February 12, 2013 Honorable Jeffrey C. Cohen Acting Secretary, NYS Boar of !lectric "o#er $eneration Siting an !n%iron&ent 3 !

&'ire State "la(a Albany, NY 12223)13*0 Re: Case12-F-0410 Cape Vincent Wind Power +ear Acting Secretary Cohen, -nce again #e are #riting #ith concern. regar ing B"/. "ublic 0n%ol%e&ent "lan. 0n their re%i.e "ublic 0n%ol%e&ent "lan 1"0"2 for the Ca'e 3incent 4in "o#er 'ro5ect, B" in icate the 'ur'o.e of their "0" #a. to 6inform, engage and solicit additional input from statutory parties, the local community, general public and other stakeholders.7 -ur concern in thi. letter i. .olicitation of in'ut, .'ecifically 'ublic co&&ent.. B" goe. on in their "0" to outline ho# they #ill collate an organi(e the in'ut fro& .ta8ehol er. an ho# they #ill &a8e thi. infor&ation a%ailable to the 'ublic on their #eb.ite, “Cape Vincent Wind Power will prepare a monthly spreadsheet-style tracking report identifying PIP acti ities conducted by CVWP for the preceding time period, pro iding summaries of feedback recei ed in such acti ities and summaries describing any actions taken by CVWP in response to gi en feedback.! “"he reports will be posted on CVWP#s website and filed with the $ecretary for posting in the case file.! A. of February 10, 2013, there i. no .'rea .heet, no .u&&ary of 'ublic co&&ent an no re.'on.e to tho.e co&&ent. by B" on their #eb.ite. Ho#e%er, on the "ublic Ser%ice Co&&i..ion/. #eb.ite there #ere 222 6"ublic Co&&ent.7 'o.te a. of that .a&e ate. 9he large &a5ority of tho.e co&&ent. are critical of B"/. 'ro'o.al, although .o&e are generally .u''orti%e of in u.trial #in e%elo'&ent an .'ecifically .u''orti%e of B"/. Ca'e 3incent 4in Far& 'ro5ect.

9he 9o#n of Ca'e 3incent i. uncertain ho# the.e en or.e&ent. an .u''ort of B"/. 'ro5ect #ill be u.e an ho# the.e co&&ent. &ight influence the Siting Boar /. e%entual eci.ion. -ur concern lie. #ith the relation.hi' bet#een B" an a nu&ber of tho.e 'eo'le 'o.ting co&&ent. #ho .u''ort the Ca'e 3incent 4in Far& 'ro5ect. Fro& our e:a&ination of the co&&ent., &any of the 'ro)'ro5ect co&&ent. a''ear to be &a e by in i%i ual. #ith lea.e agree&ent. #ith B". 9he.e in i%i ual. not only recei%e &oney fro& B", but their financial agree&ent. ha%e the follo#ing coo'eration clau.e. .ti'ulate in the agree&ent., B" ;ea.e Agree&ent “%wner &lessee' shall assist and fully cooperate with (rantee &)P', at no out-of-pocket e*pense to %wner, in complying with or obtaining land use permits and appro als, ta*-incenti es, or ta*-abatement program appro als, building permits, en ironmental impact re iews, or any other permits or appro als re+uired for the financing, construction, installation, relocation, replacement, maintenance, operation or remo al of Windpower ,acilities in the Pro-ect &whether located on the Property, on ad-acent propety, or elsewhere', including e*ecution of applications for such permits or appro als if re+uired.! B" $oo Neighbor Agree&ent, 6%wner agrees to cooperate fully and promptly with (rantee &)P' and its successors and assigns, at (rantee.s sole cost, and to -oin in all applications for permits, licenses and go ernmental appro als or re+uests for other instruments which (rantee may deem necessary for purposes of the intended use or de elopment of the Wind ,arm.! None of the other .ta8ehol er. or intere.te &e&ber. of the general 'ublic #ho.e co&&ent. #e ha%e e:a&ine on the "SC/. #eb.ite ha%e .i&ilar contractual con.traint.. 9he.e arrange&ent. clearly influence the 'ublic ialog. Ho# can benefit or har& to the co&&unity be 'ro'erly e%aluate on the ba.i. of the co&&ent. of tho.e #ho .tan to irectly gain financially fro& 'ro5ect a''ro%al< 4e belie%e 'ay&ent. to lea.ehol er. an B"/. contract language re=uiring coo'eration .houl at the %ery lea.t .e'arate an i entify the.e 'ro5ect .u''orter. fro& the re&aining general 'ublic. S'ecifically, #e #oul reco&&en that B" &a8e a%ailable to the Siting Boar an it. .taff an the 'ublic a li.t of their lea.ehol er. an in i%i ual. #ith goo neighbor agree&ent., .o that #e can all better un er.tan the .'ecial influence that B" ha. on tho.e %oice. that .u''ort their effort.. "lea.e un er.tan the 9o#n i. not .ugge.ting B"/. 'ai .u''orter. .houl not be hear in the Article 10 'roce... 9hey .houl , of cour.e, be hear . Ho#e%er, to better gauge the relati%e 'ublic .u''ort for the Ca'e 3incent 'ro5ect, it i. incu&bent on the Siting Boar an .taff to 8no# #hat 'ro'ortion of B"/. 'ro5ect .u''ort i. lin8e to their financial agree&ent.. >e.'ectfully your., ?rban Hir.chey @ 9o#n Su'er%i.or

Broo8. Bra gon @ +e'uty Su'er%i.or John Byrne @ 9o#n Council

Cliffor Schnei er @ 9o#n Council Aichelle -.#al @ 9o#n Council >ichar Aac.herry @ "lanning Boar Chair&an >obert S. Bro#n @ "lanning Boar Cyril Cullen @ "lanning Boar "aul +octeur @ "lanning Boar +enni. Faul8nha& @ BBA Chair&an ! Hlu (en.8i @ Boning Boar

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