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Charles Ian M.

Seedo BS Accountancy I July 7, 2013 My Kinds of Friends

A world without colours, for me, is very boring. Visuals play a big role in my life. They constitute a large part in my learning processes, but not all visuals are of my type. Per my social life, friends are my visuals. They help me socialize with lots of people. A friend, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Bellah (1996) defined, Friends must enjoy each others company, they must be useful to one another, and they must share a common commitment to the good. And my kinds of friends are, preferably, alike of my personal traits. My kinds of friends can be divided into (number) groups according to their main characteristics. First characteristic would be people who are scientifically-inclined. Science amazes me, especially in the field of physics. I want to converse ideas about physics because I want to improve my own understanding of the science. Conversing makes me think about critical solutions to physics problems, whether they are correct or not. I consider people whom I converse physics with my friends. Secondly, my kinds of friends would be movie addicts. Addicts, in the sense that they watch movies with good dialogue and story, or stories that make sense. There are lots of movies in the industry today that make rubbish logic, which I avoid to watch. I would like to cite one good movie according to my preference, and that is The Dark Knight. I have appreciated it so much to the point that I watched it for more than a hundred times. I have friends who appreciated movies the way as I did. The next kind is those who love to debate. Debate is a method of interactive and representational argument. A debate is a factual argument. In a formal debating contest, there are rules for participants to discuss and decide on differences, within a framework defining how they

will interact. In a legitimately debatable topic, no side is ever right or wrong. The winner will be decided as to how they deliver their side as much logic as possible by judges decision or audience vote, or by some combination of the two. Debating brings out the intellect in people, which I find desirable. Win or lose, as long as they debate well, make my friends. Fourth kind is sporty people. Sports, whether of physical, mind, motorized, co-ordination, animal supported, or electronic form, hypes me up. It brings wellness to a person, making that person desirable. I play in the form of electronic sports, particularly Defence of the Ancients (DotA), and some physical sports such as taekwondo and volleyball. I may not play professionally, Then, February 2013 came with a big surprise! I participated in the 10th National Science Quest in Baguio City. I really enjoyed the event, and came up with the 7th place in the Physics Quiz category. Then, my normal life came back. I was playing DotA at my cousins place, when text messages spammed my inbox. Friends told me that UPCAT results were already out. To my shock, I passed the UPCAT! Oh, great joy came to me! I jumped and shouted around my cousins place and quickly went home. My family was really glad, especially that my dad is working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I cant imagine the smile on his face upon receiving the news. A month after, we graduated from high school. I graduated, yes, but with rather disappointing grades. I had to suffer bad marks because of my wrongdoings in school. I moved on from high school, and I enjoyed my summer vacation. I watched tons of movies and mingled with my schoolmates and friends. Time came when people started to leave our hometown. They, too, passed their universities and colleges. Some went to Diliman and Manila UP campuses; some went to Iligan City and Marawi; some stayed in my hometown, Butuan City. A countless few moved to Visayas, in Cebu, Dumaguete and Iloilo, and I am one of them. My mother and I went to Iloilo City to arrange my enrolment, culture, dormitory accommodation, and the like. I made friends and some impressions about college life. One thing was for sure, being in UP is a privilege and I have to be the best of what I can be. UP officials and upperclassmen taught us the basics of UP. Classes started, various organizations performed

to gather members, lots of dormitory activities; all of that, I attended. And here I am today, experiencing and retelling my UP life.