxiliary Transformer &$'$ side O8( 4elays .#ac upI%stage alarm (lass 3A’ II%stage Generator Transformer #uchhol! 4elay )or alarm Generator Definite time O8( 4elay I%stage alarm (lass 3(’ Generator ?egative 0e1uence (urrent 4elay (lass 3A’ +nit Auxiliary Transformer Differential 4elay (lass 3#’ Generator Transformer &$'$ side #ac up .

*A@ TYPICAL GROUPING OF RELAYS G4O+2%< % Generator Differential 4elay % Generator Transformer Differential 4elay % Generator 0tator .4.s.s."A4>0 T4I22I?G "OD.sAlarm Generator Transformer Oil *evel Device 4.Oil *evel Device I%stage alarm II%stage%trip unit switch Gear incomer brea er.arth )ault 4elay for protection of <77. stator winding % Generator Over%voltage 4elay % Generator +nder fre1uency 4elay % Generator 4otor .Oil Temperature Devices I%stage alarm II%stage%trip unit switch Gear incomer brea er.(TI'. 24OT."A4>0 T4I22I?G "OD.sI%stage alarm (lass 3(’ +nit Auxiliary Transformer #uchhol! 4elay.s% Generator ?egative 2hase 0e1uence (urrent 4elay .sAnd Auto change%over$ +nit Auxiliary Transformer.Differential 4elay. 4.s.Oil Temperature Device. 24OT.*A@ TYPICAL CLASSIFICATION OF TRIPPING Alarm +nit Auxiliary Transformer.(TI'.for bac up protection% +nit Auxiliary Transformer.s.arth )ault 4elay % Generator )ield )ailure 4elay % Generator *ow )orward 2ower 4elay % Generator 4everse 2ower 4elay % Generator voltage restrained O8( 4elay % Generator Transformer &' side O8( 4elay .sAnd Auto change%over to 0tation service +nit Auxiliary Transformer. 4.

$ SYSTEM DETAILS If unbalance exceeds this limit/ the extent of unbalance should be reduced within 6 to : minimum$ At a value of negative se1uence current of about B7%B:.TYPICAL GROUPING OF RELAYS GROUP-2 % +nit overall Differential 4elay % Generator 0tator .(ontinuous negative se1uence withstand current of generator%:.arth )ault 4elay for protection of 9:. 5hich implies that maximum difference between the lines currentI Is about <7.arth )ault 4elay$ % +nit Aux Transformer.s.(ooling down time of the machineA not available .for bac up protection% Generator ?egative 2hase 0e1uence (urrent 4elay$ % Generator definite time over%current 4elay$ Generator DataA 4ated "'A A BCD "'A 4ated 'A <:$D: ' )ull load currentA 97E:A 0ub%transient 4eactance Fd=A B<$C.A symmetrical short circuit performance is given by <B H t B. starter winding$ % Generator Transformer over fluxing 4elay % Generator Over voltage 4elay$ % Generator 4otor . of the rated 'alue/ the trip relay should operate J the generator should be automatically tripped$ 6. ?eutral Grounding TransformerA B: 'A/ <:$D: '8BC7 '/ 4esistorA 7$: ohms/ BG7A$ )ield (ircuit 'oltageA E77' ?egative 0e1uence 2articularsA <.arth )ault 4elay$ % Generator )ield )ailure 4elay$ % Generator 2ole 0lipping 4elay$ % Generator *ow )orward 2ower 4elay$ % Generator 4everse 2ower 4elay$ % Generator Distance #ac up 4elay$ % Generator &' standby .&$'$ side over current 4elay .

(T DetailsA a. relay of 4AG.4* *ead resistanceA One way lead resistance of <: m/ B$: mmB 0ingle cable is 7$< Ω .xternal ground fault due to a small capacitive coupling between 2rimary and secondary of the generator step%up transformer$ If the data to (alculate this small ?eutral voltage is not available/ and then relay sensitivity Is restricted to about C%:.< for <77.lementA B7ms%99s 4F>.lementA B7ms% 99s Auxiliary 'oltageA BB7 ' D( GENERATOR 100% EARTH FAULT RELAY GENERATOR PROTECTION (alculationsA 9:.A is suitable for operation at lower fre1uency and thus can act as a .Generator side (T A <77778:A/ 4ctK <$:Ω / class 20/ star connection/ ' K E77'/ 4*K 7$:Ω one way SYSTEM DETAILS b. on <:$D: '8 CB7 ' B:7 "'A base B.Transformer DataA <. . .lementA 5hen a fault occurs on the high voltage side of a ∆ 8 @ step%up transformer/ there is no voltage Displacement of the generator neutral due to Mero 0e1uence currents$ #ut still a small generator ?eutral voltage exists for an .$ Also/ the 9:.A 4FIG 9:. .Transformer 4eactanceA <C$:.G 0upervision 4elayA C7%<B7 ' 4F>.?eutral side (T A :778< A/ 20/ ' K <777 '/4(T K 6 Ω 6.C77 ' side (T A :778 < A/ 4(T K 6 Ω / ' K <777 ' (lass 20/ star connection c. 4elayA :%<:'L :7 &!$ 4FIG <77.< for 9:. 4elayA 7$C%<$B'/ <:7 &!$ 4F.looping done in (T "arshalling box- SYSTEM DETAILS GENERATOR PROTECTION 4elay particularsA TypeA 4AG.

