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Satanic Occult Symbols in Washington D.C.

Complied and Edited by David J. Stewart

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." Revelation !"

The pentagon is an infinite occult symbol it is the center of a pentagram and a pentagram fits perfectly inside a pentagon.

Obelisks are phallic (penis) symbols related to the Egyptian Sun god !a. "he # sides o$ the %ashington &onument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e. east west north and south). 't the ground level each side o$ the monument measures ((.( $eet long which is e)ual to *** inches. "he height o$ the obelisk is (((.( $eet which is e)ual to * *** inches.

"he mall in %ashington DC is laid out so the gardens and streets $orm the image o$ an owl. "he owl is representative o$ the mythical goddess +ilith. ,leas read Bohemian Grove Exposed $or much more in$ormation on the owl. "he -nited States o$ 'merica was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom o$ 'ntichrist $rom the very beginning. "he capital is %ashington D.C. which is evidenced by the preponderance o$ occult symbols. .eorge %ashington (a //0 1reemason) selected 1rench 1reemason ,ierre Charles +2En$ant to design the city2s layout in %ashington D.C. "he boundaries o$ the city established by .eorge %ashington in 3453 $orm a s)uare 36 miles long on each side centered on the originally proposed location $or the %ashington &onument. "he east7 west diagonal o$ the s)uare crosses over the Capitol building and the north7south diagonal crosses over the %hite 8ouse. "he length o$ the north7south and east7west diagonals is 36 miles times the s)uare root o$ 9 or 3#.3#9 miles. "his distance converts to #/ #(( ancient Egyptian royal cubits the same $igure as the ratio between the .reat ,yramid and the dimensions o$ the earth. "he height o$ the .reat ,yramid is #:3.3/ $eet divided by ( 9:6 ; .

65339/3 miles. "he mean radius o$ the earth is / 5*6 miles divided by .65339/3 ; #/ #(4. "he perimeter o$ the .reat ,yramid is / 69/ $eet divided by ( 9:6 ; .(49( miles. "he mean circum$erence o$ the earth is 9# ::6 miles divided by .(49( ; #/ #(:. / 5*6 miles (radius o$ the earth) < 3#.3#9 miles ; 9:6 (number o$ cubits in the height o$ the .reat ,yramid) 9# ::6 miles (circum$erence o$ the earth) < 3#.3#9 miles ; 3 4*6 (cubits in the perimeter o$ the .reat ,yramid) Converting the radius and circum$erence o$ the earth to cubits yields the same results.

"he $irst series o$ symbols = will point out deal with the seat o$ the e>ecutive branch o$ government the %hite 8ouse indicated by the red arrow above. =$ you are a .oogle Earth user you can see these satellite images $or yoursel$ at .oogle &aps.

's you can see by my outline the %hite 8ouse sits at the ape> o$ an inverted pentagram. "his symbol is incomplete by only 9 small pieces indicated by the yellow lines.

"he he>agram is nearly complete e>cept $or 3 small piece on the north7west side outlined in yellow.

=$ you draw the pentagram and he>agram symbols together you can see three sides o$ a cross. 1inishing the symbol on the land sitting in $ront o$ the %hite 8ouse reveals a per$ectly symmetrical ?nights "emplar cross.

=t has been said the %ashington &onument obelisk (bottom arrow) sits due south $rom the %hite 8ouse. "his is not e>actly true as you can see in the photo above. =n reality the obelisk is directly south $rom the &asonic "emple (top arrow) which sits 3/ blocks north o$ the %hite 8ouse.

"he temple is the head)uarters o$ the Supreme Council o$ Scottish !ites o$ 1reemasonry modeled a$ter descriptions o$ the &ausoleum o$ 8alicarnassus one o$ the 4 wonders o$ the ancient world.

's mentioned earlier the # sides o$ the %ashington &onument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e. east west north and south). 't the ground level each side o$ the monument measures ((.( $eet long which is e)ual to *** inches. "he height o$ the obelisk is (((.( $eet which is e)ual to * *** inches. "he obelisk is representative o$ the male se> organ worship in nearly all pagan cultures. =t is a symbol o$ man@s carnal power and might. Satanism and the occult are saturated with se>ual perversion child7molesting and human sacri$ices. &ost worshippers in these groups deny such claims but some have openly pro$essed it such as the godless bise>ual 'leister Crowley. Such immoral occult in$luences are prevalent in rock music $eminism and even in Walt Disney movies such as The CHRONICLES o N!RNI!.

=n this photograph =2ve indicated both the %hite 8ouse (le$t) and the Capitol building (right).

"he s)uare and compass symbol stretches $rom the %hite 8ouse to the Capitol.

