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NOBLE SISTERS. "Now did you mark a falcon, Sister dear, sister dear, Flyin toward my window In t!

e mornin cool and clear" #it! $in lin %ells a%out !er neck, But w!at %eneat! !er win " It may !a&e %een a ri%%on, Or it may !a&e %een a rin ."'' "I marked a falcon swoo(in )t t!e %reak of day* )nd for your lo&e, my sister do&e, I +frayed t!e t!ief away."'' "Or did you s(y a ruddy !ound, Sister fair and tall, #ent snuffin round my arden %ound, Or crouc!ed %y my %ower wall" #it! a silken leas! a%out !is neck, But in !is mout! may %e ) c!ain of old and sil&er links, Or a letter writ to me."'' "I !eard a !ound, !i !'%orn sister, Stood %ayin at t!e moon* I rose and dro&e !im from your wall Lest you s!ould wake too soon."'' "Or did you meet a (retty (a e Sat swin in on t!e ate, Sat w!istlin , w!istlin like a %ird, Or may %e sle(t too late* #it! ea lets %roidered on !is ca(, )nd ea lets on !is lo&e" If you !ad turned !is (ockets out, -ou !ad found some (led e of lo&e."'' "I met !im at t!is day%reak, Scarce t!e east was red* Lest t!e creakin ate s!ould an er you, I (acked !im !ome to %ed."'' "O (atience, sister. .id you see ) youn man tall and stron , Swift'footed to u(!old t!e ri !t )nd to u(root t!e wron , /ome !ome across t!e desolate sea To woo me for !is wife" )nd in !is !eart my !eart is locked, )nd in !is life my life."'' "I met a nameless man, sister, #!o loitered round our door* I said* 0er !us%and lo&es !er muc!. )nd yet s!e lo&es !im more."'' "Fie, sister, fie, a wicked lie, ) lie, a wicked lie, I !a&e none ot!er lo&e %ut !im, Nor will !a&e till I die. )nd you !a&e turned !im from our door, )nd sta%%ed !im wit! a lie*

Before cleft swallows s(eed t!eir $ourney %ack )lon t!e trackless track. Life nursed in its ra&e %y . Like S(rin t!at (asses %y. or s!eat!." S3RIN1.'' 1od uides t!eir win . 0atc!ed in t!e nest. . 4567. or %lade. Tellin of t!e !idden life T!at %reaks fort! underneat!. Frost'locked all t!e winter. Fled ed on t!e windy %ou !. Before t!e sun !as (ower To scorc! t!e world u( in !is noontide !our.'' 3iercin t!e sod. Leaf. -oun lea&es clot!e early !ed erow trees. sister. and stones of fruits. Swollen wit! sa(. /lot!in t!e uncout! clod. T0E L)2BS OF 1R)S2ERE. (ut fort! t!eir s!oots. Blows t!e t!aw'wind (leasantly. Seeds. )nd find in sorrow too* If t!us you s!ame our fat!er+s name 2y curse o fort! wit! you. T!ere is no life like S(rin 'life %orn to die. Now newly %orn.'' Before t!e daisy rows a common flower. T!ere is no time like S(rin . #!en life+s ali&e in e&eryt!in . and roots. Seeds. 0e s(reads t!eir ta%le t!at t!ey not!in lack.ri(s t!e soakin rain. By fits looks down t!e wakin sun* -oun rass s(rin s on t!e (lain. and now 0astenin to die. T!e u(land flocks rew star&ed and t!inned* . and roots. T!ere is no time like S(rin . /urled'!eaded ferns s(rout in t!e lane.I will o seek !im t!ro+ t!e world In sorrow till I die. Birds sin and (air a ain. Stron on t!e win * T!ere is no time like S(rin t!at (asses %y. Before new nestlin s sin .eat!. #!at s!all make t!eir sa( ascend T!at t!ey may (ut fort! s!oots" Ti(s of tender reen. and stones of fruits."'' "1o seek in sorrow.

as t!e days wa8ed on to weeks. From lam% to lam% t!e s!e(!erds went. .T!eir s!e(!erds scarce could feed t!e lam%s #!ose milkless mot!ers %utted t!em. 2y !eart is like a sin in %ird #!ose nest is in a watered s!oot. #it! tea(ots for t!e %leatin mout!s Instead of nature+s nouris!ment. 0an it wit! &air and (ur(le dyes. It was a (retty si !t to see T!ese lam%s wit! frisky !eads and tails Ski((in and lea(in on t!e lea. )nd followin t!e %elo&ed feet T!at once !ad sou !t for t!em and found. 2y !eart is ladder t!an all t!ese Because my lo&e is come to me. )nd roam from strand to forei n strand. ) BIRT0. T!ese &ery s!e(!erds of t!eir flocks. Because t!e %irt!day of my life Is come. T!e little s!i&erin a(in t!in s Soon knew t!e ste( t!at %rou !t t!em aid. )nd (eacocks wit! a !undred eyes. #ork it in old and sil&er ra(es. In lea&es and sil&er fleurs'de'lys.)-. T!e lam%s at!irst for mot!er+s milk Filled all t!e (lace wit! (iteous sounds* T!eir mot!ers+ %ones made w!ite for miles T!e (astureless wet (asture rounds. T!ese lo&in lam%s so meek to (lease.ay after day. ni !t after ni !t. . trustful tones. )nd ru%%ed it wit! a woolly !ead. 2y !eart is like an a((le'tree #!ose %ou !s are %ent wit! t!ick'set fruit. Raise me a dais of silk and down. )nd fondled t!e (rotectin !and. my lo&e is come to me. /ar&e it in do&es and (ome ranates. T!en. -et not for et t!is flooded s(rin )nd scarce'sa&ed lam%s of #estmoreland. Restin on rocky cra or mound. )re wort!y of recordin words )nd !onor in t!eir due de rees* So I mi !t li&e a !undred years. Bleatin in tender. Or w!o were or(!aned of t!eir dams. 2y !eart is like a rain%ow s!ell T!at (addles in a !alcyon sea.