4elayA :$C '/< sec$ <77.lementA 0etting of this relay is approx$ :7.4eliable earth fault protection during start%up$ It operates with increased sensitivity down to about B: &!/ the operating value being about 7$Ex set voltage$ At still lower fre1uency of <7&!/ the relay Operates at 7$G x set voltage$ 0econdary side voltage of grounding transformer for a fault on generator terminal is BC78 6 K <6G'$ )rom experience it is found that/ a setting of :$C ' of the voltage gives ade1uate discrimination Against such faults$ GENERATOR 100% EARTH FAULT RELAY GENERATOR PROTECTION. . of rated voltage/ approx$ 97 '$ GENERATOR 100% EARTH FAULT RELAY GENERATOR PROTECTION 4ecommended 0ettingsA 9:. Time delay setting need to be selected considering 2T fuse operating time in case of a fault on Generator 2T$ This delay also gives stability against relay pic ing up from stray voltages$ Delay of about <%B secs is recommended$ <77. 4elayA 7$: '/ B sec$ 0upervision 4elayA 97 ' . of 6rd harmonic voltage measured across the Generator Grounding transformer$ Typical value of this 6rd harmonic voltage K <%B' 0etting should be adjusted at site depending on actual measured value$ Time delay of B secs$ (an be set$ 0upervision 4elayA This is usually set about G7.

8 B$: . <7777 8 : .P <C >Ω K 4x +< A supply 'oltage +m A 0uperP imposed voltage between the negative pole of the field 5inding and the earth +x A )ield voltage between the fault location J negative pole of the field wdg$ 4x A Insulation 4esistance between the field winding J the earth at the fault *ocation$ Ij A (urrent in the measuring circuit$ ROTOR EARTH FAULT RELAY.x . A 8 # .f K :7 &!$ Ia K ln K : A ∴ ./ :7&!$ Auxiliary voltageA BC7' D( 4ecommended settingsA The relay has fixed settings as described$ .RXNB GENERATOR PROTECTION. <:$D: x <7N 8 <<7 . of 4ated *oad Impedance K 7$D x <$77C6 x <6$9D K 9$GBΩ sec$ )orward 4each K 4everse 4each M) K M4 K 9$GB Ω sec$ M) K M4 K . +x O CG .K G$: (hoose A K G7/ then # K 9$C GENERATOR BACK-UP IMPEDANCE PROTECTION-RAKZB GENERATOR PROTECTION. Delay on pic %upA Approx$ <<sec$ "aximum permissible )ield circuit voltageA E77' continuous/ <:77v for 9 sec #ias circuit voltageA BC7'K <7. .K <6$9D 0etting of 4A>M# K D7 .GENERATOR 100% EARTH FAULT RELAY GENERATOR PROTECTION 4ated "'A K BCD "'A 4ated ' K <:$D: ' 4ated *oad Impedance K <:$D:H8 BCD K <$77C6 Ω prim$ (T4 8 2T4 K . TypeA 4F?# Operating 'alueA Approx$ : >Ω at +x K 7 ' and A Approx$ BC: >Ω at +x K E77 ' The relay operates for an insulation resistance 4x dependent upon +x when . A 8 # . 7$B f 8 la 6 .8 .