"o the east o$ the Capitol sits a complete he>agram

' bird2s7eye view o$ the Capitol building reveals a $igure resembling an owl. "he owl is a symbol which represents an pagan deity. Aocturnal birds are symbols o$ sorcery and metaphysics because black magick cannot $unction in the light o$ truth (day) and is power$ul only when surrounded by ignorance (night). "he owl is considered wise because the creature is able to see through the darkness o$ ignorance and materialityB hence its association with the goddess 'thena and its veneration during the nocturnal cremation o$ care ceremony at the Cohemian .rove. =n his book The Se"ret !r"hite"t#re o O#r Nation$s Capital pagan David Ovason states that there are... "zodiacs in the city, and at least 1,000 zodiacal and planetary symbols..." SOURCE: The Se"ret !r"hite"t#re o O#r Nation$s CapitalB by David OvasonB pg. 36 8arper CollinsB 3555

%ashington D.C. is absolutely in$ested with occult and astrology symbols. =n his book Ovason documents the location o$ over 9/ Satanic Dodiacs in the $ederal district aloneE %hy should .od bless 'mericaF

'bove the dome o$ the Capitol building stands Lady Li%ertas the goddess =sis.

.uarding the entrance to the Capitol building is Aimrod (Caal) in the likeness o$ the !oman god &ars whom the Egyptians called Osiris. 's you can see $rom the image below this entrance is identical to that o$ the !oman ,anthenon o$ the .ods 7 as well as the .reek ,arthenon.

"here are several signi$icant buildings in the District o$ Columbia with these ancient designs including The White Ho#se.

"he central part o$ the Supreme Court building is modeled a$ter the "emple o$ 'rtemis one o$ the 4 wonders o$ the ancient world.

"he .eorge %ashington &asonic &emorial modeled a$ter descriptions o$ the ,haros o$ 'le>andria 7 another wonder o$ the ancient world sits across the ,otomac in 'le>andria Girginia Hust inside the diagonal s)uare border o$ D.C.

"his statue o$ %ashington in the Smithsonian &useum o$ 'merican 8istory was modeled a$ter descriptions o$ the statue o$ Ieus at Olympia one o$ the 4 wonders o$ the ancient world. "he museum is aligned to the cardinal directions the statue sits at the western end o$ the main $loor $acing east. Compare this portrayal o$ %ashington to the images o$ Ieus and Caphomet 7 do you notice any similaritiesF

Satan on our Dollar "he eye represents +uci$er the 'rin"e o Dar(ness) who trans$orms himsel$ into an angel o$ light (9nd Corinthians 33J/).

"Historian a!thor Ralph Epperson has spent many years researchin" the history o# the $reat Seal, and has disco%ered that those &ho desi"ned the t&o circles committed 'merica to &hat has been called "' Secret (estiny." )his #!t!re "destiny" is so !npleasant that those &ho &anted the chan"es it entails had to conceal that tr!th in symbols." SOURCE: The New World Order, bac* co%er, by Ralph '. Epperson+ 1,,0+ -S./: 00,1121340102+ p!blisher: 5U.6-US 5RESS, )!cson, 'rizona. "he capstone o$ the pyramid is symbolic o$ the antichrist who when he comes will complete the pyramid. "he beast system is now being prepared aka the Ne* World Order. Celow you can get an idea o$ the power structure o$ these occult groups. =$ you want to do research look up the various groups on the internet such as the &other o Dar(ness.

The special positions at the top of the pyramid are those who are wholly committed to the Luciferian Ideology, i.e., a Totalitarian Godless Police State

"hese things are all very real $olks. %e read in 9nd "hessalonians 9J36 that the masses o$ this world %=++ CE deceived when the 'ntichrist comes because they don@t love the tr#th o$ .od@s %ord K!nd *ith all de"eiva%leness o #nri+hteo#sness in them that perish, %e"a#se they re"eived not the love of the truth) that they mi+ht %e saved-K

"he =nternational Conspiracy

=t means Satan is the god o$ this world Hust as 9nd Corinthians #J# declares. %e see $ar too many articles on the internet today e>posing the occult but not enough that tie it all in with the %ord o$ .od. 1olks a bunch o$ $acts will never make any sense until you shine the +ight o$ .od@s %ord upon it. "he %ord o$ .od is the missing key. Satan is the god o$ this sin$ul world and he controls his servants through occult organiDations such as .reemasonry) S(#ll and Bones) and Bohemian Grove. "he term K=lluminatiK re$ers to the highest and most evil people in the pyramid structure. 1ew people realiDe that Communism is simply a mask $or the Ne* World Order. ,lease read about The L#"i er Tr#st. "he hidden secret behind Communism is that %all Street bankers were instrumental in creating it. = recently read an e>cellent book... '!WNS in the G!&E by %illiam .uy Carr (35(:). =$ you want to learn all the details o$ the =lluminati and their sinister evil plan to take over the world then this is the book to readE '!WNS IN THE G!&E e>poses how every maHor war over the past 9(6

years has been deliberately caused $inanced and pro$ited $rom by the money7 lenders. 's shocking as it may sound this includes the !meri"an Revol#tion which gave birth to 'merica. On pages #57(: %illiam .uy Carr tells how the !meri"an Revol#tion was plotted and planned by the same international group which plotted the English and 1rench revolutionsB and how the international $inanciers obtained control o$ the 'merican economy. Lou@ll never hear the truth in a public school classroom.

