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Let the Games Begin!

Is there a correlation between winning gold medals and important data?

Overview In this ongoing activity throughout the 2014 winter games in Sochi, students follow the events and record which country won a gold medal. After that, students collect data on the winning country. After the events are complete, students work together to see if there is a correlation of data points to winning countries. Directions 1. Share the spreadsheet electronically or print out with each of the events. 2. Challenge students to collect data regarding the events and the winning country throughout the games. (Teacher Note: Consider splitting up some of the events by groups and assigning individual students Ice, Alpine (Skiing/Snowboarding), or Nordic events. 3. Once the games are complete, place the students into small groups. Challenge them to find two or three common data points and winning countries. 4. In a large group discussion, have small groups report out where they find a correlation between winning countries and a data point. 5. Have students write a short blog post or essay on the single most important data point when it comes to success at the games.

Activity Resources Official Olympic Site for Results Download Spreadsheet for Students Gapminder for Research CIA World Factbook for Research

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