of I" Time lag relay for delayed alarmA Esecs$ • (ooling down time constantA B$E x > • In the absence of valid data of the machine/ this has been set at the lowest value$ This is not fielding adjustable$ GENERATOR DIFFERENTIAL RELAY 4elay 2articularsA TypeA 4AD&A 4atingA :A Operating 'oltageA C78:7' Operating (urrentA B7mA Auxiliary 'oltageA BB7' D( 0ystem DetailsA (T DetailsA <77778:A/ 4(T K <$: Ω ' KE77' (T lead resistance 4*A 2ilot wire loop resistance from (T to interconnection point Of (T leads at #us ductK7$B Ω .> x <D7-8BQ where a is a constant which is internally 4econnectible in complete steps between 7 and E Auxiliary 'oltageA BB7 ' D( (T detailsA <77778:A GENERATOR NEGATIVE SEQUENCE PROTECTION RARIB! (alculationsA 0econdary current corresponding to full load K C$:6A ∴ 0etting I" K .In 8 IB-H > where in K rated primary current of Auxiliary (T > K <%E6secs$ Operating value startA C%<E.0ystem DetailsAlarm relay K C. Time delay of alarmA Esecs$ (ooling down timeA . of I" Trip relay K G.GENERATOR NEGATIVE SEQUENCE PROTECTION RARIB! 4elay particularsA TypeA 4A4I# Operating according to tA .C$:68:.One way length is <:m/ B$:mmH cs- .x inK 7$97E in where in is set to :A$ 4ecommended settingsA I" K 7$97E x :A > K G on relay . Alarm elementA 6%9.

xceeding C7R($ The generator capability curve is as per enclosed diagram$ (T DetailsA <77778:A/ 4(T K <$: Ω / ' KE77'/ (lassA 20 LOSS OF EXCITATION RELAY RAGPC! 2T DetailsA <:$D: ' 8<<7'/ B77'A/ 62 8 7$:" .7$7B O 7$7: O 7$77:.GB under 'oltage 4elayA C7%<B7' 0ystem 2articularsA The generator is capable of delivering BCD "'A continuously at <:$D: ' terminal 'oltage/ 97E: A stator current and 6 g8cmH hydrogen pressure with cold gas Temperature not exceeding C7R( and distillate temperature at inlet of stator wdg not .I4 O Im O Ires- GENERATOR DIFFERENTIAL RELAY 5here I4 K 4elay operating current K 7$7BA Im K "agneti!ing current of (T at set value K 7$77: A .GENERATOR DIFFERENTIAL RELAY (alculationsA <. of this voltage will provide full stability against external )ault$ ∴ <$< x 6E$7C K 69$E:' A relay version of C7%:7' to be selected J to be set at C7 ' • "inimum nee point voltage re1uirementA ' K B x C7 K G7' • "inimum 2rimary operating currentA Ip K n< .C7 Directional 4elayA <%CA A 4FIG over currently relayA B$:%D$:A A 4F.K <:7A 4ecommended settingsA C7 ' LOSS OF EXCITATION RELAY RAGPC! 4elay particularsA TypeA 4AG2( 4atingA :A 0cale 4angesA 4F2."aximum through fault current K <8Fd= K <87$B<CKC$ED pu #ase (urrent K 9$7E:>A ∴ If K C$ED x 9$7E:>A K CB$66>A (T sec$ (urrent I K B<$BA "aximum rms voltage that will develop across the relay for this through fault (urrent K I .assumedIres K :mA for "FA 9G6%# at D7' ∴ Ip K <77778: .4(T O4*K 6E$7C' ?ormally a setting of <<7.

K 67 x .8 .:8 6.C7 4ecommended 0ettingA <$BGA GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-ALL DIFFERENTIAL RELAY 4elay particularsA TypeA 4AD0# 4atingA :A Auxiliary 'oltageA BB7 ' D( 4estraint Operating valueA 0ettable at B7/ B:/ 6B/ C7 or :7. of In6.B:7 x <7N.Operating current settingA "aximum tap changing positionA :.K<<7 '4ecommended 0ettingA 9:' . .x 9<EC K C$:GA InB K .C7 unit super% imposed on generator capability curve is 0hown in the diagram$ The setting of 4F2.x 4I(T0 K 67 x 4I(T0 0etting (alculationsA a.>A K 6C6$EDA GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-ALL DIFFERENTIAL RELAY ∴ In< K . If In respectively$ 4ecommended settingsA • )or under voltage relay 4F.)or Over current relay 4FIGB 0etting 4angeA <<7%<<:. of In . of +nLOSS OF EXCITATION RELAY RAGPC! B.4I(T0.<<:.(alculationsA The characteristic of 4F2.GB 0etting 4angeA G:%97. of +n .)or Directional relay 4F2.:8<7777.GE.C$:G8 6K 7$EGD 8 B$EC ' K 67 x In . of +? and <<:.6 x <:$D:.>A K 9<EC$:EA InB on CB7 ' side K . should correspond to about D7 "'A as can be seen from the diagram$ This corresponds to a secondary current of <$BGA$ The under voltage and over current relays are usually set at about G:. of In +nrestraint Operating valueA 4econnectible to G/ <6 7r B7 times In (alculationsA )or determining auxiliary (t re1uirement In< on <:/ D: ' side K .K:A4ecommended 0ettingA :$D:A .<8:77.x6C6$D K 7$EGD ∴ 4atio of auxiliary (T K 7$EGD 8 .6 x CB7.8 .B:7 x <7N.