People listen to those who continually cry, as they did in Spain, "Communism can never cause a revolution here." They listen to those who give them a sense of false security. The majority of citizens are like children, who hide their heads under the lankets when they fear danger. !t should e remem ered that pulling the edclothes over one"s head never saved a person from an assassin, a rapist, or an e#ploding om . $S%&'C() PAWNS IN THE GAME, page *+,, y -illiam .uy Carr, */0,1.
= couldn@t have described 'mericans today any betterE "hey are only listening to those who give them a sense o$ 1'+SE SEC-!="LE "hey are hiding their heads under their blankets. ,lease read It Can$t Happen Here by Congressman !on ,aul. "hese )uotes $rom '!WNS IN THE G!&E (and = highly recommend the book) should clearly evidence to you that history does repeat itsel$ or in other terms people never learnE "he $ollowing )uote is $rom page =M in the introduction concerning the International Conspira"yJ

2ery few people seem to appreciate that 3ucifer is the rightest and most intelligent of the heavenly host and, ecause he is a pure spirit, he is indestructi le. The Scriptures tell us his power is such that he caused one4third of the most intelligent of the heavenly host to defect from .od, and join him, ecause he claimed .od"s Plan for the rule of

the universe is weak and impractical ecause it is ased on the premise that lesser eings can e taught to know, love, and wish to serve 5im voluntarily out of respect for 5is own infinite perfections. The 3uciferian ideology states might is right. !t claims eings of proven superior intelligence have the right to rule those less gifted ecause the masses don"t know what is est for them. The 3uciferian ideology is what we call totalitarianism to4day. The %ld Testament is simply the history of how Satan ecame prince of the world, and caused our first parents to defect from .od. !t relates how the synagogue of Satan was esta lished on this earth, it tells how it has worked since to prevent .od"s Plan for the rule of the universe eing esta lished on this earth. Christ came to earth when the conspiracy reached the stage that, to use 5is own -ords, Satan controlled all those in high places. 5e e#posed the synagogue of Satan $'ev. +)/67)/16 he denounced those who elonged to it as sons of the 8evil $3ucifer1, whom 5e castigated as the father of lies $9ohn ,)::1 and the prince of deceit $+nd Cor. **)*:1. 5e was specific in 5is statement that those who comprised the synagogue of Satan were those who called themselves 9ews, ut were not, and did lie $'ev. +)/6 7)/1. 5e identified the ;oney4Changers $<ankers1, the Scri es, and the Pharisees as the !lluminati of 5is day.

Conspiracy up to dateJ

!n *==: ">n >ct of .od" placed the <avarian government in possession of evidence which proved the e#istence of the continuing 3uciferian conspiracy. >dam -eishaupt, a 9esuit trained professor of canon law, defected from Christianity, and em raced the 3uciferian ideology while teaching in !ngoldstadt &niversity. !n *==? the money lenders $who had recently organized the 5ouse of 'othschild1, retrained him to revise and modernize the age4old "protocols" designed to give the synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination so they can impose 3uciferian ideology upon what remains of the 5uman 'ace, after the final social cataclysm, y use of Satanic despotism. -eishaupt completed his task ;ay *st, *==@. The plan reAuired the destruction of >33 e#isting governments and religions. This o jective was to e reached y dividing the masses, whom he termed .oyim $meaning human cattle1 into opposing camps
'merica has been hiHacked by criminals i.e. the illuminati. Don@t believe meF "hen maybe you@ll believe Congresswoman Cynthia &c?inney or Congressman !on ,aul. 8alliburton was recently awarded a contract to build concentration camps =A '&E!=C'E "he truth is that our political leaders are ,'%AS in a global game controlled by murderous and sinister thugs who manipulate this world@s wealth and resources. Our political leaders are mere puppets to the puppeteers and we are the gullible sheep.

!ere"s a photo of #ondolee$$a %ice at the &nited 'ations in ())* with the numbers +++ behind her. 'oti


1reemasonry and JudaismJ Secret ,owers Cehind !evolution

Jeremiah 11:9-10... "And the LORD said unto me, A CONSPIRACY is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, hich refused to hear my ords! and they ent after other gods to ser"e them# the house of $srael and the house of Judah ...ha"e broken my co"enant hich $ made ith their fathers.