According to the designer’s recommendation a minimum current sensitivity of About <:. greater than the worst turns ratio mismatch at the tap changer should ?ormally be selected$ GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-ALL DIFFERENTIAL RELAY Therefore/ for :. 5hen energi!ed from &' side *' side %∆ . <6.*'.B:7 x <. of in +nrestrained operating current setting K <6 times in GENERATOR TRANSFORMER HV "INDING RESTRICTED EARTH FAULT RELAY 4elay particularsA TypeA 4AD&D 4atingA <A Operating 'oltageA <78<:' Operating 'oltageA B7mA Auxiliary 'oltageA BB7' D( (alculationsA "aximum through fault current K .8 . variation of taps operating current setting of B7.6 x CB7 x 7$<C:K B6D7A ∴ If K B6D7 8 :77 K C$DCA .Any Transformer Transformer (onnection 0i!e GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-ALL DIFFERENTIAL RELAY 4ecommended settingsA "aximum pic %up current setting K B7.+nrestricted operating current settingA This feature is to provide instantaneous tripping in the event of severe internal )aults$ 4ecommended unrestrained relay setting to ta e care of inrush currents on 0witching/ from experience based on full load current e1ual to normal relay rating$ In practice such a situation arises in case of this transformer when an external (lose%in fault is cleared$ <6 . gives enough "argin for (T unbalance and other errors$ b.

of rise in ' 8&! continuously Therefore setting +8 f start can be selected as <$79 F .+n8fn-K<$6: x .K C$DC .4(T O B4*.+n8fn-$ (haracteristics of transformer super%imposed on relay characteristics is shown in diagram$ 6.Transformer can withstand <7.+n8fn.K 6'8&! with delay set at 7$< secs$ .lement of O8' relay set suitably ta es care of these conditions$ C.+n8fn.#eyond <$6: x .<<78:7.K <$79 x .Alarm unit can be set at same value as tripL B$C'8&! and time setting can be at 6$: secs$ &owever if instantaneous tripping is desired from 4AT+# itself alarm unit can be used for this purpose in which case setting of this unit will be <$6: x .2lot of transformer +8f withstand characteristics on 4AT+# characteristics gives > K B as the one giving GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-FLUXING RELAY Operating times lower than transformer withstand time for rise in +8f up to <$6: x .6 O 7$BOperating 'oltage K <:$<D' GENERATOR TRANSFORMER HV "INDING RESTRICTED EARTH FAULT RELAY Thus/ setting can be K <:' "inimum >nee point voltage of (T K K B x <:' K 67' 4ecommended settingsA 'oltage setting K <:' GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-FLUXING RELAY 4elay particularsA TypeA 4AT+# 4atingA <<7'/ :7&! A( 0etting 4angeA 0tart/ Alarm P <$: to 6' 8 &! (alculationsA )ollowing are some comments regarding setting of 4AT+# <.∴ "inimum relay K If .<<78:7.K B$C'8&! B.rise in +8f operating time of 4AT+# varies from E to B$B secs at >KB/ whereas transformer re1uires instantaneous tripping$ +sually instantaneous .

GENERATOR TRANSFORMER OVER-FLUXING RELAY 4ecommended settingsA .<:$DCS<7N-U '(D K 7$CE S E:86$B: K 9$B' The relay can be set at :7.+ 8 f.alarm K B$C' 8 &! with time delay 6$: secs$ THE OPERATING TIME # AS A FUNCTION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BET"EEN THE ACTUAL EXCITATION ANS THE SET STARTING VALUE$ FOR DIFFERENT TIME CONSTANTS K.)or thruster excitation.Or alternativelyOver current8under voltage .+ 8 f. INTERTURN FAULT PROTECTION 4elay particularsA Type A 4FIGBG 4ange A :%<:' Aux 2T detailsA 2T%< A <C:$:'8B77'/ 62/ <:'A 2T%B A 6$B:'8E:'/ 62/ <:'A (alculationsA 'oltage per turn per slot K <6<$B:' In case of split windings '∆ for a single turn fault K <6<$B:8BKE:$EC:' INTERTURN FAULT PROTECTION '#A K E:$EB: S .start K B$C' 8 &! >KB . of the voltage developed across the relay for a single turn )ault$ 4ecommended 0ettingA 4FIGBG setting K :' LIST OF REQUESTED PROTECTIVE FUNCTIONS % DIVIDED UP INTO T"O SYSTEMS A# Generator Differential Over all Differential "inimum Impedance .Or optionOver current ?egative se1uence .<<786.S T68.

O) )A+*T A# "ini reactance 2ole slip 4everse power .Thermal 97. stator earth fault GDG GDT B< :<8BD :< CE C9 :9 EC Generator stator 0hort circuits Asymmetry 0tator overload .(TIO? )+?(TIO?0 A?0I T@2.double protection for large Generators"ax$ )re1uency "in$ fre1uency Over voltage or over current +nder voltage Over fluxing 'olt8&! Over voltage Thermal #ridge measuring hardware combined with 'oltage function C7 DG8B< 6B G< G< :9 BD BC :9 C9 EC4 Generator stator . 0tator ." 24OT.arth fault stator 0@0T.arth )ault ?eutral Disp$ <77.

possible option in acc$ 5ith re1uirements4estricted .(TIO? )+?(TIO?0 A?0I T@2." 24OT.GD?0tep%up Transformer 0hort circuit Ground )ault +nit Transformer 0hort circuit Ground )ault .arth )ault .*oss of excitation Out of step "onitoring Over speed #lade fatigue Inter turn fault *ower voltages "ag$ (ircuit &igher voltage Generator 4otor 4otor Overload 4otor ground 0@0T.arth )ault Over current 4estricted .arth )ault Transformer Differential Over current Overload 4esidual Over current .:<?. O) )A+*T Transformer Differential Over current .possible option in acc$ 5ith re1uirementsGDT :78:< :<? GD? GDT :78:< C9 .

Generator Inter%turn fault relay P :7GI%4FIGA a.Generator differential protection P GDG%4AD&AA a.xcitation relay P C7G%4AG2(A a.*ead resistance from (T to junction point 4* 6.Generator Over voltage relay % :9G%4F.A a.Over voltage withstand values of the generator$ :.arth fault relay P ECG<%4AG.0ub%transient reactance Fd= b.6rd &armonic voltage across secondary of grounding transformer$ DATA REQUIRED FOR RELAY SETTING CALCULATIONS FOR GENERATOR PROTECTIONS C.The generator capability curve$ b.(ontinuous withstand current of the unit$ .Differential protection P GD*%4AD&AA a.AA a.(T secondary resistance 4(T d.<77.Transformer reactance FT c.Generator manufacturer’s recommendations regarding under fre1uency Trip$ 9. .*oss of .Over current relay P :<%4FIGA a.DATA REQUIRED FOR RELAY SETTING CALCULATIONS FOR GENERATOR PROTECTIONS <.'ariation in machine voltage J current on loss of excitation D.+nder%fre1uency protection% G<G%4F).>% A constant in seconds that is the characteristic for the generator This constant represents the time during which a negative 0e1uence current that is e1uivalent to the rated current of the Generator can be permitted$ DATA REQUIRED FOR RELAY SETTING CALCULATIONS FOR GENERATOR PROTECTIONS b.*ead resistance from (T to junction point 4* B.GA a.+nbalance in current for < turn short circuit$ E.Impedance locus during loss of excitation c.(T secondary resistance 4(T c.?egative se1uence protection P CEG%4A4I#A a.0ub%transient reactance Fd= b.(ontinuous negative se1uence with stand value$ G.

Over fluxing characteristics of the transformer$ <:.Transformer Ground fault relay P :<?GT%(DGA a.arth fault relay P ECGT%4AD&DA a.2ole slipping relayA a.Time setting$ .Time setting$ DATA REQUIRED FOR RELAY SETTING CALCULATIONS FOR GENERATOR PROTECTIONS& <E.4(T/ ' of main (T$ b.2lug setting$ b.4*/ *ead 4esistance$ <6.Over%all differential relay P GDGT%4AD0#A a.4(T of the main (T$ b.0tation Transformer$ Differential relay P GD+TA J GD+T#%4AD0#A a.4*/ *ead 4esistance$ <D.2lug setting$ b.4estricted .4(T/ ' of main (T$ b.Over fluxing relay P 99GT % 4AT+#A a.<7.Impedance locus during pole slip$ <B.Generator #ac up Impedance relay P B<G%4A>M#A a.2hilosophy adopted for settingA % To cover only transformer % To cover next outgoing line but not beyond/ under all Generation conditions % To set for D7.0tation Transformer$ Over current relay P :<+TA P (DG66A a.4*/ *ead 4esistance$ <C. of maximum load impedance$ DATA REQUIRED FOR RELAY SETTING CALCULATIONS FOR GENERATOR PROTECTIONS <<.